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Love in Tokyo

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Hey my name is Spoon. I've been role playing a long time. I used to write on play by post sites but lately I've been taking to Discord. I have a lot of ideas and I can make a character for just about any situation. If you think we'd be a good fit message me even if one of my ideas didn't grab you.

Ok I prefer MxF pairings. My characters are all very different so lets talk about what we like. It'd be cool if we were friends. Vent to me, share pictures of your cat. Show me videos and songs you like.

I like to use pictures and plot things out. I love twists and drama. I can play side characters too to build a larger world. OOC chat is great! Let's be friends and if you have ideas too I'd love to hear them.

I had an idea for an average American guy visiting Japan and falling in love with their culture and maybe a girl along the way. It won't be easy from him as there is a definite cultural and maybe even a bit of a language barrier. My character ideas are as follows.

PRO FIGHTER: He's a boxer in town to promote a fight against one of Japan's finest. He's never left America before so he's having a bit of culture shock.

COMIC BOOK CREATOR: He is the writer and artist of a successful superhero comic who has always wanted to check Japan out. He's in town for a convention and to soak in everything.

TATTOO ARTIST: This one is a bit complex. I did a bit of research and apparently tattoos are super taboo in Japan. This guy would be tatted up and looking to explore. He's probably having a hard time as a lot of places will turn people away if they have visible tattoos.

MUSICIAN: Young and wild lead singer of a punk/metal band. This is their first international tour. This one could be wicked fun given the fact that from what I've read Metal is pretty big in Japan.

Lastly I'm not a big fan of smut. It's not that I'm a prude I just think I'm god awful at writing it. I'm ok with makeouts and everything leading up to it just when we get there can we fade to black?

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