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Venture Into The Breach

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Human
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About Me

I'm apparently the type of person that keeps posting the same ads because she completely forgets to bump them? Aside from that, I'm pretty harmless. Just a city girl treading the world a day at a time. Writing and gaming are the only things that keep me sane. Been doing this RP thing for well over a decade. I have a lot of anxiety and get caught up in my own head easily, but I mean well. I like sendings gifs and songs and silly reddit posts to my friends. I'm definitely a chatterer and thus like the type of partners I can chat with a lot. I am also one of those super into my characters type of roleplayer and have zero regrets about it.

Play Style

Do your characters control their own actions or do you have control of your characters?

I don't have a good answer for this! Probably a little of both.

Do you allow people to god-mode or power play your characters without permission?

Not for important things--like anything permanent that could happen to my characters. But I'm of the mind of keeping interactions realistic. People touch each other without permission a lot on a daily basis,  I may not like it but it happens. So I think it's unrealistic to have to ask permission to grab an arm or tap a shoulder.

Do you like rapid fire or to wait a few days for a post?

My preference is definitely on the quicker side of things. But everyone gets busy and replies may not be able to happen to speed. Though when replies wait more than a couple of weeks I tend to lose my muse grasp of a thread. 

Do you stand on your head while you type?
Only on Tuesdays. 

IC Limits

As far as ratings, I'm a 3-3-3 kind of girl. I don't like having to worry about censoring my stuff. But in opposition, I do have some hard passes. I don't like animal abuse or super prolonged torture gore. I am a hard no for presently occurring rape. To be specific, that means rape that is currently taking place in a thread. I don't mind it as part of a character's background or as a subject. I just don't ever want to be involved with it in a thread. 

Plots I'd Like

I'll try to keep this pretty simple because I tend to forget I post these ads and they get archived and I end up re-writing them. So this is definitely a buddy ad more than a plot ad--though at the moment I am on a forum and thus am mostly seeking a partner for that forum. Maybe in the future, I'd be willing to join another site with a buddy but that's not something I'd bank on right now. Plus, it'd have to be with someone I really trusted and had a working relationship with.

In terms of a buddy, I'm looking for an rp bestie(s)/partners person thing to evolve plots with on the site I'm on. Both someone that I can share character obsessions with and be able to chat with and just have fun with. Someone I could be a team with.  I'm a thread fiend so I want someone that I can have a ton of threads with. I can be an anxious mess sometimes so someone that's a little understanding of anxiety would be a huge bonus. Gender and that stuff doesn't really matter to me. But I'm pretty darn left-swinging, and I'm also bi and a woman of color and those parts of my identities are very important to me. Because I'm almost twenty-six and prefer having the freedom of 18+ writing I'm only looking for 18+ partners. Someone I can be on equal ground with.

Now in terms of plot specifics--the site I'm on is a modern supernatural site that revolves around different clans of werecreatures in a Pennsylvania town and how they deal with the changes in were-creature holy ground. It's more detailed than that but this is just my spark notes version. The current groups of weres that can be played are wolves, coyotes, birds of prey, bears, foxes, and big cats. There are also humans and hunters too. With a partner, I'd really like someone that can start a lot of entwined plots with and we can create a lot of fun together with! I have three active characters there, a human, a bird, and a fox. I'm not really asking for any specific character to be made for a buddy. I've never been a huge fan of buddy ads basically making it a necessity to play a certain gender or char type so wouldn't demand that of someone. Thus, I'm open for just about any type of char (as long as I get plots and threads!). But if a potential partner was looking for ideas to fit into the universe, I have many want ad ideas for all of my characters. They're of variable gender and different species--family, exes, friends, co-workers, ships, I got the works. I'm also low key planning my fourth character that would be a weretiger and it could definitely be more fun bringing a buddy on with her.

Other Information

If any of this has struck your interest feel free to reach out! You can PM me here or just shoot out a discord add without warning at CasVanDyne#8524  !  Of course, I'm skipping over a lot of detail and stuff to keep it short. Anything more about me, my characters, or the site I'm on can easily be learned through chatting! I look forward to future friends!

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