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Why is a Raven like a Writing desk?

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Horror & Supernatural, Human, School & College, Science Fiction, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    -Modern Supernatural

    -Some Fandom as long as it isn't strictly canon based and allows for some freedoms

    -Slice of Life



Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres:
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    -When I say Animals I'm okay with Shapeshifters( Werewolves, Werebeasts, Druids, Shifters in Gen.) 

    -NO strictly Canon Fandoms

    -Some Mysteries (Discuss with me about your idea)

    -Nothing Historical (I'm fine with Historical Periods, but not Historical Events)




About Me

Writing it typically how I deal with the stresses of the Real World and also how I expel ideas, and the imaginings that get pent up inside my cranium vault so that I can better function. I am 26 and have a busy life, but for the most part most of what I do is on the computer anyway as I am a Graphic Artist and enjoy doing artsy things digitally. I will say that over the years writing with partners has improved my vocabulary, grammar, and the structure of how I write for the better and has made me more confident in my abilities. The genres I find myself mostly leaning towards are typically Modern Fantasy, or good ol

 fashioned Fantasy. This is most likely due to the schedule that I keep every Saturday playing and DMing at a DnD table. 



Play Style

When it comes to Play Style I have always done Third person with possibly a slight mix of omniscience (very slight). My responses can be anywhere from 300-500+ in length, it really just depends on what's given to me to work with. That being said I typically enjoy writing with those who write roughly the same length as myself so that there is enough there in each response for a quality reply to be made.  This means that Rapid fire is something that I really don't like to do. When it comes to my characters I prefer to be the one in control of their actions, and don't particularly enjoy God Moding over them unless it's something that was discussed or made known. I'm generally always available for discussion if things need to be said for the plot to move on, such as if your character needs to do something specific to my character, or something needs to happen for things to move on just give a heads up, generally I'm pretty chill...just don't cut my Chara up, or whatever.


As for response times, I can usually put out a 500 word post of good quality out within 2 hours, sometimes less if it is a plot/ genre that I have a deep interest in. This doesn't mean that I am impatient and expect a reply back ASAP. I would much rather wait for a response when you are feeling inspired, and in turn I expect the same courtesy if I don't get around to it as soon as I receive a response (We all have lives here and am sure that some of use have families ^^)

IC Limits

I typically write for sites with 3/3/3 ratings so I will also be writing in much the same.

-No large age gaps (17 and under HARD NO) (I go in increments of 10 starting from 18, but never going BELOW 18) So an 18yr old and 28, 21 with 32 (This is of course excluding age defying magical beings: Vampires, Elves ect.)

-No Rape (But may be something that occurred in the past events of a Character)

-No Pregnancies

-There is a great difference between writing Smut and writing Sexual scenes that further the characters relationship within a plot



Plots I'd Like

There are a few plots that aren't entirely ironed out that I would be open to planning with. (I typically like to discuss with my partner what they would like to do so that it's more cohesive)


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