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We are the cosmos dreaming of itself.

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    No I'm not willing to join your site!

Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Steampunk, Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Mass Memory Loss, Humans with Abilities / Magic


    My preference is for dark &/or horror versions of basically everything above.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Animals, Human, Harry Potter, any Comicbook Properties


About Me

Age: late-30s

Gender: Non-Binary

Personality: I'm a pretty laid-back introvert. I am patient and generally quiet, unless you get me chatting about something I love. I can get a bit overwhelmed with chats that contain big walls of text, especially if my stress &/or anxiety levels are high that day. Mostly, I will want to chat more about our characters and plots and ideas, until we get to know one another.

About Me: I'm a non-binary, graduate student in English. I like to sketch things, swim, run, watch movies (especially, horror and sci fi and fantasy ^_^), make and paint miniatures, play videogames, and play with my dog. I have several tattoos and piercings, and I plan to get more someday when I have a decent-paying editing job.

I love to plot and brainstorm ideas, but I also love to fly by the seat of my pants just to see what happens. 

Do you like to use messengers to chat? I enjoy using Discord once we've gotten to know one another a bit, but messengers can exacerbate my generalized anxiety, so I'm very particular about who I give my contact info to. Message me here, first, and if we click, I'll be happy to give you my Discord info. ^_^

How long have you been roleplaying? It feels like my entire life, but I actually started on an AU Hogwarts board in 2001.

Play Style

Site(s) I'm Currently On:  Run with Wolves


How much do you generally post?  Anywhere between 250 - 1k words, depending on what's going on in the scene, and how inspired I am by the setting / situation.


How often do you post? Usually a few times per day, so I'm in a lot of threads. Basically, you can expect a response at least once a week, if not more, depending on how quickly you reply and how swamped I am. 


Who controls your characters? My characters are in complete control. That said, I ADORE plotting potential outcomes. I do tend to know my characters really well, and both myself and my characters get far more invested by interesting plot ideas than by complete 'let's just see what happens' threads. That said, I've gotten good results from both options before, so nothing's fully off the table. 


Do you like to write in first person or third person? Third person


Character Examples: All of my characters are linked to my account here.


I prefer fade-to-black for sex scenes, and I don't participate in threads with animal or child abuse, sexual assault, or body horror.

Plots I'd Like

Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Found Family, Forbidden Love, Forced Proximity, Big Bad Friend... I know there are more, but that's all I can think of right now. 

Writing Samples

Xan walked down the dark sidewalk, the rain drenching his hair but failing to penetrate his black leather jacket. Each silver, liquid drop landed on his leather-covered arms and shoulders like a conversation so that the pouring rain sounded like a rush of voices beside his ears. As he lifted the nearly empty bottle to his lips and took another swig, he imaged the voices were condemning him with each pounding note.


The air rushed through Alexander's lungs - in, out, in, out - in huffs of air, each seeming to leave too quickly. He could feel his pulse pounding an insistent fist against his sternum as though he were out for a run in the middle of the night, and the ball of writhing tension in his belly as though an insistent octopus were trying to force its way through his intestines.


Usually the alcohol softened the edges of his anxiety, allowing him to unclench his jaw and breathe easier, especially on his night off. No performances should have meant less anxiety... and yet. 


Spotting a nearby bin, he downed the last of the bottle's contents, a minute shudder rippling across his neck as the liquid burnt its way down his throat, and tossed the empty bottle. He knew he should turn around, rehydrate, change, and go for a run to sweat the toxins from his system. He really should. 


But he was already buzzed, not thinking, and thus not in a great place to make any of the better decisions of his life. 


So instead of doing the thing he should, Xan told himself he'd let fate decide. He'd go with the option that most easily presented itself. If he came across a way to rehydrate himself as he walked, he'd turn back and prep for a run; but if he came across a pub instead, he'd drink. The problem with this 'letting fate decide' nonsense, however, was that Xan had been steadily nearing his favorite pub as he'd walked. 


Besides, a few more drinks wouldn't hurt, right? He had plenty of time to go for a run afterwards. 


So when he made it to the small awning over the pub's entrance, Xan did his best to shake off the excess water from his hair and jacket, wiped the excess rainwater from his face, shook it off his hands, took a deep breath, and reached for the door...


...which burst open before him, a jumble of bodies bursting from it with such ferocity that Xan jumped backwards to get out of the way. Except instead of empty space behind him, he collided with the solid warmth of another body. Xan stumbled, grasped for something to steady himself, flailing. 


And before he'd even found his footing or steadied himself, Xan began apologizing almost reflexively. "Sorry, shite; sorry, mate - really sorry about tha'."


Finally, gripping something solid to steady himself, he turned to search for the person (or persons) with whom he collided. "I didn't hurt ya, did I?"

Other Information

If we chat, you're likely to hear A LOT about my Shih Tzu, Frodo, so here's a pic!



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