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Looking to write a Mafia wife! (1x1, Private Site or Email)

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Human, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    As for this current request, I am looking for  a slice of life, romance/drama story.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Science Fiction
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Sci Fi based fandoms are off the table;

    (Not a genre, but) Smut for the sake of it is also off, I need a juicy story to sink my teeth into. If smut happens to fit in, good, but, to be honest, I prefer to fade to black.


About Me

I'm 37, Brazilian - meaning that English is my second language, but I strive to write it properly - and currently a part-time worker due to COVID. I'm single and child free by choice, and believe in mutual respect, both IC (limits, asking your partner to stop or change something) and OOC (I'll respect you as a human being, and that's all I ask of you as well). I enjoy writing nearly all kinds of stories, though there are a few themes that are near and dear to my heart. Read below to find some of them, and rest assured that I will be updating this request quite often, as I'm always having new ideas, and ideas that have been snagged might be dropped from the list of plots I'm looking for. Thank you for reading in advance.

Play Style

My style is pretty simple:


1- I roleplay through a private site or email. I'm not interested in joining a traditional site, in which I'd have to write an app and get it approved, but if you have a private site of your own, I'm cool;

2- I reply once a day or every other day, and I'd like someone with similar activity levels, though if you can do once a week, I can wait;

3- I like at least a couple paragraphs, and decent (doesn't need to be perfect) grammar;

4- I'm ditch-friendly, I just ask that you ditch instead of ghosting so I can reopen whatever request we were doing. I'll do the same if we are incompatible for whatever reason;

5- I tend to roleplay mostly female characters, so assume that's what I'm writing unless otherwise specified.

IC Limits

I'm really not into smut-centric writing. Other than that, everything is open for discussion. Please tell me your limits so we can have a respectful and pleasant experience. Please understand that I'm 100% on IC and OOC separation. If you can't separate those, I'm not the partner for you. 

Plots I'd Like

So, keeping it simple, I'm looking for someone to play an undercover cop for my Mafia wife. The basic idea is to have him get a job in her home, in order to find out information about her husband, and they end up becoming involved. Just your basic romance and fun with a dash of danger and crime.

Writing Samples

Note that this one was a starter - not all of my posts are this long, I usually stay at a couple not overly long paragraphs per post unless I have a lot to say.



“I will be back shortly, dear,” Mrs. Hooper told her husband. She leaned forward for a kiss and smiled warmly at him.


Mr. Hooper looked at his wife for a long moment. She was the perfect wife for a politician. She was beautiful, intelligent, a good speaker, and a perfect hostess. If he wasn’t in politics, he was pretty sure that she would be. She would be so good at it he might have her run for mayor next election. Gotham might be ready for her in the near future, and he could preserve his image a little.


Little did he know his wife had her own plans. And they also relied on how charismatic her spouse was.


Checking herself in the mirror, Mrs. Hooper left the luxurious home she shared with her husband and waited for the driver to open the car door for her. “I will drive myself, Tony, thank you.”


That wasn’t really anything surprising. Mrs. Hooper loved to drive when she needed to relax or wanted to see one of her old friends, the ones who didn’t have drivers of their own. And this was what she had told her husband she would do. What she was actually going to do was to meet with Mr. Carmine Falcone. She knew where to meet him. It was a small apartment she kept for these affairs, and one her husband didn’t know about.


And now, she was working to make sure he would not know about many more things.


Once she got to the apartment, Mrs. Hooper looked at the time and sighed. If he was as punctual as she expected, Mr. Falcone should be here soon.


Other Information

I'd love to hear from you!

My preferred method of contact for this initial moment is a message here through the site (PM, not comment on this thread, since sometimes those slip through the cracks and I don't see them). From there we can exchange contact information and start plotting.


Thanks for dropping by!

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

I would like to rp with you, partially because I, too, am Brazilian (you might recognise my nickname's reference). We could even try writing in Portuguese. I'll send a PM to you in a few hours, when I'm not on mobile 🙂

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I would like to rp with you as well, we have a website specifically for roleplaying and writing and creating characters, its a medieval fantasy setting with lore driven stories but I think you would make a great fit please message me if your interested, please and thank you.

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@valaso - I'm not sure how it would fit, for this specific plot, and I'm not big on medieval fantasy, sorry. If you feel so inclined, feel free to drop me a link, but I can't promise anything!

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@Shadeswell explain to me what mafia romance is? and I could tell you whether or not you could do that on our site writing and roleplaying? because our site allows just about everything as long as it fits the medieval setting, if your still not interested? can you point me in the direction of someone who might be interested? https://sinsofthesoulless.jcink.net/index.php?act=Pages&pid=7 this is a link to our wiki mind you, you don't have to read every single little detail just read what you feel might interest you if at all, please and thanks.

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@valaso Honest to God, I really can't do much more than what I did on the post? But fine, I'll try - I'm looking for a roleplay in which there is a Mafia outfit - think Cosa Nostra - in which I can insert a female character in  a romantic relationship. 

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so your looking for a 21rst century timeline based RP or a historical based rp based on the specific mafia romance your describing? if so lol I cannot help you there, I am looking for writers that wanna do medieval fantasy content lol.

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