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Vampires, drama and political intrigue

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    This is specifically for the vampires, so its a supernatural horror, romance and erotica.


    This plot is heavily based on Vampire: The Masquerade fandom, but I am introducing it as if it isn't in case someone unfamiliar with the fandom likes the plot. So - no, you don't need to be familiar with VTM to play this plot with me!


    The plot is FxM, with my character being the female.

Unwanted Genres

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About Me

A young  entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to writing and art, you'll rarely find me doing anything besides it.


I am not necessarily a person who talks about themselves online, but I'm fairly busy and only get to indulge in my hobbies instead of sleeping or when I decide its time for me to procrastinate. I will dedicate myself to writing each week, sometimes I can reply few times a day, sometimes I barely manage to do in two weeks - but I do it.


When it comes to roleplays, I quite literally know what I want and what type of storylines I wish to do, so I usually leave a request thread and hope someone bites!


I do complex characters who are not necessarily good nor are they bad. They are flawed and imperfect, they come with unsolved issues and perhaps those issues never truly are solved.


I am a fan of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (and entire World of Darkness universe), Dragon Age, Type o Negative and "hereticism" in all forms.


I should also note that I am from Europe and English is not my first language, so I apologize if my grammar is wonky or something 😄

Play Style

1. Don't ask me specifically about smut.

Honestly, I love smut. I never avoid it, I never fade to black, I go through all nitty-gritty, juicy and dirty details that could make anyone hot and bothered. I'm into all sorts of fetishes, my limits go further than with most people. HOWEVER, if you come to seek out specifically about smut from me, I'll have to refuse. I want a story with smut scenes, because smut is just a one big meh for me without a proper buildup and a story. I want more than that.

2. Let's write a story.

I consider myself a writer, because when I don't roleplay, I write stories of my own. And when I say stories, I mean content with elements such as these: NPCs and side characters, friends, rivals and enemies, hardships, heartbreak, loss, battles, bittersweet victories and unlimited drama. I don't like it when our characters have it easy and very easy-going life. I'll get bored very VERY easily and will probably drop it. When I don't roleplay, I write my own stuff. I am obsessed with details, character development and struggles. While I don't expect from people to be into this as much as I am, I want someone to try it out with me. Also, I hate working on my own. People tend to drop me because I left space in plots for them to help me out to build a story. Roleplaying is two people telling a story together.

3. Buildup is everything.

Rushing into romance is anticlimactic. Early smut is anticlimactic. Quick solution to problems are anticlimactic. Revealing everything too soon is anticlimactic. Build with me, brick by brick, and with well-thought out building such as this, you'll get an amazing creation. Chemistry between characters needs to be organic, whether its built up slowly or its immediate.

4. Detailed posts.

Detailed posts do not necessarily fall into long posts. While you'd think that it would, from my experiences, it certainly is not the case. Posts can be long and filled with unnecessary stuff and can even be too tiring to read. Sometimes the wall of text does not apply to the situation, and a post of two paragraphs that has depth in it will be more than enough. I do love long posts, but I dislike posts that are not consistent and unnecessarily long. Two paragraphs minimum is all I ask.

5. Complex characters

I am not entirely a fan of easy-going characters who, not only seem like an empty canvas, but they kind of are. I don't mind the first image of having about someone else's character as someone very simple, everything laid up in front of you, but getting a massive curveball as the story progresses, but I'm a type of writer that would want to raise some questions about my own character as soon as possible and not give all the answers so soon. Characters that are complicated on their own and complicated to be with, those with issues, unhappy characters, you name it, those are the stuff that grip me. An issue that needs to be solved and even when we think its solved, something happens that brings us back to square one. Give me complicated characters and situation, and I'm hooked. And if you don't like extremely tangled background stories, characters that either conflict with themselves or others, characters that don't necessarily have one defining description of them and if you don't like when you can't get through characters easily, I'm not a partner for you.

For now, this is all I ask. I am currently looking for what I mentioned below. I usually took on roleplays that others suggested, but it did not work for me. So I stick to my own ideas, which is how it went well for me. I seek an active to semi-active partners. One post a week is the least I'm looking for.

IC Limits

Usually I'm the one asking for the limits of other people, but I'll state my less desirable content.


- Cheating

- Non-con

- Overpowering characters (you can master some things, but you can't be a ninja with a buster sword that sways and seduces everyone while smelling alcohol ten miles away)

- First Person narrative

- Lack of OOC communication

Plots I'd Like

Status: Currently NOT taking any suggestions for plots that are different from what I've stated below. I do happily accept suggestions for plot arcs and character ideas, anything that is different from what I'm currently looking for will be rejected, since I have space for one or two roleplays max and this is what I've been desiring to do. Can't help it, girl knows what she wants!

Collapse of Love and Freedom

Theme: Supernatural, vampires, erotica and romance, political intrigue


My character's sheet COMING SOON



For those who are familiar with VTM, the pairing would be Female Toreador x Male Brujah, the setting is in LA in its best years, that being the Anarch Free State. It'll eventually be taken by the Camarilla within the plot.

This is a long-term idea which would focus on self-growth, forbidden love and emotions, drama and hurt, and also some political intrigue. The roleplay would be split in two parts: first part based on MC coming to Los Angeles sometime in 1900's (we'll talk about what decade exactly, which suits us most) and the second also happening in LA, but current day.


Generally all over the world, there are different types of vampire societies and factions, although there's always this one political force that reigns over the vampires and dictates what is right and what is wrong. Hollywood in 1900's is a different story - its been led by a functioning democratic faction where vampires could live wild and free without even letting the mortals know what they are. Also, one of the prominent vampire figures created the Hollywood we know today - making Los Angeles the land of opportunity for all who want to express themselves to the world. This attracted the attention of one politically independent (at the time) family of vampires: Chapelle.

Chapelle family is big and its main purpose is to spread its influence in two ways: either through arts of any form or various businesses, many of which were secretly political. The head of the family, of the "father" is Donovan and his wife, as the second in command Francesca (D'Imperio) Chapelle.

Donovan is a British man of a artistic vampire bloodline who was once long, long, long ago very famous actor, painter and sculptor, lover of lords and ladies. He's temperamental, egotistic and sadistic, a true artistic genius and concealed psychopath.

Francesca comes from a strong Italian family of Counts and Countesses, but had a very tragic life. She grew up to be a classy criminal, mafia queen, owning illegal business and earning millions. All those green papers with faces of dead presidents that she earned are covered in blood. And she's a cold woman, little fazes her as the gift from her bloodline. She's calculating, hard to read and impress, and she has a powerful dominating presence. Not to mention, a power player that has slipped under the radar of many people and began to mingle with high class vampires and even reached the influential inner circles of the strongest vampire government... And she wants to use more power, using Donovan and also his childe, the girl he turned into a vampire, as weapons against all odds.

My character is Rosalie Chapelle, a trained actress. She's been turned in 1800's in Paris as one of the brothel ladies and dancers, unfortunately life has been incredibly cruel to her, that not even death wanted her. Donovan gifted her with blessings of their vampiric bloodline - unnatural radiance, beauty, expression and ability to manipulate, and an ungodly charm. She spent first hundred years in Paris, Rome and Venice, then in Great Britain to train and gain Donovan's recognition... And once she did - Rosalie moved with the two power players to Los Angeles, where the future for them lies, even though Francesca did not say what she planned.

Rosalie gets to be tutored by the very best actors (not to mention how much they paid for those lessons in Los Angeles as it became one of the world's important cities). She was so lost in LA, it was such a different world with people she never dreamed of meeting, while Francesca starts to plan things out slowly, something that would change both the city and the vampires within it.

Meanwhile, your character would belong in a bloodline of passionate vampires with strong beliefs. While the more entitled bloodlines would call them rebels and rabbles, these vampires care about the small people and the minority, they're the types that are physically strong and extremely brave, are ready to speak up and punch the injustice in the face (talk about being cool punks!). In a democratic system that Los Angeles operates under, there was not much to fight against. But YC did see some wrongs that could be fixed. He offered shelters, fought the criminals and those who harmed others, and simply let vampires have a good time. He's seen as a local hero, people look up to him and would come to him with any concerns, putting the anger towards injustice and his passion to right the wrongs aside, this bloodline offers strong presence and charisma that makes them look like your old friend you can tell everything.

When Rosalie comes to LA, she's this slightly naive, innocent woman who's lost in this large city. She has big dreams, open heart and optimism, a starry-eyed newby. For the first time she meets YC's bloodline and she's puzzled, because all of those higher-ups would talk shit about them. She's intrigued with him and admires his strength, but wants to dig deeper, to learn what lies beneath the surface. He'd also learn about Rosalie that she hides things. Many, many things that would twist the image he had of her initially.

Francesca does a power move, and to avoid spoiling things, it was so big and hurtful to YC and his people, that it completely stained his and Rosalie's relationship. Not only that, but the entire democratic system has been destroyed and another "oppressive" faction took over.

Rosalie eventually makes a public appearance and with her sharpened talent and unnatural charm, she snatches the world's attention and becomes a Hollywood star. You can't go without seeing her face on a billboard, commercial or ads. This killed the naivety and innocence he knew. While extremely elegant and gracious, became a notorious power player that lingers in the very top of the pyramid, she throws big parties Caligula would be proud of and turned to a more immoral part of life. All of it was just a result of complete and utter misery she didn't show a soul.

YC, in the meantime, is angry. With so many people looking up to him, he couldn't just stand there and let this new faction do what they want. So he took it upon himself to take action, gather people, resources and information, readying himself and others to strike, to bring the old Los Angeles back, the Los Angeles they all love and deserve.

Which would mean - an inevitable reunion between two lost lovers.

Writing Samples


The weekend started and the entire Los Angeles buzzed this evening with excitement. More billboards for the hit show that was Beauty and the Beast, starring none other than Rosalie Chapelle. Last time, the theater earned millions and the demand was high to see the classic fairy-tale play out in front of everybody. It has been a while since a theater play exploded the way it did in even modern media. The red-haired actress received fame now, like never before. You could not avoid it: her face was in the news, on social media and more on the large billboards. The views on the latest play on Youtube reached over 4 million views in the matter of a week.

And the pressure in the backstage was never as intense as before. The audience has arrived and they were getting to their seats along with the live television getting to their positions, ready to film the spectacle, actors were in their dressing rooms, surrounded by the makeup artists and so was Rosalie in her room.

Usually, she was magnetic. Excited, confident, fearless. Now she was... Empty.

She spoke to people and smile, mimic the behavior of her former self, but should she share her part, she's an empty shell of herself. Brushes all over her face and chest, her wig was being styled, but her eyes were just lifelessly staring ahead.

The applause echoed in the distance, as the opening scene started along with orchestral music, lights were dimmed. Rosalie stood up and put on her mask, a sparkly smile and eyes glowing with optimism. She should focus on the show. Donovan has been extremely rough with her because he's sensed a change within her and he was showing his dissatisfaction. It was just an icing on a cake for Rosalie and she was tired. She was a broken woman at this point. Everyone had impossible expectations for her and she was running on her final atoms of strength.

But hey, she gets to do what she loves, right? She did feel a bit better now on the stage. She did not feel the pressure. She glowed, naturally, as she always does.

Act one, it went seamlessly.

Act two going, promising.

Then, she looked at the monstrosity before her. The masked beast and looked at the glass eyes before she froze.

„Everything here is at your command.“ The Beast said, he seemed hesitant, as he was reaching for her hand, but pulling it away. It took everything for her to rip herself away from this... State.

This was the perfect opportunity for her to look uncomfortable since it truly was in character. „I do not feel at ease in all this finery. And I'm not used to being waited on. But I sense you're doing everything possible to help me forget your ugliness.“

She looked away, as if to refuse to look at the ugly creature, only for her eyes to settle on the seat where she saw Ata'halne for the first time. Her heart, whatever its made of, dropped at the moment, as she saw a man that looked like him, but in the blink of an eye, she saw that it was not him.

Rosalie was lost, but then, she heard the line from the Beast, the one she has memorized, but only now did it hit her – it struck her like thunder.

„I have a good heart. But I am a monster.“

She looked at the creature in shock, bloody tears welling up in her eyes before hundreds to millions of people watching this live. She couldn't hold them back. It was not the Beast that said these words, it was Ata'halne. And he stood right in front of her, the large creature that left her far too early.

But the head came off from the Beast, as the actor from underneath the mask looked at Rosalie with concern. „Rosalie, are you okay?“

There was silence in the entire grand hall. The red-haired actress stood frozen, staring in something between agony and terror. Only when the warm bloody tears strolled down her cheeks did she return back to reality, and the panicked whispers began to fill the room, some even applauded, thinking it was the effects. „Rosalie!“ the Ghoul actor very quietly and angrily called out to her, trying to get to her as she's ruining the entire scene and breaking the Masquerade in front of millions of the people.

As this thought occurred to her, Rosalie realized that this was absolutely disastrous. So to spare everyone, Rosalie began to shake and fell hard onto the stage floor, still violently shaking. „Call the medics! Security! Get everyone outside!“ One of the staff members yelled out and the security began to lead everyone outside. The cameramen had to remove their cameras, the live stream of the show was cut short and to amuse the cameramen who took pictures as they are led outside, the medics came running to Rosalie's body. Once everyone was outside and no one but other Kindred and Ghouls was left, Rosalie stood up, angrily shoving everyone away. She was struggling to get him off her mind, but even when she thinks she does, he comes back. The staff was running after her, questioning her, all of them angry that she ruined the most important day of the theater.



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