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Found 236 results

  1. So I'm at a crossroads, I think. When I rebooted Tally, one thing that was strong in my mind was that a lot of our core members had started on the board at the ages of 15-17. This was followed by my co-admin's desire to bring her daughter onto the board... a girl that I know well enough to be comfortable with her being part of the community. There was a possibility that she would also bring her friends, so we set up the "Junior Players Policy" which was designed to keep those players safe, and still allow our older, mature players to write what they wanted. So in a sense---we would be open to younger players, without placing too many restrictions on what the older players could do. Junior players would be marked as such, giving older players the knowledge ahead of time to choose whether they wanted to involve themselves in threads/etc with a younger player. Is this still a turn-off? My writing tends toward the darker side of things anyway, so perhaps I as a player should be staying away from younger age groups---I don't know. I started playing before the age of 13 myself (lied on a number of registrations about my age), and I've always been of the opinion that if someone can conceal their numerical age and conduct themselves in a matter that is mature, I have no real ability to stop them. I'm going to talk about it with my co-admin, as to date we've only had one person register that is not 18+. Is it possible that people are seeing our junior player policy and walking away?
  2. What things in an RP make you curl your toes in anxiety? For me, it would have to be sandbox games. I like things to be orderly and structured. I like rules that are clear and logical. This might just be me being anal, but I get nervous when the dates of threads aren't clearly stated, or even the chronological setting of the forum. How am I supposed to know what to include in my posts as fodder if I don't know when the thread takes place in relation to anything else? And sandbox games are just...too chaotic for my liking. If you like them, that's brilliant. I'm sure I would if they didn't intimidate me so much. They do allow for a great deal of creativity, but I feel like they are pretty quick to fizzle out. It's like when you're getting ice cream, and you're trying to decide on a flavor, but your brain blanks so you're just left sitting there staring at the tubs. It's kind of like that, I think. Anywho, what scares you away from an RP? Discuss.
  3. On fandom sites the conflicts come with the fandom: The X-Men and Brotherhood (Xavier and Magneto) conflict comes with the territory on an X-Men board, for example. But on original boards, I've seen time and again the creators of the site start the board with antagonists and conflicting factions already in place, and put the membership of these groups up for adoption as playable characters. But I've never seen that actually work. I was on a site for two years, they had rival criminal groups (a mob boss criminal and a charming rogue Robin Hood-type as the canon leaders of the gangs, who were bitter enemies) but in the time I was there, three different players picked up the mob boss character and then disappeared before the month was out, and the charming rogue was only played for a couple of months before that player also disappeared, and there was never a time when both characters were played and active at the same time. And yet, the admins kept pushing the idea of these two gangs having an active conflict. On another site, a fictional town site, the admins started the game with a sinister company/business menacing the town and warping the town's officials, and set them up to be baddies. The company and its managers were adoptable and players could join them. But no one ever did and no one joined as the town council or mayor; so, the corrupt town officials aspect never really went anywhere. I see new sites just when they are just starting and many of them have staged tension : rival gangs and such that people can join. But given my experiences, I wonder if those setups ever really play out or does it just fizzle. I think a more sensible plan would be for the admins to create tension and drama based on the characters that join and are actually active rather than pushing players to fulfill the storylines they create.
  4. What, in your opinion, makes a really good rp partner? Have you ever dropped a partner you considered great, or kept a partner you didn't? Why? For me, being a really good partner means you: add to the plot in meaningful and dynamic ways have decent, distinguishable characters are consistent For me, # 3 is important because I like routine and I like to get excited for my rp. If I know when to expect it, I can clear time to reply. I worry less about whether that reply is coming. And my expectations don't get disappointed. But I know a lot of people (heck, myself included) can't keep to a super regular schedule. I have dropped good partners before because our writing styles just weren't meshing, and also because I just got too busy and I don't like rps that are only once-a-month replies. Or I just lost interest in the genre (rare, since I know my tastes, but it happens). I have kept on partners who are not consistent, if they were exceptional writers and I loved the plots we were writing, but I usually peter out eventually with those.
  5. I've always been curious, in the world of mobile-first web development, how many people actually post from their phones or tablets. Personally, even though I don't post in-character from my phone, I still prefer roleplay websites that are mobile-friendly. I like to be able to participate in OOC conversations from my phone, and read new posts over breakfast. That's part of the reason I prefer XenForo and IPS as forum software - I have never met a mobile-friendly jcink or Proboards forum. So, that's my opinion - responsive design or die. What about you all?
  6. On some forums I've notices a kind of fear of open threads lately. Members gravitate towards pre-plotted situations which they play out in private threads. When a thread is open it ends up becoming as good as PAFP (private after first post) where one other player and no one else joins regardless of the fact that the thread might have been designed with the possible participation of multiple players in mind. In fact, aside from events per-arranged by staff, many open threads I've seen never get a chance to become much of anything. They sit on the board gathering dust while all other threads go at full speed. I can't help but raise my eyebrows at this apparent trend. When I make open threads, they are meant to be open to any group of players who wishes to join them. What's causing open threads to be treated as not-open, or end up as overlooked compared to more per-arranged stuff, and are there solutions or tricks to see more love and participation for this style of rp? To me its kind of discouraging to observe these threads falling by the wayside, and players myself included just sort of stop trying, or rarely make open threads any more as a result. Anonymous poster hash: 718bb...809
  7. featherstone

     Membership OOC Communication

    I was following a few discussions on chats, discord, and related issues, and I noticed how more than a few people don't like being reachable OOC off site, and sometimes not even by PM. Of course I don't mean "at their personal address with their real name", because that'd be crazy, but, say, on any address or social media that you actually check, even if you're not visiting the specific RP site for a while. I don't mean to discuss what make others uncomfortable, because that's totally up to them. What I want to talk about is where I find myself not knowing what to do. I mean. Most sites that are targeted to adults have lax activity checks or not at all. Also, people post at variable paces. This is 100% fine. However, if you're not replying to my thread for, say, a month, and I may like to use my character in other scenes that don't happen in the consequenceless void, I might like to hear from you, not to "pester for a quick reply", but to know if you're still interested or if the thread should be archived so I can move on. And if you're still interested but have no time now, I'd like to arrange a vague outcome to keep in mind so I can play something else. Or if you don't want to preplot and you'll be there in three months, okay, I'll wait, but at least I know I'm not waiting for a ghost. Now if we have no way to communicate I can only wait indefinitely, knowing that statistically speaking I've been almost definitely ghosted, but still being supposed to wait because I can't godmod you into uselessness and you're breaking no rule. So I'd like to know what reasonable solutions people have for this. I'm only talking about RPs where a scene can influence others, if everything happens at once and independently it's a different case. Also for people who don't want to be contacted, what would you like your RP partners to do? Start other plots that potentially make your reactions moot, as long as they don't bother you? Assume you left if you're not around for x time (that's potentially shorter than the lengthy activity requirement)? Wait until the Staff archives your character? I hope it doesn't come across the wrong way, because I understand communication can induce anxiety, however cooperative writing requires people to arrange things somehow.
  8. clipsed

     Membership Sharing Faces

    I was recently informed that it is strange that on my board, we allow people to share PBs as long as everyone with a "stake" in the face is fine with it. From my perspective, grown-ass adults should be allowed to make basic-level decisions about their perceived "property" xD We tag accounts that allow it and leave unformatted those that don't, and don't penalize or reward people either way. Some people are protective of faces and that's totally cool, some PBs have lots of different looks to choose from, and some people don't even claim a face anyways! Just curious to see what others thought on the matter
  9. I'm just curious. What do you guys prefer in both roleplay sites, and in your own character-making? Do you prefer to rp as a canon character from animes, mangas, shows/movies, etc? Or, do you favor making your own character from scratch? My personal opinions is that I steer clear of canon, only because I don't want to feel that I am changing someone else's character, or I am not able to stay 100% true to said character because they aren't mine. If I can make my own from scratch, I can make them in my own image, and roleplay them any way I want, so I guess the creative freedom attracts my interest more. However, I don't judge those who love canon, more power to them! How about you guys? I'd really love to see what you all think!
  10. We all have that guilty pleasure. Something that we want that the roleplay world deems too cliché to be worth note. Some of the time, people will openly balk at the very thought of writing this secret (or not so secret) desire of yours that you've been dying to write. So I ask you: What cliché roleplay plot or dynamic have you been itching to write and have yet to find a partner for? What plot have you been dying to write that some may scoff at for no reason other than the perception of them being "cliché"? Inquiring minds are dying to know! Maybe we'll find kindred spirits within these replies.
  11. Call me the poll master, because I've returned again with another question! When you look at a roleplay's index/home page, what makes more sense/what do you prefer to see? The forums, or some sort of splash page? And for further discussion - when you're browsing a new RP site or group, what information do you personally look for? What are some trends in home pages that bother you, or that you like?
  12. Y'all, I need help! If this is the wrong forum for this, just move me! I have two sites on IPS forums which I love. It's easy enough that even I can do some basic changes. However, I have a 3rd site languishing away and in need of a new home. It is currently on Nova (which I also love), but it seems that their next major update could be a very long way off. Bottom line: I cannot currently afford a 3rd IPS site. Once I can save up and start buying licenses for the other two so I don't have a monthly layout in fees, I'll be able to move yet again. I'd also kill to be able to have a test site so I could see what I was breaking before live installing it. Next, I am not a coder. I can maintain the basics of a self-hosted site, but it helps to have good support. I need things spelled out (adding themes, mods, etc.). I have tried JCINK - right now it's a no for me although I am committed to trying and help a friend get her site customized. So - list of questions below! JCINK (Friend's Site) Best sites for requesting a custom theme with out-of-the-box features. I am even willing to look at paid options. I have found and looked through numerous resource sites, but most are simply impossible to find things on or everything is very outdated. Add to that, most have an unfortunate tendency to disregard the visually impaired by using light themes with pale colored text or very tiny fonts. Browser zoom only helps up to a certain point. I can make minor changes and updates (color tweaks, font tweaks), but I really need to be able to copy the code to the appropriate place and go. Theme support would be awesome. FOR ME (phpBB, myBB, SMF) I need recommendations for an easy to use free forum platform. Ease of use means reasonable well-documented and easy to manage when it comes to adding themes, mods, etc. Having access to simple, clean, well-managed resource sites is a must (preferably ones that stay current with the software). Features Good documentation. This is a must. I need to have directions stated in Village Idiot terminology. Account Switching: Built-in or easy to add mod. Sub-accounts: Guess this goes hand-in-hand with #2. It would be preferred that we be able to set up multiple accounts on one email. Customizable: site, main profile, mini-profiles, etc. Support for a wiki (yes, I can set one up on a 2nd site, Wordpress works great, but that's a pain to maintain). Some form of alert or mentions system for ease of tagging folks. I loathe BBCode, but if it can be customized, I can live with it. A gallery would be nice, but not mandatory. I can find alternatives or maybe try out some of the gallery software on Softaculous. Easy to install and update...bears repeating. Support, support, support (I'm really nice when asking) Mobile friendly is a huge plus. Any and all help, recommendations, suggestions, letters, hate mail, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time everyone!
  13. I am looking for some feedback on a situation involving a pair of members. Member #1 joined and was an active poster with everyone then made a romantic wanted ad for themselves. Member #2 took said ad shortly thereafter. Since the ad was taken, there's became an obvious problem of them doing 3-5 posts back and forth with their ship which are all tagged in the shoutbox while ignoring any other posts they owe on the board. We use the tagging system and both members acknowledge they have other threads (even states in the cbox they know this other post is owed), BUT they continue to go back and forth with one another. Member #1 recently made a second character but has made no attempt to plot with anyone except the love interest played by Member #2 and has started a second thread between them that is prioritized. My co-admin suggests that we just ignore it and go about things, let them do their thing, but I feel like ignoring it isn't a good solution and this could become a bigger problem. Any advice? Anonymous poster hash: 6f15f...403
  14. When someone expresses a dislike for stat and dice systems in play-by-post rp, the most common reason - that I have found - is that those game mechanics "restrict creative freedom." Well, the most common personal reason. Sometimes the person complains how dice or GM heavy game mechanics can bog down play-by-post, or other problems with introducing such elements to a forum environment. But I'm interested in the "restricting of creative freedom" argument. So, I ask myself - and y'all - what is true creative freedom in the realms of forum rp? Or maybe just rp in general. To me, it is the freedom to play the character you want to, and I stress play. Meaning that your character is capable of being what you intended and desired them to be, regardless of what other players may do or say or play. I find in a lot of consent-based rps (the sort where one has to have permission to harm or kill or whatever another player's character) that lack game mechanics, either entirely or of a meaningful nature, I do not have the freedom to play the characters I want to... Yeh, my character is the species and has the appearance I want. Their personality is on point, as is their backstory, abilities, and all else. But when character interactions are...wrong. Very wrong. And for the simple reason that my character cannot harm or touch, really, any other players' without their consent. Now, I play villains. Not suave, discreetly dangerous villains that the average person might approach and interact with without noticing the threat the villain poses. Nah, nah, nah. I play disfigured, disgusting, impulsively violent creeps. The kind of person that makes you uncomfortable at a distance, and once you start talking to them, you realize "No, I'm not being prejudiced about their appearance, they really will (insert your choice of violent crime) me..." But when my horrible villain cannot act upon another character, the other players do not feel that their characters are threatened and...so they respond to my thing as if it were an average, if a bit unpleasant, person. Thus, I am unable to play the character I want to, and only able to play a harmless, dull version of the character. By the design of the game's rules, my character is incapable of being what I intended them to be - because the other player has more power to ignore aspects of my character than I do to enforce those aspects. Yeh, someone could consent to my monster's devices, that's in the rules... But no one ever has... Seriously, I once played a sewer-dwelling, grave-robbing, deranged, cannibalistic hobo half-man. "Half-man" in that he had one good eye, one good arm, and one good leg, all on one side - he was basically half a man and half a twisted wreck. I distinctly remember several members on the forum saying how they loved how horrible he was, but when we threaded, they all treated him as if he were not a cannibalistic hobo. They had their characters approach him with that dull casual curiosity that plagues too many rps - "Oh, you're an odd fellow. Nevermind you appear to be eating dead rats out of the traps behind the local school, where there are children you can torment. What's your story?" ...Because they could safely ignore how dangerous and awful he was, since they had more freedom to do so with the consent rules than I had to play my character how he was intended to be played. On the other hand... In an rp where game mechanics balance character interactions via stats and dice, instead of consent rules, risky situations can truly exist. If math and dice determine if and how one character can harm or kill another character, with no regard to OOC permission, then dangerous characters are truly dangerous. Then you have the ability to ignore the threat of my hobo if you wish - and - I have the ability to enforce the threat of my hobo if I wish. I have the freedom to play the character I want to, instead a hollow, toothless shadow of the character. What do y'all think?
  15. missmanyface

     Membership Point systems/shops?

    Hello Initiative! I've come to you regarding a trend I've noticed is very common now in roleplays and I'm curious to get opinions on it. First a little background: I am an old lady who's been around the RP scene for 20 or so years (we're talking the beginning of chat rooms, folks). Forums have always been my platform of choice and I've gone through the transition from PB > IF > JC. I've recently come back after a few years' hiatus and everything is different than what I remember from before! So now the real topic: I've noticed that many sites are doing a point system or a site shop where you accumulate points based on posting, events, etc. that allow you to "purchase" items in the site's store. I've seen things like "X many points and you can upgrade a character" or "X many points and you can buy a restricted character race/breed". etc. Back in the day this was never something I saw but it is extremely common now, and I feel like I am in the minority when I say I'm immediately a little turned off by a site that has a system like this in place. I am also a grown-ass woman with a full-time job, a mortgage, and a real life outside of RP so maybe I'm turned off by them because I prefer sites with a little more lax activity requirements (and therefore don't count on high volume post counts to gain enough "points" to do something)? What are your thoughts? Do you like the idea of point systems? Do you think this is just another trend that will eventually disappear, or do you think that all RP's will be using these in the future? I'm curious from a member perspective if these are good motivators for people to post, or if they just cause anxiety. From and admin perspective, is it worth the effort to set the system up and do members use it effectively? There are no wrong answers here, I'm just trying to test the waters!
  16. So, I've been looking through the forums, and, I was wondering what people found works best for finding inspiration for characters. I personally find that music, beyond all other things, helps me to find and define a character. I often end up with a particular sound or even band or singer that when I hear, I can't help but think about and want to write for that character. I think music impacting mood is a common enough occurrence, but I've found that the song I pick to listen to changes the post. So like, if I were to write two replies to the same post, and I listened to song a for post a and song b (even by the same artist) for post b, they will be two very different posts. Perhaps not in actions, but perhaps in dialogue, and most certainly in tone. And I know that on the board I'm on right now, music gets tossed around a lot. We have a few OOC threads dealing with finding music and looking at what people are listening to, and it isn't uncommon to find youtube links in our Discord gen chat. I know some people can write without music, but, I don't think I could. And when I'm having muse issues, it is usually because I can't settle on what to listen to, or the song doesn't feel right. It just seems integral to me for finding that in to the character and the post. Do you guys have other methods that impact your writing so much?
  17. Hello All, I wasn't sure whether to post his here or in RPG Confessions - please move it if it is not appropriate for this forum. I honestly need some advice on the often vague dividing line between having true concerns and just being paranoid. As an RPer and RP manager of many years - I have seen lots of issues arise. Some of them were repeated often enough that they became red flags for me when new people applied to my roleplays. I confess to now being a somewhat paranoid GM - mainly because I loathe confrontation, hate the thought of hurting feelings, etc. Especially since RP is supposed to be interactive and fun! Here's my issue.... A person has joined one of my sites (I have a few), wrote a decent character bio, and then proceeded to ask upward of twenty times how soon the story was starting. They received the same answer all twenty times. When the story launched, they leaped in with enthusiasm - which was majorly awesome! They are a better than fair writer and seems to be really nice. The issue appeared when they repeatedly did a thing that was very unnecessary in forum roleplay. A friendly reminder was sent out to the group at large that this was not necessary. The person asked if they were at fault and I diplomatically told them that yes, they were doing the thing, don't do it. The very next day, I sign on and that person has done the thing again - 3 more times. I have since sent them a private message on Discord asking that they cease and desist doing this thing. This is a very simple thing, not a complicated issue. You do it or you don't do it. Not doing it is the way forum play is designed. Am I being paranoid in that I feel like this person purposely did the thing to push back?
  18. featherstone

     Membership cbox location

    A survey that might help with my new coding endeavor: where do you like to have your cbox? Togglable? Always visible? Do you mind if a togglable cbox overlaps with the other elements while open? Additionally, what do you think about just having a button that opens the cbox in another window or page? The con is that you don't see what's going on at a first glance, the pro is that it doesn't get in the way.
  19. Years ago, I was in the RP and fanfic writing communities for Rammstein and a similar band, Oomph! For some reason, there was a TON of fandom crossover with Oomph! and, of all things, Boondock Saints (I still have no idea why). I also really enjoyed LOTR Speakeasy, which was Lord of the Rings actors (and people with six degrees of separation to them) in the 1920s. What's your weirdest fandom/RP niche?
  20. So, this may be a bit specific but something that I'm still trying to figure out is how to make battles against NPCs an actual challenge. Yeah, you can talk with the participants and plan out who wins and stuff but that is not what I'm talking about. This is about PvE and cases like a "boss"-NPC. Or, to give an example, I want to have a hit list feature where bounty hunters and similar people can take on specific tasks and hunt unique enemies, no matter if creature or humanoid. I thought that I could combine this with a member shop and clearing these hits grants you hunter points or something which you can spend on something (I didn't figure out on what yet). The thing is - if it's predetermined that the players win, I can just give these points out for free and they lose their purpose. So my question is how can you make battles against NPCs actually challenging and even pose the threat that a player loses (especially against super-tough enemies)? (Without dying, of course, otherwise almost nobody would take the hits on)
  21. So, obviously, you always start small, and after moves and big changes you can expect things to be a bit slow. However, I have noticed a weird pattern in people looking for forums. They don't want to join a small forum that's slowly growing, because they want immediate booming activity. But, how does a forum create that "booming activity" when people refuse to join and help them grow? We have advertised like crazy, affiliated like crazy, and we are still finding that people will browse the forum as guests, but never commit to joining. Those that do join, leave because they don't want to actually put in the work of being part of a growing community. We just did a huge move from Proboards to jcink, so of course, slow periods are to be expected. But my staff and I are pulling out at all the stops to do our best with keeping activity up, creating new threads, events, and perks of joining, but it seems to not be working. Are people not into multi-genre roleplay forums anymore? Is it more now that people want something super specific? My thoughts on creating a multi-genre, open world roleplay forum were to give people the chance to do ANY genre and ANY kind of roleplay they wanted. But, we can't show these potential members activity, when no one even bothers joining to try it out. Everyone has lives outside the forum, so we can't expect the couple active members we have to put the forum above their real lives because that's just ridiculous. So, how do we become an "attractive" forum, to entice people to ACTUALLY register instead of just viewing as guests? Any advice would be awesome. Thank you so much! ^^
  22. So I'm not sure I like it or hate it. It's really a whatever sort of thing, if I want to say hello to a site I will pop into their cBox. I love doing that when I'm interested in a site. I, as a long time site administrator, know that a lot of guest traffic is spoofed.from search engines so it won't necessarily be an actual person that upped that guest number. So to me I think it's pointless but I can see it actually bringing someone out too, but it could also run them away. How does it make you feel as the guest? How do people feel about members of the site greeting guests? Whether it be Staff or members.
  23. Love em or hate em. Do not reply, all replies will be removed. This is not a discussion thread, this is an interest thread.
  24. So we've all been there. You get to a site, you like the idea, you are looking through the information and then you find the deal breaker. Whether it be members or a rule or something else you find that thing and you go "nope, that's a deal breaker" and hit the x and move on. What are your deal breaker items. Finding the rules and seeing that the admin was unnecessarily rude or overbearing.. that's a deal breaker.
  25. A pretty straightforward discussion - do you like it if there is always some danger for your characters (as long as it is not unfair) or do you never want to risk losing them? Deciding on permadeath or death protection seems like an important decision, so I'd be interested to learn which one you chose and why. Or maybe you have both in some way? In one of our old RPs that had a battle system, we had permadeath and lost a number of characters, I think over 10. While it is sad to lose a character it also allowed for some pretty touching or even outright devastating scenes, like a man who had a whole side-chapter devoted to him where he tried to save his daughter - which he did - only to die in the next one after finally rescuing her (the side-chapter even had a whole dungeon). Or a trio of best friends where two of them died in the same battle while the third run had to run away, trying to not have a psychological breakdown at the same time (which happened after the battle), a former comrade that left the group but was mutated and had to be killed, a brave group of friends that died protecting a city, and so on. I'm not sure if I would use permadeath again which is why it would be interesting to hear more about the topic from others.

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