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Looking for RP Partners (List of Fandoms Inside)

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Preferred Genres

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Detailed Search Information

Here is the list of fandoms that I'm hoping to find a partner for:


Supernatural (TV)


Sherlock (TV)


YouTubers (PewDiePie, Markiplier, JackSepticEye, Thomas Sanders, Daniel Howell, AmazingPhil, Smosh, Game Grumps, SuperMega, Aphmau)


Team Fortress 2 (Game)


9-1-1 (TV)


Sonic the Hedgehog (All Media)


Super Mario Bros. (All Media)


My Little Pony (TV)


Steven Universe (TV)


Undertale (Game)


Five Nights at Freddy's (Game)


Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies)


Overwatch (Game)


Pokemon (All Media)


Doki Doki Literature Club (Game)


Animal Crossing (Game)


Skyrim (Game)


Detroit: Become Human  (Game)


Regular Show (TV)


Adventure Time (TV)


Ouran High School Host Club (TV)


Riverdale (TV)


Breaking Bad (TV)


My email is littledepressedsunshine@gmail.com


You can reach out to ask any questions if any of these fandoms interest you. I do hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day.

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I would be interest to RP with you but only on my forum, if that is okay. owo

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