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Found 9 results

  1. So I know I love the colors of the Initiative. I'm curious if it's too colorful. We are color coordinated based on the items you are viewing. Is it okay or do we make it too difficult to concentrate. Our gear won't change however our outlook on a potential future skin may. Give your opinions on the color coordination/colorfulness only please.
  2. Recently a member posted a topic thanking the initiative for being accepting and the members for listening and for the ability to disagree with staff members without feeling persecuted (THOSE OF YOU THAT SHOULD FEEL PERSECUTED ARE PERSECUTED! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! /Morrevileyes). (Actually I honestly don't know of anyone that should be mentioned in my last sentence so you are all persecuted. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!). Lolz, not sorry. Okay! Onto real serious stuffs! Thank you for being our members! Honestly? This community doesn't work that way without you making it that way. We provide the venue but really you all are the ones that make it happen that way. If it weren't for you and your acceptance of the differences of one another than we at the initiative would just be battling you guys for control of how you treated each other always reprimanding and trying to get you guys to fall in line with our tyrannical RP regime. Having you all as members, not having to fight to keep the order is such a pleasure. We know it's not always perfect. Hell, we're not perfect, but we love you all! We will fight to keep our calm accepting site exactly as it is. Thank you for helping us make this site as awesome as it is.
  3.  Discuss! Clubs!

    So I want to put this out there to all of you and see what you think we should do with the cool new feature called "Clubs". Clubs information is here: Now what I was thinking we could do is one of two ways. We can make clubs into a sort of "Learning Center" and/or a "Mini-RPG" place and/or for "Roleplays". We can do all three, none or more, we're open to suggestions. The Learning Center I feel would be a great place for people to learn new skills or hone their existing skills. This would be where people that know coding well would be able to manage them and help people with questions etc. If you have scripts or skins it could also be a single place for people to directly ask you questions about it. For those of you that have been around RPG Initiative since the Distant Fantasies days you will know what a Mini-RPG is. Basically it was a forum that you could run an RP that didn't need a full site. This was really for people that wanted to have a roleplay with a few people without the hassle of starting up an entire site for it. This would be true for clubs made of it. This would be a place you can have a small RP and yet get the structure of a forum. For Roleplays this could be a good way to show the who is who of your forum here on the site, assist people interested in your roleplay and show off works from your roleplay (future plans for this include gallery and similar integrations). As we said these are just some of the ideas we have. Do you like them? Would you like to add to them? Have another idea? Let us know!
  4.  Discuss! Upgrade: Reactions!

    So with the move forward into 4.2 the reactions system will actually be core (and that means that it will actually work with the leadership boards). What this means is that our current reactions will go away! The actual reactions will be ported over to the new system however current reactions to posts will be reset (sorry guys). I will look into possibly transferring them over but being that our current system is a mod it is doubtful that it will work. On the bright side you can react again! This also means that there will not be a "Yay Post" button anymore as it will be replaced with the Reactions bar completely (something we were wanting anyways). Feel free to continue to suggest more reactions to posts! We love to see how you feel about a post.
  5.  Discuss! Are you Salty?

    Just curious! Tell us if you're salty!
  6. With our upgrade today we now have the option for two-factor authentication. I'm bringing it up here as I was looking to know if anyone is interested in me enabling this feature. It would only be necessary for login I believe and changing account settings (email and the like). There are two types of two-factor authentication. 1 is Google Authenticator and the other is security questions and answers. If you have any further things to discuss please feel free to reply. However if you vote in the poll that is enough.
  7.  Discuss! Reputation Theme

    Alright, I've discussed this many times with staff members and I'll be honest.... we are not sure what to do. We want a theme! We don't want to do fandoms or nerd items as not everyone will get them or they will feel like their fandom isn't as important because it's not as high on the "reputation" scale. My favorite idea, the one I keep going back to, is lemmings. Not the animal but the video game: I would go with the most recent 3D version. My reasoning for it is because I think that all Lemmings are created equal, just like roleplayers. I know in a way a real lemming is considered followers and that's not the impression I want to put forth and that's the only reason why reputation remains themeless. Do you have a recommendation? Would you be okay with Lemmings knowing the context? Do you think new members would be offended without knowing the context.
  8. So, with the recent Internet issues that most people heard of at the Dyn DNS sites I just want to throw out there that it's completely possible that DNS hosts that don't clear their cache can be affected. Including where our Domain is hosted. This means that it's completely possible that RPG Initiative COULD go down. If it does please know that it is not the intent of RPG Initiative to go down. We will make every effort to not go down due to the fall out of this event but know that after the event fall out we will still be here.
  9.  Discuss! CAH Custom Cards

    So with our Cards Against Humanity game we would like to create a custom deck for The Initiative. That being said, jokes you've seen around, threads that you think would be amusing to have as the fill in the blank cards. Give us your suggestions. Things like: Q: You get the ban hammer when _____. A: You Create an overpowered character that I already said NO to! Etc. You can create as many question or answer cards as you want please just label them as Q: for questions and A: for Answers!