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Psychological Horror

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Mature vampires/demons/fallen angel


Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Historical, Human, School & College, Science Fiction
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    No twilight or sappy vampires. Seriously. They are twisted beings of the night.

    No specific fandoms

    No teenage related anything

    No school drama


About Me

I am a 29 year old role player who loves to write! I have been writing with a partner off and on for about 10 years. My longest story lasting 3 solid years. Shes sadly not interested in picking up a new story so I'm looking for 1 new friend!

I don't like having more than one story as I write full paragraphs. I am very active- though I do have health issues but I will give my 100% I also do research and fact check everything I write.


I love the darker scene. The darker characters without fully converting to chaotic evil is up my alley. 

Play Style

Characters have control of their own actions. We're invading their world. If you force a character to do something guaranteed it won't go right.


Please be active. At least one reply a day though the more the better as long as the story doesn't lose quality. 


I'm a bit dyslexic so I'm not a huge grammar natzi but please, please try


Please give me something to work with! I will definitely give you the same common courtesy! 


I'm also looking to make a new friend! I'm actually a pretty awesome person 😉

IC Limits

No physical or mental abuse

(Unless a backstory has abuse)


I'm 100% not bothered by any type of 'mature content' 


I tend to really look at your writing and I'm not scared or hold my words back so really think twice about the subject you want to bring up

Plots I'd Like

I don't have a plot in mind. Usually the characters take on a persona of their own and live out their lives how they would as if they were you or me.

Writing Samples

"Alone in the shadowy darkness I write to you; my master. Alone in the forest under the same heavens in which you gave me life so many centuries ago. Though same as centuries past a storm rages above me cloaking the heavens, shielding the ethereal moon and the peering eyes of both Gods of ancient and new.

A time, as a naive human I invited you into my home. I was lonely. Looking for no company, yet there you were. I was captivated by your immortal beauty. I was drawn to those sapphire eyes that mirrored your soul.

That night you took mine body and mine life. You spilled blood, my life that humans do so take for granted. To be by your side was all I desired as you condemned me to a life of utter darkness to dwell as a creature of legends. Though I do not regret my birth I do regret the events that followed. I humbly apologize, master. 

I know I was confused. Weak with humanity. Irrational in my endeavors. Depressed and unsure of the current reality. Caught in a fragile time when the human meets the daemon inside. I should never abandoned you. That night. Under the rain. When you joined elder brother and my beloved friend, the woman who protected me during my mortal years who manipulated my mind to never question the years I aged yet she did not. When the three of you sat blissful and jolly with fine rum and bourbon I had been embarrassed having previously been chained to the floor during which magical and bloodlust outbreaks occurred. I know your stance, your reputation and I did not wish to hinder nor embarrass you, or your family further. I ran off into the night with thy older brother's cherished butler. Against his wishes I disappeared. He followed me, the daughter of the first demon vampire and a witch; the one sent out to end his life. He taught me what I know. He was kind yet developed no emotional attachment to my existence. To him I was nothing but a pawn in his eternal existance."

Aura shielded the letter to her husband under black feathered angelic wings from the rain pelting the mossy forest floor around where she sat under the angry trees.

She dipped a feather into the small glass jar of black ink and continued.

"I write to you in this grove nearly one hundred years later for I need your help Master Damon. After years of searching I have found the whereabouts of my parents, after the night they perished so long ago. I know not of your life state or how many children you have gave to various lovers or companions. Only that as your first fledgling who owes mine life to you I beg of your help."

She laid the feather and ink on a rock beside her. Fangs forming from her mouth brushed against her now bloody lips that pressed to the letter. Her fingers snapped and the letter by magik folded and vanished into the night.

Retracting her wings and allowing the rain to cascade down her long strawberry hair, her unnatural pale skin and wet her mothers clothes she once had summoned through time and space, she sighed. Her emerald eyes glowing ferociously in the night peered down at a small sparkling stone; a looking glass the king of the underworld had once given her. She watched her parents in a realm undiscovered, unaware of their daughter's peering eyes. She continued to gaze upon them in awe and longing dismissing the cloaking spell once summoned to dissipate allowing her master to track his fledgling if he so desired.

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if you love to write? I am looking to recruit writers to me and my friends Roleplay forum site based on Dark grim Medieval fantasy if your interested please message me, I would love to recruit you to our site so we can write cool stories together.

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