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Found 132 results

  1. This topic has been floating around in some way, shape, or form in various threads recently, so let's talk about it. While I like that the roleplaying community tries to be inclusive and understand that people have different experiences and lifestyles, I find the overwhelming "trend" of political correctness tiring. (Why, then, did I start a thread about it? Because talking about things is good, okay.) People have taught me many things I wasn't aware of years ago, and sometimes I sit there and go, "Huh? I didn't think about that. Neat." But more often than not, I find myself rolling my eyes because there are so many hypocrisies associated with it. Hypocrisies such as "Be who you are because you're wonderful . . . unless I don't like who you are, then you're a bigot." If you don't believe exactly what these "inclusive and accepting" roleplayers believe, you're going to be labeled as being hateful and mean. I have seen conversations in which these so-called accepting folk gang up on someone who has very similar beliefs--but not exact--and tear this person to shreds. I have seen people not give a new member the benefit of the doubt and destroy him within his third post on a site because he said something that didn't fall into the "politically correct" sphere of acceptable speech, even though his post did not break rules, nor was it offensive by general standards. As for myself, I remember a thread in which people who claim that all sexualities and lifestyles are acceptable turn around and rip out my throat because I stated that I wasn't attracted to [insert sexual preference here]. To me, it seems to be a trend of aggression and arrogance, and it's a bit upsetting to see that people are using such tactics to bully folks into believing what they believe to be correct. (Which may or may not be, depending upon the situation and one's personal beliefs.) Unfortunately, people are giving into this bullying and are changing their sites and their ideologies to match the ideologies of these "politically correct" people in a couple of ways. The first is that we've seen a trend towards catering to everybody's specific sexualities and pronouns and whatnot to the point where people are treading gently on glass in an attempt to not offend people. You can't assume somebody's pronoun because that's apparently offensive; instead, you have to ask for others pronouns and outright state your own. You can't get pronouns wrong, either. You have to think about the folks who might be offended, even though most people would be like, "Hey, you called me 'he' but please call me 'she'" and that's the end of that. The second--and the one that I, personally, find more problematic--is the political correctness that has to take place in character. Characters can't be racist or sexist or whatever-ist, even subtly, because players don't know if other players will find it offensive. And because people have trouble separating IC from OoC (which is an issue not related to political correctness), you really risk having people think that your character's beliefs are actually your beliefs. And if somebody does have an -ist character, it's usually a big -ist that's noticeable and comprises the personality of the character. Such characters need tags and warning and whatever else so that other people can avoid them if they want, rather than having characters find out through gameplay that they don't like the behavior of the other character. I know that there is a character I wanted to play, but I couldn't ever really play him because joining a site and making a racist character right off the bat freaks people the hell out. So I'd have to water him down, which really just wasn't the character I made. The third issue goes along with the hypocrisy. It's disheartening to find people who say, "I'd never roleplay with somebody who voted for [insert politician here]!" And if you say, "Well just don't talk politics," the response is along the lines of, "But they're horrible if they voted for that person and I just don't want to be around them." What the everliving crap??? You, who claim to be so inclusive, have just excluded half the country. You, who ask people to understand your struggles and to be sympathetic to your concerns, are unwilling to understand that people have their own concerns and their own reasons for voting for a different political candidate. You don't try to be sympathetic to the reasons that person voted as they did. You don't want to know about the struggles they have. Instead you call them all hateful bigots and shut them out of your lives. What a dangerous attitude. People pressure diversity and inclusion, but they're not really willing to help out. I've always scratched my head at the whole "We need more black characters!" and if you ask how to play a black character, they say, "Oh, they're just like playing white characters, duh." But then at the same time there are conversations going on about how white people don't understand the struggles that black people go through, and how white people can never understand even if they tried. But if you try again, you'll get the same "No, really, they're just like white people. Play them all the same." That said, I really like some of it, too. I enjoy people telling me about different cultures and lifestyles and disorders and whatever. It makes one realize that people come from such different background and have different experiences, and these help form why they make the decisions and live the way they do. I've learned so much about people's religions and cultures and societies by spending time with a variety of folk and asking questions (when people are okay with it) to find out more about their lifestyles. Discussions about PB race made me realize that while most people use white PBs, some folk do want to variety, so I try to include more diversity in site adoptables. I've been made aware of different topics, and I'll go and look up documentaries about different lifestyles or situations to learn more about these topics. I just fear that people are so concerned with being politically correct and not offending people that they are unable or unwilling to open themselves up and explore different topics and ideas and experiences. And that's why I made this thread. What are your thoughts and experiences?
  2. How do you feel about lurkers in your rp? I'm talking about the members who joined the forum (or other form of rp), but never really made the effort to create a character or join in the community. Members who login every few days and just sort of...sit there. Maybe they're reading threads, maybe they're not, but they're just kind of...there. What do you think about them? Or ave you ever been an rp lurker? Have you liked an rp so much that you wanted to be a part of it without actually writing in it, so you joined it and just let your account sit? What would make you do this? I ask because we recently had one on our site, and now we might have another, and I'm not sure how I feel about them! Should I feel flattered that we write content worthy of having lurkers who actually register? Should I be concerned that maybe they're stealing content? Maybe they joined so they could get alerts when topics they follow get new replies! Or maybe they're taking codes and content that aren't available to the public. It's impossible to know for sure, so I don't really have an opinion, but I'm curious about what others think!
  3. We all have moments during roleplays that we get annoyed by something or someone, which is very frustrating. So here the thread in which we can vent said frustrations I just hate it when I am trying to form a sentences but I can only come up with a Dutch saying and not find a proper English replacement for that. It makes me feel like what I am trying to say does not really come across. Also when you are working on a post and your internet decides to be fucky, you loose that post and have to re-write it. Half the time I don't feel like I have enough energy/muse whatever you wanna call it and write it out again.
  4.  Membership

    First, a Disclaimer... This is a discussion thread. This thread is not for hate, arguing, upset, pointing blame, or insulting people. This thread is specifically for a discussion about the pros and cons of Group roleplay versus One on One roleplay. Please keep that in mind when replying here. Respect others opinions as you always do here. <3 We all have our preferences when it comes to roleplay. Some of us greatly enjoy a good group thread. From the controlled chaos, to the not so controlled confusion. From the unpredictable replies, to the emotional characters. Sometimes a good group thread can be just what you need when you sit down to roleplay. It can be fast paced, or slow going, but it always has interesting corners to turn, and you don't always know what's about to pop out at you. However, some of us prefer one on one. Be it a thread, an IM, Discord, Google Docs, or what have you. The idea of a one on one thread means more control, less chaos, less confusion. You're capable of turning those corners, but it's less unpredictable and more focused on a couple of character developments. What is your preference? Why is this your preference? Are group threads to chaotic for you? Are one on one threads to focused and boring?
  5. Which term do you personally use and prefer to see on roleplay sites? Personally I'm a playby person. It's just the term I sort of grew up on but I'm curious which you prefer.
  6.  Membership

    I, personally, have several genres that interest me, but really only one that will draw me at all times. That being said, however, the genre isn't always enough to get my attention. This is for several reasons, all of which I'm completely unashamed to admit:: My biggest pet peeve- The site has to be aesthetically pleasing. I know this is something not everyone agrees with, but I'm a huge sucker for a well put together site. This includes graphics, the way the site is built, the colors, the fonts. Do I have trouble finding things? Do I understand what the roleplay is about from the header alone? Are the forums upside that I mean is all the information at the bottom and the RP at the top? Can I read everything easily, or am I having to guess what it says in the forum headers? One other part is "Do they allow creativity when it comes to posting templates? This one isn't always a make or break part of a site for me, but it is something I always look at. While I understand wanting your site to look uniform, I like my creative freedom. I like coding my own boxes, showing them off, having fun with them and personalizing them to my characters. Being forced to use one identical box that is exactly like everyone elses is frustrating to me, though not something that will cause me to say no to a site if everything else is going for it. I hate to admit it, but the aesthetics of the site usually come before the plot, which is kind of sad, I guess. What about you? Are aesthetics important to you? What about the ability to use your own templates? Do you prefer the site to set them up for you, or would you rather use your own creations, or ask someone to make them for you personalized to your character?
  7. When reading or looking at a site what size font is your absolute minimum. I know that it does depend on the font as well but for a standard font (often sans serif font) what is your minimum size for legibility without straining or zooming? For me it is 13-14px and when I'm tired/drunk I'll even zoom in on that because it can be straining. So what is your minimum?
  8.  Membership

    Okay, so... I know that some people build adoptable characters, or donate a character when they leave to become adoptable, but that's never really been a thing in games I've played in, so I was wondering... how popular of a thing is this? And I don't mean like canon characters, where if one player moves on the canon goes back into the pool and someone else can pick them up, but I mean ready to play OCs, either created by the admins of a game, or made by players looking for a specific idea or concept to RP with. And if this is a popular enough concept, would having the character as a background NPC that any of the existing players could reference or use as needed before a player comes along to pick them up affect a willingness to pick them up? Like, say if I made a few science and engineering people for my crew, and they showed up in plots and were involved in things, then a player comes along... is that liable to discourage people for adopting the character?
  9. I've been using googledocs for years to do 1x1 RPing, but I am curious to see if anyone else uses it to. Also, what are your experiences using either gdcos or DBPaper? How many docs do you currently have active on there? What sort of things do you write there? Well, I have three currently - one is a sort of experiment for a plot on my DA forum, another is a Vampire the Masquerade RP (linked to our current tabletop campaign on roll20) and the third is a 1x1 with a new RP buddy (another experiment). That is what I tend to use these for, experiments and 1x1's I don't want anywhere public. I have friends with private forums too, so we use those places for other stuff.
  10. The old saying is "Write what you know?" Isn't it? But that's not true, is it? One of the joys of roleplay is being in settings you would never have the hope of being in, and seeing that environment change. But, hey, lets face it, I don't know how how to fly a spaceship or how to fight with a sword, so what do I do? I go to the internet and read up about it, and I know a bunch of you guys do too. But what weird places has your character's interests taken you? For me, I've been reading about 18th century literature, cold fusion and virus replication.
  11.  Membership

    I have a problem. There is someone on this forum who knows very well about this problem. My problem is I have no self control when it comes to making new characters. None. Not even a tiny bit. More specifically I can have upwards of 15-30 characters on a single board if I'm truly putting my all into a forum. You know I'm very much into the setting, people, and play, when I start going buck wild with character creation. This is also why I -do not- join sites with strict character limitations.I absolutely, one hundred percent, hate to be limited in any way, shape, or form in how many characters I can have. I don't have an issue being told I have to have so many posts on the previous new character, or that they all have to be active to a certain degree, because, usually, all of my characters are active to some degree..yes...even if I have 20 of them. What is your stand point on this? Do you mind being limited? Do you prefer the limitation? Why? As a staff member do you prefer to limit your members? What is your reasoning behind this limitation?
  12. I'm just curious as to what other people look for in supernatural creature-type role plays. This is a pretty broad subject, so for example: How much variation do you like to see in character type? Do you prefer a certain mix (i.e. the traditional vampire/werewolf blend), or do you like to have a lot of choices? What are your thoughts on lore? Do you prefer things to stay more traditional, or do you like unique spins or type-builds that reach for as much realism as possible? Is there a kind of creature that you'd like to see more of on such sites?
  13. When I first joined an RP on this part of the internet, I was flabbergasted when I was asked to choose a “real face” for my character. Until then, we used either drawings or nothing at all (a few sentences of description was enough to get us by), and now nobody would RP with me if I didn’t go this route. Not only did I not know any celebrities (I wasn’t much into pop culture), I was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of attaching a stranger to a character they had no control over. It really limited my character creation opportunities because I wasn’t comfortable using actors at random (what if I chose a horrible person and people thought I supported whatever horrible things this person had done???) and sometimes I couldn’t find anyone who really fit. Further, I found myself trying to find people I wanted to look at rather than thinking about the character itself. Over the years, I’ve become more comfortable with the idea of PBs, but it still weirds me out. People attach too much meaning to them and the obsession is odd. From “claiming” people’s faces to only “shipping” characters played by certain celebrities, it’s just bizarre. On a surface level, I get it. You see a face, say, “Hey that looks like my character!” and then stick it in your avatar. That very basic concept of PBs doesn’t bother me so much anymore, and it can be likened to casting someone in a play, or making a “dream cast” for a novel, or whatever. But we take it so much farther than that with our obsessions. The pictures have to be perfect—high quality only. With the increase of post templates and mini profiles and doHTML, we have to find multiple pictures of our characters, so now we have to spend time searching for a person who not only fits but who also has many good pictures to use. And there are a huge chunk of people who judge other writers by their PBs, who limit plots by PBs, who require certain PBs be used, etc. It’s bizarre. It’s obsessive. It’s . . . a little much. I’d love to use stock images because I’ve seen some rocking stock photos, but now that we all needs avatars, gifs, hovers, templates, applications, etc. . . . it’s just not feasible to do it without using the same picture over and over. I don’t think there is a “solution” and I’m not really looking for one. I was just reflecting over my RP experiences, and I recalled how strange it had been to plunge into a world of “real faces” and the culture shock that was associated with it. I mean, guys, we’re creeps.
  14. In the rp I run, most of the group has characters with a similar personality albeit very different background circumstances and/or augments, magic powers, etc. Do you prefer to have a character similar to yourself or not? I'd love to know why you would want to have a different personality in a character and how you achieve good results with said changes.
  15.  Membership

    I’ve been thinking recently about the amount of communication that comes from messengers, Private messages, and Cboxes. The rp world is in constant communication, but I never feel as if the OCC chat boards see much use on my site. It is there, but it is mostly for games and communicating absences. So I’m curious what it is like on other sites. Sure, Initiative has plenty of communication (here i am!), but what about other roleplay sites.
  16. Why the heck is it so hard to start threads, and how do I make it more interesting so that I WANT to be the thread starter? Nobody likes to start a thread, but there has to be some way to deal with this besides "suck it up and start the thread."
  17. One of the things we recently did on Blue Windows is allow members to RP with NPCs. There are a certain number of "non-player characters" that were thrown into the mix for the sake of reality (so that we could have some characters that weren't 'main' characters, for example, or who could get seriously injured beyond what the members were comfortable with for their personal characters). Members are allowed to 'rent' these NPCs and RP with them for awhile. Technically the NPCs aren't allowed to survive, so members can really do whatever they want with the NPCs. I've been having a blast. In my latest thread, I had an NPC teenage girl ally with my character, and then she went nuts due to lack of sleep (prolonged periods of sleeplessness over extended periods of time + stress), attacked herself, and then had a seizure due to organ failure and blood loss, and died. Okay, it sounds a little dramatic when I give you the summary. But the cool thing was that I was able to take this at my own pace and allow the storyline to unfold. I had certain elements that I had to work with (I had to include a shack with words carved on every wall as part of a challenge), and the story ran away from me. What was supposed to be a quick thread turned into a giant 7-page thread between my character account and the NPC account, and it was awesome. My personal character received such great development from it, and I know that on my own, I never would have achieved it. Hell, even if I had been RPing against another person's character, I still wouldn't have achieved it. Anyway, this thread is to encourage people to look beyond the bland and see the benefit of using NPC characters as functional individuals. Instead of just being the man who sells oranges on the side of the road, explore opportunities to flesh out the character enough so that it can have meaningful interactions with your personal characters.
  18. I write a lot of threads with deep questions that provoke discussion, opinions, and ideas. Advice and the like are important when it comes to being a part of a roleplay community. This is true. I decided it was time I wrote something that could potentially be more helpful. Here is the idea. I'm going to post a bunch of completely random roleplay thread prompts, some will just be random sentences, some will be longer ideas. Others might make no sense. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post with some idea prompts of your own! Keep in mind the following: 1) Any and all prompts found in this thread are being given with permission by the author of said prompts to be used anywhere, on any forum, for any reason without credit. If you have an issue with this, don't post any prompts. Super simple. 2) Try to keep the discussions to a minimal, this thread, I'm hoping, can be used for people to jog ideas for roleplays. If you're like me, you struggle sometimes with starters, especially if you find yourself ALWAYS being the one nominated to start the threads. These are always a life saver. DUH PROMPTS: Character A lost their purse in a movie theater, Character B has found it but doesn't stop to give it up, instead they're on their way out of the theater with it to turn it in. Missunderstanding anyone? Character A's car is being broken into. Character B sees this and thwarts it, savior of the day! Character A, of course, missed this, and only sees Character B standing there seemingly red handed. Character A is in a rush, to late, to little time, need to do so many things. Character B is also in a rush, they're both late, they end up running into eachother, literally. Head on collision, huge argument...only to find out they were both late for the same meeting with eachother. Uh-oh character B, how do you get that job now that you've already cussed the boss out? Sudden thunderstorm knocks the power out and the elevator completely stops. The emergency lights are not working, and neither are the emergency call buttons. How long will you two be stuck there? The bank has been robbed, the job was sloppy, at best, and the police are running late on arriving to the scene. Character A has been taken hostage, and Character B suddenly has a strike of "Hero complex". Character B to the rescue! Character A is looking to spice up their life, they suddenly decide that a local advertisement for a meet up and hike through the woods sounds like a great idea. Meet new people, get out of the house. That sounds great, in theory, until a huge storm hits the area in the middle of the night, and the low land they've made camp completely floods, sending the people there scattered in all directions. Character A and Character B (potentially more?) are now stuck in the woods with only what they washed away with!
  19. This is a follow-up question to the other topic - What makes you stop browsing and join a site? Many people said that one of the first things they look at are the Rules section to decide if they want to join a site or not. What rules are deal-breakers for you and why?
  20. So I'm not sure I like it or hate it. It's really a whatever sort of thing, if I want to say hello to a site I will pop into their cBox. I love doing that when I'm interested in a site. I, as a long time site administrator, know that a lot of guest traffic is spoofed.from search engines so it won't necessarily be an actual person that upped that guest number. So to me I think it's pointless but I can see it actually bringing someone out too, but it could also run them away. How does it make you feel as the guest? How do people feel about members of the site greeting guests? Whether it be Staff or members.
  21.  Membership

    We have all experienced it. As forum owners some of us go through tons of ideas before we latch onto one that really takes ahold of us. We make forums, reach out to others, desperately try to grab for the attention our ideas, plots, stories, and forums need. Once we find that 'something' we cling to it and put our absolute everything and all inside. We spend hours writing guides, advertising, showing people our shiny new site, making graphics and adjusting skins. We spend hours RPing so it looks active, posting like a mad person in a wild attempt to draw attention. However, sometimes no matter what we do it just isn't enough. People don't bite it, they don't RP, and they don't come in droves like we had been desperately hoping, or thinking, they would. Instead we end up being the only active person, posting to no one, and advertising back to back with little to no results. When do you call it? When has it been dead enough to lay them gently to rest? Do you keep chugging along despite this, or do you finally bite the bullet and realize the dream of a plotline has simply drifted away? When it does die, and you've finally accepted it, what do you do? Do you just drop the whole thing and walk away from forum ownership, or do you try again? What has been your experience here?
  22. When you're in a thread with 3+ people, do you adhere to a posting order? Or do you just kind of post as needed/your schedule allows? I'm interested in seeing different people's opinions and practices in multiple character threads. Is there an unspoken norm or expectation when there are several characters in a thread? Or is it more of a free for all? I've been involved with both, so I'm wondering what you consider normal or expected when you enter into one of these threads.
  23. Ok so I'm just curious as to whether I'm the only freak here that's had a dream about a character or not. In my case last night, I had a dream about someone else's character. I used to role play with this girl a while ago and she had this character who was severely anti-social. I had a dream about him, his name was Punk. Wasn't sure whether I should run from him or not. Anyone know the character from Lee Child novels (or the movie) Jack Reacher? Kind of like him but with more of an inkling to murder people except like, just a very select couple people.
  24. So we've all been there. You get to a site, you like the idea, you are looking through the information and then you find the deal breaker. Whether it be members or a rule or something else you find that thing and you go "nope, that's a deal breaker" and hit the x and move on. What are your deal breaker items. Finding the rules and seeing that the admin was unnecessarily rude or overbearing.. that's a deal breaker.
  25. Alright. So here's something I've run into myself when I've been on the hunt for a site. I look at a site, and they have a cbox, but the cbox doesn't look to active. You ask a question, but it takes a while to get an answer, or, worst yet, those that are there dance around you because they're waiting for an actual staff member to answer leaving you thinking that you're being ignored. It's not the most welcoming environment, and can turn you off joining. If it doesn't turn you off joining, it is certainly a turn off when it comes to posting more often because it feels like you're having issues connecting to people. Some sites have upgraded to using Discord, by some I mean it's quickly becoming a vastly used resource for many RP sites. The thing about this is that it's pretty difficult for some users to judge a sites activity, or level of friendliness and welcoming, when there isn't any apparent chat ON the website. I've seen a bot, recently, utilized on a site I'm a part of that I -adore- that slaps the Discord main chat channel right onto the jcink forum. It's a GREAT resource, but you still cannot chat in it from the site. Not to mention you can't ghost as a guest, you have to actually join it just to talk. Not that I'm saying "nay" to Discord, because I"m a HUGE pro-Discord user. It's an AMAZING resource in my opinion that helps staff immensely and makes things easier. So what I'm asking is..basically...what are your feelings on chats visible and useable on the forum? What about swapping out cbox entirely for Discord? How do you feel about that? Other options I'm missing?