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Missing Writing Partners; Could Always Use a Friend !!

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About Me

“Write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it.

Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it;”

to paraphrase, Jesse Hilton Stuart (August 8, 1906 – February 17, 1984) American writer.


Well, hello there !!! 

I thought I would introduce myself once more. I am known by a couple of monikers, to some I am
Playerfiles... to others, William, and I have been role-playing as a HOBBY since the days of AOL chatroom play (years omitted , LOL).  I may be a bit of the “old school” personality, but I try hard not be too “old fashioned” or “out of touch”. Over the years, I have learned to look at life and people with an open mind, and know people are people, and we all bleed red... most of us normally good at heart...


As for me, I am an individual.  I am my own person with responsibilities in and of life. A man who makes mistakes, laughs, cries, hurts, smiles and loves.  I am who I am through the experiences of life:  the joys, sorrows, heartbreaks, happiness, and loses, in my own life. Thus, I value friendship and friends (though I do not have many because of my straight-forwardness or adversity with untruths), and I love pictures !!!!  


To me, Real Life (RL) is hard.  As some say, “Life’s a bitch.”  And though many folks might easily get lost in any form of entertainment or escapism, it is important to realize that individuals default to what affects them in RL.  Being a realist who enjoys truth, loyalty, and integrity, I know very well that everyone has sadness in their lives at times and we all deal with it differently.  I am a person who accepts things as they happen and instead of dwelling on the pain it has caused, I deal with it, learn from it, and try to move on the best way I can. And to that end, I lend my ears and eyes to others, and attempt (often vainly) to ease others pains.


Ok, enough of the philosophical... Basically, I am here to fulfill my own urges in role playing and creative writing as a hobby.  As I mentioned before, I have been roleplaying since 1994 in the heyday of AOL chatroom play, BUT, a few years ago some very nice writers introduced me to mixing roleplaying with creative writing… (though I am no way near as good as they … or you… in creative writing… but I do try hard to keep a storyline going and make it interesting.) 


Oh yes, I have been a member and a moderator of other people’s sites, and an admin of many of my own sites... some that succeeded for years and some that failed...  Still, I try to enjoy what I love... roleplaying... that method that I, and others, endeavor to tell those untold (or retold) stories, utilizing written history fact and fiction, rumors, legends, myths, our exposure to other settings of alternative reality, and our collective imaginations to tell the tales of the lives, loves, successes, and failures of the people and their world.  We, my friends and fellow-RP’rs, focus our plots ( and sub-plots) on demonstrating the very heart of that society, its order and organization, its pomp and ceremony, its places of frenzied domestic activities, its hospitality, celebration, and pleasures, its underlying disorganization, its disloyal and unfriendliness, and its criminal underworld who seeks to bring that world down.


Sooo, hopefully I have not scared anyone away. Look me up... lets roleplay !!!!

Play Style

I have control of your characters, but a lot of me is in them !!
Absolutely NO god-moding or power play anyone else's characters without permission.
I can do rapid fire, depending upon availability, or I can wait a day or so for a response post. I usually respond anywhere from immediate or a day or so, but not much longer.
I consider myself the 2nd fastest two-finger typist in the east !
I am patient, flexible, and love writing with a partner.


nope, not a trigger to think of...

Plots I'd Like

❖ -- Corazzieri Versus the Red Guard  (https://srv1570s.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=79 )  The Provveditore Generale (Superintendent General of for Military Affairs) and the Patriarca di Venezia (Holy See's representative in Venezia) do come to odds with each other, especially when it comes to swaying the Doge on decisions. This is where the Corazzieri and the Red Guard have clashes on occasion. However, they cooperate well if Venezia's is in danger on the world stage.

 ❖ -- Government cover-ups in in the Sala Consiglio dei Dieci (Trial Chambers of the Council of Ten).... where Venice’s star chamber plots anonymous accusations of treason... as innocent victims, and the guilty, reside in the Pozzi

❖ -- Lucca Arcasian deals in betraying all those that pays his bills

 ❖ -- The Venetian Republic’s Breakout to the Atlantic:  In the 16th century, the Atlantic coast was undergoing a disruptive commercial revolution with the discovery of new sea routes to Asia and the Americas. Cities at the Atlantic coast, including those in northwestern Europe, became attractive commercial hubs, with high population growth. The bustling Atlantic coast gave merchants the greatest incentive to form new connections with unfamiliar traders, and so to rely less on the existing guild system. This led the Venetian initiative to circumvent the seclusion of the Adriatic by establishing trading centers in the Azores islands far west of Portugal and on Isle Madiera off the Berber Coast. Knowledge of some Atlantic islands, such as Madeira, existed before their formal discovery and settlement, as the islands were shown on maps, such as the Catalan Atlas as early as 1339.

❖❖❖❖❖❖ -- Taking islands in the Atlantic as the Venetian break out of the Mediterranean... particularly with Portugal and Spain...

❖❖❖❖❖❖ -- Venetian alliances with the Moors of Morocco for Gibraltar

 ❖ -- How the Guilds work to benefit Venice, while the rest of the world flounders with the Guilds

 ❖ -- Rome tries to influence Venetian Merchants

 ❖ -- Religious politics...Venice welcomes both the Protestants of the North and the Catholics, by allowing Jews to the Ghetto. This religious-political controversy aspect can spur some good ideas.

 ❖ -- Internal alliances with Naples, Tuscany, Modena to prevent the Papal States from expanding

 ❖ -- Stories of courtesans, both the cortigna onesta, or honored courtesan (or the intellectual courtesan) and the cortigna lume, the lower class prostitutes

 ❖ -- Tales and adventures of secret passageways that riddle Gothic Palazzo Ducale... where ducal treasures would put a king’s ransom to shame... politics, unbalanced transactions of coin, divisions in class.

 ❖ -- Greed, revenge, and betrayal

 ❖ -- Ottoman skirmishes or invasions...

 ❖ -- Venetian merchant pirates

 ❖ -- Unmentioned sea battles

 ❖ -- Stories within the Italian Renaissance...art, architecture, writing, and politics of a growing Venice

❖ -- Inventions with Dominic Caresini

❖❖❖❖❖❖ -- Shipbuilding in the Arsenale

❖❖❖❖❖❖ -- Stories of, or in, Carnivale

 ❖ -- Story of the gondolier and the courtesan: not just a love affair, but one of greed and treachery

 ❖ -- Stories of the medical and prevention of the Plague

 ❖ -- Stories of the Regata Storica (prestigious boat race)

 ❖ -- Silent fogs.... what lurks within those dense and unexplainable fog banks?

 ❖ -- Stories of witches and witchcraft and the Inquisition

 ❖ -- Stories of Haunted Venice

❖❖❖❖❖❖ -- Underground Crypts and Stories

❖❖❖❖❖❖ -- Haunted Buildings and Islands

Other Information

❖ -- Normal lives, loves... intrigue, mystery, conspiracy, corruption, instability... courtesans, honored and lower class... greed and abuse of religious power... and government cover-ups were never so appealing as in the **Sala Consiglio dei Dieci* (Trial Chambers of the Council of Ten).... where Venice’s star chamber plots anonymous accusations of treason... as innocent victims, as well as the guilty, reside in the Pozzi...

❖ -- Presenting Çità de Masca  ... the illusory, grand city of Venezia, that fabulous mercantile capital of Europe, and the heart of the Serenìsima Repùblica Vèneta. Tis the City of Canals, circa 1574, amongst the Italian Renaissance, instead of declining as history would show, she is one of the mightiest naval empires in the world seeking her power as Queen of the Seas, even into the Atlantic.  But ... Tis the heart of society, its order and organization, its pomp and ceremony, its places of frenzied domestic activities, its hospitality, celebration, and pleasures, is rivaled by the underlying skullduggery of those who’d seek her downfall... all perpetrated by a criminal underworld who shall profit either way.

No WC /  Premium , 18+  / Relaxed & Friendly Atmosphere  /  No ACs / L3-S3-V3 / Our Templates or use your own  !!!

Guidelines    /  How to Start    / DISCORD 


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