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    The site I am talking about is my Harry Potter site.. I have been trying to get this one wanted ad filled and I have taken a lot of time and effort to try and make it sound interesting but still a few characters short and looking for someone(s) to possibly be interested in taking this Link to the site

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About Me

I have been RPing for a long time, I've always been allured to the fantasy world type stuff like Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Vampire Diaries, RL Supernatural sites, etc. So if you're definitely interested in things I am interested that's the start of a beautiful friendship lol.. I am always up for plotting and thinking of new ideas to help where it is needed and wanted.

Play Style

I play to what a player is comfortable with.. If its dark then we can do that, if its PG then I am good with that.. I try not to limit myself to one thing.


No suicidal talk or animal abuse please

Plots I'd Like

Honestly.. I am not picky as long as they don't involve animal abuse.

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Will you be linking the site you are talking about at all?

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On 7/3/2021 at 8:30 PM, Orion said:

Will you be linking the site you are talking about at all?

Where it says Link to site under preferred genres is the link to the site.. Gotta click on that since it wasn't letting me post it anywhere else

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