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Looking for Long-term RP Partner

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Other: Modern, Post-apocalyptic, Dystopian, Mature, Arranged Marriage, Cyberpunk, Steampunk

    Fandoms: Stargate SG-1, Light as a Feather, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Supernatural, Metro Franchise

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, School & College, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Naruto, Bleach, Slice-of-Life, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale, Sailor Moon


About Me

Hey guys, I'm Grim. I've been roleplaying for a little over seventeen years now and I enjoy dark, plot-driven roleplay. I'm particularly fond of supernatural horror, historical magic, and medieval magic stories. I enjoy group settings and I'm looking for a long term partner (or maybe a few) that are willing to join me in these stories. 


I first tried forum roleplay in mid 2018, and then again about a year ago. More recently, I've finally found my groove and my muse again. Over the last couple weeks, I've met lots of wonderful new players, but I also want a roleplay partner who I can bother with all sorts of plots and ideas and vice versa. I like to play a wide array of characters and though I have a heavy female lean, I am also willing to play male characters. Just be patient on that front, as I haven't written much from the male point of view outside of personal, non-RP projects.


Currently I'm building two roleplays: one that's a dark medieval magic/fantasy, and another that is a cosmic (Lovecraftian) horror set in 1928. I play across several different forums ranging from a handful of fandom roleplays to several original settings. I don't mind mature roleplay, but I don't like one-off smut scenes with no substance.


At the moment, I have several characters I'd like to see played with some of mine. I will admit that primarily due to health reasons, I am a bit of a slow poster. Sometimes I can do multiple a day, others I'll be lucky to get more than four in over the course of the month. I do my best to try and communicate though, and I'm always available to be reached either through here or Discord.


If you wish for my Discord username and discriminator, please PM me with some basic information about yourself and I'll get back to you. Please don't think of this so much as an application (it's not) as it is a way for us to move quickly beyond introductions and establish what we prefer in our roleplay so that we don't waste one another's time.

Play Style

In some ways, I like to compare myself to a mimic. I am able to change or adapt to fit my partner's needs when it comes to things like post length. My standard post averages approximately four hundred to six hundred words, but when necessary ofr emphasis or during a period of rapid-fire posting, I have been known to use an occasional one liner. I don't make a habit of it, but I also don't believe in purple prose. There is no need to describe the tapestries.


My characters mean a lot to me, and I like to think the same goes for my partner and their characters. If I want a throwaway, I will use and offer NPCs unless it's time for that character's death. Because I like to observe the behaviors of my characters, I let them tell their own stories; they are subject to their own whims just as are you and me. This means that IC actions are not done with any maliciousness on my part, but as a result of that character's thoughts and feelings.


I do not allow god-moding or powerplaying of my characters. Just as I won't try to control yours, I don't expect you to control mine. At least not without prior discussion of what the intended action/result is, and whether or not I'm comfortable with that outcome. Communication is key, especially in collaborative roleplay.


My speed varies, as I stated in the "About Me" section. Some days, and more often with shorter posts, I can and will rapid-fire. However, I am disabled and not in good health, so there are periods of time when it could take me a week, sometimes two, to respond. I try to communicate this to the best of my ability. Forums that are mobile friendly and responsive tend to have quicker response times, as I also live in a multi-family situation presently (though soon to change) and am often mobile.


All posts are written in third person, past tense. I also prefer group roleplays, hence my preference for forums. 1x1s not set in a bigger world with other players do not interest me, and this is part of the reason I've had a hard time finding myself a roleplay buddy.


I don't have very many in character limits when it comes to content I will not write, and most of it has to do with smut, which I don't feel listing those particulars is necessary because that is not the focus of my roleplay. When it comes to ratings, for those that prefer to use them, I like sites that are 3/3/3. Explicit language, sexual content, and violence do not phase me.


Likewise, the mention of various topics that many consider upsetting does not bother me. I am a huge fan of horror, both on the silver screen and in books. If there's a plot you'd like to play, let me know.

Plots I'd Like

  • Platonic plots. I'd like to see friendships, some established, some new. Whether it's a couple girls that like to get into trouble, a pair of rowdy boys. Even co-ed besties are fantastic.
  • Familial plots. Mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa. Whatever the role is there's a possible plot involved. I like to do both functional and dysfunctional families.
  • Romantic plots. I love to ship things. I've never really done the OTP thing though. My longest in character romance did last a decade of real-tife time though, and no it wasn't very functional or healthy for either involved. Many of my characters (but not all) are pansexual, and I like playing a variety of relationships as well. 
  • Antagonist plots. I love watching the development between two individuals that absolutely loathe one another. It opens up the opportunity for redemption plots and character growth is one of my absolute favorite things to encounter in roleplay. I like to see how mine and my partner's characters change over time.

Writing Samples

The elven woman paced back and forth along the wall of her cell, her eyes brimming and lips pursed tightly in anger. This wasn’t right, and she knew it. She remembered coming home, but not why. She remembered her family, and how much she loathed them–especially her mother. And yet there was this big, blank spot in her memory, a darkness through which her mind’s eye could not penetrate. But she tried. She tried and tried and tried to see through the veiled curtain, and each time, she was unable to pass through it.


Mismatched eyes closed, and a frustrated sigh left Larewen’s lips. She’d tried to escape already. She spent hours using various arcane spells that she could recall, and it proved fruitless. Worse, the magic felt wrong to her. It was like she was ashamed of the output, and that deterred her from continuing any further.

Now she looked down at her hands, perplexed. Somewhere between having her hand chopped off and arriving at the Spire, a new one had been attached. The feel of its weight, the movement of its fingers were too foreign to her. It unsettled the elf.


Her head turned, peering through the enchanted bars for a sign that someone, anyone shared her fate. As she scoured the other cells, her tongue explored her mouth, running over the points of her incisors. The membrane stopped beneath one and pressed up against it hard, bringing blood to the surface.


At that moment, Larewen realized what she was and a dark brow quirked upward inquisitively. A vampire. Briefly, the acknowledgment of what she was distracted her from her imprisonment. It also bewildered her, because she could feel and hear the steady thumping within her chest. She could also feel the magic that animated it, so dark and delicious. Necromancy, and yet Larewen knew none of it. She didn’t know whose magic it was either, though she could read the unique threads it wove.


The faint rustle of cloth and labored breath drew Larewen from her inner assessment and her pointed ears twitched. She lifted her hands, grasping the bars that held her hostage and drew herself up against the door in which they were embedded. The elf craned her neck to try and see more than the small view afforded, and failed. Finally, she called out.

“Is anyone out there?” The words were honeyed, silvery and sweet, enticing even. She immediately went silent, listening to the words echo. No answer came, only a series of coughs.


It was at this moment that the tide began to shift. The sound of water running over stone preceded the lapping coldness that began to flow beneath the door and Larewen took a step back, her nose wrinkled. Disgust crept into her features, and if someone were to look upon her at that moment, they’d find the expression oddly natural. Her gaze swept the room, moving to the what was a poor excuse of a cot. It was higher up than the stool though, and the elf sloshed through rising water to climb up onto the bed. She’d sit there, for now, waiting until the water climbed higher.

Other Information

When it comes to forums, there are some things that I simply cannot stand. I do have some red flags that bother me when I'm looking around at games, so if you're also the owner of one and are seeking reciprocal fulfillment, the following things are likely to deter me:


  • Character limits. I love to create dynamic characters that vary wildly between one another and experience their lives in unique worlds. Because of this, sites that limit how many characters you can have do not interest me. However, I am not opposed to the use of guidelines such as characters needing to be kept active.
  • Activity checks. While normally these aren't an issue for me, I largely determine whether or not I'll join a site that takes part in activity checks on a case by case basis. Entice me, and you'll likely win me.
  • Word counts. I do not like to see a lot of unnecessary fluff in a story line. While novella posts are wonderful and I am even prone to writing them on occasion, sites that require excessive word counts are off-putting. Again, this is on a case by case basis.
  • Expectation of benefits. Do not offer to be my roleplay partner for the express purpose of trying to get some sort of benefit from me in any form. I consider those sorts of friendships to be deceitful and draining. I will not treat you specially anywhere that I am an administrator or moderator, and I do not expect special treatment from you.


Do not treat this partner search as if it is a roleplay search. I am not actively seeking to join new sites at this time; I am seeking a partner to write with me, and I fully intend to give just as much as I will take. Again, to get in touch with me, send me a PM. I will respond as soon as I am able to and if I don't feel we are compatible on a roleplay level, I will let you know. I'm not as picky as this search may make me sound, I am simply very thorough.


Thanks, and I look forward to finding my roleplay partner.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Hi Grim, I was just reading through your bio and I'm not sure if you'd be interested in hitting me up? I prefer long term partners for my writing and I have been doing online roleplaying for at least 16-ish years. I'm pretty much the same with you on posting speed, sometimes I get the muse-groove and can post back and forth, and sometimes life gets on top of me and I find myself posting once a week but I am vocal about when I am feeling a bit drawn out!


I prefer crunchy long-term plots, and am willing to explore everything and anything in terms of that too. I also do write mature, but only when it makes sense and it is driving towards something that is substanstial! I love doing research, and trying to keep true to "real life" influences whilst also keeping the creative flair to it, I'm unafraid to try any type of background and I love discussion of long term plots and where it can go. Consequences that can change my route entirely? Sign me up. 


I am currently building a forum that is at the precipace of full public release called "To Walk Among Us" which is a roleplay based on the idea that the Pantheon Gods of the Ancient World were real, but began to have their powers drained and then the "Messiah" was born- in Liverpool- and it might be the key to getting their powers back. Its still a work in progress, but its an idea I am very excited about in general and if you want to talk to me about it please do! I am also the Head Admin over at Sinsomnia, which right now is on private as we rebuild and revamp the site- but it is a Supernatural based site based in New York City, which has a plot focus now on Lycanthrope Rights and the movement of it. I have established characters on there but as of right now, I am unsure when that would be released but once again do message me if you have any questions!


If I sound at all interesting to you just drop me a message on my inbox and maybe we can try each other out! 

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Hi Grim, nice to meet you. My name is Rosa. I've been roleplaying literally most of my life at this point, started on Neopets at age 12 then upgraded to forums and discord as an adult. I feel like you and I have a lot of overlapping interests. I also enjoy writing in forums. Personally I am most active on RoleplayGateway, I've made some great friends through this forum and still write with many of them. It allows writers to create limitless roleplays and charecters, though there aren't as many active users as there once was. A lot of us are college students or "young professionals" (yuck that term haha) who just have pockets of availability and end up writing together for a couple of months on a story. I have a writing partner I write a few storylines with long term, but I am just really hoping to find another! Maybe even we could all collab together if that's something you're interested in. I love collaborating on characters, relationships and plots. I prefer original characters/storylines but if you were to have a specific idea how to retell a story, I am open to that as well. I prefer gritty long-term plots filled with complicated characters with dysfunctional relationships. I often like to create edits or playlists as well, though I don't expect the same of whoever I'm writing with. I like to think of it as my little gift to my writing partners. It helps me when I'm writing to have graphics and music that inspire me to write a character/storyline. 


I prefer dark themes with clear plots, I'm not very good at slice of life for very long. I create characters on every end of the spectrum of gender and sexuality, though I tend to lean towards the modern femme pansexual (you write what you know and all that). I mostly like modern roleplays with supernatural themes, though I am fine your idea for a Lovecraft roleplay - but maybe that's just because I am obsessed with the new show! I write all of the different sort of dynamics you've listed, I love making multiple characters within a roleplay and creating intricate webs of ships between them. 


Some things about me:

1. I'm dyslexic and bilingual so sometimes the way I phrase things even is wrong, (haha - I legit wrote that wrong the first time, but leaving it as example. Should be 'sometimes even the way I phrase things is wrong') feel free to correct/help me! I appreciate it as I mostly rely on autocorrect for words longer than 5 letters, but I don't have the technology to help with my phrasing.

2. Most of my characters are Black and Brown. I also have white characters and I'm sure I will make more, but just a disclaimer. I'm a POC so I prioritize diversity in my writing. 

3. I like to write on shared google docs for collaborative posts in group rps or 1x1. I've done it on discord before too but I  love being able to have a shared google drive to edit it and view together. With my current rp partner we write on the google doc and message the other "ping"/"pong" when we think it's a good moment for the other to tap in. Personally I feel like this is a more authentic way to write collaboratively, but I can do it however you would feel most comfortable. 



Some writing samples of mine!







I'm currently involved in an Umbrella Academy RP with original characters and an original storyline. 

If you're interested, the link to this roleplay is here:



My characters are:






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