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Take me on an adventure~!

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Horror & Supernatural, Human, School & College, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I am primarily looking for sites that tolerate the kinds of characters I like to play. Namely, magical girls of various natures. I range from cute classic mage full of sass to Princess Peach style love warriors that attack your ego just as hard as they attack you, weaponizing things like hearts, rainbows and their backside to dish out punishment.

    Magic Heavy Setting: I want to be able to lean heavily upon magic, and I want to be able to get creative with what I can do using it. I like to play with power, I like to get dangerous and I like to get weird.

    Panfandom: Love it!

    Specific Fandoms: Madou Monogatari / Puyo Puyo, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Mega Man, Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros--I'm not picky about the details. If I can play characters from these series, even if I have to adjust them slightly for site lore, you've got yourself a happy camper.

    Action / Adventure: I love to get into fights and go on quests. Perhaps even get faced with some serious danger~!


    Below are some lesser genres I'm down with, just for consideration:

    Romance:  I am a lesbian and I only do lesbian ships. I like to focus on exploring emotions, solving problems together and being cute.

    Overarching Plots: I love having a greater goal to work toward with other characters.

    Stats and Dice: I like danger, and I like the possibility of failure. Dice and stats do a pretty decent job of facilitating that!

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Science Fiction, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Slice of Life: I've got hot blood and if I don't at least fight some NPCs or go on an adventure sometimes my muse catches fire.

    No Humans: On the scale of furry characters, I don't like being made to play anything past kemonomimis. I don't mind if other people are doing it, though.

    Magic is very limited and/or very unreliable: I play magic-heavy characters who tend to lean heavily upon their magical prowess to be effective.




About Me

Hi! My name's Marin and I'm an experienced roleplayer who likes some good character-driven fun. I'm a magical girl enthusiast (but not necessarily much of an anime enthusiast, mind you) and a major fandom dork who spends all of her free time roleplaying. I've got some rather niche needs in an RP, but outside of those I tend to be pretty chill and easy to get along with. You can usually find me making bad jokes and hamming it up with some deceptively weak looking heroine, flirting with danger all while trying to tell a story of personal growth.

Play Style

Do your characters control their own actions or do you have control of your characters?

My characters are 90% their own person and 10% me. I don't tend to disregard what my character would do unless there is a very strong personal preference at play, and even then I usually try to explain it away and avoid drawing attention to it.

Do you allow people to god-mode or power play your characters without permission?

I let them try. They often don't get far, and I'm not afraid to contradict someone's post if they make an egregious assumption about the outcome of their character's actions, but sometimes I let people get away with abusing my characters just for fun.

Do you like rapid fire or to wait a few days for a post?

I tend to be in the mood for a slower pace. Sometimes I can rapid fire, but I usually get tired of it rather fast.

Writing Style

I'm a very reactionary writer. I don't tend to plan ahead too far, and I'm perfectly happy derailing what plans I do have if someone takes things in another direction. I like to emphasize freedom to a near extreme. I also like to bestow the world with a sense of danger and consequence. I don't hesitate to threaten other characters, and I hesitate even less to threaten my own. I tend to be regarded as a rather frightening DM because of this, though if I'm being honest I think I'm pretty fair all things considered. My writing has been described as being full of passion, and as far as standards go you can expect third person book style and an average of 1-3 paragraphs depending on how much I have to react to and how quickly I'm trying to post. More if I'm doing lots of DMing and or controlling multiple characters.

IC Limits

Mature Content:  As a rule of thumb, I try to be open to writing about mature content so long as it is not written in a salacious manner. If you cross the line with me, I will stop writing replies until we can have a talk about boundaries and comfort levels. I don't tend to have a sharp "We cannot RP anymore" reaction unless I pick up on some overt contempt for my feelings or comfort. In other words, if you're trying your best and you listen when I talk to you, we should be able to work things out.


To go into more detail, though...


Sex:  I'm not into writing out sex scenes. As a rule of thumb, if clothes come off and it's not for a joke like an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction or the result of battle damage, that's about where I start getting uncomfortable. If I simply must acknowledge sex happening, I can cope with handwaving it with a fade to black or references to it without actually writing it out.


Sexuality: Outside of actual sex, sexual themes are generally fine with me. I'm open-minded and sometimes I find them very funny or good for adding a sense of mature depth. This includes themes such as sexual harassment or assault, so long as sex itself doesn't happen. My only stipulation is that you shouldn't necessarily expect my characters to play along if it requires any cooperation on their part.


Violence and Death:  I don't shy away from violence, descriptions of wounds, death, pain or suffering on principle. However, I do try to limit how much attention or detail is given to make it more palatable.

Plots I'd Like

Power of friendship, personal growth, trials, saving the world, facing great evils...


I'm happy as long as I have an excuse to fight usually. I enjoy fantasy worlds and have an appreciation for foreign mythologies, such as Japanese inspired locals or monsters. I really love when the story/setting poses inherent challenges.

Other Information

I'm easiest to find on Discord~! If you have any additional questions, don't be afraid to ask. I may add them here if they seem like something other people might ask.

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Hey! I have a Harry Potter website I'd love to write with you on (or I'm willing to go to most others if you have one you're already part of). I hope that's magic enough for you. If not, I'm semi-open to other things as well. Hit me up if you still need partners ❤️

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