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Slice of life away from here

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Historical, Human, Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Old West / late 19th century, and Harry Potter (not Hogwarts centered.) 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, School & College, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Everything else. 


About Me

Hi, my name is Kieran and I'm a guy in my 30s. I'm a very nice person, easy to get along with. I'm not very chatty outside the game plotting and planning or character related talk, but will occasionally exchange a few words about current life situation or if we have common interests. I live alone with two all-black sweetheart kitties, and am a huge passionate fan of the Harry Potter books as well as very into many other fantasy/supernatural things. Werewolves are the nearest and dearest to my heart out of all supernatural creatures. Also, I'm not a history buff but am fascinated by the past centuries and thus like to research them whenever needed. I love children, human psychology and animals.


Play Style

I'm a very visual person who needs real life playbys to really get a strong and clear visual of a character's appearance. I always use them, but never demand a writing partner to.


I love doing extensive research when writing, because it's fun to learn about the things I write into my characters' lives and to have them feel more real by writing their world realistically.


I prefer visioning a basic plot for a thread but not overdo it as there must always be room for improvising and have the plot take surprising turns and paths.


I absolutely love being detailed in my writing, to really dig into my characters' heads and the situations themselves, as in to not rush the scenes forward or hurry to the next. I also prefer writing their lives in somewhat chronological order as in not make several years leaps back and forth constantly.


Also, I hate dialogue splicing and don't really understand why anyone feels the need to do that. Most of the time when I've seen that done the new line of dialogue could have just as well been added to the end of the reply so that it doesn't splice the discussion, or just used at a later point. I don't bite if that happens and will attempt to work around it if I can and if I can:t I'll just politely ask my writing partner to move the line to a better suitable place or to save it for later.


Do you like to use messengers to chat? No.  And I have only Skype, anyway. 

How long have you been roleplaying? Since 2003.


How often do you generally post? 
Once a week on average. Can occasionally post daily, and sometimes a reply may take 2-3 weeks or more. I attempt to be reasonably active as in to not have one month delays constantly. 

How much do you generally post?
My average post is 200-700 words but can easily go over a 1000 words. It depends on the in-game situation. 

Do you like to write in first person or third person?
Third. I don't think I could convert to the first after 17 years. 

IC Limits

I don't really care for sex scenes so with those I prefer fading to black if it isn't essential to write it out for some reason. As for violence, I don't want or feel the need for extreme description of gore and I'm generally not into gore anyway. Exception being werewolf or other supernatural monster attacks where moderate gore can be nice. Other than gore I have no problem with graphic violence. Drug use, not my cup of tea so I don't see the point in going extreme. 222 to 322 is my preferred rating.

Plots I'd Like

* This is not first come first serve, I'm looking for many writing partners. My interests don't change that much anymore so this search is on indefinitely.


* I'm looking for long-term partners to write with for many years. Writers who are at least in their late 20s. I'm not necessarely turning down younger people if they seem truly excited about a plot, just preferring mature adults as I am one myself. 


* Looking to write with you on an existing multi-player site that I run myself. 


- Family life plots are my number one thing, I enjoy and they inspire me by far the most. This doesn't mean just family bliss but there's room for drama and colourful cast of characters. I especially enjoy writing child characters (ages 3 to 12) with other child characters as well as with adult characters. Because I find developing characters from childhood to adulthood to be especially enriching and fun. But I do have many adult characters (ages late 20s to early 60s)  whom I very much enjoy developing as well. This I'm looking for in both a Harry Potter 1980s/early '90s London setting and in an Old West late 1870s/early 1880s rural village real life setting. 


- I'd especially appreciate young child characters with their families in that Old West rural village setting because right now my 5-year old boy is all alone there without any peers or even slightly older kids to interract with. 


- Also, my Native American father and his young 7-year old son befriending some white family would be great. In that Old West setting. 


- Police work in the muggle police force in London, I have a wizard character employeed there. I created the character almost ten years ago and haven't yet had many chances to write about him in his work life nor gained him friends from work to write some off-duty free time plots too. This in the Harry Potter 1980s setting. 


- I don't care for romance plots in general, but would be interested in writing about romantic relationship between that wizard police officer and a woman either a muggle or a witch. He's available for a relationship between 1988-1990. More about him in the Other information section. 

Writing Samples

This is a typical starter post for a thread, but I may do this and more for almost any post I write. Discussion heavy situations of course tend to have less detail in certain aspects.  And as said I advance situations slowly which may also limit content amount. 


* * * * *


Another December daý had risen in London, rather warm and without snow. The whole month so far had been mild and wet, not much hope for a white Christmas. Such were rare on this island but they had predicted a little bit of snow for a couple of days after Christmas. At least it wasn't raining right now, and Christmas lights in residental houses' windows and pretty little Christmas tree here and there in front of a few shops along the way created some seasonal atmosphere. Jacob King, a man in his mid-30s headed slowly towards Benhill Recreation Ground, a small park just a few minutes from his house. Mild weather as it was yet still winter he wore brown walking shoes, blue jeans, black autumn coat and a blue scarf around his neck.


He was deep in his thoughts but could not lose himself in them for his five-year old son was in a hurry running several meters ahead. He'd dressed the child warmer, thick dark blue jeans, mid and light blue sneakers with white laces and rainbow stripes on the sides, a couple of layers under a thick light blue demin jacket on which back a group of Disney characters posed in a cheerful portrait, neon coloured rainbow striped beanie covered his head and dark grey thick gloves kept his little hands warm. 


The boy didn't mind the lack of snow at all, he had only vague memories of the brief heavy snowfall from the previous winter and to him there were much more important things about Christmas. He himself was lost in his thoughts and frolicked all over the street, singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". His voice was clear as a bell and pitch perfect, loved by most who had heard him sing, but he did not yet control his voice very well. Occasionally running out of breath in the middle of a line, especially now that he was bursting with excitement.


"Stephen...!" the man called after him in a meaningful tone and did not need to say more, the boy steered himself over to the side of the street, the safe side, but his song never paused. Jacob returned to his childhood Christmases as the song brought back memories. Most were now bittersweet as everyone else in them were gone, tragically taken away from him a long long time ago. Most of them never to return. His brother though, he still held on to a spark of hope that he might one day come home and be okay. Even if no one had seen or heard of him for twenty-six years now.
For a moment instead of his son he saw Ben there at age four singing about Rudolph.
"Daddy, do you think he'll bring his reindeer with him? I want to see Rudolph for real!" Stephen suddenly asked, breaking the illusion.


Other times like this sadness rushed over Jacob but not today. For the real little one was someone he loved more than anything or anyone else in the world. Of course equally to his youngest child.
"Hmm...?" he pondered for a moment, catching up with the boy who'd slowed down to a fast-paced walk. "I reckon his reindeer need rest, especially Rudolph, but I think he might bring one of them. We'll see tomorrow." he replied as if truly not sure though really he knew there would be one reindeer tomorrow - just not with a bright red nose. But since anything could happen and it was out of his control, he didn't want to promise this.


There would be a neighbourhood Christmas party tomorrow in the park, and they'd hired Father Christmas to visit the children there. This much had been promised because any father could take on the role if the hired person did not make it. It was their first Christmas here in this neighbourhood, as they'd moved in last summer. So of course Jacob and his partner Carrie had signed up to help in the preparations. They'd already got to know a few neighbours a bit better but especially the children could use as much socialising as possible. After all, neither of them attended school yet. Stephen here was on first year but proved to not be mature enough yet for school environment so he'd chosen to home school the boy at least for the first year. 


Carrie and their little daughter Freya had stayed at home this morning to bake some delicious goods for the event. Though no doubt Freya would quickly reduce her part into "cleaning" the bowls.  The father and son entered the park from the side gate closest to their route, and Jacob noted there were already at least fourty adulrs buzzing around. This neighbourhood seemed to really enjoy arranging events together.
"Okay, Stephen, listen up," Jacob said firmly but gently and grabbed the boy by the collar as he was about to run off towards a group of kids nearby a moderate size tent where Father Christmas would be tomorrow. The man crouched down in front of the child.
"Daddy will be over there, helping with the Christmas lights," he pointed about thirty meters to their left where a few adults were struggling with insanely tangled lights. And there were loads of strings of them still not hung. The park was small but still there was over 240 times 100 meters of it. Not that they'd decorate all of it, but at least a semi-large area.


"You stay right around the Christmas tree. You may go inside the tent but don't stay there very long. I need to see you most of the time," he instructed. The neighbours he'd met had been friendly and seemed like good people but he never forgot that he'd not met them all, did not really know any of them yet. And anyway this was a public park and predators could come around anywhere while Stephen would be a tempting target with his very few years, bubbly and social nature and super cute looks. He had of course taught his children about stranger danger, taught them well he believed, but it hadn't yet been put to a test. One of these days he should test them, he thought, with a muggle he knew well but the children haven't met. And then there were accidents and mischief little ones could get into, albeit he was fairly sure Stephen would behave well enough this close to Christmas.
"Alright, mate, go have fun," Jacob sent him off with a loving hug.


Stephen hurried towards the Christmas tree. The decor was mostly done, in main colours of gold and red with some silver and blue here and there and some fake snow sprayed on the branches - but there was a lot to do on the lower branches and the top was still missing the star. He heard somebody's mother say that it would be left last and would have to be set up there by an adult. The tree was at least three meters tall! Stephen left it for a while as the lovely scent of gingerbread and sweets found his nose and the tent started drawing him like a child magnet.

Other Information

The sites  are not large communities and they don't have Discord but do have a Cbox. They're self-hosted on mybb which function is not really different from Jcink. I'm the founder and admin of both. So if you decided to join for me it would be nice if you'd be open to writing with other players too instead of just me. The Harry Potter site has some significant world function adapting seeing to the books so you'd need to do some board canon reading. ItThe Harry Potter site has some significant world function adapting seeing to the books, (to be more logically/realistically functioning), so you'd need to do quite a bit of board canon reading. But it's been called interesting and fun. The site does not focus on Hogwarts at all. Both sites are 322 and age gated 15+, but I've executed them in a way that is likelier to appeal to adults.




All of these are my original characters that I'll write myself. 
When I say age 3+ it means I'm okay writing of that age and older, we don't have to focus on age 3 or we can focus on the parents in years when the children are that young. Generally I like to write child characters independently/focused on from age 5 up. 


For the Old West setting:


- I have a 5+ years old white boy who's a very colourful personality from a wealthy/rich family and moved to the rural village from New York City, to become farmers. He's an only child, and adopted but does not know it yet. His adoptive dad (age 40+l owns a successful upper class hotel in central New York City and his adoptive mom (age 40+) is artistically very talented but settled for a life as a wife and mother. The child is my main character, his adoptive parents are my side characters.  
* Play-bys: Jonah Bobo, Gerard Butler and Michelle Pfeiffer


- I also have Native American father and son (ages 30+ and 7+) who are residing nearby the rural village. The child is the only survivor of a massacre by a group of white men that took place in his village on their reservation land, and eventually his father found him near the white men's village. 
* Play-bys: Nathaniel Arcand and Griffin Powell-Arcand


For the Harry Potter 1980s setting:


- A half-blood wizard police officer, age 32+, in the muggle police force. He's a main character. His little brother was abducted by a wizard many decades ago when they were children and remains lost until 1992. The police officer is a father of two, a son (age 3+) and a daughter (age 1+), both born in the early '80s. He' s not married, is a stay-at-home dad from 1982 to 1987, separates from the mother of his children in December 1987 and though shares custody he becomes the primary caregiver. His then-7-year old son, also a main character, is a werewolf but that will be known to only their closest friends and even to them only if there comes a need-to-know situation. The boy loves being a werewolf and gets cured at age 13. The daughter is a squib, and the mother (age 32+) is a muggle-born. The parents get back together in 1990.
* Play-bys: Henry Ian Cusick, Declan Galbraith, Hattie Gotobed and Sonya Walger. If the abducted brother is included then also Hugh Dancy. 


- A muggle-born wizard, 60+ years old, an animagus and a retired FBI Special Agent and a WW2 veteran who moves to London to adopt and raise his 3+ years old orphaned nephew right after the Wizarding War ended. The nephew is a half-vampire whose mother (the uncle's sister) was a vampire coven leader and father was a Death Eater who fell in love with the muggle vampire and hid from Voldemort and the others in the vampire community. Both the uncle and nephew are my main characters. 
* Play-bys: Anthony Head and Jacob Tremblay


- A muggle family whose young son (age 3+) believes in everything and often gets involved in the magical side of the world as he grows older and eventually the family finds out about the secret society. The son is of course thrilled but his mother not so much after learning about Voldemort and his followers, as she suffered extra in the WW2 for being a Jew. The father lost his mother in the London Bombing of 1941 but has no particular issues with the wizarding society's existance. The parents are 40-50 years old and my side characters. The son is the main character. 
* Play-bys: Isaac Andrews (the child actor), Gerard Butler and Amanda Holden. 


- Newt Scamander's nephew and his family. The nephew and his wife are my side characters and their young son (age 3+) is my main character. The nephew is an auror like his father Theseus, the wife owns the Magical Menagerie and later sells it to start a new business, a magic shop on Charing Cross Road for both muggles and the wizardkind. The son has a niffler as a pet and is likely to follow in his great-uncle Newt's footsteps. 
* Play-bys: Oakes Fegley, Chris Pratt and Saffron Burrow




Reply to this ad, or send me a Private Message here directly. So I can give you a link to the site and whichever characters you'd be interested in plotting with. We can do further discussing and visioning here through PMs until you know if you want to commit to the site or not.

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