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Smell The Roses

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    No I'm not willing to join your site!

Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I currently play on an alternative Mercy-Thompson/Alpha & Omega Site. I prefer supernatural (vampire/werewolf/witch/wizard/druid/walkers) based rpg.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres:
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I'm open to most anything but will not be joining another site at this time, sorry.


About Me

I'm married to a giant (literally he's 6'11" 1/2). I have two doggos, 2 kittens, and a 13 year old black cat called Wild Thing that is my feline shadow and counter part. When I'm not working full-time or writing I like to go to concerts (nearly any genre), hangout with my friends either online or IRL and occasionally sleep. Was born in Texas but traveled around the world (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, & Guam) before coming back to Texas. I'm pretty laid back and understand that real life and the real world take priority, but I do write as a coping mechanism with daily stress. I can get along with nearly anyone or will try my hardest. I am a helper by nature and profession so I am more than happy to help you get used to the site I write on if that is something you wish and want. I do like to bullet point or semi-plot out an idea with my partners, but understand things go as they will with characters and organic changes occur. I'm an adult and expect my writing partners to be the same. Communication is KEY with me.

Play Style

I like some bullet points or at least a general road map of where we are going, but how we get there is truly up to the characters. Some are far more take the wheel and drive it off the cliff than others, but we can discuss which ones are what when the time comes. I don't appreciate god-modding but once we've written awhile and you know me and my characters some liberties are allowed. I'm all about the mindset it's better to ask than to seek forgiveness but will easily be okay with editing something for a writing partner if needed or asking that the same be done for me. 

I usually reply to tags/alerts within 48 hours to 2 weeks depending on how life is treating me. I don't mind fast writers or slow writers, as RL comes first. All I ask is that you communicate if you're still interested in the plots, pairs, or threads we have going even if life is eating ya or you've gotten swept up into another plot that is more time consuming. I get it, people go where the muse is. I am a writer that and will force myself through tags for the betterment of the player dynamic  and try to evenly divide my attention between all players I communicate and create with. I don't expect to be the only person you give attention to, I just don't want to be completely ignored either.

I usually do NOT stand on my head when I write but occasionally I'll have a kitten try to type for me.


I average between 400 words to 1k a post. Some characters are more wordy than others by nature, and the site has a 250 word minimum count which I'm more than fine with having others hit only. As long as you give me content to work with reply wise we are gucci. I don't expect you to match my word count.


How do I feel about writing out graphic scenes such as violence, drug use, and sex? I am okay with all of the above, some things may become triggering but as long as you communicate your wishes for the thread or an idea then we can discuss rather or not it'll be beneficial to write out or not.

Plots I'd Like

I like mushy and smutty posts equally. I am all about the slice of life with drama and trauma sprinkled in for flavor. I just don't want to roll from one dramatic thread to a next EVERY time with our pairs, that said I am all for making character's lives miserable. I am a romantic and like happily after's but am not afraid to make characters or myself work for it.

Writing Samples

I can provide writing samples upon request. I have a variety of werewolf, fae, vampires, magicborn, druid, wizards, or witches to choose from interaction wise. I even have silly mortal humans and walkers (skin walkers for some sites). I am not against linking you to my shipper on the site if you really are interested just Discord or PM me.

Other Information

I want communication and bullet point plotting. I know it may not be all peoples cup of tea but with how much I've gotten surprised some control is welcomed in writing that I can't gain in life these days, that said I am welcomed to drama and am willing to work with whoever wants to become a buddy or writing partner to make things work for us both. If it doesn't with one plot we can always try something else, eventually if you spaghetti (throw things together) somethings gonna stick ya know?


You can reach me on Discord at: Rose#6803



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