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Looking for long-term partners, willing to join various sites

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, School & College, Fandom see below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    All fandoms, school, and animal rps.


About Me

I'm Grim. I've been RPing for more than sixteen years, mostly through MUDs. I recently learned about forum RP and I'm currently exploring what is available. I tend to write characters with a darker, tragic past or malicious intent. If you need a villain, I'm your gal. 


I write in third person, past tense. Post size varies so I'm not keen on sites that have a requirement. I firmly believe that sometimes, there's only so much you can say before things become redundant. That said, I also don't care for super short posts. I attempt at the minimum a few paragraphs, so I expect the same in return. I want something to reply to.


I am willing to join new sites, and would like for my partner to be willing to as well.

Play Style

My characters control their own actions; that is to say that I am not OOCly responsible for what my character does. I go with the flow of how my character would behave, so oftentimes I will discuss their likely action with my RP partner to make sure they are alright with it.


I do not permit godmoding my characters. You can do something, and my character will react in their own way, based on their personality. That's not to say that I don't allow bad things to happen to my characters, I just prefer them to happen on terms agreed to by both parties.


Most of the time, I will rapid fire posts. I'm looking for partners wanting to share one or more posts per day. A few days in between is okay, however a heads up is nice. 

IC Limits

I will not do anything that involves underage characters or players.

Plots I'd Like

I'm up for any plot that encompasses horror, villainy, or otherwise grim elements. 

Writing Samples

Victoire's deep, sapphire eyes glittered when the horrible vision led to the elf fleeing inside the building. Her eyes swept toward Nikolai, looking for his approval and the amusement that briefly flickered pleased her immensely. She didn't tarry long enough to see that hidden smile, though.

Admittedly, Victoire was more concerned with Larewen and that decaying arm of hers. Like Nikolai, she knew it'd interest Aleida. Following after Larewen, the enchantress approached the woman, whom cowardly hid behind a piece of broken furniture. Laughter bubbled forth from the enchantress's lips, mouth opening slightly to display pearly fangs.

"Come now," Victoire said, approaching her. A pale, bloodstained hand shot outward, securing the elf by the forearm whilst the other reached to pull the glove away and reveal entirely what was hidden beneath. Curiosity got the better of the purple haired woman and once the diseaased, rotting flesh was exposed, a finger dipped toward it. Black ichor oozed like syrup where muscle and sinew were eaten away, its smell strangely enticing, despite how disgusting it looked. Victoire scooped up a small amount of the thick blood on her finger and brought it to her nose, sniffing cautiously. A moment later, she stuck that finger in her mouth and licked the putrid, sweet fluid from it. As it rolled down her tongue towards the back of her mouth, Victoire took a stumbling step back from her.

"Nikolai," she whispered, hoarsely as the tainted blood made its way down into her stomach. "There's something different about this one." The obvious, something they'd already noted in her behavior and reactions. But this... this feeling wasn't right. She could feel its dark magic tainting her flesh, could feel her vocal chords eroding, her throat deteriorating, her flesh separating. The finger that had come into contact with the open curse blackened as the flesh died.

"Nikolai," she tried again, but then he called for her and her gaze turned in his direction. She made her way toward him, but the nearer she drew, the more clouded her vision became. Whiteness spread over those once brilliant blue eyes, but the magic that wrought itself on her body was beyond her own undoing. She doesn't look at the primitive runes carved into the floor, nor does she look at Nikolai, though her face is turned somewhat in the male's direction.

"It's a curse. A strong one," she breathed, the silvery notes of her voice gone. She'd been stupid enough to consume its magic, and all it took was one look at Victoire to know as much. Her body began to decay, like the dead creature she was. 

"Gannifar will need to hurry, and be careful," Victoire rasped.

Other Information

I have discord. Feel free to PM me if you want it.

User Feedback

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Hello, I love grim stories as well, you should PM me, I would like to talk to you about roleplaying, I think you and I would share the common interest, please message me for feedback if you have time, please and thank you.

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Hey Grim, I really think you and I would make a great pair, a lot of what you're interested in is what I am into so I wouldn't mind being a writing partner for you. Feel free to PM me for any information and what not, I would definitely love to write with you.

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