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[M4A playing M] Star Trek: TOS Spones Roleplay

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Star Trek: The Original Series

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Fandom see below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Kelvin Timeline)

    Star Trek: Discovery


About Me

My name is Alexander but I go by Bones or De. I'm a gay, sapiosexual male, and use he/him pronouns.
I  have been writing TOS Leonard McCoy for two years now on both tumblr (blog longer active) and Discord (Spock'sAshayam#0896) and am an avid Spones shipper.  I am hoping for more interactions, especially since several of my roleplay partners are lacking muse and I haven’t gotten a chance to write as much as I would like to.


Play Style

I roleplay on Discord and reply very quickly, and can write any amount of text in a reply, from two lines to twelve paragraphs ( para/multipara/lit/adv. lit/ novella ) and will often attempt to match my partner’s length. Do not feel pressured to match my length or reply time if you personally prefer not to, just give me enough to work with and let me know when to expect replies - I can work with a partner who can give me at least one or two replies a week.

IC Limits


  • Please be at least 18 years of age. I write an often suicidal character who has some past trauma, so mental illness, self harm, violence, torture, gore, abuse, etc are all likely topics to be delved into, often at length. If such topics are triggering to you, we are likely not compatible partners, and so I urge you to not write with me.
  • No god-modding, please.
  • Communication is key. If you have any concerns, please talk to me instead of ghosting me - we are mature adults and should be able to work it out.
  • I don't double, but I will gladly split up the npcs between us.



  • I am gay, and this is reflected in my muse’s own preferences - I have no interest in writing anything but the above M/M pairing, so please refrain from asking me to write M/F, or M/NB, regardless of the constraints of canon.
  • When it comes to nsfw, my muse does not top/dom. If your muse is a switch, I have no qualms against that but please do not expect mine to top at any point - there are other ways of showing affection in such a situation. That aside, I have several preferred kinks and there are few limits to what I will write, but those limits do exist - feel free to ask about them. 



  • My only trigger is anything relating to the death of Leonard Nimoy or S’chn T’gai Spock, regardless of context. I ask that you do not bring this up, regardless whether it is IC or OOC. Make sure to let me know if you have any triggers you would like me to avoid and I shall do so. 


Plots I'd Like

I am only looking to write Spones (Leonard McCoy/Spock) in an established relationship. I prefer the TOS era over the post-TOS film era, and have an interest in writing some Mirrorverse!Spones, since I have written a lot of the softer, more wholesome mainverse Spones recently. (Not to say that I’m not open to soft mainverse Spones, because that is always welcome) but I would prefer to delve into the darker aspects at the moment, especially since it’s a different take on their relationship.
I write Mirror!Leonard as being incredibly devoted to Mirror!Spock, and although their affection goes both ways, it is expressed with stark contrast to the mainverse version.



Writing Samples


Despite the situation, Leonard could not help observing Spock's retreat with appreciation, he looked good, even when walking away. Everything about him was incredibly inviting right now. However, the doctor's shameless thoughts were interrupted by the presence of the other away team members, striking home the point that he was in trouble, more so than usual.

Rearranging his expression as convincingly as possible, he dropped his gaze to the floor, and even though distracted, he did not flinch away from the harsh weather conditions. Yet as the words left Spock's lips, Leonard's own formed in a slight smile as he recalled what was being referred to here. They had finalised their bond here several summers ago - joining their souls, their minds, becoming t'hy'la. He supposed that the process would have gone by more easily had someone not tried to murder him halfway through the ritual.


However as Pavel overtook him, Leonard startled out of his reverie. Despite having been the only one visibly unaffected by the weather, he'd become distracted - and was the last one up the stairs. He could have kicked himself, he thought as he followed as quickly as possible, he was meant to have been the second person up there considering who and what he was supposed to be. Pulse hammering at his throat, he dropped to his knees at Spock's side seconds shy of the correct moment to do so.




Leonard McCoy stumbled as he slowed down, the heat searing the back of his neck even as he threw out an arm to lean against the wall.
"Calculations of time...progressed...on the way back" he managed to ask the recording device on his belt.
"Seven minutes and twenty seconds" it stated, and he groaned audibly. 
Seven minutes was in no way a short time to get across from one side of campus to another.
He decided to ignore the fact that he was struggling to walk, let alone run, because that was an unnecessary thing to take into account.

Swearing profusely, he managed to bang on the door of the dorm he shared with Jim Kirk, hoping that his friend hadn't brought someone else back in here. He did not want to be seen like this, tousled hair and shaky legs aside.
"Jim.. Open up, dammit!" He called out, doing his best not to collapse against the door.

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