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MxF Romance pairing long term.

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I am really open to try many genres however my main favorites are definitely Modern Supernatural, both the show and original, non-canon abilities sites, and DBZ. Of course there maybe some others but just depends on the style and type really. 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I am not a fan of animal only sites/genres, also not a harry potter fan sorry. Either way, just have to ask and I shall tell really. Hard to just think of them all on the spot and make a huge list.


About Me

Whats there to say here really? I am a very open book kind of guy. Former Military, hard working and live in the CST timezone. Welcome to prod at me in our chats, plus I normally just let things about me come out as talks commence. Any questions I am happy to answer. I love to talk on Discord fair warning hehe.

Play Style

Alright, well I am a person definitely into the BDSM lifestyle and I enjoy writing it as well. Sure it won't be in every aspect of my writing and I know how to limit it depending on plot. Anyways with that said lets get into the other aspects. I am a guy who can post damn near daily especially if I am into the plot and characters of the plot itself. I am rather flexible on what kind of characters I can play however I can say this. I play males only sadly, an as far as romance is concerned I only play them opposite females. But I love plotting and keeping things juicy regardless. 


I can say that I do have three characters I generally enjoy playing, one is a artist who is rather risque using models rigged up shibari style and painting them. A bit of a bondage fetish. He tends to be the most refined, charming and caring to a point, he does have a dark side if pushed for sure. He loves to see the beauty in most everything. 

Another character is a crazy, thrill-seeking fun loving thief and treasure hunter. He's into adventure and generally rather dependent upon his lover. He is the most flexible for sure plot wise, also he is a heavy nod towards Uncharted because I love that videogame series.

And finally I can play evil characters as well, one being a slave type hunter. He loves having a prey pet so to speak BDSM wise, and is a sadomasochist. He's unpredictable and highly adaptable as well. Definitely room to play with his plottage potential as well. 

I tend to adapt these characters everywhere I am able too really, depending of course.

Either way, like I said I am best at plotting ships and characters with others and knowing their counterpart to a point. I love collaborations and communication the most for sure. 

IC Limits

None really, aside from within the sensual aspect of roleplay so to speak. Those are best just asked about. However, that all aside I dislike really limiting my roleplay, thus really hoping for a partner who also doesn't limit themselves too much. I am not one to play on sites that aren't, 18+/3-3-3.

Plots I'd Like

M/F Romance, Aspects of BDSM lifestyle, adventure, angst a mixture of all. For me I am more so interested in Supernatural or Abilities type sites. And I am hoping to find a buddy that's loyal and willing to just find whats good for us so to speak. Looking for a role-play buddy for many different sites, different genres, someone I can relate too and enjoy things with in the long haul. Thus, plots can always fluctuate every changing and evolving hehe.


However, just some random Ideas I did have that could be rather fun.  I do believe it should be a rogue vampire that perhaps made an attempt on my guy's life in the past. However instead of him killing her when he caught her and after their little bout, he instead enslaved her to spare her life. Of course this was a little bit ago thus she is far more loyal now to him, but she also keeps some spice to her words indeed. She's extremely loyal and it's rather hard to be falling in love with the very man you try to kill so to speak. Now maybe it's time to get him to return the sentiments.


That's just an idea really, loose and honestly I work best at plots with someone else, both collaborating.

Writing Samples

Can be offered upon request.

Other Information

Wish to get into contact with me feel free to message me on Discord: Nickman#1707. 

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