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Searching for an active semi-lit+ roleplay partner!

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  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human, School & College, Science Fiction
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About Me

I'm Vi, short for something else.

I'm 18, open to roleplaying with just about anyone who likes writing and roleplaying!

I love making new OC's and seeing other people's OC's, if you want to look at mine; most of them have aesthetic/character boards on Pinterest @ pytch black.

I'm available most of the day, as I work as a nanny at a relaxed home. I am used to roleplaying with people from other time zones. I like making friends and we could eventually snapchat or play games like Wakfu or Don't Starve Together(together).

I live on a farm so I always have cute pictures of all kinds of animals.
Contact me on here or tumblr @ pytch-black or on Discord @ pytchblack#8352

Play Style

Semi literate-literate, paragraph style, third person only. I like being active but I don't mind you taking your time..we all have personal lives.



No hard limits besides illegal stuff...

Writing Samples

If you want one, message me!

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Hi there! I am always down for making friends through roleplaying and I am also a gamer, although I don't have Don't Starve Together or Wafku I do have games such as Dead by Daylight, or Among Us which I would be down for playing together if you wanted? You also said you were a Nanny- I was an Au-Pair a few years ago in Sweden (which is basically a more relaxed nanny in my opinion) 


I am currently the admin on two boards so I would be more than happy if you'd like to join us on either.


There is Sinsomnia, which is a supernatural modern day board set in New York City- loosely based on the Antia Blake series although we have moved away from that but it has an extensive list of species that are playable as well as a range of people whom are ready for plotting and for fun!  Sinsomnia has been open a few years now, but recently had a revamp with our species and everything. The link to there is here


I also run a brand new site called To Walk Among Us; TWAU is a modern mythological site that is set in Liverpool, UK. The Gods of all pantheons always existed but for some reason they lost a lot of their power (boohoo!) and there is an entire mystery about that. But there are a whole range of other things to play from Gods, to Demi Gods to creatures, humans, witches and a species we clal allegories. We literally opened this week so theres a lot of people open for plotting and its a nice little community right now. The link to that is  here!


Feel free to message me on here or on my discord JADBAZ#9567 if any of that sounds interesting to you!



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