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The Road Not Taken Looks Real Good Now

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I currently run an urban fantasy/supernatural site which takes up my RP time.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I am not looking to join any new sites. 


About Me

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! I'm Jezza, and I'm nearly 30. I've been a roleplayer for nearly 18 years, and I originally started doing T-1 style fandom RPGs in Yahoo Chat rooms before switching to forum based RP a few years later. Since then I've found that original settings do best for my brain, as I am a character oriented writer. I love being able to collaborate with other writers and make some truly special storylines come to life.


Some Quick Facts About Me:

  • I'm married and have a 3-year-old.
  • I also have a cat named Ciri, who is my actual spirit animal.
  • If you anyone needs to know my blood type, it's coffee. AKA; Like most Burnt Out Former Gifted Kids, I have a massive addiction to caffeine.
  • My hobbies include (but aren't limited to): Writing, coding, reading, make-up, and gaming (I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed: Valhalla)
  • I live in the EST time zone. But due to my job, I operate on an Indochina Time schedule, as I work third shift. 


I'm not just looking for people to pad out the roster of our site. I'm looking for partners and friends to not only expand our IC world, but to expand my OOC social circles as well. I'm something of a social butterfly. (Even though I am also a huge people pleaser. RSD, anyone?)

Sites I play on now

Play Style


For those interested in plotting and playing with him, flexibility in the story is a big deal. As I am very much a go with the flow type of writer. This probably stems from the fact that the vast majority of my characters are the kind who very much write themselves, and it feels wrong to moderate or change their actions/reactions to fit an expected outcome. 



I am a highly active person who posts daily the vast majority of the time. I have around 30 Characters at present on my  site and am active with every single one of them. I can post anywhere from 100 words to 1500 words a post, depending on what the scene is. I do not expect my partners to activity or word count match me. Just as long as we both know that we're both interested in our plots, I am totally good with a slow burn or slower pace in replies. We have a motto on my site: A place for every pace.


As I said earlier, I am a social butterfly who isn't just looking for writing partners. I'm looking for new friends, too.  Communication is an absolute must. I'm around practically 24/7 (seriously! There are maybe 5 hours in a day when I'm not around to check Discord and it's because I'm asleep) to chat. Whether that be about our plots or about our shared interests, I don't mind. 💖

I'm looking for people who are going to talk to me about how things are going, with or without prompting. Sometimes, things don't work out the way that we expected them to. Sometimes, characters just don't mesh. And that is all okay! I'm a flexible chick. If our first idea doesn't work out, don't be afraid to talk to me. I want this to be fun for us all, not just for me.



I write on a 3/3/3 LSV site, and these are also my personal content comfort ratings as well. I have some characters who curse every other word, and some characters who won't even say "hell". I am more than willing to work with anyone's comfort level as far as what we do or do not write together. 



  • God Modding - Within reason! Mostly, read between the lines. And when in doubt, ask first. I'm not going to get my knickers in a knot if you ask my character a yes or no question (knowing what their answer will be from an OOC perspective) and write their answer into your current post.


There are very few topics which are off limits to me, personally speaking. But that is not to say that sensitive topics should be introduced at random to any plotlines we might have going. Ongoing communication is a huge part of RP and making sure that everyone is comfortable.


So, essentially, ask first.

Plots I'd Like

I have a few different character requests up that I would love for someone reliable to take up. The vast majority of which are siblings with whom my characters have either decent or very good relationships with.

But I have some more dramatic plots I'd love to see played out as well.


Some Characters I Would Love To See:
- Fox Shifter littermate / brother, --- Callahan, who effectively sold his sister, Acacia "Cacey" Callahan, into modern slavery. The Callahans, while human as children, essentially grew up under fox culture. 

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