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Found 93 results

  1. Hey everyone, you may have noticed that the excite and rant channels no longer exist in the Discord. The purpose of this is that these channels were being used for things that were not its purpose like subtle advertising for your site and pity parties. At this time it is unlikely that these channels will be returned and ask that these things do no bleed into the other channels on the site. You're free to chat about it here. Thanks for your understanding.
  2. I'm sure you've already noticed the huge menu changes that we made today! We're really glad to announce the new Menu to bring forward our assets in a more viewable manner for ease of access. We also moved our Hosting and Advertising links into our header for the same reason. This was to try and make things you're looking for more readily viewable without hiding it behind a menu where appropriate. They are still available in the same manner in our mobile menu however they are right below account instead of below other menu items. Hopefully this makes getting to our awesome directories a lot more simple!
  3. We have decided that it would be a better route to move these suggestions into the Staff Contact Center as there appears to be a lot of confusion as to the point of these suggestions. We will still be happy to add genre and fandom suggestions (as we have always kept to adding fandoms for all types of sites). Genres we will still accept as needed as well. This doesn't change our acceptance policy to be only of the main medium that people will recognize (so for example The Walking Dead will stay exclusively in TV despite the fact that it spans games and comics). If you have questions or concerns about this, let us know.
  4. After much deliberation we found the location of your account related items to be unnecessarily shoved into the main Initiative menu listing. It seemed not only obtrusive but daunting and it wasn't the logical place to look for these items! As such, we moved these items (orders/invoices/billing agreements/personal information/etc) into your standard Account settings Page which you can access via clicking on your username in the top right and then "Account Settings". Overall we find this location to be far more reasonable and expected than looking in our menu for these items. We do have one known issue, if you are on one of these custom items and refresh the page you will be taken to a page without the Account Settings. At this time we are aware and will see if we can resolve. Unfortunately if this happens to you the only resolution is to go back to your account settings page. Thanks for understanding!
  5. Previously we only accepted Paypal, now our patrons can use their credit cards or Google Pay. If you have problems with either please let us know as these are new payment gateways. We hope that helps for those that hate Paypal.
  6. This is a little late (sorry everyone)! However we have a list of our winners. Unfortunately we only had 5 total contributors to our graphics submissions challenge so we hope future challenges have better results! Our winners who earned a month of True Color Patronage and True Color Advertising were: @wicked @Lark @The Rebel With honorable mentions to @Kit the Human and @Morrigan for contributing as well. Please congratulate our winners and look forward to our next submissions challenge.
  7. We've made some very minor changes to the directory. First and foremost, with the announcement of Google+ shutting down we have removed that as a social link option in the form. Additionally we added two new links, one for a Starter Guide and one for your FAQ to give those browsing a quick link to handy information on your site. Feel free to edit your listing and add these links to it to get them to show. We will update the Directory information page soon!
  8. So with our Graphics challenge nearing a close we're looking to clean up our gallery and make it more user friendly for those looking for avatars! As such we're looking to get titles updated to include the name of the included playby/faceclaim so that when you search for a name you'll actually get results for what you're looking for. That in-lies the problem! We actually don't know all of the names of the avatars in our gallery like the people that submitted them. This only affects older graphics submitted prior to 2017 really so if you submitted to our graphics challenge it's unlikely you have to change anything. So what we're doing is we are going to go through our submitters and send them a PM asking that they review their images in the Pre-made gallery and get the titles updated (by editing the image and then the title). After these people have been notified we ask that it be done within the next month (By November 5th). Any images that aren't updated and aren't easily identifiable so the staff can change them will be removed from our pre-made gallery and placed into a Personal album in the "Graphics Showcase" category instead. If you have questions feel free to respond to this topic.
  9. Hello Initiatives! I joined the staff team on the 1st of this month so I'm a few days behind on posting my welcome and introduction, I'm also terrible at these so bare with me as I make a cringe worthy post. My name online is isoldehn but I go by just about any short term version of it as well, most often iso but I've also heard dehn, sol and so on. As long as it contains something of my name I assume you're referring to me. I have been a part of the role play community for what seems like forever but its only been since about 2012/2013 when I first started my journey, the whole one liner posts on an old proboards site or something (I actually can't remember the software they used but I do remember that site like it was yesterday). Actually quite proud of the progress I've made towards forum role play but I also have dabbled in one on ones within chat platforms, emails or even documents shared. I am primarily an animal role player (equine specifically but dabbled in others) but have recently been scouring the internet for my first human home to give it a shot. I guess that is enough talk about my role play past... maybe we should move on to a bit about the real life me? In the real world I live about smack dab in the middle of the United States where I partake in all redneck/white trash activities with my family and friends (oh you know bonfires, beer, mud runs, hot truck and tractor pulls, rodeos, corn bread and beans, etc etc.). In my home I reside with my father, whom at this point is more like a roommate/child that I take care of and I also have two animals I love very dearly. The dog being Axl Rose (yes he is a Guns N' Roses inspired child), Yorkshire Terrier in breed and spoiled turd in nature. Then a rabbit by the name of Taco (if he was a girl it would have been Fajita), Taco was a on the whim purchase by my father in Walmart parking lot on Easter that just happened to be one of the best rabbit purchases ever! Taco is my main and he is WAY too chill for a rabbit. Hmmm...? Oh I work at a Convenience Store for the time being where I absolutely hate my job but love my work family. My birthday is the day after Christmas so all of my presents get combined since everyone is already broke from Christmas. I have a very close friend group that I am often found drinking with around a fire on a Friday evening talking about our crap work week. My family is the absolute most dysfunctional family ever but I love them dearly nonetheless. I do have a younger brother and we are ten years apart... so I don't really know him that well considering the age difference but we are still pretty close sibling wise. Recently have decided to return back to University so I may spend the rest of my life in a career I actually enjoy. That is honestly about it, I am quite a boring person with a boring but satisfyingly simple life. As far as my new job here on the Initiative I will be working in the Operations section as a Software Expert. My main goal is to help with all MyBB related issues but to also be as helpful as I can be in any other sections of the site that I find myself able to participate in. I also hope to get to know this community inside and out! This place is the bomb dot com! If anyone ever wants to chat you can always just poke me, I love new friends. I think that is about all I've got. ❤️
  10. I'm sure you have all noticed that there were some HUGE forum changes and things may appear to be missing but really they aren't! As most of you could tell our coterie forums were getting a little unwieldy and so we have removed them from the forum index. Those that you Fluid view will likely still see the content in there but they will not be able to filter by coteries (they were removed from the sidebar) due to the unreasonable length that they were getting to. You will still be able to access the topics within the Activity Streams as well as in the coteries themselves. Additionally, we have moved the Writing Exhibit and the MTV'S the real world into coteries so the OOC content is opt in so you can actually go to these coteries and join them to talk. There are still mature sections for each of these but they have their own private coterie and run by the staff to be sure only members with the "Mature Access" group will be allowed in. You can check out our coteries here: https://rpginitiative.com/coteries/
  11. With our previous announcement of our updates with discord and name's we have recently gotten an app/bot manager that will actually sync usernames give you auto permission to the discord server when you join it. It makes your life easier because then you also don't need to ask for a name change. Using this new app/bot this means we have had to change over our integration on the site side, now this may not affect users that previously linked discord on your profile but we do want you to know that if you want to bypass the wait of waiting for a staff member to verify your profile you can go into your Account Settings and connect to our server there. If you have issues reach out in our Staff Contact Center or in the Name_change channel on the discord.
  12. RPG Initiative would like you to join us in celebrating Lurkers during the Love Our Lurkers Week. The Initiative will be dedicating the week of October 15th through October 19th to the wonderful group of people known as Lurkers in the RPG world. Look for some great discussions designed to get all of us talking!
  13. Welcome to the 2018 Initiative's Roleplay Community Awards We're holding a celebration of all things roleplay, resources, and community! These awards focus on everything that makes our corner of the internet so wonderful -- which is mostly (spoiler alert!) you guys! If you've been desperate to show your love for a particular site, resource, or member, this is your big chance! Or if you're a member of the community that pours your heart and soul into your site, or the resources you make for others to use, this is your chance to be recognised for the amazing work you do! It's like the Oscars for the roleplay community. But how does it work? How do you get to be Site or Member of the Season? There are two aspects to the Initiatives: the voting categories, and points gathering. VOTING AWARDS The voting system is simple. Nominations will be collected between now and August 9th, and voting will be held between August 10th and 23rd. Winners of each category will be determined by scoring the most votes. The categories are: Awards for Roleplay Sites Sites must be listed in the Initiative's Directory to be eligible for nomination. Best in Genre (winner per each genre category) Best New Site (sites six months old or less) Best Established Site (sites six months to two years old) Best Long-standing Site (sites two years old or more) Awards for Roleplay Resources Resources must be available here at the Initiative in the themes, guides, or codex areas to be eligible for nomination. Best Forum Building & Management Guide Best Writing Materials Guide Best Being A Member Guide Best Software Guide Best Coding Guide Best Graphics Guide Best Plotter Template Best Documentation Template Best Premade Staff Template Best Code Item (Other) Best JCink Theme Best MyBB Theme Best phpBB Theme Best Proboards Theme Best Other Theme Awards for Members Members must be registered at the Initiative to be eligible for nomination. Most Helpful Most Welcoming Best Discussion Starter Best Resource Creator You are allowed to submit yourself, your site, and your own resources if you choose. However, we encourage all members to reach out and spread some love and appreciation through the community. Nominate a site you know is great, or a resource that you always go back to. Tell that member how much you appreciate their presence here in the community! Winning sites will be listed in a dedicated awards results page, and marked accordingly in the Initiative's directory as chosen by our community to be outstanding places to roleplay. Winning resources will be marked especially in our resources section and in a dedicated awards results page as items of high value to the roleplay community. Winning members will be acknowledged for their sheer awesome on an awards results page, and win access to subscriber-only features here at the Initiative and a plastic tiara*. * plastic tiara may or may not be imaginary THE POINTS GAME One of the greatest things about our community is the great participation we get from you, and we wanted to reward that as part of the awards program. The points game allows all members, even those who are not nominated for voting awards, the chance to be named Site or Member of the Season. Particular activities across The Initiative will allow you to accumulate points. These are: Submit a play-by to the play-by directory: 2 points per submission Refer a new member to the Initiative: 5 points per member that achieves 20 posts before end of voting Submit a documentation to the guides section: 15 points per submission Submit a code item to the codex: 15 points per submission Submit a premade theme to the themes section: 20 points per submission Start a discussion in the RP Discussion, Mature RP Discussion, RPG Confessions, and Storytime forums Post and pin the RPG Initiative advert in your site's guest friendly forums: 10 points per unique site Any of the above resources submitted or registered at the Initiative after July 1st, 2018, are eligible! You may already have scored points! Awards-specific points are also up for grabs, including: Submit a nomination to any awards category: 5 points per submission Be nominated in any awards category: 10 points per nomination (not eligible if self-nominating) Submit your voting card during voting: 20 points Third place in any voting category: 30 points Second place in any voting category: 50 points First place in any voting category: 70 points So how do you get involved? First, register your Participant Tracker. This page will track all of your contributions across the awards season with a little IPS magic! As part of setting up your tracker, you'll be asked to declare your allegiance. This means selecting a listing from the Initiative's roleplay forum directory that you will be representing throughout the season. You can only choose one, so choose wisely! Start submitting nominations! You can nominate by clicking the Add Record button on the Nominations page. You don't need to fill out every nomination on the form, and you can submit the form as many time as you like - as long as you don't nominate the same item in the same category more than once. That would just be silly! Get involved! There are heaps of things you can do to accumulate points for yourself and the board you're representing. Have at it! Make sure that members you refer have your username in the "referred by" section of their account profile! After voting closes, points are determined on an individual and site basis. Individual is the sum of all points you earned in your participation across the season. The site total is the sum of all points from all members representing that same board across the season. Members with the three top individual scores, and sites with the three top site scores, will win some fantastic features and advertising opportunities here at the Initiative! FAQ Can I nominate myself/site/resource for an award! Yes, of course you can! However, you will only collect the 5 points for submitting a nomination, not the 10 points for being nominated. Can a site/resource/member be nominated more than once? Absolutely! If you feel that something/someone is so wonderful they should be nominated multiple times, go ahead! I run/love more than one site. Can't I support them all? We understand that heartbreak! But to keep the system simple, we're only allowing allegiance to one site at a time. Can I change my allegiance? Yes! But whatever it is set to when voting closes is where the points will go, so make sure you change it before then! What if voting ends in a tie? If votes are tied in any category, full points will be awarded to the top three scorers. So if two sites tie for first, one for second, and two tie third, all five sites will be given points according to their place. All winning sites, resources, and members will get their due recognition. What if Site or Member of the Season ends in a tie? That's just awesome! We love winners! We may need to buy more plastic tiaras*, but we can deal with that. Am I allowed to advertise that I/my site/my resources are up for nomination outside of the Initiative? Absolutely. Remember that any person you encourage to join our community can also count as a referral if they achieve 20 posts or more before the end of voting---so do the thing! You've worked hard to get where you are. Don't be afraid to bring people here and show them that the community loves you too! Who is allowed to submit nominations? Any registered member of the Initiative. Ghosts with enough ability in the physical realm to operate a computer. What sites, resources, or members, may be nominated for awards? Any site, resource, or member that can be found here at the Initiative! If there's a resource that you love, and you want to nominate it (but it's not here), consider asking the creator to submit it to our resource section! Who is allowed to vote? Any registered member of the Initiative with 20 posts or more. This is to ensure that we don't get people registering to flood votes for a particular site/resource/member. What if I forget to vote? You simply won't get the points for submitting your vote. Voting will run for two weeks though, and we will be sending out notifications when it starts, and giving warning before it closes. So make sure your email address is registered correctly, and that you have "news and updates" turned on! Do I have to fill out the whole nomination form? I can't think of one thing for each category. Nope! If you only have one item you want to nominate, do that! You can submit that same form as many times as you like, and you can nominate the same sites or resources in any category they are eligible for. I accidentally nominated the same site/resource for the same award... again. What do I do? You can edit your nominations at any time up until the nomination portion of the season closes. I have another question, can I ask it? No, Karen. We don't allow discussion. Get back in your box. Of course you can! Just post below with your question, and we'll answer as soon as we can.
  14. So we have had donations for hosting and we are actually discontinuing that for a better way. First and foremost the biggest reason for this was that if a payment did go through paypal properly (for one reason or another) it ended up causing issues and shutting down a site. What we have done to rectify this is that we have cancelled all billing agreements for our hosting packages and reduced the cost to 0. We have it "renew" every 6 months that way if you end up not wanting or needing your site, or it goes inactive and we need to shut it down per our activity rules, it's easy enough to do. Plus then you aren't getting spammed with a hosting renewal every month (YAY!). I'm sure you're asking "well what if I still want to donate toward the hosting?" We actually encourage you to become a patron instead. It has the same types of renewal terms that our hosting had with a billion times more benefits. You get to add custom images to your directory listings. You get to have a spiffy name with posting around the site, you get included on the new stuff up and coming before anyone else does! As well as we get to tell you how awesome you are! You can check out our patron stuff here: https://rpginitiative.com/subscriptions/ If you recently paid for a donation toward hosting and would like to convert over to a patron with that donation we will be happy to set you up with an invoice and get you started for free however after the month period ends it will require payment to keep it going after that.
  15. Unfortunately, due to updates because of upgrades and added features that may be requested, the IPS character mod cannot be free. Does this mean that your current contributions toward the character mod mean nothing? Absolutely not. All contributions toward the character mod are taken into account and will be addressed once fully released on the Initiative. Your contributions will be calculated and appropriately addressed and we will PM you to let you know how long you have it without further renewal. All active patrons will get a free 6 months of the character mod once released. How much will it be? At this time we haven't decided but we are considering between 15-20 dollars every 6 months. This will keep it updated and allow us to also add features as needed especially as we get more IPS administrators interested in it. This price may go down if we have enough contributing members to the mod itself. We are looking primarily at the future of the mod and making sure that it stays both beautiful and relevant. Have questions or concerns? Post them here.
  16. Hello Everyone, I'm your newest support staff member here at the Initiative. I'm here to help Morigann fix any bugs that may arise as well as other duties. Please don't hesitate to submit a bug in the bug tracker! 🙂 I've held various positions at a few Harry Potter roleplay sites and I am also working on starting my own HP site at the moment. My day job is working with technology and programming, and I also have my bachelors degree in information technology management. So technology is a hobby as well as work. Don't hesitate to reach out, I am here on the forums as well as the discord. I look forward to working with the staff as well as all of the members. 🙂
  17. THE TIME HAS COME Nominations are now CLOSED and voting is OPEN for the Initiatives Roleplay Community Awards! But the participation fun is still rolling (see below for more info on that!) TO VOTE You must be a full member of the Initiative (have at least ten posts) You must be awesome (spoiler alert: you all are!) And all you need to do is visit the Nominations Voting forum, and vote in as many categories as you fancy. Or all of them. You should definitely vote in all of them, and help celebrate the wonderful sites, members, and resources we have here! Voting will close on Saturday 1st of September. Make sure to get your votes in before then, as the polls will automatically lock! There won't be any extra time granted by staff sleeping in and forgetting to close the voting---don't procrastinate! Vote now! BEING AN INFORMED VOTER The nominations have highlighted some really wonderful stuff around The Initiative. We would love if you took a minute to check out all the options in each category, to make sure your vote represents what you think is the stand out winner. Your vote counts, so make sure it goes where it is deserved! PARTICIPATION IN THE VOTING PHASE While voting is open, you will still be able to accumulate participation points through resource submissions, forum participation, and---yep! Submitting your votes! Every eligible member who votes will get 5 points per category they vote in added to their tracker*. That's some easy points right there! You can also still register a participant tracker if you don't have one already. All you need to do is go to "add new record", fill in your name and the site you want to support then click "submit". If you're really stuck, feel free to ask for help in this thread! EARLY WINNERS Some categories have already been won due to there only being one nomination! You can also find these in the voting forum, in threads beginning with "Winner!". Go see who took out these awards, and congratulate them on a job well done! And that's all for the Initiatives today, we look forward to seeing more results come through as August progresses! * These may take a few days to show up, but don't panic! They will be counted!
  18. With how big our Discord is getting it's getting harder to figure out who is who especially with all of the name changes that happen and the difference between the Discord server and the main site. As such we have added these rules to our Community Code of conduct: Username changes can only be made to match your Initiative Username and can be requested in the "Name Change" channel. Patrons and staff are allowed to change their username freely as long as their Initiative username is still in the name as a perk of being a patron/staff member. Usernames that are changed to intentionally supersede the list (aka be at the top) are forbidden. If you have questions let us know otherwise use our new name_change channel to get your name changed on the discord server. We will ignore dashes or symbols at the beginning of usernames.
  19. Hey everyone, I know not everyone knows what is going on but we want to give you a heads up and try to make this as easy on our non-EU people as our EU people despite being not for profit. First to non-EU people: You can stop reading this as most of this will not apply to you. However, as a note, you may receive a few annoying Privacy Policy updates over the next few weeks/months due to this update just to be sure we're in compliance. Please read, as normal, and accept. Our privacy policy, overall, isn't changing however it will be adding things to comply with GDPR in the overall spectrum. Your privacy is still important to us and we will continue to keep your stuff private. For EU people: We are working to be sure we comply with GDPR, as it stands IPS, the software we use, alone is enough to comply with GDPR. As GDPR grows and becomes a more solid thing we will continue to work on making things compliant. As it stands we do comply with GDPR however we are adjusting our privacy policy to be more descriptive. We use session based and functional cookies along with google analytics and reCaptcha. We currently have information regarding this however we will be expanding this to be better suited for GDPR in the near future (possibly not before the official roll out, sorry). This message, overall, is for EU users that are worried about GDPR and their privacy. Please reach out to the staff using the Staff's Eyes Only, if you have any concerns about GDPR and your rights on the Initiative, and I will do everything in my power to answer those questions to the best of my understanding of the new policy (especially being an American). If you are not concerned about GDPR and how it affects you on the Initiative please feel free to disregard this. We are working to make sure that we comply as best we can.
  20. Nothing big. A rule regarding account ownership has been added and more specific rules regarding the discord server have been added. Please review the rules here:
  21. This affects all of my hosted accounts as well but the renewal for my server domain is coming up and I'll be switching hosts from where it is now over to Google Domains. As such there is a possibility of downtime as the domain switches over. Last time there was no downtime when I moved the RPG Initiative Domain however I like to give everyone a heads up.
  22. So I'm Yume (or Lenara). I'm from the east coast of the US. I'm a terminally bad speller so you're welcome to kick me or laugh at me if I spell something horribly wrong here or there. Lol. I've been on the RP scene since I was 9 years old, and I started forum rp when I was 11. I'm 24 now though, so no worries there. I'm honored to be on staff and look forward to getting to know everyone a bit better. Ah, I've rped everything from A:TLA and Harry Potter to your run of the mill modern supernatural style site. If I seem familiar it's very possible that you know me - I used to play on a TON of sites, and you're welcome to hit me up if your curious if I played on a certain one lol. These days I don't play on nearly as many sites because I lack the boundless energy of being in middle school and desperate for interaction outside of the classroom, go figure that one. I've used multiple forum softwares - I started out on smfforfree, then moved to proboards, and then I moved to invision free, before going over to Jcink. I've run boards on all of the above, though mostly unsuccessfully. These days I mostly play on SMF, but I don't have issues with most hosts. In my free time, if I'm not rping or writing something, I like to play video games and watch anime. So I joined The Initiative a while back as a directory for a board I was running at the time, and I've since grown to love the community here. I hadn't really considered becoming staff before now, but uh the opportunity presented itself and here I am. Funny story, I used to really dislike real life playbys, but these days they've grown on me and I have quite a personal collection of pictures that I use for characters. Which is, uh, how last night's picture dump started, actually. I know directories like this one help me majorly when finding a face for a new character so why not spread the love yeah? Yeah. Thanks for having me, y'all.
  23. I'm American, not Aussie, but I spell like an Aussie so I suppose you could count me as half an Aussie. Honoured to be on staff! I'm Arceus and I'm this weird cryptid tentatively termed an "SMF freak." I'm about to spread the SMF love and help with SMF questions, codes, and general what the-. I've been working with SMF since I was sixteen, so that's a little over a decade, now (my, how time goes). Over that 10+ years, I've become something of a master at it; I could, if I wanted, probably rewrite the entire thing (not that I do, phew). I'm also the creator of an automated tabletop battle system for SMF, which is pretty boss and everyone said I couldn't do it (haha to them). I already spend all day fixing SMF and making it attractive, and now I'll be officially helping do so for you lovely people! I already helped others with it, just, not here. I'm pretty familiar with the ins and outs of how it operates, and even if there isn't a mod that does whatever thing, already, I can probably plot a pathway to doing it. SMF isn't exactly well-loved, but I hope to help change that! I love SMF personally, and it's somewhat of a personal goal to help others see the bright sides and extendability of SMF, maybe even give it a go (or another) themselves; it's rough, it's a mean mistress, it really is, but it is rewarding, and I'm more than happy to help people learn to understand what it does and why it does. I'm also super-duper stoked for the final release of SMF 2.1, too, and I hope it helps bring SMF into the modern era. If you've got any questions about SMF, or want to know if a specific thing is possible, please do post about it on the board! And never say never! Even if it seems stupid, you just might be able to do it. Nothing is impossible. To quote Audrey Hepburn, "The word itself says I'm possible!" Also, bring soda. =P I likes me some soda.
  24. Hello, out there! After a long...long...egregiously long time away, I'm back on staff! This time around, I'll be helping out with Contributions and have set up shop as the Resident Reviewer. So anything you need from full site reviews to reviews about something specific on said site, my general thoughts and opinions as an outside eye are at your service for your home away from home. Please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm happy to help however I can. -Nyx
  25. So now that I've made my obligatory Croc Dundee reference, hello RPG Initiative! You may know me as Mousie, Lyllea, Lillie, Sadrienne... or any variation on "hey you" and "ghengis khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." I am your resident Aussie Aussie Aussie staff member. Here at The Initiative, my job is to encourage discussion and engagement by doing what I love most: talking about all things forum RP. So... sparking copious topics on various facets of our world, promoting discussion and debate, and generally making The Initiative The Place to go to for advice, observations, and all of that. Since coming back to the RP world I've been sad to see a decline in that, a whole lot of resource forums have moved away from really digging in to what makes an RP board work, why we do it, how we can do it better. The ones that do still have discussion areas tend to be less interactive, and more people just throwing their opinions in and never looking back. I find this sad, and having discovered that this unfortunate trend doesn't extend to The Initiative--I am here to fight back the Nothing! (okay I was hugely obsessed with The Neverending Story as a kid, you got me) And I need your help to do it! Here's how: Start your topics on all things RP. If there's a topic you'd like to see discussed, but don't want to bring it up yourself/aren't sure how--PM me! Reply to other people's topics, engage with what they're saying! Go back to topics you've participated in. See what's new! Keep the engagement going! Sound easy? It sure is, and pretty much it's what we do here anyway. I'm just here to... stand around and look important? Yes. But in all seriousness, the point of this post is to let you all know that I have joined the staff team, and you're welcome to come to me with any issues regarding the RP discussion side of The Initiative. Or any other issue that you feel comfortable approaching me with, I am here for you! And what I would super love, is to know what aspects of the RP world you'd like to discuss more. So feel free to post what sort of things you'd like to see more topics on as a reply to this here shiny announcement! Love you awesome nerds! M (a staff member)
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