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About Me

Hello there, my name is Nando (short for Fernando). I am a 25 years old male and been roleplaying on invisionfree/Jcink forums since I was 12. Took a few years off of it to RP on Tumblr ( 0 out of 10 do not recommend ) and now I'm back to Jcink. I live on the West Coast of the United States  so my timezone is PST. I currently work as both a website designer for an ad form and a part time job that I mainly just lift things at.


At present, I'm only on my own recently opened Star Wars Roleplay and have no plans to join another site at this time so I can focus on it. I also do not take part in 1x1 roleplaying or Discord RPing and will not be convinced to do either of them. Please do not reply or message me if you think I'd do either of those three things.  I'd love for one or more people who are interested in the Star Wars Fandom to join my current forum were we can enjoy the setting, start a thriving fun loving and welcoming community, and enjoy both the ups and downs our characters will go through.

Sites I play on now

Play Style

I like to talk to my RP partners/buddies outside of the RP. Instead, it is just gushing over how our characters are doing, any ship we have, or just BSing about a movie or show going on in the background as we post. There are not many topics that I would consider off-limits if you wish to talk about anything.


I am online every day and can/do post multiple times a day. On average, they are around 600 - 900 words in length. However, I can post between 400 - 1200 words as well. I do not expect anyone to match that or post repeatedly after each other as I can do on one of my days off. I do ask that anyone answering at least be able to post a few times in one week, though.


There isn't much mature content that makes me uncomfortable but ask before we get into anything. I am also happy to 'fade to black' or write out any sexual content. However, I am uncomfortable with certain fetish trends I have seen on other RPs, and due to past real-life instances, I will not have things pushed on me OOC of this nature. Many of my characters are Jedi/Sith or involved in military groups, so violence and mature content of that nature is something I will likely be writing quite a bit of. While I keep gore to a minimum or do not mention it, acts like fighting and using a lightsaber on someone will appear.

Plots I'd Like

With plots and the like, I am pretty much open to anything. There is not a lot that I would not do if I am being honest. I have over nine characters with plans for at least two more; all of them are males as they are all I play. Each is LGBT (bisexual with a couple being gay), and most of them are from various minority groups. I like to allow them to evolve and grow organically and feel the 'vibe' between them grow when it comes to plotting. I do not particularly appreciate doing 'final' plots. I do have a few want ads up for some of my characters and will post them right here for some ideas that might interest someone or help them have something even minorly planned. Any mentioned face claims can be changed they are primarily just suggested:


Oliver Stark 'Frenemies to lovers plot'

  • Basically this character would be a partial friend but mostly a pain in the rear end for mine character. While the two can work together well, they spend more time fighting and bickering than anything else. However, there are hidden feelings there that will eventually come out and kind of peek out whenever they get really into their bickering.


Natasha Liu Bordizzo Old Friends Reunited

  • This would be Sabine Wren posting with my Ezra Bridger character. While Ezra has been missing for years, his recent reappearance in the galaxy has caused many of his friends to see him. Despite this, Ezra will have little to no memory of his past and slowly regaining them and details of his past as he interacts with her and others. They'll find their new place in the galaxy with everything that is going on between the various forces at play.


Eddie Liu Unknown Older Brother Appears

  • Two brothers, both of a Mandalorian Clan and of Miraluka heritage. However, one inherited the Miraluka traits and was sent to the New Jedi Order. The other was kept a Mandalorian with training in his abilities from Sith. Their dynamic and different sides will come into play in various plots along with when they meet for the first time.


John Krasinski Jedi Master Kyle Katarn

  • Kyle is a canon character and master of both Rosh Penin (my character) and Jaden Korr. Kyle is the Battlemaster of the New Jedi Order and would love the dynamic of master and Padawan. Rosh is still recovering from his turn to the Dark Side and return to the Jedi. Kyle would be the one helping him through this and his constant battle between giving into his darker emotions and personality traits that he still doesn't have control over. Also managing the principals of the Dark Side, Light Side, and Kyle's more 'Grey Side' beliefs in the Force and his training of his Padawans.


I have a lot of other plot ideas, some in my want ads, and most are just in the brainstorming steps. However, I am open to any other plots someone wants to throw out and editing details and aspects of plots already posted.  I am also the type who is into darker/gritter themes and plots. Not anything that involves abuse and the like. However, you will see such themes as smugglers, lightsaber violence, and the like. At the same time, I am quite fine in more domestic and happy threads where they hang out together. I do like action-packed posts, though, so we might have plenty of those depending on the characters.

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