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Found 297 results

  1. What converted you from lurking around the Initiative and become a member? Whether it was the community, an event, or even just to submit your site to our directory, let us know!
  2. I am working on the reboot for my swords and sorcery site which means I am wading through our old lore documents. My initial goal was to pare the lore down to one document per species / race. However, now that I am into it, I am starting to feel that is not feasible. The site draws its inspiration from many genres. However, original ideas are blended in. In the past, we were told that the amount of lore that we had at the site scared people off joining. Therefore, I undertook doing lore revisions to make the site more appealing. Now, however, I am finding that cutting out information makes the species or race feel very two dimensional with no depth. Here are my questions...and my answers. I still want to hear from everyone else since obviously I would join, it's my site and I am biased! ;) If you went to a site and saw that there were 3 to 5 short documents to read about a race or species plus a Beginner's Guide for each one, would you still consider joining? How much reading is too much? How much is too little?
  3. I'm just curious. What do you guys prefer in both roleplay sites, and in your own character-making? Do you prefer to rp as a canon character from animes, mangas, shows/movies, etc? Or, do you favor making your own character from scratch? My personal opinions is that I steer clear of canon, only because I don't want to feel that I am changing someone else's character, or I am not able to stay 100% true to said character because they aren't mine. If I can make my own from scratch, I can make them in my own image, and roleplay them any way I want, so I guess the creative freedom attracts my interest more. However, I don't judge those who love canon, more power to them! How about you guys? I'd really love to see what you all think! 🙂
  4. I'm having issues with a person who took my wanted ad and I need some advice on what to do. My ad was for a female partner on this spy site I just joined and I made sure to say no romantic ties. They took the character and we chatted on Skype, everything was normal. We started a thread, everything was cool and we were having a lot of fun. Halfway through they messaged me saying they want confirmation that our characters would be romantic. This hit me out of the blue because I wasn't looking for romance. Especially since we're in our first ever thread together and I don't know if our characters will mesh like that after only a few posts. I explained this and that I don't like doing romance as the sole focus of my plots but if our characters gravitate towards it naturally, I'll play along. It's like it's not enough. Now they are telling me they are hurt and feel like their time has been wasted since they made the character for a romance storyline. Completely ignoring that I had plot ideas which prompted me to post the ad in the first place. All I wanted was someone to do cool spy plots with but all of them have been shut down or pushed aside for something I never asked for. They accused me of secretly plotting romance with another character, I'm not. They keep wanting to go back and forth with me about romance stuff and at this point, I'm so exhausted. I stopped replying to our thread because the long drawn out conversations on Skype about this tired me out. We met...four days ago and all this has happened in that time. I really need some help on how to make this neverending story end pretty please. Anonymous poster hash: 0676c...d4c
  5. I've always been curious, in the world of mobile-first web development, how many people actually post from their phones or tablets. Personally, even though I don't post in-character from my phone, I still prefer roleplay websites that are mobile-friendly. I like to be able to participate in OOC conversations from my phone, and read new posts over breakfast. That's part of the reason I prefer XenForo and IPS as forum software - I have never met a mobile-friendly jcink or Proboards forum. So, that's my opinion - responsive design or die. What about you all?
  6. The old saying is "Write what you know?" Isn't it? But that's not true, is it? One of the joys of roleplay is being in settings you would never have the hope of being in, and seeing that environment change. But, hey, lets face it, I don't know how how to fly a spaceship or how to fight with a sword, so what do I do? I go to the internet and read up about it, and I know a bunch of you guys do too. But what weird places has your character's interests taken you? For me, I've been reading about 18th century literature, cold fusion and virus replication.
  7. What drew you to a site, but might have made you hesitant about jumping in? If you are a converted lurker, what made you jump in?
  8. Approaching a month waiting on the person I'm writing with and feeling a bit frustrated so figured I'd ask the question: How long do you go with waiting for a reply? Personally, a week or so I can handle but when it starts approaching the month mark I start to get annoyed. Mostly because I start to forget what I was doing in the thread to begin with. Anonymous poster hash: 7632b...351
  9. Let me be honest - sometimes I set up a story in a particular genre or with a certain look just because I like the way it fuckin' looks. This is why I love anime-inspired fantasy roleplays, because I love love LOVE a cast of characters who are buxom women with comically oversized weapons, and bishounen princes with long coats and flurries of rose petals. How about you? What are the kinds of RPs you'll join just because you love the look? What are those specific looks?
  10. I'm not talking taking a break. I'm not saying that moment that you are like "Well maybe I'll pick it up later". I'm more asking have you ever considered leaving all of the sites you are on, leave all the directories/resources you're a part of and just no more. Pick up a new hobby and move on. I ask because sometimes I get so exhausted sometimes. The drama, the slogging through terrible admins, terrible members, lost RP partners, great ideas that die within a few months and all of it just goes around in a circle, round and round and round. Isn't that the definition of madness? Doing the same thing, over and over and expecting different results? Sometimes its rewarding sometimes I feel like its an uphill battle to enjoy myself. Do you ever feel this way? How do you deal with it if you do? Anonymous poster hash: 8409d...b8d
  11. Are there any patterns you catch yourself falling into when creating new characters? Things like gender, physical/personality traits or things like birth dates/zodiac signs? Whether or not they keep pets, or the kinds of pets they keep. Any sort of thing, really. Are there any kinds of traits that you intentionally incorporate into all characters? As an example (arguably a particularly odd one), I was once on a site with a player who would literally only play characters with a name that began with C. So what are your patterns and quirks with character building? And, more importantly, is there any specific reason why?
  12. A trend I'm seeing more and more of lately in new rp sites are character aesthetics instead of using Face Claims/Playbys. That is, instead of using a person's face as a basis of your character's physical appearance, you use a series of images, not necessarily of a person at all, to conjure up the character's "aesthetic" to represent them. I'm curious as to everyone's opinion of this approach, and how they feel that affects the game in comparison to sites who use traditional face claims. What do you prefer these days if you're required to use images in your rps? Do you like having a set "claim" to represent your character? Or do you prefer the aesthetic feel?
  13. This is from a staff perspective. Now I want to hear what members think! Purely as a member: Do you like apps? Yes/no Why not if not? Your reasons! If yes, what kind do you prefer and why? Traditional/shipper/freeform/etc Do you find that they help you in creating character? Do you for example, discover anything more meaningful about the character as a result from writing an app? Does it help you get a grip on them? Etc
  14. I got to thinking about this because I've run into a couple of old RP buddies from years and years ago here on The Initiative. People I lost contact with for ages, some over 10 years. It's always neat running into someone you remember. Also, user names and handles are just interesting in and of themselves. So what online handles have you used in the past / do you use now, and why do you use them? I've used: Krymson/Crimzon SableSymphony Sable Foxfire - taken from a horse in a favorite novel series, though also a sort of bio-luminescent fungi Thirteen - jersey number for most of my athletic teams for about 7 years Seventh_Crow - from an old nursery rhyme about natural omens, seven crows for a secret never to be told RainxDog - From the Tom Wait's song Rain Dogs. Dragon/DragonBlue - longest used, one of my names means dragon and another of 'em means fire. Longer version just because I like blue and lightning dragons.
  15. Does anyone as a rule adopt preconceived characters they see on the forums they write on? If so, why and what were the pros and cons of your experience? Reason asking is of all the forums I've been on with adoptable characters available I've never actually seen one picked up. I myself prefer going OC because of my own control issues. Beginning to wonder if its worth the effort of putting up Want Ads for them. Also, apologies in advance if this topic has been done before. I did a quick search but didn't see it.
  16. On a sort of related note - if you've had a player who has pushed you to the point of uninviting and / or whose pre-teen temper tantrum and strop off has left the staff breathing a collective sigh of relief - and you then find out / get told / see / whatever that they've joined another site. do you warn them? Does how well you know the site owners / admins make a difference?
  17. I've been thinking about triggers and how stressful I find some of my characters to play on sites that require trigger warnings because ... they just have so many potentially triggering features that I am not sure if I can catch them before they occur. And I suddenly wondered why do we not mark characters. In other words, if I have a character who is prone to TW: incest, rape, homophobia, racial slurs, child abuse, sexual abuse, why aren't we marking HIM as a potentially triggering item as opposed (or in addition to) thread events. Partly I'm wondering this because I have another character who is prone to panic attacks. I can't tell you at the beginning of a thread if he will have a panic attack, but when they are happening, they are happening and unless we end the thread we have now stumbled upon a triggering topic. So I guess... what do you guys think about this idea? Would it make it easier for people who do have these kinds of sensitivities to be able to (give or take) black list characters who are just walking, talking triggers for them? Is there some advantage to specifically marking each and every thread this character goes into?
  18. when thinking about it, I found it hard and frustrating on finding genres that fit my rpgs perfectly. they feel so unorthodox that they end being a little too original for this directory. in fact, some time ago I pitched an idea about an rpg where you play as a bug/humanoid arthropod. one user stated it was way out of their comfort zone and i fear it might not catch on compared to the several fairy tail or harry potter. things, i hate fan related things based on popular media. i don't car how original your harry potter thing is compared to the rest of the pack, I'm not interested nor will i ever be. it's a shame, it's very hard to find rpgs that actually interest me that aren't reliant on using familiar characters or settings we grow up with. eventually, i shuttled down one of my forums since i personally didn't see the idea working. Not many people are as passionate with bugs as I am or are absolutely scared of them. even when i make them look cute, humanoid, or not as scary, you got some jerk who says "nope" "ew" "or "kill it with fire". sorry for the rant, i'm not mad at how the categories work but i can't seem to find any genre that worked for me. so i guess I'm gonna do a bog standard rpg that takes place in a cyberpunk fantasy world with superpowers or dragon riders rpg. both which are done before.
  19. Admin and Players, please tell us your best stories about the positive impacts a Lurker or allowing lurkers on your site/chat has had on your RPG. Bonus points if the story includes converting them to Players. Former Lurkers: Please tell us your best stories about having been a lurker and being converted to an active RP member!
  20. Do you like word counts? How many is too many words to expect someone to write? How many is too few? What do you feel is a good middle ground? What's your best/worst experience with/without word counts?
  21. Everyone manages their site's in-character sections differently. This topic is an open discussion (not debate) on managing and promoting the IC aspects of roleplay. Some items to think about and add to your replies are below. However, don't feel like these are the only subjects you can discuss in this topic or that you need to cover all of them in your reply. How does your site encourage IC writing? Do you prefer that sites are activity oriented or story-focused? Can they be both? Do you find site-wide plots useless or intimidating? Do you enjoy them? Should joining a site-wide plot be optional? Same as the above - do you prefer a sandbox-only type site? Why? Post Splicing, Joint Posting, Post-by-Post - what are your thoughts and preferences? Anything else that you want to add specifically focused on the in-character aspects of roleplay? How does your site encourage IC writing? For one thing, our IC forums are the first ones you see when you arrive at our site(s). Our story posts take place in one forum so that our members only have one place to go to both read scenes and write tag responses or start a new scene. Should our sites grow and add more writers, we might revisit how we do this. Right now, everyone likes being able to see it all focused in one place. Do you prefer that sites are activity oriented or story-focused? Can they be both? Story focused! If someone wants to write, they will! That old adage that says 'you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink' is very apt in this situation. Sites can encourage their members and offer tools to help them with their writing. Incentives are great, however, in the end, the player has to 'want' to write. Do you find site-wide plots useless or intimidating? Do you enjoy them? Should joining a site-wide plot be optional? I do like well-run and organized site-wide plots as long as joining them is optional. Sometimes, a character simply does not fit into a specific plot or a person's time to write is limited. It is good to encourage them to join in, but be understanding if they decline and make sure the site offers other writing opportunities. Same as the above - do you prefer a sandbox-only type site? Why? In my experience, sites that are sandbox only with dozens upon dozens of tiny one-on-one plots often stagnate as players come and go. Threads can die without a goal or direction which means they wind up abandoned. Of course, this is not true of all sites and all RP writers. I am sure some thrive the sandbox style of doing things. On the reverse side of this opinion is that if some sandbox style writing is not allowed, it makes it hard to develop character relationships. Being allowed to only write in a single plot can derail the more intimate character stories (not talking about just romance here). Post Splicing, Joint Posting, Post-by-Post - what are your thoughts and preferences? Is post-splicing the same thing as joint-posting? I ask because I only recently heard the term. In the old-school of RP, a joint post (JP) is any post that is collaboratively written by two or more players whereas post-by-post is requiring that 'all' responses be made in their own standalone post. Many people use a shared Google document to do this. Some sites, like mine, offer it to active approved players via giving them IC moderation permissions so they can edit posts to add their tag responses in. With Nova, you can actually create a new post, add all the characters to it that you want, save it, and each person then writes responses as they are tagged. When completed, the post can be published. Nova also offers post locking so that only one person at a time can edit the post. My sites offer a combination of standalone posting and JPing. We prefer post-by-post for setting up scenes and adding characters to them. However, for direct interaction and dialog, we move to writing them as a joint post. For me, this makes the flow of conversation feel more 'normal' and 'natural.' It also alleviates having dozens of very short posts in a thread. So, y'all, wade in! Share your thoughts!
  22. So as I go through sites I see fabulous mini-profiles, I see garbagey ones. I see the same ones over and over and over and over. And what I'm curious about is from a member (and I'll even take staff perspectives too). What sort of mini-profiles do you, as a member, find the most appealing? The most common ones in the roleplay world that I see are the hover effect ones that don't work at all on mobile. What sort of information do you find useful in a mini-profile? I know this can be specific to the site like species etc and feel free to add that stuff. What do you find fun as a little add-in, something you kind of like seeing in a mini-profile? A common one I see is like Mini-profile gifs but would it be cooler to have a "Character Playlist" spot instead? Feel free to discuss. I'm looking to see what you love and hate about them without starting a debate. Feel free to screenshot/monosnap/etc some of your favorites if you feel inclined.
  23. Happy September! (Yay the start of my favorite month!)... as autumn approaches, and also the 1 year anniversary of my own site, I'm trying to come up with an idea for an event or two to celebrate and involve as many of our characters/writers as possible. I've noticed that our "in character" group threads/events tend to get more participation and completion than our AU events. So while AU is easier to include everyone, it might be a bit more fun to do a few separate in character threads in different locations. We are a LOTR site so any 'medievaly' ideas would work... granted I would also love to hear ideas across the board of what other types/genres are doing 😄 . For us so far, a 'masquarade ball' comes to mind maybe for elves or Dol Amroth... a couple of our locations could do something like that. Maybe some creepy giant spider thread in Mirkwood, or ghost of the Dimholt sighting in Rohan. If we'd had more hobbit characters at the moment I thought it would be funny to do a "clue" style 'who stole the pumpkin' thread... unfortunately, maybe we'll tuck that idea away for next year lol. Then there are those challenges where given a wordlist to use. Maybe an autumny word list. Or a Halloween one? Or both. I don't know, does anyone else have any ideas! I need to get on top of thinking about it so I can announce that something is coming around mid month and get people excited lol. We don't have a points system so I don't know what I'd do for people who participate. Maybe a tiny little badge for their bio? We haven't done anything like yet but I was thinking it could be fun for those people who have been with us since the first couple months to get something like that. But maybe participators could get a little badge too.
  24. Grey

     Membership Telepathy

    ... or: how I learned to stop powerplaying and love the bomb. Do you have telepathic characters in your RPG? I'm curious as to how that works, how it doesn't work, and how it could. (Context: I write in and run Star Trek RPGs, which we call 'simming'. A group of five to, say, 20 writers write a character on a starship, starbase or colony. We produce third-person longer-form 'logs' (posts of 500-1000 words), sometimes collaborating for a joint log or ensemble log. These RPGs, or sims, run on play-by-email or similar systems, and sometimes forums.) How are empathy and telepathy handled in your RP environment? In Star Trek we have a range of species to write with. From empaths who feel or experience the emotions of another (empathic, like Betazoids, or Deanna Troi on The Next Generation), and telepaths, who can read thoughts, send messages and other crazy stuff according to what the writers needed (Original Series wierdos, Kes on Voyager) – we have quite the selection to pick from. I can see telepathy in particular being a PIA in RPGs. A writer might try and steal the thunder by telling you what your character is thinking before you can respond, or suddenly undo an action, or control your character. But, in the right hands, there are also some great advantages in gameplay, both for plots and for character development. Taking the telepath out of action, having them find a piece of the puzzle, or having an interaction with an ongoing villain/NPC/object (thanks, ST: The Motion Picture). There are many options*. My character (Grey, funnily enough) is a former spy who is unexpectedly developing telepathic skills. He's in a relationship with another character, a PC written by an old friend, and we are having lots of fun exploring the push and pull of that, with various evil plans for the future (namely, making Grey suffer). I know many of the other RPers of old so they know where I'm coming from – but as I'm restarting my own game I'm wondering about where the lines are and how I'd define them in my weirdalienjellymachine head to a future writer. How does your RPG handle telepathy? Does only the GM/CO get to write telepaths? If you are or were writing a telepath, do you have free rein in what you can do or are there limits? Do you write with a telepath who's great/awkward? I want to hear from you. All input welcomed. (*so long as none of them involves William Shatner. I really never need to see that man again, even if I am a massive Star Trek fan.)
  25. You ever met that one player who just left everyone speechless, and not in a good way? Maybe you're not even salty anymore, maybe you're even impressed by the sheer magnitude of their temper tantrum. I met someone like that on another site I was on. I'll change some names and pronouns around. I was running a roleplay and this one player, we'll call him Sequoia He was outgoing and clever, and enthusiastic about the story I was setting up. This was a year or so ago so I don't remember all the details, but he got into a fight with another player in a different RP that was hosted on the same site. It was something about age - he wanted a thread to be 18+, but one of the players turned out to be 16 or 17. The site staff weren't going to do anything because this was Gaia Online (It wasn't actually Gaia, but it was a pretty similar site in terms of style and content) and it was a PG-13 site so like... are you really going to waste time checking if users are over 18 when there's no R-rated content on the site? No, of course not. That's dumb. But Sequoia, that magnificent fucker, went Full Stupid. And you never go Full Stupid. I saw the fallout in the OOC thread, I wish I had screencaps. He had a tantrum of epic proportions over the fact that some teenager on the internet dare lie about her age on a website where there's no consequences as long as you're at least 13, because there's no goddamn premium content. He ragequit the site that night and I've never seen him since, which is a shame because my thread was gonna be bangin' and he had a great character and fantastic writing voice. So yeah, that's my story. What dumb shit have you witnessed?

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