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  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Fandom see below
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About Me

me: Cole; I take a while to warm up. I find that new plotting phase to be awkward, but once the ice is broken I'm pretty coooool. Super into head canons and nonsense. I work too much, ride bikes up big hills, and have 13 lizards. I've also always got my discord on me.


Sites I play on now

Play Style

I usually write 200-600 words in third person drunk tense. I mostly write on the weekends, early in the morning when normal people are sleeping. I can usually post several times each morning. Quick posts can happen during the week if I'm not being murdered by work/life/aliens.


Child stuff.

Plots I'd Like

the plots: I have some things on my new site I'd really like to launch. I like messy plots and messier ships. I'm quite happy to write most things, don't have a lot of triggers or writing hang ups when they are handled appropriately.

Lately I've been riding the polyship train when I can get others to write them with me. And friendships between sexes. I like colabbing and leaving things to flourish organically. Sometimes it works out better one way or the other.


Writing Samples

All over my sites. It's not bad, I would say. 

Other Information

other things: Not looking to join any more sites right now, but if we mesh and write well together I might be able to be convinced, because where is the fun in life if you aren't juggling 80+ characters. I can be reached easiest on discord @ yarndragon 🍂#4618

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