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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 275 results

  1. So, as I move towards improvements on the discord front... I had a central question/mindset... and its more of a curiosity than anything. How do you guys feel about servers that announce your arrival? As a new member do you find this discouraging when joining a new community? Why? Are you for or against discord servers that practice this? I also have a lot of other discord questions and guides, so a part of me has considered making a coterie for it... but I would instead join one over making one myself. I have been super into improving servers so maybe this would be the place to do that?
  2. Whether pop culture based, book based or what have you. Are there any style of board you are legitimately surprised you haven't seen around? Or, at least, that there aren't more of? I'm shocked there aren't tons of Wings of Fire rps out there.
  3. Do you like word counts? How many is too many words to expect someone to write? How many is too few? What do you feel is a good middle ground? What's your best/worst experience with/without word counts?
  4. Does anyone as a rule adopt preconceived characters they see on the forums they write on? If so, why and what were the pros and cons of your experience? Reason asking is of all the forums I've been on with adoptable characters available I've never actually seen one picked up. I myself prefer going OC because of my own control issues. Beginning to wonder if its worth the effort of putting up Want Ads for them. Also, apologies in advance if this topic has been done before. I did a quick search but didn't see it.
  5. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to how strict the activity rules of a site they'd be interested in joining should have. Personally, I like the 'one IC post per week/two weeks' rules, but that's just me. I consider that my happy medium for not being too strict but it also doesn't leave me waiting a month plus for replies. I know some people do this and enjoy this, but I'd just lose interest/forget what was going on. So what about you guys? I'm curious to read everyone else's preferences & see what might be the most common!
  6. I've always been curious, in the world of mobile-first web development, how many people actually post from their phones or tablets. Personally, even though I don't post in-character from my phone, I still prefer roleplay websites that are mobile-friendly. I like to be able to participate in OOC conversations from my phone, and read new posts over breakfast. That's part of the reason I prefer XenForo and IPS as forum software - I have never met a mobile-friendly jcink or Proboards forum. So, that's my opinion - responsive design or die. What about you all?
  7. Based on a conversation in the Discord server this morning (and y'all should totes join the server if you haven't already), I want to know - tell us about an original or fan character you're proud of, but haven't gotten a chance to use in a while! Maybe you just haven't RPed in that genre in a while, or maybe you're in the middle of a redesign, or maybe they just require a slightly more specific setting and you're not wanting to DM right now, it's doesn't matter! Questions to start with What do you especially like about this character? What kind of setting were they designed for? What was the last campaign/thread you used them in? If you revisited this character, what might you change about them? (You can also brag about alternate universe versions of canon characters, if you want!) I'll start - I made a character for a fantasy RP on Gaia whose plot escapes me... but the gist is that our characters were humans chosen by gods and goddesses to represent them in sort of quest. We made up our own deities that got added to the world's lore. My champion's name was Owen, and his big gimmick was that he was chosen by a very minor goddess: The Forge, the servant of the God of Smithing. The Forge was very bitter about being forgotten all the time, and made it her mission to curse smiths everywhere until they started respecting their tools more. Owen was more concerned about the fact that he not has a magical miniature forge for a chest cavity. His adventuring partners appreciated having a walking campstove. Owen did not appreciate their appreciation. I'm hoping one day I'll find another fantasy thread I can use them in. Barring that, I might start a fantasy RP where all sorts of minor gods go on strike.
  8. Sooo I'm just bored and figured I'd ask a random-ish question, because why not, so my question is going to be, what's you favorite "Archetype" of character to play/write? I mean, do you like to play the criminal looking for redemption, the school kid with big dreams, the master of magic who's seen some s--- and seeks to pass on their knowledge, the amateur who's just beginning to discover the potential of what they can do, the working-class citizen just trying to get through another day, the tragic/dark protagonist/antagonist, the ambitious adventurer, the timid introvert, the sadist, the masochist, the what? I figure, it probably varies on a character-by-character basis, and I don't just mean character plots, I mean, personality, or backstory, or et cetera? Basically, what's your favorite way to make your characters, I guess? Not really sure if it's a good question or not, or even if it's one with a potential for a whole lot of answers, I just figured I'm bored and I'd run my mouth with whatever came to mind.
  9. DISCUSS AWAY! Maybe this will help people find potential partners! Do you have a wanted ad/plot sitting around that you just haven't been able to find someone to take/work with you? Maybe you have that one character that just cannot find a ship for the life of them. Or maybe you just have a idea that you haven't found the right person to throw it at? What is your white whale of wanteds? Share them, let's talk about them and do everything from figuring out why they haven't been taken, suggesting boards they might work on or even offering to take it or just talking about whether or not you think its a neat idea!
  10. Wasn't sure what prefix to throw this under... it could fall under either. Can anyone tell if a site will last these days? Its hard to look at a site and know they will be around for years to come when the overall lifespan of new role play forums is generally a few months. What do you look for in a site that makes you think they will be around for a long time? Particularly when a site is under a year old? It always seems to be a gamble when joining and perhaps it always will be. But for sites that have been around for a year or more, what do you think keeps them going? It doesn't appear to matter how much work someone puts into it, I have seen some brilliantly planned sites go down in an excessively fast rate upon opening date. What is something that can kill a site when it seems to have everything going for it?
  11. CovertSphinx

     Membership Thread Lurking

    Do you like to read the threads of other members, ones that none of your characters are apart of? Or do you like to stick to your own threads and not wander off into the writing depths of the unknown. And why.
  12. so you all probably know that situation when you have a plot you're excited about that falls out, whether because of a partner flaking, life, or something else. I've heard it said here quite often that plots shouldn't rely too heavily on one person especially the site-wide ones, but I'm wondering more about how you tie up the lose ends and move on, especially with the more personal stories you want to tell after you and your partner have gotten so involved that its hard to find an alternative for that other particular character? It could be because of the nature of the relationship being hard to replicate/replace, something unique about the other character, or just the nature of the spot where the plot stopped moving making it hard to get out of with just anyone, just for a few general examples. I often use bridging solo threads to close things, npcing a character that gets mine out, or creating a situation that gives them the time to reconcile the 'lack of availability' of the person they were relying on, but that hasn't worked for every situation. So what do you all do to keep your stories moving in such situations?
  13. Happy September! (Yay the start of my favorite month!)... as autumn approaches, and also the 1 year anniversary of my own site, I'm trying to come up with an idea for an event or two to celebrate and involve as many of our characters/writers as possible. I've noticed that our "in character" group threads/events tend to get more participation and completion than our AU events. So while AU is easier to include everyone, it might be a bit more fun to do a few separate in character threads in different locations. We are a LOTR site so any 'medievaly' ideas would work... granted I would also love to hear ideas across the board of what other types/genres are doing . For us so far, a 'masquarade ball' comes to mind maybe for elves or Dol Amroth... a couple of our locations could do something like that. Maybe some creepy giant spider thread in Mirkwood, or ghost of the Dimholt sighting in Rohan. If we'd had more hobbit characters at the moment I thought it would be funny to do a "clue" style 'who stole the pumpkin' thread... unfortunately, maybe we'll tuck that idea away for next year lol. Then there are those challenges where given a wordlist to use. Maybe an autumny word list. Or a Halloween one? Or both. I don't know, does anyone else have any ideas! I need to get on top of thinking about it so I can announce that something is coming around mid month and get people excited lol. We don't have a points system so I don't know what I'd do for people who participate. Maybe a tiny little badge for their bio? We haven't done anything like yet but I was thinking it could be fun for those people who have been with us since the first couple months to get something like that. But maybe participators could get a little badge too.
  14. Polyvore is gone. It was shut down by Ssense a few days ago (I think they acquired it) and they've stated that it's not coming back. Apparently Ssense wanted the email lists and user information of the polyvore members. I loved polyvore. It was a perfect platform to merge together visual art and writing, and now it's gone. All those pictures and collages I've made over the years have been vanished. I knew it was a possibility that if the website ever vanished, all our work would vanish, too, but this is silly. Now I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know an alternative that would allow RPers to make collages for their characters and plots? All those poor people who spent every day on Polyvore crafting beautiful artistic pieces. . . . And those people who RPed directly on polyvore itself. . . . They're in even worse shape than the rest of us. Edit - If you're a polyvore user, visit their blog: http://blog.polyvore.com/ You can request your content to be sent to you, and you can opt out of having your information given to Ssense.
  15. I have a Hunger Games site that is currently on hiatus as I get stuff pulled together IRL. As I'm trying to do a few updates in this time, I've also been thinking about the plot. Panem is such a depressing place by nature, but I'm realizing that I don't want to have to roleplay depressing stuff all the time. Like I can have happy plots with my character's family, but the overwhelming shadow of the family member's death is a bit heavy. It's Victor-centered and takes place in the Capitol. What do you guys do or recommend in these sorts of situations? My site is AU and I dont mind breaking canon a bit as long as it's not unrealistic. One thing I don't want to do is make some "happy place" section outside of our current playable area (ie: the Capitol) where characters would be spread out too thinly. I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions, or how you have handled similar situations in the past.
  16. The other day, I ran across the idea that there are distinct but subtle warning signs that an RP will fail. That members can intuit something amiss and know the RP is doomed, even before the RP has begun to spiral into failure. I believe it was worded as "people can smell death on a site, and it goes beyond the wording of rules or the skin's aesthetics." While I think the death throes of a failing RP are pretty obvious to any observer, I feel like there are less obvious but still very noticeable red flags of a doomed RP. Lil' details that can reliably warn a prospective player that the RP is not likely to last very long, if at all, even before the RP has fully launched. An' I'mma stress the point that these red flags are present even before the RP has started. That there is something fatally flawed in the most fundamental foundation of the site that members can pick up on. I've definitely "smelled death" on sites before, but I find articulating exactly what I was sniffing out to be surprisingly difficult. I have a small list of forums that I occasionally check in on because I'm curious to see if my intuition was correct, and so far...yeah, they have failed before even getting off the ground. A couple of them are in their second or third incarnations and have never seen more than two members despite advertising. Part of me thinks people like me - the lurkers that are wary of joining a site until it has "proven" itself to be worthwhile, thus potentially depriving the site of the first vital members it needs to get going - are a less-than-insignificant part of the problem, but then I remind myself that these sites failed to entice me to join...so they are already failing on their own merit. What "smells of death" on a site to me, I think, is: A less than enthusiastic tone to the RP's documents. Be that a passive aggressiveness, a weariness, an overly joking tone as if compensating for hidden negativity, or...the type of tone that you can tell the admin is expecting issues. That the admin is overly concerned with stamping out problems before they arise and so you're left with a feeling that the admin will be scrutinizing every interaction on site, potentially creating issues out of non-issues by reading into things too far. The admin has an equally less than enthusiastic approach to their admin duties. Not a lack of expressing enthusiasm, but an abundance of expressing...weariness, annoyance, dislike, whathaveyou. Little makes me think a site is going to be dead in three months, tops, more than a site run by an admin who appears to have no love for their own RP. Especially if that admin is not posting IC... But I think this may be more of a death throe of a failing site than a pre-launch indication that the site won't, or can't, succeed. Although I think any RP can succeed if given lots of love from its creator, regardless of genre or over-saturation of RPs of its type... Something about some sites of very popular genres feel "copy and paste" in the worst way. As if the admin did not put any thought into how the RP should be run, how the rules should be written and what should be included, how to make the setting fresh n' fun, etc...but instead made the site a certain way because that is just what RPs of this genre are. Blindly adhering to tradition without thinking about the hows or whys or if that tradition can be improved upon. A staleness. Or just a...weirdness... ...Like having a play-by section on an animal RP. I have no idea why there needs to be play-by claims on an RP populating solely by wolves, but I've seen it more than once... I can only imagine such an odd detail was included on a muscle-memory impulse of "all RPs have play-bys, they just do." What do you guys think? Do you see red flags that an RP will fail, even before it has attempted to succeed? What are those warning signs?
  17. So, when I started roleplaying at the tender age of 15, I started on Gaia Online. Now, I don't know about you guys, but over there, almost every GM put romantic alignment on the character sheets - even in stories that aren't necessarily romantic. So my question to y'all today is: is it important? Is it important to you as a player? As a game master? How critical is it that we know whether a character is single or taken, gay or straight, transgendered or not? Are there genres in which it's important to denote whether a character is aromantic or asexual? Does having this information add or detract from your roleplay experience? Be honest! I'm not gonna judge you for needing this info for trashy romance RPs! That shit can be fun! Me, personally, I don't typically enjoy romance stories, so I don't join them, so I never really consider the romantic or sexual alignment of my characters.... Except for the one arranged marriage RP I ran because that was fucking hilarious.
  18. How do you feel about character limits? Do you like having them? Do you like UNLIMITED cosmic power freedom? Are you okay with earning/buying additional slots? Or do you prefer the free for all? FEED ME YOUR OPINIONS
  19. Inspired by this thread. What kind of player is more annoying to you? Type 1, who uses open rules to crash threads and insert their character as the biggest, baddest, most unbeatable fighter who will start a fight for no reason and win always because they say so? Or Type 2, who uses consent rules in order to let their character be snarky, aggressive, and even do things that are wrong, but will never ever give permission for their character to get so much as a scratch unless it follows their narrative? I feel like, for staff, type 1 is easier to deal with. You tell them to quit it or leave. Type 2 is weirder because the allowance for this kind of behaviour is built into the site. As a player, I can just stop playing with either type, but I definitely find playing with the Type 2 to be more annoying because GOSH, you can't just ask for a punch and then call me rude for following through.
  20. When someone expresses a dislike for stat and dice systems in play-by-post rp, the most common reason - that I have found - is that those game mechanics "restrict creative freedom." Well, the most common personal reason. Sometimes the person complains how dice or GM heavy game mechanics can bog down play-by-post, or other problems with introducing such elements to a forum environment. But I'm interested in the "restricting of creative freedom" argument. So, I ask myself - and y'all - what is true creative freedom in the realms of forum rp? Or maybe just rp in general. To me, it is the freedom to play the character you want to, and I stress play. Meaning that your character is capable of being what you intended and desired them to be, regardless of what other players may do or say or play. I find in a lot of consent-based rps (the sort where one has to have permission to harm or kill or whatever another player's character) that lack game mechanics, either entirely or of a meaningful nature, I do not have the freedom to play the characters I want to... Yeh, my character is the species and has the appearance I want. Their personality is on point, as is their backstory, abilities, and all else. But when character interactions are...wrong. Very wrong. And for the simple reason that my character cannot harm or touch, really, any other players' without their consent. Now, I play villains. Not suave, discreetly dangerous villains that the average person might approach and interact with without noticing the threat the villain poses. Nah, nah, nah. I play disfigured, disgusting, impulsively violent creeps. The kind of person that makes you uncomfortable at a distance, and once you start talking to them, you realize "No, I'm not being prejudiced about their appearance, they really will (insert your choice of violent crime) me..." But when my horrible villain cannot act upon another character, the other players do not feel that their characters are threatened and...so they respond to my thing as if it were an average, if a bit unpleasant, person. Thus, I am unable to play the character I want to, and only able to play a harmless, dull version of the character. By the design of the game's rules, my character is incapable of being what I intended them to be - because the other player has more power to ignore aspects of my character than I do to enforce those aspects. Yeh, someone could consent to my monster's devices, that's in the rules... But no one ever has... Seriously, I once played a sewer-dwelling, grave-robbing, deranged, cannibalistic hobo half-man. "Half-man" in that he had one good eye, one good arm, and one good leg, all on one side - he was basically half a man and half a twisted wreck. I distinctly remember several members on the forum saying how they loved how horrible he was, but when we threaded, they all treated him as if he were not a cannibalistic hobo. They had their characters approach him with that dull casual curiosity that plagues too many rps - "Oh, you're an odd fellow. Nevermind you appear to be eating dead rats out of the traps behind the local school, where there are children you can torment. What's your story?" ...Because they could safely ignore how dangerous and awful he was, since they had more freedom to do so with the consent rules than I had to play my character how he was intended to be played. On the other hand... In an rp where game mechanics balance character interactions via stats and dice, instead of consent rules, risky situations can truly exist. If math and dice determine if and how one character can harm or kill another character, with no regard to OOC permission, then dangerous characters are truly dangerous. Then you have the ability to ignore the threat of my hobo if you wish - and - I have the ability to enforce the threat of my hobo if I wish. I have the freedom to play the character I want to, instead a hollow, toothless shadow of the character. What do y'all think?
  21. How do you feel about people sitting in your cbox (or whatever) and chatting before they have a character? Not asking questions, just participating in the ooc communication.
  22. Obviously not every character can work on every site (not that this stops some from trying!) But many of them can be tweaked and made to fit. Sometimes, a new canvas is better! It's all personal preference! Do you prefer rolling entirely new characters for a new site? Or do you have a handful that you reroll for every board you join?
  23. I love statistics! So let's compile some data! How old are you? How long have you been roleplaying? What age range are most of your characters? The poll is (supposed to be) anonymous - no need to actually share your age here, unless you want to! Discussion topics (poll participation not required): Do you think that older players tend to play older characters? Is it strange when adult players prefer playing teenagers or children? In your experience, are certain age groups more common in different genres? Has your RP group aged up with you? In what ways have you witnessed the demographics of RPers and characters alike shift since you joined the hobby?
  24. How do you guys prefer to focus your RPs? Do you love RPs/settings that promote a heavy amount of direct combat between characters (Kind of like all those anime that have plots entirely based on and revolving around fights. Your typical "shounin" sotospeak)? Or do you prefer to stay away from direct combat and develop the plot in a less violent (but still as dastardly) fashion? If it's a mix, what's the kind of split that you typically take to?
  25. So we've had a poll on trigger warnings sitting about for a good bit now. So, as a player do you appreciate or despise trigger warnings? What's your reason?

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