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Found 41 results

  1. Where do you write your coding? I know some people make use of CodePen, but I've literally never used it for testing my own codes before. For me, I do it... all live on the forum directly LOL.
  2. I'm curious. I've coded for a long time now, skinning mostly jcink and IF but some tumblr themes, zetaboards, etc. I've noticed there is a trend where skinners are offering skinning services for payment, mostly on tumblr or their own sites. I've seen them for anywhere from $60-200. So my question is... would you pay for a skin? If so, how much? Would you require it be fit to your specifications or a premade works? And also let me know which forum hosts you use, since the skins and what is required on them varies per host.
  3. So while I understand HTML and CSS, I am woefully useless when it comes to PHP other than "damn, I wish I understood that so I could do this thing". So this is probably the first of many questions. I'm trying to change the main forum list on a myBB site so it's not just a single list, basically. I can add images, change colors, etc. etc. What I can't do is figure out how to re-write the HTML so it pulls in the correct forums (I can try to hard code it and then crazy things happen). I'm sure I'm explaining this poorly, so attached is a screenshot of what I would ideally like for it to look like. If that is a complete bear, I would settle for at least being able to have two forums side by side (i.e. like The Commons section in the attached screenshot). If there's a tutorial on this somewhere, please feel free to point my blind self in that direction. I just wasn't able to find anything.
  4. I'm adding the discord widget to my site & I was wondering how to get it to show the most recent messages in the channel I've chosen to display rather than just the online users? I've seen this on sites while advertising as a guest, so it wasn't anything to do with being logged into the channel or anything. Thank you! Edit: Meant to post this in the coding help forum.
  5. Morrigan

     Coding Your File Voting

    Entry 1 Entry 2
  6. Alright guys, this is the skin I'm working on at the moment. See those hideous blue links to the right. I hate them. I don't know what to do to them. And now I am thinking about it far too much and I just can't get my brain around another option. Does anyone have any advice or ideas on what I could do to them? Should I change their location completely? Should I do something similar to what I have done for the replies and topics bit? Should I just say eff-this and make them lime green. (My brain feels like this is the most viable of my ideas so far! XD #bada55 )
  7. So I love skinning and making things pretty and everything. I mean DF is my tweak time fun. I'm actually working on possibly starting a custom web design company based on the influx of customer's I just got. That being said I was wondering, within the roleplay world, what are your least favorite trends? What is it that makes you cringe every time you see it used. I think mine are huge waste of space banners. I understand that they are there to be flashy and (sometimes) have the information that used to go in a sidebar but really!? Do you have to have a banner that nearly spans 1200px in height to cover my desktop screen? Favorite ones from here:
  8. Select any of the skins that you think should be updated to Jcink! Most of them are ancient... but I'm interested to see if the styles would hold up in this "new and trendier" world of RP. XD
  9. Morrigan

     Coding Reflection

    Entry 1 Entry 2
  10. I'm using rpg initiative's hosting. I just want to find out how to install a plugin that has been downloaded?
  11. Hello everyone! I'm trying to find a way to make signatures visible. I'm not sure what that takes, if it's a matter of ticking a box or something more complicated... but either way I would appreciate any advice! Site: http://xmenacademy.jcink.net/index.php?act=portal
  12. When I post a reply from my QuickReply box, the miniprofile looks like this: When I reload the page, however, it goes back to normal (N.B.: the following image is how the miniprofile is supposed to look): It only happens if I post from an account and using QuickReply. If I write a "full" reply it gives no issue, and guests don't have problems either. I have no idea what's wrong and I'd love if anyone could help. Just in case you want to Inspect around a bit, here's a link to my site: https://unmasqued.rpginitiative.com/index.php Thanks!
  13. My site has a navigation bar that scrolls with the page, then it becomes fixed (like the one at the Initiative). It works almost always, however sometimes when the page has not enough length, the nav bar starts shaking up and down - not sure how else to decribe it. I tried with different heights and positioning, but it still does that. Also it does not happen all the time. Sometimes you re-open the same page (typically an empty forum, for instance) and everything is fine - it just scrolls as long as it can and then gets stuck there, with a bit of header still showing (which is fine). Any idea what the issue could be?
  14. How do? Yes. Me. Again. 😔 I am rewriting the poster section of the display.template to create nicer looking mini profiles. I want to display certain custom fields, not as a block the way the code currently does. I want some of them above the avatar, some below, etc. And I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the PHP bits to make this happen. I know the names for my custom fields, I know where I want to put them. I just cannot figure how to get the value of specific fields to display. Anyone feel like pointing me in the right direction? p.s. I appreciate you all so much smart people thanks so much
  15. On the reverse of this topic: What are your favorite skin trends? What makes you happy to go to a site every day? What makes you feel good about staring at something? I think I'd have to say... I still love sidebars. aka I can't think of anything.
  16. Hey guys, what do you think having a light skin (namely, black and white) on a horror site? I'm not talking flowerly purples and pinks and whatnot, but just something that isn't strictly dark. I really have my eye on this skin here but I don't know if it would be wise to use a skin with so much white. Alternatively, I really like this dark skin but I don't know if it's too monotonous. I have no problem with it, but I know others have difficulty with dark skins. (I only want to deal with one skin at a time. Too much coding to have two completely different skins, keep them updated with appropriate information, etc.)
  17. I'm in the process of designing a new skin for my site, and one of my main objectives is to make sure it's optimized for all screen sizes. From high res, giant desktop screens to tiny little phone screens. I have a few members who access the site pretty exclusively on tablets, others on desktops, and more on phones. And let me tell you - it's a struggle! As someone who has pretty much exclusively dealt in coding with pixels only, optimizing my website for screens that aren't my screen size is challenging. But at the end of the day, I'm not coding for me. I'm coding for my users. And I want to make sure they have the best, most accessible experience on my forum. So what advice do you have for optimizing that user experience? What problems do you regularly encounter when you view a forum on a different screen size? What do you wish more designers did to improve accessibility? And what do you do to make your forum more accessible?
  18. So I am going to try and get some good tutorials for graphics and coding up. Specifically I'm looking to find out if there are any tutorials (things that you've seen me do and want to know how to do). Not everything I can show as some things on this site and DF are IPS framework but I'm happy to make a tutorial on anything. A few of the ones I intend to do: How to resize a gif in photoshop How to add text to a gif in photoshop Easy graphics effects in photoshop Now some of these will come with video tutorials because images just aren't enough sometimes but I'm happy to add things in and help you all out in making anything from templates to graphics that I can help you with. Thanks!
  19. Where did you learn to code? Almost 13 years ago, I started coding on Neopets. Anyone else remember that place, and the pet pages you usually did character applications on? Yup! Welp! That's how I learned to code.
  20. Death Kitten

     Coding Project Wonderful?

    Anyone have any experience with Project Wonderful? I set up an account to advertise my RP, but I was thinking of putting a couple of the small ads on my public facing pages of my game to help pay for the ads I place with them. I know some people have a knee jerk reaction to just hate all advertising, but I don't mind small static ads myself. And with the way Nova (my RP's cms) is set up, I'll be able to not put the ads on the pages my players frequently see. And if you don't have experience with PW itself, any experience with ads in general would be helpful.
  21. What do you do when you've got coding block? It doesn't happen to me often, but when it hits it hits hard. It helped me to try and code for a software that I'm unfamiliar with, since it really got the gears turning in my head and forced me to start thinking. How about you guys?
  22. What can you improve in your coding, and how do you plan on doing it? I'm not going to lie! I feel my coding is pretty unorganized, in the backend. I don't tend to label what things are especially if I know that no one else will be making any edits to the skin. But there are times when I need to make edits and I can't find where the frick to do that because I don't remember and everything's a mess and on fire. In the past I've made attempts to be better at this! I label my coding as I go, but it's not something I've ever stuck with. It's just a habit I'll have to try and fall back into. We'll see how it goes.
  23. How do you prevent a piece of javascript from loading for mobiles? <script type="text/javascript" src="https://pirate-rp.site/jscripts/jquery.sticky.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(".discord").sticky({topSpacing:50}); }); </script> This is what I want to stop from loading. I googled and the answers didn't work for me.
  24. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has ever come across a good customizable calendar for RPGs. I guess an example would be the "donjon" one but I have no idea how to put that up on my site for my game. I'm only familiar with very basic html and css. I made my own crummy calendar using an html table, but it would be cool to find something that cycles but I would just settle for something I could edit and throw my own # of days and months in as well as editing the names for them. "donjon" is great, I just don't know how to embed it or if it's even possible.
  25. Lady Isadorabelle

     Coding DIscord and JCink?

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I wasn't sure! Anyway, I've been poking around Discord API because I want to create bots to pool all wanted ads from different sites for easier access for myself and my staff. The problem is that my coding experience is with the visual aspect of coding. I'm great with HTML and CSS, but I'm a little lost in the woods like red riding hood here when it comes to trying to do this. But, I know it can be done, I've seen it on RPG-I's Discord. Can somebody help me to grandma's house and away from the big bad wolf?!

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