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Long-term, multi-character/plot partner wanted

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Horror & Supernatural,  Human, College, Slice of Life, Science Fiction, Animals

Unwanted Genres

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    Historical, Medieval


About Me

I'm 22yo and working toward my degree in Canine Psychology, though I currently work as a dog trainer/rescuer. This means that since I work part-time, I can range from being extremely active, to only a few times a week. It just really depends on what's going on that particular week. I've written on many different forums, Chatango, Tumblr, etc. I've been roleplaying for a little over 10 years now and though things have certainly changed since then (such as the ease of finding roleplay groups/partners), it's always been a fun hobby of mine.


I love developing plots and characters that make you want to come back for more and though I tend to write male characters, I have played characters from a very wide spectrum of species, gender, and sexualities. This means I've played everything from a normal animal (wolf roleplays were a weirdly big thing when I started writing), to demi-gods, to ghosts, and more.


If we write together and become friends (which I usually like to think of my writing partners as friends), we can obviously chat OOC and possibly play some games such as Dead By Daylight or Among Us.

Play Style

I do semi-literate and literate, though I adapt primarily to my partner's style. This means that if you're typically writing one-three paragraphs, I'll average the same; if you're writing 6+ paragraphs on average, then I will also do the same. I primarily write in third person and though I typically like to write to advance the action/plot, I will sometimes drabble to express and develop my own characters thoughts and feelings.


As far as frequency goes, it depends entirely on what's going on in my daily life as well as how much interest a partner shows in the writing. I will typically write back as soon as I feel inspiration and though this could be within a few hours, it can sometimes take a few days. All I ask for is some patience in return.


DO NOT god-mod my characters or control their actions unless previously discussed. I've run into issues in the past of people actively changing something my characters are doing to benefit their desire for a positive plot despite it being complete out of character for mine.


Though I do not write exclusively "mature" content in the sense of constant violence and sex, I do regularly write about heavy topics. 

Plots I'd Like

There aren't any specific plots I'm looking for, but due to this, I am open to just about anything. If there are any plots you've been itching to try or you're willing to just have a basic premise and go with that, I'm more than happy to do either. Thanks to the various styles of roleplay I've done throughout the years, I've become comfortable and fond of both heavily plotted threads and threads that are being completed winged in just about every aspect.


Throw whatever you'd like at me and we can go from there! Be warned, if we start to plot something, I sometimes get stuck in the plotting stage out of sheer interest/excitement instead of getting around to writing without some light prompting.


If you have any dark plots, that's a bonus!

Other Information

If you'd like to get in touch with me to discuss possibly writing together or ask any questions, feel free to message me here or on discord @ Previsione_XD#6953

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