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Preferred Genres

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  • Specific Preferred Genres:
    • BAND RP
    • Romance/Angst
    • Slice of Life
    • Harry Potter

Unwanted Genres

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    I'm open to all kinds of AUs but first and foremost, I'm craving BAND RP!


About Me

Hey frens, my name is Smokey! I'm female, and I'm 29 years old. I've been RPing since I was about 12 years old from RL sites to Harry Potter extensions and everything in between. I love to write, and I'm very active. I post at least one day, if not more, if just depends on my muse and the quality of the plot. I tend to write anywhere from 400--1200 words on average, so I can ease back or go for longer, depending on the situation. I do not expect my partners to match my word count, word for word, but I do expect quality replies from an intelligent and interested individual. I also expect my RP partners to be my friends! I love to talk about real life things, music, movies, topics, not just our made up ones. However, yes, I do also love to share, gifs, photos, and ships of our characters!! ❤️ I am a little picky when it comes to face claims, but not inflexible, and for my own female characters I tend to use Ksenia Solo, Emily Browning, Hayley Williams, Foxes.


Face claims I'm dying for you to use:  Tyler Joseph, Machine Gun Kelly,  Patrick Stump, Josh Dun, Clint Mauro and a couple of others. We would have to come to an agreement on FC's but I'm pretty flexible. I do not mind doubling up at all, but my goal is to play my FEMALE character AGAINST a MALE character. 


Things outside of RPing that I like are: Movies, especially horror movies. Baking, Music of all kinds, Drawing, Photography, Theatre, memes. My favorite bands are Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots. I love to read, I love to smoke, I'm very opinionated--- the rest I will tell you if you get to know me. Be prepared for me to chat your ear off, gush about OTPS, pretty celebrities I have crushes on, and the millions of plot ideas I have in my head.


That being said, I am looking for an RP partner who is: 18+ for starters, though I wouldn't mind a 21+ just because of life experience. Nothing against younger writers, I just find that I click before with people my age. We tend to have more interests in the same topics; have been through similar experiences based on age, etc, and they've usually got a few years of experience in RPing, if not more.


It's important to me that whoever takes on this role as my RP buddy is also decent at writing older/confident men and bad boys cause my character is a sucker for cocky, smooth guys who like to take control. Also I just love RPing drama. xD


My comfort levels are L3V3S3. I'm pretty comfortable with writing most things but if I have any issues, I'll let you know right away. Hopefully, you'll do the same.


SIDE NOTE: I'm not here for one sided RPs where you live out your fantasies and I hate what I get. It's gotta be fun for both of us, kay? If I have to remind you EVERYTIME to respond to our thread, but you're all over your plots, that's a no go for me.


I am a very patient person, I don't mind waiting for replies, and sometimes I'm very busy and can't get to my own, but I will never just disappear without warning, and I will never go too long without writing back. I usually post between 1-2 a day, as I'm have a lot of threads going, but sometimes if the muse strikes, I'll post up to 10 times a day or more.


GENRES: Right now I'm craving BAND RP (tours, concerts, after parties) or Harry Potter RP.


PLOT IDEAS: I have too many to list them, honestly. Let's RP some wild parties and hilarious moments~ 


CONTACT: Hit me up on discord: Smokey #7978 Let's chat!

Play Style

I can go rapid fire or novel lenth, just depends. Sometimes I post a million times a day, sometimes my muse is low.

My characters are an extension of me but they do what they want, I just write it out xD

Do not GM my charries without my EXPLICIT, WRITTEN permission which expires after a certain amount of time (aka, after the scene/reason is over).

I jam music while I write or play random TV in the background. For some reason I play dudes pretty well, so there's that. 

I'm a sucker for bad boy characters and assholes. 

Give me all the angst please.

IC Limits

Let's talks limits and preferences when you hit me up! I can do smut with the RIGHT PERSON.

Plots I'd Like

Band Rp! Tours! Parties! All the crazy plots!

Writing Samples

Hit me up for a sample~

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