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The Long Journey

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human, School & College, Science Fiction
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About Me

I'm known as Luna around the internet these days, but I've had many different names over the years (Pathos, JB, Jaybee, Lily, Nyx, Nexus, Leviathan, Pestilence, Ruby, Hornet); you can call me whatever you like as long as it's not derogatory or intended to be harmful! I've been roleplaying for approximately 17 years now (I'll let you figure out my age from that) and have written on many different forums. I hail from Australia, live in Canada, love Harry Potter and Musical Theatre more than is healthy, and I love to code and write in my free time.


I also talk way too much about my three cats (Luke, Leia, and Lily) and my three snakes (Acheron, Meliae, and Rhea) so I apologise in advance.


Even with this coronavirus situation, I don't really have excessive amounts of free time so I'm not looking to join another site at the moment. I'm looking for buddies who'd love to come and join me over at my site and weave some interesting and elaborate stories (the darker, more interesting, and weirder, the better). The site in question is a medieval supernatural fantasy. I'm definitely not interested in 1x1 roleplaying; it's just not for me.

Play Style

Communication is the most important thing when it comes to roleplaying with me. I don't like people who god-mod or power play without permission (unless you know me or my characters very well, and even then it is within reason) and I don't like people who try to strong-arm plots that are just not going to work (not everything has to be positive). Talk to me if you're not sure, ask what my character would do, give me the opportunity to participate. I am, however, a big believer in actions having consequences (and the lack of plot armour being important); if a character makes a stupid decision to poke a bear, then the author cannot save them from being mauled by said bear.


I'm online and talking every day, though I probably only post every couple of days on average. Some days, if I have nothing else going on, I can post a few times a day. It's important that whoever wants to become a friend of mine can at least commit to posting a couple of times a week. I average around 600 words a post though my posts range from 300-1500 words. I don't expect a partner to match what I post every time, but someone who posts within that same range would be a better fit for my style.


Sex, language, and violence don't make me uncomfortable regardless of the extremity. There are some fetishes that are a little too far for me, and if those come up we can discuss them further, but as the site does not have a focus on fetishes, I don't foresee it being an issue. To that point, however, I don't like writing sex or violence just for the sake of it; if it exists in a thread, then it should have a purpose there. I'm certainly not against writing it and I am happy to adapt to how a partner wants to write it, but it has to make sense for the storyline otherwise it just isn't fun for me.


There are not many limits that I have in character; as noted above, I do have some fetishes that are a little extreme but I don't anticipate those coming up.

Plots I'd Like

When it comes to plots, I'm open to most ideas; there's not really much that I won't do. On the site in question, I already have a few characters who are all open for a variety of plots so feel free to throw what you have at me. I'm definitely a sucker for plots that evolve organically; I refuse to do 'finals' plots (are those still a thing?) and I prefer not to overplot future things. The more unexpected things are, the more I find that the ideas just make sense.



  • Aj Summers: Despite the fact that she can be a little much to take due to her boundless energy, high talking speed, insane sugar addiction, and ability to attract trouble, Aj is an incredibly loyal person. She will defend her friends to the death, despite being a pacifist who seeks non-violent resolutions to issues and a person who doesn't understand that two people can hold the same role in your life, and believes that baked goods solve everything. She can be hard for a lot of people to take, but Aj strives to see the good in everyone and believes that everyone should be treated respectfully.
  • Ally Zanipolo: Ally is a logical and intelligent person who tries her best not to let her judgement be clouded by emotion. It doesn't always work, but she does her best. She is currently employed as a Runesmith with the Runesmiths Guild and often works on warding projects for high profile clients. She values intelligence above all else and finds those who don't want to learn to be irritating. Ally is an introvert at heart and social interaction with those she doesn't know is a particular discomfort for her as well as something she finds incredibly exhausting.
  • Finn Thorinsson: Finn is somewhat aloof with people he doesn't know, though he's not unfriendly. He's a merchant who loves telling stories (and the more he knows a person, the more elaborate his stories get - he's currently considering a career change). He tends to avoid the city to ensure that people don't get hurt by his draconic half but never turns away a customer if they have something to trade or want to purchase something. Finn tries not to take life too seriously because if he let himself fall into that depression then he knows he might never come out of it, no matter how hard any of his friends tried.
  • Kaidan Waters: Kaidan is exactly the person that he comes across as; he is a genuine person, kind and caring and compassionate. Many think that he has an ulterior motive because of this, but it's just who he is. Kaidan is incredibly selfless and will put the needs of others before himself. He is also very much a mother, something that earned him the nickname 'Mother' from the Mudbloods. It takes a lot to make Kaidan mad or to make him give up on someone. In fact, it's nearly an impossible thing to do unless your name is Lincoln Hale or Raven Thorne, and even then he doesn't give up.
  • Lexi Elliott: Lexi is a detective who is partnered with one of her best friends since childhood, Damien. She's ambitious, determined, and cares deeply for what people think about her. Lexi has a plan for her life and she knows where it ought to go and what ought to happen, unfortunately not everything fits into that plan. She is more married to her job than she ever was to her husband, and prefers to spend time with her grandfather's best friend (and the head of her old University) rather than at home.
  • Raven Thorne: Raven is a complicated person who pushes people away because she doesn't want people to get hurt, but who also wants human contact. She is in love with (and has imprinted on) an ex-boyfriend of hers, Lincoln Hale, though she does not admit she still has feelings for him (and does not know about the imprinting). Raven is quite street smart, but she has a penchant for running away from things that are difficult and that make her uncomfortable. She is afraid of being abandoned and has recently had these feelings validated by a living family member.

Other Information

You might be the right fit as my buddy if:

  • You're over the age of eighteen.
  • You're interested in telling a compelling story.
  • You're not against plots that don't have a happy ending.
  • You're excited to learn new things about your character.
  • You're willing to join an already established site.
  • You're able to focus on furthering the plot (where possible) in a post.
  • You're not concerned about 'picspam' over plot.
  • You're capable of posting in the 300+ word range.


A few final thoughts from me:

  • You're welcome to contact me on Discord at NyxDarklore#0871 to discuss ideas further before committing. 
  • The characters listed above are the ones I currently have on the site, but there will be more in the future.
  • Please remember that I am not looking to join additional sites (or do 1x1 roleplaying) at this time. Sorry!

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