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    Also yes

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    Probably no


About Me

Hi I'm Cole! I like sitting on my ass or running on treadmills but there is no room for a treadmill here so, I'm on my ass right now. I'm old, I crochet, I have a kid, and I work 50+ hours a week. I do not like long walks on the beach or picnics. Sand and ants suck.

Play Style

I am a pretty regular poster. Like many people I have my lows and highs but I'm always honest about them. Sometimes when I get really stressed out I write a lot or not at all. I write in third person and flop around on tenses 😛


I don't mind minor god modding. Hand grabbing, common sense stuff. Depending on my level of comfort with a player is my comfort for how far this can be taken. Some discussion before hand or even a quick question of would you be ok with x is always nice. 


I write anywhere from 200-600 words I guess. I don't really count. I just like to have something to reply to and always try to give the same. I think I am a post splicer too? Idk. But I often conform to my buddy's style. I find usually shorter posts create less splicing and more rapid forward movement?


Words. I like them.

IC Limits

Child abuse stuff. Idk. Probably depends on the buddy and the character and my comfort level at the time. 

Plots I'd Like

I love plots. I am not the best at generating them on my own. I do 100% better if I have someone to lob ideas at like wedding rice. Especially if they can help me turn gibberish into coolness. I am good at the reverse also. I am down to play almost anything and am pretty open as a writing partner, I think. 


I am currently sitting on some plots I would love to involve others in since they will be lame on their own. Most involve already made or waiting to be finished characters on my site Witchlight. 


One is a group of travel companions who are currently in a plague infested territory. They are gonna try and help! Or maybe not. They might even die. They will not always be stuck in this territory as there is plenty to go and do, and they are free to splinter and do their own thing. My character is a Priestess Healer type who has what she believes a Calling. So she is always Going Somewhere. I feel like there are polyship elements to this group and there is another character/player involved also if that is your thing (I have a character want ad floating around here somewhere). 


Another is my ded birb girl. We have a race called Dotheri (Jones strike me dead if that is the wrong spelling) who are griffon shifters. To become one, you have to die. Fun, right? Anyway, I thought it might be fun if a loved one saw her die, or even her murderer, or a combination of the two, or whatever, and then x time later, there she is. Magically not dead. Serious what the fuck. 

Writing Samples


Other Information

I have discord! I looove discord. If you are interested I can pm you my discord. If it sounds like we're not jelling.. gelling? then just say so. No hard feelings. Its like rp dating or something, and weird, I know. 


I am probably not down to join another site. I have waaay too many characters on Witchlight and an AU Fantastic Beasts site I should really be paying more attention to. Plus I am a member of a DRoP rp (down for buddies on those other 2 also *_*). Also rping over discord feels like sexting to me sorry.

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