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looking for multiple RP partners

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    For 1x1 plots I'm only interested in mxm/nbxnb/mxnb plots. For group plots I don't care.


    - urban fantasy

    - generic high school/college romance plots

    - crime-based plots

    - fantasy medieval

      - combination fantasy medieval/modern (ex. modern technology and slang, medieval aesthetic [castles, kingdoms, etc])

    - supernatural/paranormal: demons, angels, psychics, ghosts

    - non-specific deities (aka let me play a god)

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    - fandoms

    - animals (excluding shapeshifters)

    - typical depressed kid x not depressed kid

    - most genres not specified above


About Me

My name is eliwantscake, so feel free to call me Eli or Cake. I've been writing since I was in the third grade, and roleplaying since the sixth grade. Thankfully for all of us, I've actually gotten good at roleplaying in the past six years. I'm a college freshman. I haven't had any active roleplays in a few months, but I'm excited to try and get things going again.


I roleplay almost exclusively on Feralfront, though if you can't roleplay there for any reason I am also on Xanje (not very often, but I'd definitely prefer to RP there if FF isn't an option) and RP Repository (my posts will not look as nice on there).

Play Style

- I'm only looking for 1x1 partners who write five paragraphs per post

- I allow powerplaying of my characters in plot relevant situations that have already been discussed (etc if it is agreed that your character beats up my character, you may powerplay my character for that scene)

- I prefer active partners, with active meaning posts at least once every 24 hours unless a notice of inactivity is recieved

- I prefer writing in first person, but it is not a deal breaker

- I like partners who I can have OOC conversations with, both about our plot and about things in general

Plots I'd Like






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