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Looking for 3 or 4 1x1 or small group roleplays

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Mainly looking for: Horror, romance, crime, apocalypse, dark


    Also looking for: fluffy romance, fantasy, supernatural, slice of life, animals, dragons, magic, basically anything with cute romance mainly.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Fandom see below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I am not looking for something super sexual. I really don't do fandoms,well except for pokemon and even then....


About Me

Oh dear, another about me..yikes I suck at these...Basically I am a 25-y.o.  lady looking for some interesting roleplays to scratch that itch I have. I write in 3rd person, past tense, paragraph form-though my response length depends on your's and what is available to my character(s). So anywhere between a sentence to a whole story, haha. I hate, Hate, HATE it when people take control of my characters. That's my baby! 😡 I am comfortable with any genre, I just might not be fantastic with it, haha! The only genres I have issues with are:

1.) Sexual roleplay- I'm a sex-repulsed Asexual.  This does not mean sexual encounters are not gunna happen, but I get overly awkward and uncomfortable with graphic scenes. Oddly enough, there is an exception to this; MxM pairings are apparently fine. Probably 'cause I'm not a dude so I can't relate with it well.

2.) Fandoms- I am not great at these. I believe that if you are going to play as a character, you need to do it true to the anime/story/show/comic/etc that created them. Too often I see cannon characters that are strong, distance, or whatever magically turn into mush or change their personality completely without reason. Also the fact that I don't really watch or read much that normal people do might be part of my dislike for this 'genre'. I have done some Pokemon roleplay, though, I will admit.


I generally play MxM, MxF, FxM pairings. I have never done a FxF but would be willing under certain conditions.

I'm a fan of romance where the 'dominant' is possessive/overly protective of their partner.


Play Style

((Stolen from someone else's about me:))

Where do you roleplay? Mainly I use email or discord. 

How long have you been roleplaying? Since...uh well, since late middle school...I am now 7 years out of highschool (2013), so you do the math. 😛

How often do you generally post? 
I try to be active daily. If I am super interested and have the time 3-4 times a day, but it is entirely based on what my partner(s) can do.

How much do you generally post?
From 1 sentence to 5-7 paragraphs; depends on what is available to me.

Do you like to write in first person or third person?
Third person, past tense, paragraph form. YOU can write however you like, though! 

IC Limits


Anything sexual involving children

Bathroom play (Golden/Brown showers)


Plots I'd Like

1.) Zombie apocalypse- I am craving an apocalypse role play like no other. I just started listening to a podcast called "we're alive' so that's probably why. 😅

Anyway, what I am specifically craving is this: the characters are separate at first but eventually find their way toward each other. (So a few posts of them trying to survive, gathering stuff up, escaping etc.-mainly to help with character development.) They eventually all gather in a location with lots of other people and someone is put in charge and rules are established. It is basically a roleplay based around the lives of the people there as they try to figure out what is going on, where to get supplies, how to fortify their base, what jobs need to be done and how, how to treat people, what the zombies are and their characteristics. So on and so forth. 
ALTERNATIVELY!! Instead of zombies, it could be an alien invasion or some sort of monster attack, but with the same idea in mind. 

     In this scenario we would likely be playing multiple characters.

2.) This one is weird and would be a lot of work for the person/people involved so I've yet to ever find someone interested.

Ok here goes...I am looking for someone to be a sort of...Game Master, like in dungeons and dragons type thing where they set everything up for my character to react to. My wish is for a horror/psycological/dark type setting where my character (and perhaps some others, especially if we were to have more than just a 1x1 with this) is trapped/being held captive by the other character. I do want this to be a romance, whether it starts with an obsession or it grows into one(second one is preferred, but the first would give a reason for the character to be here in the first place). Whether it is just a crazy person, a monster, and alien, or a supernatural being is totally up to you, but my character would be human. And this can get as dark as you are willing-though we would have to do some hard core negotiation before hand as there are a few things I'm not cool with


3.) Any General fun roleplay!

I am looking for 3-4 roleplays for my wide range of interests. I am adamant that there is some romance, but it does not have to be the focus. I'm all about that plot!! Fantasy and super natural are my favorite genres followed closely by science fiction.

Writing Samples

Here is a sample from a story I am writing.

          Jay opened his eyes slowly in an attempt to combat the pounding of his head and the blinding light. He found himself standing upright, which was odd. He was just waking up, how could he be standing? Jay suddenly jumped in fright; there was a figure standing directly in front of him. He blinked his eyes rapidly, clearing spots from his vision.

          The man standing in front of Jay was tall and thin and wore what looked to be a blue hospital gown. He looked sickly pale, long dark brown hair falling every which way across his face to his shoulders only exaggerated his paleness. The wide, blue-brown eyes of the man stared back in shock, but they slowly narrowed with annoyance. The man in front of Jay was Jay himself. He stood in front of a mirror. Jay placed a hand on the mirror and peered at the room behind him. He frowned and turned around to get a better look.

          The room he found himself in was...odd. It was painted white; the floor, ceiling, and walls. There were mirrors placed about randomly, making the light bounce around the room uncomfortably and making it impossible for Jay to figure out the exact shape of the room. There seemed to be other rooms, or at least halls, but he was not certain. There were no shadows; the light was too bright to allow such a stain.

He closed his eyes again and rubbed his temple, shivering. One might expect such a bright room to be warm...but no, it was very, very cold. Jay opened his eyes once more just as a figure stepped out from behind a mirror. The two froze, but then the stranger relaxed.

          “Ah, awesome, another person. Do you know what's going on here?”

          Jay examined the other man closely; he was just about the same height, perhaps an inch or two shorter, and large. Jay was 6 foot three and 152 pounds-this man was likely about 6 foot and nearly 250 pounds. He walked with a straight back and held himself proudly; this man was not the slob that his shape might urge people to think he was. This man was confident and noble and seemed to be reliable enough. He wore a black suit and light blue dress shirt, a leather jacket folded over one arm and no shoes on his bare feet.

“I don't.”


Generally if I am playing multiple characters I will make a clear divide between them. I write the same, whether it is story or roleplay. 

Other Information

Contact Me

Send me a private message or reply here! Please let me know which plot you are interested in, give a writing sample, and we can discuss it further. If you are interested in the 2nd idea please give me an idea of what you have planned,


Please keep in mind: For the first two scenarios I very specifically am not interested in Hermaphrodite, furry, or anime characters. 



Please do not hate me if I reject you. I have some criteria for the first two and I can probably only handle 4 different roleplays at once in this point in time.


If you made it all the way down here, thank you very much for your time!

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