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About Me

I have a forum play by post roleplay. It is based in an era similar to the renaissance. Currently, my Queen does not have her Prince. I love having that close intimate partner to RP with. The site is an adult oriented site, so please be over 18. 


A bit about the character - his name is Edmund Brandt. He is the son of a disposed Duke, so there is some shame there, but also this causes some strife between he and his wife because she could give the title back to his father but refuses. Most of the details (including Face Claim) is left up to the player who decides to take him. I do see Edmund as very attractive and well not the most faithful of husbands, but he keeps his affairs very much out of the public eye. He is charismatic and very charming, but has a very mean streak, which he tries his best to keep hidden.

The royals are not magic wielders and are all human, just want to point that out. Below is the link to the site, if you would like to check it out. 

Saaveth - A Renaissance-Inspired Roleplay Experience

Plots I'd Like

I would love to look at the love hate relationship he and the queen have. They do love each other, they have been married for 25 years, but when his father lost his title 6 years ago it caused tension between them. The title was stripped by the Queen's grandfather, before she took the throne but she refuses to elevate Edmund's family's station. 

They have four children, their oldest is heir, perhaps Edmund would prefer one of the others be heir? It could be fun if there was some strain on the relationship between Edmund and his oldest son, Joseph (who is also yet unclaimed).

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