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Write something out of this world with me!

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Steampunk, Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Mass Memory Loss, Humans with Abilities / Magic


    My preference is for dark &/or horror versions of basically everything above.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Animals, Human, Harry Potter, any Comicbook Properties


About Me

I'm a non-binary, graduate student in English. ((A Note on This: I don't need you to be perfect or anything. It's true that I do value good grammar and spelling, yes, but we all make mistakes. I just want to be able to understand messages and posts without having to struggle, is all.)) I like to sketch things, swim, watch movies, make and paint miniatures, play videogames, and play with my dog. I have several tattoos and piercings, and I plan to get more someday when I have a decent-paying editing job. 


I'm a pretty laid-back introvert. I am patient and generally quiet, unless you get me chatting about something I love. I can get a bit overwhelmed with chats that contain big walls of text, especially if my stress &/or anxiety levels are high that day. Mostly, I will want to chat more about our characters and plots and ideas for their future, unless or until we get to know one another very well.


I love to plot and brainstorm ideas, but I also love to fly by the seat of my pants just to see what happens. I'm also legit bored by RL sites or sites without some sort of magic, supernatural, or sci fi element, so I won't join those sites.

Play Style

Sites I'm Currently On:  Cygnus RP & Run with Wolves


How much do you generally post?  Anywhere between 250 - 1k words, depending on what's going on in the scene, and how inspired I am by the setting / situation.


Do you like to write in first person or third person?  Third person, past tense.


Character Examples: Félix Cipriano & Xan Curio


I prefer fade-to-black for sex scenes, and I don't participate in threads with animal or child abuse, sexual assault, or body horror. 

Plots I'd Like

Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Found Family, Forbidden Love, Forced Proximity, Big Bad Friend... I know there are more, but that's all I can think of right now. 

Writing Samples

Xan let the beat of conversation and background music pulse through him, ignoring it the same way he ignored his own heartbeat when it wasn't pounding through his chest, as he lifted the chocolate caramel liquid to his nose and sniffed. He wasn't drunk enough to swallow a drink purchased for him without having some idea of whether he'd like it, but he'd clearly had enough alcohol to accept it.


It had a pleasantly nutty scent, which suited him just fine, so with a 'cheers' gesture towards the feminine individual who'd sent it, he brought it to his lips and took a long swallow. Not bad at all, he thought. He did not get up and introduce himself to the person who'd sent it, however. If they wanted to have a chat with him, fine, but he was in no mood to invite that sort of thing.


He'd landed on Tellus only that afternoon, having finished a very successful con and a... less successful teleplay. Xan would be more depressed at the near-failure of the thing for which he'd played the leading role, but it meant that he'd been able to walk off the ship when the time came to shuttle off at the next stop, instead of bolting for the nearest exit like the criminal he was. Plus, he'd been able to disembark before his Marks were any the wiser about where their credits had gone and who'd been responsible for screwing them over. It made everything that much easier.


Of course, he'd left his fake identity on that ship and had hopefully covered his tracks enough to ensure it didn't follow him onto Tellus. He wanted a fresh start, after all. A place where he could search for clues to B's possible whereabouts without having to stay so far under the radar that snippets of news wouldn't be able to dig down low enough to reach him.


He sighed, taking another swallow of his beer and continuing to flip through the messages on his newly acquired hand-terminal.


Xan knew he had enough credits to get himself set up on Tellus, if he needed to, and he knew there were a few jobs to audition for planet-side. Maybe this time he could go straight... or — well — straight enough not to need a fake identity. Those were far too expensive for his liking, especially given how disposable most of them were meant to be. No, he'd stick to his birth identity for a while, if he could. Then, maybe, B could find him, instead of leaving him to his continuously failed attempts to do all of this the other way around.


Before he'd even realized it, Xan had finished the beer — having had a full two pints more than he'd planned to have that night. He flicked a glance at the table with the woman who'd sent him the last drink, and, noting her attention was elsewhere, focused on projecting a few changes to his appearance (bigger nose, shorter hair, brown eyes, and a shift in clothing color) before pocketing his new hand-terminal, getting up, and moving to leave the pub. He could feel the illusion working by the pressure that had begun pressing into both his temples, but the buzz made it almost painless.


He hoped the waitstaff wouldn't get into too much trouble for having 'mixed up' the tabs of some of their customers, but a free buzz was worth enough to Xan to worry too much about who would end up footing the bill. After all, he doubted that anyone with a steady job would miss the credits as much as he would.


Now he had to go find himself a place to stay. Question was: did he choose temporary accommodations or more permanent ones? Or perhaps he should see how his upcoming auditions went first, before he made up his mind either way.

Other Information

If we chat, you're likely to hear A LOT about my Shih Tzu, Frodo, so here's a pic!



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