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Found 207 results

  1. I know that jealousy is a common problem in the RP world, but usually I only ever hear about how it tears people apart. I'm hoping that someone out there has managed to survive their jealousy without ruining their RP partnerships, because I'm suffering from massive jealousy issues right now. I've fixated on the one plot my partner is doing with someone else to the point where I don't enjoy the plots I do have, and I lied and put up an away on our site saying I'm busy so that I don't have to post or talk to anyone. I don't like feeling this way, but I don't know how to get my emotions under control, either. Has anyone ever successfully broken a jealousy fixation without it destroying your friendship? What did you do? How can I get out of my head and enjoy what I actually have instead of looking at what I don't? Is the answer to take an RP break? Is it to just cry my way through writing my other plots? Is there a less painful way to deal with this than either of those? Anonymous poster hash: 5e3d5...a3b
  2. Polyvore is gone. It was shut down by Ssense a few days ago (I think they acquired it) and they've stated that it's not coming back. Apparently Ssense wanted the email lists and user information of the polyvore members. I loved polyvore. It was a perfect platform to merge together visual art and writing, and now it's gone. All those pictures and collages I've made over the years have been vanished. I knew it was a possibility that if the website ever vanished, all our work would vanish, too, but this is silly. Now I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know an alternative that would allow RPers to make collages for their characters and plots? All those poor people who spent every day on Polyvore crafting beautiful artistic pieces. . . . And those people who RPed directly on polyvore itself. . . . They're in even worse shape than the rest of us. Edit - If you're a polyvore user, visit their blog: http://blog.polyvore.com/ You can request your content to be sent to you, and you can opt out of having your information given to Ssense.
  3. We've all heard the phrase "Welcoming environment" if you haven't you've been searching for roleplay sites from under a rock on Mars with no wifi connection. For each of us this tends to summon up a completely different idea of what it means for the site to be welcoming. While the word "Welcoming" alone tends to conjure up the idea that we should 'belong' here, it generally never actually means what we wish it would mean. So it's time to have your opinion on the usage of this word heard. When a site includes this in their descriptions or advertisements, what are you expecting to find when you join? Is it just a bunch of people who greet you? Does it go beyond the superficial? Do you expect more than just a few days of feeling included, only to quickly come to the realization these people know eachother...and they do not know you? This thread is not for arguing, it's for opinions.
  4. Are there fewer RP sites these days? I've been browsing through RP directories and it seems like that there are fewer RP sites than there used to be. I also noticed that sites seem to be clumped into "small town / big city real life" or "vampires/werewolves." Obviously that's a matter of opinion based on observation and isn't backed by hard numbers or statistics, but I don't see the variety that I used to. Or the numbers in general. Yes or no? I might be completely wrong.
  5. This might be a useless thread, but I figure it might also be an interesting one. Who knows? Gets it off my mind, at least. So, this has been on my mind for several days now; I realize i have a particular style to it, and other people have other styles, and I honestly think that only by comparing them and, to take a quote, "using good ideas wherever we find them", can we really improve our styles. Now, every site I can remember seeing, eventually, has an "open threads" board, for people who have people getting trouble getting people to join those threads. So, my thoughts are, how do people start threads? I usually start out with a location description, so people are on the same page for what's going on around them. Am I in a forest, a field, a building, on a city street, what are some smells, is there wind, is there anything we can feel, what can we hear, are there other people around, what's the weather like, what time of day is it, that type of thing? I usually take a paragraph or two to get through that. Then, after, I describe my character- which character I'm using, what they're wearing, how it might differ from the description or playby that I might be using, things like that. Next, i give a bit of backstory- what's happened between their last thread and this one, why are they where they currently are, if they've got any plans or goals at the moment. Finally, I try and put in some "atmosphere" or "surrounding events" or whatever. I might have my character bump into or start talking to somebody I don't mention or do something else, leaving the responder to either be that person or a witness to it. Or I might have there be some sort of incident like somebody tripping over something nearby and embarrassing themselves, and my character is the witness. I like to try and put in at least two to three potential events that could have somebody else enter a thread by having them filled with their own characters, or make it so that their character can come up with their own logical reasons for being there. One of the most important things I try to impress on is, even though the thread is basically about my character, and another person's character, whatever's going on around them isn't about our characters, they're just one of many things happening on that day, and there's other things going on around them. Typically, my opening post can usually be somewhere between 3-7 paragraphs, and then the rest of the thread I do about a paragraph or two, and it usually winds up my characters do a -lot- of talking and IC thinking. It's a bad habit, I think. Is this making any sense? Do other people start threads like this? How do other people typically start their own threads, both open threads and planned threads?
  6. So I've been toying recently with the idea of making a set of siblings and I've been looking around for a good set of faces that I like together. As I chose two that I adored, I realized that they were (objectively) different races. So! I was wondering, what do other people do for choosing siblings for RPs? Can someone from the UK be siblings with someone from Greece? Is it hair color and eye color more than anything? Do you look at bone structure? Place of birth? Something else? What do you feel about "color blind" FC casting for biological families?
  7. D&D has been a part of my life for almost 2 years now. I been playing D&D 5e for 1.5 year now and it has been an amazing journey. There have been many moments during a game that I was stunned, amazed and that were simply epic. Most of this all happens randomly and not planned at all. There are so many adventures that you experience while playing and I would love to hear what epic moments or stunning surprises you have had in your campaigns. I will start myself (and it turned out way longer than I imagined I apologize): Last night I played with my online group the party consists of a sorcerer/wizard, druid, bard and ranger. The druid and ranger think they are very good at talking but have spectacularly failed multiple times. In this instance, the druid and wizard are talking to two people they have just rescued in exchange for a reward from the hand a criminal organization. The druid is looking for a way to get evidence against the Lord that the criminal organization is working with him. The best way the druid thought to get this was, to get a letter and some how with some horribly good and horribly bad rolls, the wizard convinced the person that she was really stupid and admired is work, frankly flattering but annoying him. The druid jumped into ask for the letter, to help of course because the lord needed to know they would be delayed. Since they were going back to get more funds. This is how it ended. Druid: "Oh yes we certainly found something" -starts to rummage through her pack. Wizard: -looks slightly panicked and uses message "What the hell are you doing they can't know we took their stuff." Druid: "Well why not, if he uses his seal we have proof." Wizard: "We have the seal we can fake that too." Gnome(ex prisoner): Looks a bit confused between the two as they talk in silence. Druid: "Right no we didn't find anything" -rolls terrible.- Gnome: -looks suspicious at her- Wizard with very high charisma: "Oh yes we did find things." -rummages through her pack- "Look at this beautiful nail and this hammer.. and ooh yes yes we found a bell" - rings the bell and rolls well- Gnome: -shakes his head- "Right here is the letter please give it to the Lord." -goes off.- A few moments later. Wizard: "I can't believe he actually bought we were so stupid" Druid: "Right who is the stupid one now." Wizard and druid high-five.
  8. Some people write only for their writing partner, or for themselves. I like reaching the widest audience possible (with that "widest" being not so wide, most often, but hopefully it doesn't mean that my writing sucks). I think all kind of stories are meant to be shared (in a way or another, orally or in writing). I always write with an audience in mind - which doesn't mean, however, that I write "things which sell" if they don't interest me. I like RPGs because I like interacting with my readers (and writing partners), talking about characters, plots, motives, etc. I wish the readers of my novels would interact with me on my FB page too (where it is easier) or on my blog. What about you?
  9. anthrxmilkshake

     Membership The Community Feel

    Hey guys, I know for me it is incredibly important to be a part of a roleplay forum that has a sense of community. In fact, I've found myself recently surprised to find there's a surprisingly large amount of people who prefer to be left alone entirely as they join a forum. Which side of the fence are you on? How important to you is it that a forum has a chat system,a way to simply relax and be people? Do you feel it hinders the roleplay process, keeps people from actually posting on a site? Is it to much for you to have to be a part of a chat and a forum? Do you need the chat alongside the forum to feel welcome and an integrated part of the community and forum itself?
  10. What are some good prizes/rewards you could give to members if they, for example, complete a challenge or "win" something? Like, if there is a "make this country more interesting" challenge or anything else, really. I thought about something from our artists but, then again, this would be pointless if a member is an artist themselves, so I'm not sure what would be a good way to make challenges and similar stuff more interesting.
  11. Ok so I'm just curious as to whether I'm the only freak here that's had a dream about a character or not. In my case last night, I had a dream about someone else's character. I used to role play with this girl a while ago and she had this character who was severely anti-social. I had a dream about him, his name was Punk. Wasn't sure whether I should run from him or not. Anyone know the character from Lee Child novels (or the movie) Jack Reacher? Kind of like him but with more of an inkling to murder people except like, just a very select couple people.
  12. So this has always baffled/interested me about directories. Everyone seems to treat them like a safe space... but it's so easy to tell who/what site you're talking about if people know who you are and what sites you're on, even if everything specific is removed. I feel like an incredible amount of the time players and admins are effected by posts that have been made on directories that are meant to be anonymous/not important. I guess my question is... is this right? And also, if you realize there has been a misunderstanding, is it appropriate to talk to someone based on a directory post that they have made?
  13. How do you keep RPing from just becoming the same ol' thing over time? How do you keep yourself fascinated and engaged in what is going on around you? How do you think of plots that are going to keep you coming back for more and checking in on your threads throughout the day? (I'm trying to avoid burn out before I reach that place. Not burned out yet, but the fear of getting there has definitely slowed me down.)
  14. We talk somewhat frequently about posts not having appropriate content for the next person to reply. We say that we need the other person to "move the thread along" or to "give me something to work with." Or we say a member is not "pulling his own weight." What do you think these phrases mean? If you could describe concretely what elements in a thread need to be present to move it along, what would they be? How do you illustrate the back-and-forth flow of conversation/action/narrative that must be done in order to create a smooth thread? I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to put this into writing to explain to people, so any insight on this would be great.
  15. CovertSphinx

     Membership Shipper Apps

    Asking for a friend....... I need to consult the pool of RPers who know things that I don't: you guys. What exactly IS a "Shipper App"? And what is its purpose/function?
  16. I would love opinions, I have heard horror stories about sites that kill off one or two canons and I want to know if its a bad sign or if it will be ok for plot wise to do so.....
  17. Very recently I joined a board that has been existing for a about a year. There are two staffmembers on that board. I created my first character and was eager to create a second character as well. I was interested in creating a faction leader. This was a canon position. Such positions couldn't be reserved, it was just stated „please contact a staff member if you are interested“. I told Admin A that I'd love to have this canon position for my second character. But Admin A tried to talk me out of creating that character already now. I should rather see first if I feel comfortable on this board before taking on such an important position. I didn't feel very comfortable about waiting though, and so I stated that towards Admin B a few days later, and that I was worried that the faceclaim and position might be taken in the meantime. Admin B told me that a former member had returned and had expressed interest in the same canon position towards Admin B at the same time. A few hours later there was already an app posted by member X for a character in that position. It turned out though that member X had re-joined the board three days after I had expressed my interest in that canon position. Just that Admin A hadn't told Admin B about my interest. When both Admins finally knew that it was me who had asked first they didn't deem it necessary to change anything. Member X could continue with the app, and I was supposed to put up with not getting the canon position. Maybe they favoured member X (that's at least what it felt like to me), or maybe they didn't want to say to player X: „Member Y asked first, so you can't have that position after all.“ I don't even know if member X was aware of all that mess. In my opinion it would have been the fairest if my character got the position, but it seemed as if this wasn't even considered, and that was what really got to me. Instead Admin B tried to convince me that it's much better for me if my character is not a canon, and that my character can be the leader of a non-canon group instead. Just that this didn't feel fair, not to me. And how can I rely on it that the next time I would be treated in a fair manner if it ever comes to a tricky situation again? I made only one post with my first character so far. I posted an app for my second character who is now approved as leader of a non-canon group. I have lost my enthusiasm for that board though and have made no posts for the second character yet nor did I post a wanted ad for other groupmembers. I haven't even been active on the site Discord for days. Player X of all people has posted in my second character's plotter. I didn't even read that yet. I don't know if member X knows they snatched this position away from me and how they feel about this. Even if member X knows nothing – I dislike their character simply because that character got the position that I wanted, maybe that's „not right“, but I just can't help feeling like this. So after the first week on that board was so stressful and full of disappointment and frustration I just can't enjoy being there. Is that understandable, or am I just making a big fuss over nothing? It would be great to get to know your opinion about this, from the perspective of a member and/or staffmember. As a member – could you easily forget and forgive if something like that had happened to you? Would you feel treated unfairly and prefer to leave? As an admin – to which member would you likely have granted the canon position – to the returned member X or to the new member Y who had asked first, even if that means you have to tell to member X they can't have that position after all and need to edit their app? Anonymous poster hash: 1f853...417
  18. You thought I forgot, didn't you? Are you turned off of older sites? Or do they get your engine purring? Is there anything you prefer about a newer/older site in particular?
  19. I was thinking about @Elena's thread about whether we write for audiences or not, and I began to wonder if there is a way to encourage people to read each other's threads on forums (if the individual likes that stuff, that is). For example, instead of just a plain old thread tracker, one can have a thread tracker in which one writes a brief summary of the thread. I, personally, don't read a lot of other people's threads. Part of it is the fact that reading on the computer is hard for me, so it takes lots of time and I miss many details. Part of it is that I'm not really invested in others' characters. It's hard to know which threads are "worth" reading verse which ones have lots of filler or "get to know you" posts or end up dying partway through.
  20. Hey guys. Curious as to your experiences writing characters based on your real life. I've often thought about writing a character based on myself, and am currently taking it a bit more seriously. I think it would be awkward, with several internal monologues of self doubt. I have a lot of insecurities. Finding a face claim that fits is also super weird. I've been googling overweight actresses and the options are limited. I do have a career that I think people may find an interesting read, and hopefully not too boring. It's not like I'd be writing about a girl who RPs, binges netflix too much, and has one too many cats -- which admittedly, also me. Haha. I also think it has the potential to be rather therapeutic. I have a lot of family history, sexual orientation, and other issues I could potentially work through by examining myself as a character concept I suppose. But enough about me! What have your experiences been with playing characters based on yourself? Was it hard? Easy? Explain. If you haven't done it, why not? If you've never thought about it, what immediately jumps to mind? Would you? What concerns would you have. Discuss!
  21. Let's say you're hunting for a new site. You're browsing through site's advertising sections. What, specifically, do you look for in an ad? What will make you click?
  22. Assuming you don't mind apps/bios. (If you don't like them, then this isn't the thread for you!) This is specifically regarding the form itself. The blank character sheet. The empty bio. What you have to work with. What do you like to see in a bio form? What do you hate seeing? What do you consider a necessity? What makes a good app form for you?
  23. We all have moments during roleplays that we get annoyed by something or someone, which is very frustrating. So here the thread in which we can vent said frustrations I just hate it when I am trying to form a sentences but I can only come up with a Dutch saying and not find a proper English replacement for that. It makes me feel like what I am trying to say does not really come across. Also when you are working on a post and your internet decides to be fucky, you loose that post and have to re-write it. Half the time I don't feel like I have enough energy/muse whatever you wanna call it and write it out again.
  24. okay, so I recently joined a site a friend is on! This should be great, right? I'm super excited about my character and the plot we had planned! The problem is my friend had a preexisting plot that they told me nothing about except to say they were embarrassed by it and they're only writing it because the other player is on when I'm not so they can volley instead of uselessly wishing I was around to play with. Really good start, clearly. Well, I didn't really ask about their other plot when we were plotting between ourselves because I didn't want to press them on something they were embarrassed by, and this was a mistake. A huge, huge mistake. Some of the details of their other plot will completely change how my character reacts to theirs, and I wish they had said something beforehand. Like, I don't know, when I first started to toss character ideas at them, that would have been a good time? Now I'm going to have to either completely ignore a plot that's integral to their character, or find some way to have my character continue to interact with theirs even though it would be....really not fun and completely the opposite of what I joined to do. My friend has sworn up and down they will do anything at all to make our plot works, even if that means pretending the other plot doesn't exist when threading with me, which I appreciate, even though I don't really love the thought of ignoring an entire plot and related character arc for the character I'm playing against. (And also this means I have to somehow ignore the other character in the plot, who is far and away the most active player on the site, and since literally every character interacts with this one, so I might have to just......not let ANY of my other threads have any impact on my character? Or else convey to the other people I'm threading with not to mention this plot? I've never just straight up ignored a plot before so I don't really know how to handle that) This issue is compounded by the fact that the other person they're plotting with won't stop gushing about how excited she is about this plot and how much she absolutely adores it and it's the most fun plot she has going on right now. And it's really obvious she believes the feelings are mutual, so whenever she comes into the site chat I end up grimacing uncomfortably while she goes on and on and ON about how great it is and how she's so happy that they're both having so much fun with it. Or else I find an excuse to leave, because I'm worried any responses I make are going to be obviously Fake Polite. She also makes no effort to hide that she'll respond to threads in this plot before any other threads she owes, which on the one hand is a relief to me because it means I haven't had to figure out a way to rebuff her to keep my own plot intact but on the other hand...it's super awkward to see someone so excited when the nicest thing their plot buddy had to say about the same plot was "it's not completely terrible" I really like my character, I love the plot and dynamic my friend and I had planned, and I REALLY wanted to be on the same game since we both struggle to be on more than one game at a time but I find the overall situation just stressful enough that I'm torn about whether or not I should stick around. Should I try to make this work anyway? Anonymous poster hash: 6cdea...f68
  25. This topic was inspired by @MissQ's comment in I'm so tired of.... I am sure it has been touched on in other topics or might have been a topic all on its own at some point (a search did not turn up any results though). Although some ranting and venting is okay, that's not the purpose of this topic. The questions are just guidelines. Please don't think you need to answer all of them or answer them in order. They can be combined, ignored, etc. This is a free-for-all discussion for fun and elucidation. I'll weigh in with my thoughts once we get going. What character concepts do you love? What traits make you avoid a specific type of character? What are your character concept preferences when you create a new character? Please clarify if genre-specific. What traits and concepts do you prefer RPing with (perhaps opposite the type of character you are writing)? When looking over a new RPG to join, what do you need to see to make you drool over creating a character? [Clarification: based on active character profiles, wanteds, etc.]

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