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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres:
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Sci-fi and fantasy above all else. I'm also always up for zombies, pirates, sword and sandal, and post-apocalyptic genres. There's some fandoms I prefer as well: 


    - Black Sails

    - Descendants

    - DCU

    - Harry Potter (Marauders era)

    - Jurassic Park/Jurassic World

    - Mad Max

    - Pacific Rim

    - Spartacus

    - The 100

    - The Chronicles of Narnia

    - The Losers

    - The Umbrella Academy

    - The Witcher

    - Treasure Planet

    - X-Men

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, School & College
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I'm not a fan of animal-only or school/college-centric roleplays. I'm hesitant with historical - if we do something set in the past, it will have to be AU history or something to where the setting isn't soaked in homophobia and racism. I'm also not a fan of Marvel/MCU, though I do have a handful of X-Men characters that I like to play. 


About Me

Sup, I'm Jax, they/them, and I'm looking for some people to write with! I'll start this by saying that I'm looking for people to join a public site I'm already on, or 1x1 on a private Jcink site. I don't want to roleplay via Discord or email, or join other public sites, at this time. If you're interested in writing with me, or even if you just want to talk, then please DM me on Discord at DarthKenobi#1485! I love to meet new people and chat about all sorts of things. I'm not at all picky about the characters I write with and I don't care about my writing partner's age, gender, or anything else - just be honest with me about whether you're 18+ because I'm not gonna write smut with minors. And don't contact me if you've refused to write with someone because of their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion, because that's gross as fuck and I don't want it near me. 

Play Style

I do my best to reply to all threads within a week, or at most, within two weeks. My posts vary in length (and I do try to post match) but it's typically 450+ words. I would prefer that my partner is of somewhat similar speed and length. I totally understand that things vary, and I'm not asking for a firm word count or anything, just a baseline, if that makes sense. Short posts and long waits are cool if they happen occasionally rather than all the time. I'm also not a huge fan of comms. I'd like if you used proper spelling, grammar, and capitalization. It's hard for me to understand a post when someone writes in all lowercase or doesn't put their character's speech in quotation marks. 

IC Limits

I don't write explicit non-con/dub-con, self-harm, suicide, abuse, master/slave or dom/sub dynamics, homophobia, transphobia, or racism. I'd prefer to discuss other mature or triggering topics before writing them out in detail and to not dive right into dark or taboo themes with someone that I haven't written with before. Something planned down the road from the start, or with our second set of characters, sure, but I like to get to know people a little bit beforehand. And let me know where your own limits are! I'm happy to write the most vanilla and fluffy things imaginable if you're not comfortable going beyond that. 


For smut, I would prefer to fade to black but am flexible. Cybering/PWP is off the table but I'm open to smutty elements in general. I'll happily write a post detailing the naughtiness that leads to characters getting naked. I'll ask you who tops and discuss characters' kinks OOC. I'll enjoy posts that delve into the emotional state and thoughts of a character who has hang-ups about sex while they're having it. But anything that focuses on explicit sexual content and graphic descriptions of the physical side of sex just bores me. So I'm not the partner for you if you like to focus on sexual content with your writing. Having it occasionally suits me just fine! 

Plots I'd Like

I have literally endless ideas. This search would turn out longer than Lord of the Rings if I posted even a tenth of them. So if you're interested in hearing some, just let me know what genres you like, what kind of plots you're interested in, and what kind of characters you want to write. I'll tailor suggestions from there! Easier on all of us, right? 


If I listed all the fandoms I'm in, we'd be here all day. Same goes for the canons I play or ship. Just ask me about a fandom and I'll let you know what's what! I'm happy with writing canons in a fandom verse, original characters in a fandom verse, canons in an original verse, original verses that are inspired by a fandom or three, and everything in between. I'm also open to playing canon ships, fanon ships, canon/OC, and pretty much whatever else your heart desires. I seriously cannot overstate how flexible I am as long as my boundaries aren't pushed. Respect those, and I'm up for pretty much anything. 

Writing Samples

Available upon request. 

Other Information

While I'm up for all kinds of characters and plots, I have one OC that I'm particularly wanting to write with. Rowan's bisexual, chaotic neutral, and has Oscar Jaenada as a playby. Age can be anything but I typically play him in his mid-thirties. He was originally written in an AU Jurassic World setting but it can be pretty much anything sci-fi or fantasy. Because the fun part about Rowan is that he was genetically modified to be a Utahraptor shapeshifter. So if you want to play with a character who can turn into a six-foot-tall carnivorous dinosaur, Rowan's the guy for you. 


I'd also love to have someone to write ships with. It's far from a requirement - I freaking love threads about friendships and enemies and work buddies and everything in between - and I'm not asking for finals. But I do like having romance as a factor. I don't have a preference when it comes to character gender or sexual orientations, pairings, monogamous or poly ships, etc, etc. I absolutely love fluffy plots, cliche tropes, and established relationships. I'm also a huge sucker for fucked up people having to find ways for their respective jagged edges to fit together to make a relationship work (or not). 

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