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Write a committed, longterm relationship with me!

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Human, Science Fiction, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I'm super flexible on genres! Beyond what's listed in unwanted genres, I'm pretty open, though I'm less likely to join a fandom site. I would much prefer a site where I can write this character with his original abilities (Utahraptor shapeshifter) but that's not allowed in most places so that's not required. 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Historical, School & College
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I don't do animal only, historical, school/college, or kink or smut sites.


About Me

Okay, let me list the things that'll probably weed out most people interested: I don't write smut and I won't 1x1 (Discord, Google Docs, email, private sites, and so on). I post about 4-500 words, weekly, and I'd prefer similar length and speed from my writing partner. I'm looking to join a public site you're on or join a new site together. Jcink preferred but any host by Proboards. There has to be existing 35+ characters, and site must have the alerts system enabled and use trigger warnings throughout the site. Otherwise I'm open to pretty much anything site-wise. I also want to exchange writing samples before we commit to anything. 

Hm, what else? I've been roleplaying about ten years. So I know roleplay etiquette and there's not going to be any powerplaying or metagaming or godmodding from me. I use proper spelling and grammar so you won't have any problems understanding my posts. I don't start drama with people and I can maturely handle criticism and differences of opinion and all that. I communicate with people when something doesn't work for me and offer some solutions. Basically I'm an adult and I act like one. I only write fade to black for smut scenes, but I'm fine writing any other mature topics in as much detail as you want. 


I pretty much look for the same thing in a partner. I don't care if you're 18+, but yo, be mature. I also ask that you post biweekly at the very minimum. Post length, eh. Short posts under 300 words or so aren't my jam, longer posts are fine but I won't post match and some people get picky about that, so I guess that's worth mentioning. 

Play Style

My posts usually stay in a pretty set range, which is about 4-500 words. They're usually not longer than that unless I'm doing a starter, which can range up to about 650 words depending. I don't post match if my partner posts more than that. Usually I reply within a week, and it's rare for me to take more than two weeks. I'm pretty good at giving my partners a heads up if there's something going on in real life or what have you. I only write in past tense but I'm open to either first or third person. 


Do your characters control their own actions or do you have control of your characters? Bit of both. I can guess pretty accurately at how things are going to go in most cases because I've been playing Rowan a long time. But sometimes things go in different ways than I'd expect because of how the thread progresses. 

Do you allow people to god-mode or power play your characters without permission? Small things, sure. Like saying my character followed yours or shook their hand or sat down or something like that. But if you write that your character, for example, knocks mine to the ground and beats them, I'm not cool with that. 

Do you like rapid fire or to wait a few days for a post? Both! I don't like the short post length that's typically associated with rapid firing. But posting back and forth a few times with longer posts  is something I'm open to. Usually it takes me about a week to get back to a post, though, so rapid fire isn't common with me. 

Do you stand on your head while you type? Only when I'm really having trouble thinking of the word I want to use. 

IC Limits

I don't write any smut or sexual scenes. Strict fade to black. I also don't write explicit abuse, homophobia, child death, or animal abuse/sickness/death. Everything else is fair game! Drugs, illness, language, rock and roll, violence and gore, throw it at me. I do prefer that all threads are marked with appropriate content warnings or nsfw labels so I don't open anything mature in public and such but I'll certainly write it. 

Plots I'd Like

Short version: my character is in his mid 40s with (probably adult) children and a longterm relationship with a spouse or partners that he adores. I'm looking for someone who will play either his spouse or one of his partners in a poly ship. Bonus points if someone else on your site would be willing to play one of his kids or another partner if it's a poly ship. 

My character is in his early forties and has four kids, a daughter and then a set of triplets. Their age can vary but I do want them to be old enough that I can request them to be played on the site. So with the way that most sites are adult only, I'd guess something like 18 for the triplets and 23 for the oldest. He also has a longterm relationship. I have in mind that he's been with the same person or people for a long time, nearly ten years at the least, and possibly up to 25 or so depending on what you're wanting. So this is probably more fluff than potential breakup drama. This can be either a marriage or a poly ship. Preferably a poly ship because those are awesome. 

Ideally, I could fit him into an existing want ad in addition to this plot. It would also be super amazing if there's an existing family or poly ship that he could fit into. I'd prefer this be on the fluff side without any major groundbreaking drama but I'm relatively flexible on that. Honestly, I'm flexible on a lot of the points mentioned here, as long as the base idea of "we've been together forever" stays the same. I'd also like to hash out our characters' history and dynamics together instead of just saying that they've been together for a while. Playby is Óscar Jaenada and I am not willing to change it, so please make sure it's open on your site (or sites you'd like to join together) before suggesting them. 


Here's some information about my character. Rowan Castañeda was born and raised in a super small, super Catholic town in southern California. His parents kicked him out when he was seventeen for being queer and he moved in with his uncle in Los Angeles who was a biker. Then when he was eighteen, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. During that time he reconnected with his older sister, and eventually retired after eleven years of service to help her through a rough divorce. Once in civilian life, he pursued a career in audiology, and has a doctorate and a steady job. 


He was very chaotic neutral and ready to fight everyone when he was younger but as he matured he (mostly) grew out of the chip he had on his shoulder. Loyal, somewhat absentminded, stress cooks, favorite sport is baseball, likes super cheesy monster movies with bad CGI, still somewhat religious. Family means everything to him and he'd do anything for them. He's also "secretly" a huge romantic, who likes spending quality time with his loved ones and will be there for them no matter what. Even though he's still capable of kicking ass, he'd rather just chill and make the most of the life he has with the people he cares about. 

Writing Samples

Here's a couple posts I've done on other sites for Rowan. Want more? Just ask. 


It was strangely peaceful in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night. Which was why Rowan had been hanging out about an hour from civilization for the past three hours, on a sleeping bag he'd unrolled in the bed of his pickup. There was a variety of nighttime critters wandering around, even though the nearest watering hole was several miles away, but he'd dismissed the idea of hunting. Tonight was just one of those lazy kind of nights where he could take his contacts out and relax as long as he wanted without having to worry about anything. 

The only reason he started packing up the few things he'd brought with him was because he got it into his head that he wanted waffles. That was not unusual. Pancakes, waffles, crepes, and similar breakfast foods were easily his favourites, which was no small thing considering that Rowan liked nearly all food. And since he wasn't going to be able to get delivery or make his own out here in the desert, the sensible thing to do was to take the highway towards town until he saw a diner. 

Which would probably mean sad, soggy pancakes, rather than the nice fluffy waffles he was thinking of, so maybe not. 

Fortunately it wasn't just diners that he saw on his way to Kalopsia. You couldn't go wrong with Waffle House. Or at least, you couldn't go wrong with the local Waffle House, which somehow remained exactly the same despite the fact that it kept showing up in different places in the area. That made no sense to him but it didn't take a genius to realize that this entire place was nuts. Moving restaurant? Not the absolute weirdest thing that could be happening and he could put up with a lot for good food. 

He pulled into the parking lot, killed the engine, and studied the contact case sitting in the cubbyhole under the radio. Nah. He wasn't going to be here very long and chances were that the waitress inside wasn't going to pay attention to him. Or even if she did, he could always just keep his eyes on his phone. Yeah, that sounded like a solid plan. He grabbed his hat and stepped out of his truck, not bothering to lock it. Nobody else was out here besides the two cars that he assumed belonged to the people working. 

Okay, and something big and winged up on the sign. What the hell was that? It sort of looked like a moth. Yeah, sure, great, there was a six-foot-tall moth clinging to the Waffle House sign along the highway forty miles from the nearest town. Hungry though he was, this took precedence. 

“Yo,” he shouted up at the moth-thing. “What are you doing?” 






Rowan heard knocking. This was not unusual, as it could be anything from a loose fitting on one of the appliances in the kitchen to someone trying to break into the trailer next door. But this sounded like a very specific kind of knocking, the kind that was somebody trying to get into his trailer. It was late enough that he was asleep, or trying to be, and so he did what anyone would do. 


He pulled his pillow over his head and closed his eyes. 


This did nothing to stop the noise, but it made it a little quieter, enough that he could more or less ignore it. He only knew one person that was likely to have invited herself to come over at this time of night. And if it wasn't someone that he knew, then they were certainly not going to get whatever they wanted from him. Rowan was not the kind of neighbour who played heavy metal music at three in the morning but he was also not the kind of neighbour who helped someone who needed their car battery jumped. 


Junior was someone he usually got along with. Until she somehow yelled loud enough to make him jump, and for the sake of being petty, he reached for the earbuds lying on his nightstand in a tangled mess. He'd like to see her yell long and loud enough that he took them off and went to go see what she wanted. If she did, honestly, she would probably deserve to at least come in and sleep on the couch. It wouldn't make him appreciate the racket she was making, but determination got results, even with him. 


And then came an actual scream that sounded like she'd been attacked by something which would have cut through any music he'd been playing. Rowan yanked out the earbuds and got out of bed, immediately on the alert. The Damn Cat was the furthest thing from his mind as he moved. Until now, there was no sign that anyone had been in the trailer (and he was probably the only person in a half mile radius not looking to see what all the damn noise was) but only fifteen seconds or so had passed between Junior's scream and Rowan's door opening. 


“What are you screaming about?” he asked, his words soon followed by a yawn. His concern had evaporated the moment he saw her standing alone with a stick in her hand. Instead he slouched against the frame of the door, shirtless, in what had once been pajama pants but had at some point been cut into faded dark green shorts. He was very unimpressed with the fact that he was awake. 






Rowan was, by many accounts, a lazy bastard. It was why he usually didn't bother with leaving NNYC. Officially he was there as a scout for the Guardians, to expand their reach from Trader's Town and find more people for their cause. But really he just did whatever he wanted and was helpful enough that Guardian leadership didn't feel like complaining about it. Erik Lehnsherr had proven to be a very reasonable man and that was really the only reason that Rowan bothered to still work with them. 

And he'd spent the last couple weeks outside NNYC, as a raptor instead of as a human for once. It meant he had no idea what had been going on in the city or around it, so once he'd gotten dressed again, he'd headed to one of the shops. By now it had been several years since he'd first met a lady named Cinderella. At first Rowan had found it a little weird to be talking to someone whose name he associated with a fairy tale princess from an animated movie. 

But she'd proven to be much different than what little he knew about her from the Disney movies. In fact, he'd ended up liking her quite a bit. At first he'd just thought that she was some kind of ditzy blond that only cared about clothes and he'd been close to writing her off as a waste of his time. Then he'd figured out the truth and suggested they have a working relationship. He told her what the Guardians were going to be up to in the area, she told him what was going on outside the city. He liked to think it was a good idea. 

Then, since he'd dropped off the radar for half the month, he figured he was behind on a few things. So he'd gone to visit Cinderella's shoe store. Rowan looked a little out of place among her usual clientele, but that didn't bother him. Not much did unless someone thought they could threaten him. Those people were few and far between, and he dealt with them pretty easily in most cases. But Cindy? Yeah, she was no trouble at all for him. He kind of considered her as something like a friend. 

So he let himself into the shop, glancing around to see if anything had changed, and let his gaze move over the handful of people inside until... There she was. Cin-der-ell-a. He still thought her name was kind of weird, but then again, she probably thought his abilities were strange too. Most people did unless they were shifters themselves. But they got along pretty well and he didn't exactly regret any of the time he spent hanging around her shop and probably annoying the shit out of her. 

“Hello, Cindy,” he said, hands in the pockets of his jeans. As he'd come into the shop, he'd bumped his hat back, no longer needing to shield his reptilian eyes from the sun. They tended to be a little sensitive to bright light but he had no desire to try to hide what he was from other people. Besides, he'd told Cinderella what he was pretty early on. Why waste time? “I'm sure you've missed me. What have you been up to the last couple of weeks? Bet it was boring without me around,” he added with a smirk. 






Rowan seemed to always end up circling back around to New New York. Mostly the parts that reminded him of the corresponding city from his home reality, because he'd had some good times there. But the whole place had proven to be pretty interesting to him. He'd been on Haven for almost four years, more than enough time to get used to the way things worked, and he knew that being in the center of all the activity was the best place to find trouble. 

Wasn't like any of the Guardians could tell him 'no', either. In fact, once he'd broken a guy's arm for touching his hat, they'd seemed to be remarkably okay with letting him do what he wanted. He liked that. Even though he'd always taken contracts where he'd had to listen to someone, he much preferred to do his own thing. Haven was a good place for that kind of mentality, even if he did technically still have to listen to the leader of the Guardians when he was around them at the base. 

Probably one of the reasons he kept going back to New New York. He'd wandered into one of the less populated boroughs, since most people didn't really like it when there was a six foot tall dinosaur just wandering around the streets doing what he wanted. Besides, the heart of the city was a little too busy and loud for him, with the prey drive a raptor had. There was no way he wouldn't get in trouble if he actually tried to hunt something within city limits. Even if it wasn't strictly something sentient. 

He hadn't expected to hear anyone yelling, and he tilted his head as he got to his feet. The building had been empty, as far as he'd known, but someone had to have showed up while he was napping. Rowan trotted out of the room he'd been sleeping in and around the corner, pausing part of the way down the hallway. Now he was just beginning to pick up a different scent, but he wasn't sure what it was. Or rather, who it was, given that they were still yelling for their mother. Interesting. 

And then the door opened and it was a kid. Rowan snorted and drew himself up, his crest flicking up as an indication of his surprise. Well that wasn't what he had been expecting at all. He took a few steps, which brought him within a couple feet of the doorway, and shifted from moving on his back legs to standing on all four so he could get a better look. A soft chirr came from his half-open mouth as he tilted his head to eye the boy directly and laid down in the hall. 

It'd be a dick move if he was trying to scare the kid, but he figured it would happen anyway. He made another chirping noise as his crest dropped to lay against his head in a more relaxed position. With his surprise over, he was more curious than anything. Mostly about what a kid was doing here alone. New arrivals showed up on their own all the time, but it was just as possible for him to have run away from home or something. Rowan stretched out his nose to sniff at the boy's face, wondering if he would panic. 

Other Information

I can't think of anything else to mention, but if you have any questions, just ask! Reply here, PM me, or DM me on Discord at DarthKenobi#1485. I don't always accept random friend requests, so please mention your Discord tag here before DMing me, or you might not get a response. Also, if you're looking to have me join a site you're on, tell me a little bit about it besides just dropping the link or ad. 

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