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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 63 results

  1. Previously, we had the ability to donate a singular amount of money to the site through donations. We've opted to get rid of this option to better provide our members with our cool shit. As such, our minimum donation amount has always been 5-10 dollars. Our patronage has a 5 dollar minimum amount. While it is a subscription you do not have to renew and you do not have to agree to the billing agreement so it can be a single month item. The reason we are doing this is because donating provides you with only one advantage, the cool name around the site and the separate section in the discord. We are removing the separate section in the discord (during this update). We are encouraging, even one month, patronage. Donating five dollars used to get you a cool name, not it will get you a cool name, a custom directory cover photo for your site AND we will feature you in sponsors for the time you maintain it. I understand this is frustrating, especially for those that hate Paypal as that is our only method of payment, however as we evolve we will likely expand and change as well. We are still allowing donations for the Character Mod. To be developed by Esther Eisner of IPS 3rd Part Devs. Trusted friend of Morrigan.
  2. We've updated Writing Partners! Now we don't require a special image. We are now using your avatar and your Cover Photo from your profile since it's about you we think this will make it easier on you overall!. We've mirrored profiles and the RPG Directory in this fashion! We hope it makes it easier on you to create writing partners searches now that you don't have to find pictures to boot. We have also decided to leave all Writing Partner searches in tact. They are just now hidden from everyone (except the original poster and staff) if they aren't active on the Initiative. Activity on the Initiative (for our directories) is determined by whether or not you have posted within the last week.
  3. Hey! We really appreciate that you all help us in making our directories awesome! We do, however, have a problem! Currently we don't have a specific staff member that manages our playby directory, this means that I, Morrigan, specifically manage this directory and it is becoming increasingly more and more difficult to manage as members are not utilizing the Playby Directory Submissions information as well as not fully reviewing all of the options and simply submitting Playbys. We know it's tedious to look through and select everything, however, it's equally as tedious for us to edit the listings when the submission is incorrect (and we are basing these off of the images you submit). Some things to check: That you have selected every style and selected them appropriately. We give some pretty significant leeway on this as it's a perspective measure. That you are appropriately selecting Special Features! Stubble is still considered facial hair. That you review and adhere to our skin tone structure. We give some leeway here too so if a skin tone can possibly span two depending on lighting, we allow it. Submit supporting images for each thing you choose. While you can submit one image that covers three it must be there to prove those things are there. So if you use rebel & facial hair if you use a picture of the person that is wearing a leather jacket and has stubble or a beard then you have satisfied both with one image. Only submit an image 1 time. Whether it's the primary image or the supporting images, only use the image 1 time. Do not duplicate the same image in either place please. For now, this means that playbys will be rejected as of right now until my load lightens or we get a Playby Directory staff member if members are not paying attention to the fields available. You can tell how it is done by looking at other Playbys! Thanks! Thanks for understaing!
  4. We are continuing our update to make the site more fresh and modern as well as cleaner and easier to use. This update is about our guides: https://rpginitiative.com/guides/ We have changed the default view from categories to recent guides. Additionally we have removed sub categories and changed them out with filters so guides are easier to browse and easier to find things you may not know existed (just like our directory!) We hope you enjoy our new and updated guides section and find it easier to submit to! We will be working on our other existing directories next then start in on some new cool features!
  5. Morrigan

     Announcement Reputation!!

    Well after some discussion and much deliberation among the staff and a very annoyed Morrigan we made a very harsh but needed decision. The like button SUCKS! As such, we have removed reputation from the "like" button. We have also changed said button to a default reaction with no reputation that says "I read this!". The like button is still there, Right next to Agree and Pinkie Pie and still provides positive reputation however all past "likes" have been nullified. I know this may be jarring but after reviewing reactions over the past six months we determined that "like" being the default was just a reflex "facebook", "twitter" and "tumblr" reaction to things that had any number of different emotive reactions (thus why we have so many). This change is meant to encourage actually reviewing and using the reactions provided (all still available via mobile, it scrolls even though a scroll bar may not be present). You are free to respond/react to this accordingly and let us know if you dislike our decision but since we removed all of the "like" reputation more relevant reputation attribution has applied: https://rpginitiative.com/topmembers/
  6. As you all can see we have a brand new theme both light and dark. We cleaned it up something fierce, taking a lot of feedback from our surveys. We re-designed our directory and made them prettier! We did a lot of work here people! We hope you enjoy it! Please report theme bugs to the Bug Tracker: https://rpginitiative.com/tracker/
  7. Hey everyone! As you know we're making changes based off of our recent surveys. One of these changes is we have retired/removed the character exchange. We think the Character Exchange, overall, is a good idea but something that would be better implemented on roleplays themselves instead of through the Initiative. As it stands the Character Exchange was just an "alternative" and "more specific" writing partner search that basically meant "I'll join your site if you join mine" which was overall unsuccessful. After reviewing the results of the survey we found that you all had no need for it either. We encourage you to adapt the idea to your roleplay and use it. We'd love for you to share with us your implementations.
  8. Helloooo Everyone! I'm here to introduce myself as a new Communications Mod! You might have seen me lurking around over the last few years - many of you might know me as H, which has been my alias for as long as I can remember, but please, feel free to just call me Holly. I am American - representing the EST time zone - and I guess the biggest thing you should know about me is that I loooove to talk! I'm a pharmacist, talking comes naturally to me, so that's my job! To talk to all of you! My role here on The Initiative is to stalk all of your lovely status messages and welcome people to the board. So, be prepared for me to comment on as much of your updates as I possibly can, and don't be afraid of striking up a conversation with me if you'd like - I don't bite. Really - I don't. Of course, you'll see me continuing to post in topics as I integrate into the site, but I'm always here for a friendly chat and to say hello if you're bored. Keep it chatty, guys! I'm sure I'll talk to you all soon! H
  9. I'm American, not Aussie, but I spell like an Aussie so I suppose you could count me as half an Aussie. Honoured to be on staff! I'm Arceus and I'm this weird cryptid tentatively termed an "SMF freak." I'm about to spread the SMF love and help with SMF questions, codes, and general what the-. I've been working with SMF since I was sixteen, so that's a little over a decade, now (my, how time goes). Over that 10+ years, I've become something of a master at it; I could, if I wanted, probably rewrite the entire thing (not that I do, phew). I'm also the creator of an automated tabletop battle system for SMF, which is pretty boss and everyone said I couldn't do it (haha to them). I already spend all day fixing SMF and making it attractive, and now I'll be officially helping do so for you lovely people! I already helped others with it, just, not here. I'm pretty familiar with the ins and outs of how it operates, and even if there isn't a mod that does whatever thing, already, I can probably plot a pathway to doing it. SMF isn't exactly well-loved, but I hope to help change that! I love SMF personally, and it's somewhat of a personal goal to help others see the bright sides and extendability of SMF, maybe even give it a go (or another) themselves; it's rough, it's a mean mistress, it really is, but it is rewarding, and I'm more than happy to help people learn to understand what it does and why it does. I'm also super-duper stoked for the final release of SMF 2.1, too, and I hope it helps bring SMF into the modern era. If you've got any questions about SMF, or want to know if a specific thing is possible, please do post about it on the board! And never say never! Even if it seems stupid, you just might be able to do it. Nothing is impossible. To quote Audrey Hepburn, "The word itself says I'm possible!" Also, bring soda. =P I likes me some soda.
  10. Morrigan

     Announcement Survey 2.0

    Continuing with our surveying we are still looking for some more opinions. This one is more of a "tell us things" survey so a lot fewer multiple choice questions. Please let us know how you feel about these: https://goo.gl/forms/48L2SNtvCzDZ5cLZ2
  11. G'day! I am your other resident Australian staff member. You can see that the invasion is going well. My job here is to help anyone who might have questions about mybb, including icyboards. Basically what I've already been doing! But now it's official and I get a pretty red name. I've been using mybb for a few years. I started with icyboards because I adore the level of customisation it allows but since then, I've moved onto shared hosting on the Initiative. I am therefore familiar with the plugins that Spork has customised for icyboards, as well as the plugins that are available on the mybb site. My goal is to make the Initiative a place to go to where you know you'll receive coding assistance. Furthermore, it is important to me that people actually understand why this piece of code helps or why something went wrong. So as much as possible, I will break down my answers and solutions so that you can walk away with a deeper understanding of code and your software. If you're having an issue or have a question, Code Requests & Help is the place to post your question. Don't PM me! Chances are, if you have the question, there are a lot of other people with the very same question and if the solution is public, then well, everyone can find the solution! So, huzzah?
  12. So now that I've made my obligatory Croc Dundee reference, hello RPG Initiative! You may know me as Mousie, Lyllea, Lillie, Sadrienne... or any variation on "hey you" and "ghengis khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." I am your resident Aussie Aussie Aussie staff member. Here at The Initiative, my job is to encourage discussion and engagement by doing what I love most: talking about all things forum RP. So... sparking copious topics on various facets of our world, promoting discussion and debate, and generally making The Initiative The Place to go to for advice, observations, and all of that. Since coming back to the RP world I've been sad to see a decline in that, a whole lot of resource forums have moved away from really digging in to what makes an RP board work, why we do it, how we can do it better. The ones that do still have discussion areas tend to be less interactive, and more people just throwing their opinions in and never looking back. I find this sad, and having discovered that this unfortunate trend doesn't extend to The Initiative--I am here to fight back the Nothing! (okay I was hugely obsessed with The Neverending Story as a kid, you got me) And I need your help to do it! Here's how: Start your topics on all things RP. If there's a topic you'd like to see discussed, but don't want to bring it up yourself/aren't sure how--PM me! Reply to other people's topics, engage with what they're saying! Go back to topics you've participated in. See what's new! Keep the engagement going! Sound easy? It sure is, and pretty much it's what we do here anyway. I'm just here to... stand around and look important? Yes. But in all seriousness, the point of this post is to let you all know that I have joined the staff team, and you're welcome to come to me with any issues regarding the RP discussion side of The Initiative. Or any other issue that you feel comfortable approaching me with, I am here for you! And what I would super love, is to know what aspects of the RP world you'd like to discuss more. So feel free to post what sort of things you'd like to see more topics on as a reply to this here shiny announcement! Love you awesome nerds! M (a staff member)
  13. With the arrival of Coteries and the general lack of use of the roleplay realm we are closing down the Roleplay Realm. We still encourage you to roleplay on the Initiative by either creating or joining mini-RPGs in our coteries! If you have questions or concerns please feel free to ask here. Any content that you would like moved to an existing coterie just post here and we'll get it moved.
  14. Hey everyone! We are working on upgrading our theme with the coming 4.3 release of IPS as there are a lot of changes (things we modified on this theme that are actually better in the new version)! That being said we are looking for your help in tidying up the place with some surveys! This is the first survey of a few (we don't have a number yet as our future surveys will be based on the answers so we can gear towards figuring out a good consensus). The survey is anonymous (unless you don't want to be) so say what you mean! Thank you for helping us out and helping us grow and move forward! https://goo.gl/forms/YNSMxt7H5Dy8i7oH2
  15. Hello, out there! After a long...long...egregiously long time away, I'm back on staff! This time around, I'll be helping out with Contributions and have set up shop as the Resident Reviewer. So anything you need from full site reviews to reviews about something specific on said site, my general thoughts and opinions as an outside eye are at your service for your home away from home. Please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm happy to help however I can. -Nyx
  16. Hi all, After being on a hiatus for awhile, I have missed RPG Initiative a lot, so after talking to @Morrigan about it she invited me back on staff. From now on if there are any issues with other members, you have any questions or need to reach out to a staff member regarding anything but technical issues please let me know. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible, it might take me a bit because I am working fulltime and have other things going on. I am happy to be back! Amelia
  17. Morrigan

     Announcement Happy Holidays

    Have a good and happy holidays! We are really glad to have each and every one of you as a part of our community.
  18. Morrigan

     Announcement Theme Reset

    Sorry about the theme reset everyone! Our default theme corrupted somehow so everyone has been put back on the "default" dark theme. The Light theme is still available and you can switch back as normal. Sorry for the inconvenience on that.
  19. Nothing big. A rule regarding account ownership has been added and more specific rules regarding the discord server have been added. Please review the rules here:
  20. Just letting everyone know that there was an update to the rules for the personal wanted ads. Nothing big but we wanted to clarify that you can have one personal wanted ad thread per site that you are on. The amount of wanted ads in that thread is totally up to you. If you have questions don't hesitate to post in the Ask Us forum.
  21. Morrigan

     Announcement Topsite Change

    Those that are on our topsites should have received an email with this information but just in case we are posting it again here:
  22. We were finding issues where awards were taking up mass amounts of screen space (Morrigan....) so we have removed their display from mobile. Please let us know if this is an outrage and we might consider adding them back. This is primarily to make mobile browsing more usable.
  23. This affects all of my hosted accounts as well but the renewal for my server domain is coming up and I'll be switching hosts from where it is now over to Google Domains. As such there is a possibility of downtime as the domain switches over. Last time there was no downtime when I moved the RPG Initiative Domain however I like to give everyone a heads up.
  24. So as part of this transition we have added a few ways for members to support the site, support free hosting and support their own sites. First of all you can become a Patron where you donate monthly. Patrons get a sponsor button on the index page, above our affiliates, of the RPG initiative site. Second you can pay a minimal amount of money and promote your site. Here on the Intiative we will not use standard ads. We rely on you to support the site and we support your site through supporting us. We thank you for that!
  25. Morrigan

     Announcement 4.2 is coming

    So with IPS 4.2 coming in the next few months it means that we will be upgrading and there are a ton of really cool new features! We want you all to be aware of some of the cool things that we will be getting and be prepared for the changes that it means to us! Please look for some posts as we link to the IPS News articles and explain how the features will be affecting our community! Any features that we post we definitely want your feedback and suggestions on! Feel free to ask questions and let us know what you think!

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