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  1. So I have this member. They haven't specifically broken any rules, nor made any members uncomfortable, maybe only slightly annoyed them. However a few times they have said things that just got under my skin. They've yelled at at staff, for not "doing enough", even though they give us boatloads to do every day, and we are working on our site 2+ hours at least every day, if not more. No other members have complained about how slow we are. They just also seem... to not fit into the community. They act a lot younger than all of us, and sometimes say things that hint they aren't ready for an older community. However, they haven't broken a single rule. What should I do about this? I don't want to ban them, but it's hard for me to see them fitting in.
  2. I've thought about this topic in the past, and knowing it's probably common amongst roleplayers, I looked through three pages on here to make sure it wasn't already touched upon. Seeing as how this thread was created - you now witness my poor research results. Anyway, Open Threads. For something so inviting it sure is hard to drag people into them. Seriously, you'd think they'd lap up the opportunity to get their new or half-used character some fresh interaction, but no. They gotta be snobs about it. Okay, that last part was a bad joke, but really - has it always been so hard. I've only been writing for a short amount of time, so I'm really unaware if this is singular to some communities or just forum-wide. So far, I've only experienced the prior. If you don't go out of your way to come up with the idea, explicitly state the thread is private and then make the most extra post - nobody and I mean, nobody, puts in a lick of effort. But why not? To me, an open thread means limitless opportunity. Well, less limited to a private and static one. Your character could stumble upon valuable allies and travel into other - possibly also open - threads, which would make an already interesting interaction that much better. Plotting would be ten times easier too due to all the connections they could have made. In just two or three threads no less!! So, dear members, I ask you: 1. Do you like or dislike open threads? Why? 2. Do you go out of your way to find them or just jump in when you see one? Or do you just outright avoid them? 3. Do you feel open threads limit you? Why or why not? And finally, 4. Are people in your community (s) willing to join in on open threads? Is it not a forum wide thing like I initially thought? Note: using a tablet, will fix spelling errors later.
  3. So I brought this up brief in the Pet Peeve section but wanted to elaborate on it more and see if anyone else had ever encountered it because frankly this is my first experience with it and I'm totally shocked that any writer would think that this normal. The issue was this, people who change their characters history (as they see fit) in a way that completely contradicts everything they've previously been writing. I have no issue with 'surprises' like oh you thought you were a single fun-loving bachelor oh shit, your ex actually had your kid and you just found out. That's fun or w/e but these were blatant contradictions totally changing the character's history I find that extremely annoying and confusing. Especially when it messes up what's already happened between other characters on the board. In this case it's two staff members making these blatant contradictory changes together and then blind siding other members/characters by suddenly changing up their character history/adding things to their pasts that they previous stated in thread/site canon that they didn't have expecting other member’s characters to be aware of what’s going on. It’s like they’re trying to use a plot twist tool and doing it all wrong it’s like … The Right Way: Chance was raised as only child, his entire life and personality has been defined by this fact. He never knew his father, and his mother never really talked about it, so it was just the two of them. Years later, he runs into a man who he eventually realizes is his half-brother. He is shocked by this revelation and those in his life begin to find out only as he starts to come to terms with it. The Wrong Way: Chance has talked again and again about never having any siblings or a father, just him and his mom against the world until she died. It’s his entire life he’s just on his own now, it defines his character. He tells everyone in his life (and in threads) he has no siblings, no father, and that his mom’s dead. Two weeks later, Chance is hanging out with his miraculous brother at thanksgiving dinner with their happily married parents and then is getting angry at other characters for not knowing about these people in his life. They’re doing it the wrong way. As if that wasn’t annoying enough in this situation they are ‘in character’ are berating my character for not knowing these things about them when the character would have no way of knowing. It’s like they’re expecting you to metagame which is another shock. How are they supposed to know if they weren’t there or if they weren’t told, or if they were previously told the opposite? RP is supposed to be fun but I also write as a career so I take my story building/character development very seriously. I treat every forum/board as if it’s a novel and my character is on a journey within this world. I would never blatantly contradict anything in their past because it’s convenient or I felt like it because I have too much respect for my fellow writers and their efforts. It’s not fun to suddenly have everything you worked toward just tossed out as if it’s nothing. I think of like... imagine reading Harry Potter, knowing the whole time Harry Potter's parents are dead. Last book starts with Harry's parents sending him off to school with no mention of the fact that they had been dead, written as if they're been there the whole time but we're all supposed to pretend like this is normal/canon. I’m just curious to hear others experiences/thoughts on this.
  4. In the affiliate friendship thread, the topic of poaching was touched on, and I kinda wanted to explore it in a little more detail. First off, how do you define it? I mean, most RPers I know run multiple characters in multiple games, so where's the line between recruitment and poaching? Second, are you worried about people doing it to you/your games? Do you do it to others? If so, what do you do to try to prevent it, or what have others done to try to stop you? My phone is being super cranky for some reason, so I'll answer as a reply. I guess I see poaching as a malicious form of recruitment. Where instead of saying something like 'I think you'd like my game too, you should check it out if you have time' it's more like 'what are you doing with these losers, my site's so much better. Ditch them and join me' sometimes with a side order of bribery with a special promise of power, class/rank, or something unique to the player only. The star trek fleet I used to play in, before going independent, seemed to think that mentioning the existence of another fleet to any of the current fleet players was poaching. While I don't really agree with that, there is a fine line that I've seen crossed, where a player was trying to convince players of one fleet to start helping out with admin stuff in another fleet they weren't part of. This only really crossed the line because fleets are a gathering of many games together to share resources, so most players tend to stick to one fleet, and committing to staff level stuff is usually only done for a fleet the player belongs to. Overall, I don't worry too much about it. If a player is happy in my game, most poaching efforts aren't going to be successful. On the other hand, if someone is unhappy, or I need to go to unusual lengths to recruit them, I'd rather not have them. Chasing unhappy players isn't a good use of my time, I'd rather focus on things that benefit all my players. And if someone is willing to ditch another game in a malicious manner, I can't help but wonder if they'll do the same to my game when they get bored. Overall, I don't worry if my players choose to talk about other games in my chat, and I do on occasion talk about my affiliates. Though if someone showed up in my chat who isn't in my game, and starts talking about their game instead of mine, I might get irked and ask them to stop.
  5. So I've been RPing in one shape or another (mostly forum based, but I have done chat and others) for about 12 years now. I've seen a few fads come and go. Things as simple as the overly colorful templates that have every letter a different color (had a friend make me a few of those, she was a doll), to "MUST HAVE TINY TEXT EVERYWHERE!!1!1111!!!! SIZE 0 MASTER RACE!!!!1!!!!1". I had to leave RPing for a while, because college happened, because life happened, and I resently (in the last 6ish months or so) have decided to come back. I've found myself... pickier, personally. I won't join just ANY site anymore, and I'm picky about skins, rules, and those I can RP with. I adore romance, and fandoms, and have a hard time finding anyone who's similar (it seems). I'm noticing that where I'm looking, I'm not finding anyone who's a teen. Or if they are, they are very mature. I remember when Chatboxes were filled with "so, school sucked today, I had a biology test, a pop quiz, and my friend's not-boyfriend tried to hit on me" or "my life is so terrible, my parents aren't letting me do _____!!!!!". Now I see "I'll be back later guys, gotta put the kiddos to bed" or "Sorry I'm so late guys! I had to stay late for work, but I will get a post out I swear!". It's... interesting for me. I was gone probably three to three and a half years, and I come back and now... RP is a completely different landscape. I no longer need AIM, but Discord. My forum RPs are being moved to Premium places as we all want more mature themes. (I remember when fade to black was exciting, and felt a little... naughty 😜.) I, personally, am more picky about who, what, where and when I rp. Even my Why has changed a bit. It's no longer about escaping, it's more about... enjoyment for me. I have things I want to RP out (and yes mostly in fandom, because I doubt I'll ever loose that), that I doubt 18 year old me would have wanted to RP. I know I've changed, and I've noticed that the face of RP has changed as well. Again, mostly I've done forum stuff, but I am wondering, who else has seen these changes, or hasn't realized until now that they've happened. Coming back is... jarring, I guess. I'm faced with what feels like a new game, and I'm a bit behind. Tell me your experiences. Even if you started RPing in the last few months, you can tell me what you are seeing as normal, and I can give you an idea how it looks from someone who hasn't really gotten to RP much in the last few years. Here are a few major fads I remember, some were good, some were not so much. Animal Sites [Horses (where I started), Wolves, Tigers, Cats in general, lions] Overly colorful EVERYTHING. Bad color combinations. Tiny, size 0 text. AIM (figuring out group messaging was hard Highschool (RP wise, and RL wise) Emo Mary Sues (I think that had something to do with that terrible/wonderful HP fic, My Immortal?) Black and White Rping (There is no gray, you are a good guy, or a bad guy) Dark, Light, Neutral. Usually with the animal sites. So Much Time! (I had it all guys, I had it all!) Bonding over dumb things your character said (I think this still exists, or it should. If it doesn't, I'm bringing it back) That is just to name a few. Why don't you tell me what you remember/know of/think of as 'modern rping', and we can compare notes!
  6. So this could go under both staff and membership and I want to see how people feel about it from both sides and how they deal with it from both sides. I would first like to express I'm not a victim person. I say that to make it clear that I don't cry wolf every time my feelings get hurt or I'm offended by someone because I'm a grown woman. I know how to deal with my problems. If I need help I seek it out from trusted family and friends and if I really want to deal with something specific to a roleplay I'll reach out to a staff member on the site in question. I feel this is important because this is how I'm an actual victim of something that few people recognize. Reverse-bullying. What is reverse bullying you say? Well, what I feel is reverse bullying is, is this: A person that claims they are being harassed or victimized at all times. Now there is a very real possibility that said person is trying to bully the person but I've found, especially with my larger than life personality, that it's more likely that I disagree with the person or they disagree with me. Now don't get me wrong. I have a personality (particularly while drunk) to not listen to what anyone says. You can ask people like @VirusZero @Amelia or anyone else that has been in a chat with me while I'm drinking. I'm a pushy woman when motivated or passionate. I can see how my gusto (drunkedness) can be misinterpreted as bullying. I don't let people talk. I also talk in circles and tell people the same story 30 times too (if you were curious) but that seems to be ignored. Now to get back on topic. Because of these misunderstandings I've been accused many a times of bullying. If I do happen to remember what I was pushy/passionate/drunk talking about I normally remember the beginning of the conversation but if I have any history (and I wasn't direct talking) then I can normally get all the pieces into place and figure out what happened and explain my side of the story to explain what happened from my perspective. I don't, however, always get the chance. With the real thing of cyber bullying out there everyone is afraid of anything with the word bullying or harassment in it. They immediately jump to the side of the "victim" and onto the back of the "bully" without collecting all of the facts. People do this because they don't want to be accused of allowing cyber bullying. What I've found is that most people don't realize is that they are a culprit of reverse bullying. Now to explain, if you cried victim about an account on Facebook (mind you I've never done this but I've read through articles of people who have and their actual process) they don't automatically just go to that persons account and BAN them or even send them a message about ABUSE. They investigate it where they can. They access records, logs and determine whether the accuser has a right to accuse said person of whatever they are accused of. However someone claiming to be harassed on a roleplay immediately gets the smite of the staff or of the members that are told that someone is bullying them. We jump to conclusions based off of half of the information. HELL! We read passive aggressive tones in text when there often isn't any. That being said I know, at least the fabulous members of the initiative, are smarter than that. Or at least I hope you are empowered enough to know not to take things at face value (particularly on the Internet). I do know that the threat of "allowing cyber bullying" is terrifying. However, how do you personally deal with a situation that arises that someone states that they are being bullied or harassed? Do you really take the time to investigate and find out the legitimacy of the claim or do you just take the word of the person making the claim and go down that path of getting the person off your site? Do you even realize that people can be reverse bullied by those that "cry wolf"? (I mean while @Rune has a website there is a legitimate story about people that tell lies to get attention) Have you ever taken the time to listen to both sides of the story? I'm going to end this off here and explain that I've been reverse bullied off of a lot of sites because I have opinions that don't often align with many roleplayers but I also have been reverse bullied off of site because my strong, larger than life personality has been confused with being overbearing and insensitive. I understand I'm the type of person that is difficult to deal with sometimes but sometimes I need that conflict to remind me that I don't hold the monopoly on opinions. That I need to hear the other side. It doesn't mean that I will change mine or I expect the other person to change their opinion but the reminder that I'm human is awesome. (Even though I have a little bit of fangs now). Just because I don't always want to listen to your opinion because we disagree (I'm a big perpetuator of the la la la I can't hear you or the talk louder so you can't talk method) doesn't mean that I don't think that you're not allowed to have an opinion. If you don't like that I'm doing one of those things hang up on me and we can chat about it a different day when I'm less passionate about it, or never again if you would prefer. However it doesn't mean that I'm bullying or harassing you to agree with me either. Be you. Let me be me. Don't make it more than it is.
  7. So I know this can be a sensitive topic for a lot of people so I want to be clear that this isn't here to offend anyone I want to see honest opinions on how it's treated and whatnot and how you feel about the ways it's been treated. So there are plenty of ways out there that gender is in roleplay I've seen many a SJW rant about fairness and all that however I don't know, personally, what is the most acceptable thing now. For the most part I know that people identify with one gender or the other or completely opt out of gender (which I think is non-binary) which makes things easy, you have male, female and non-binary. However I'm not sure that it would work all the way. I've seen gender switched to Gender Pronouns, She/Her, He/Him, They/Them which I think is helpful I guess but I don't know if it is the appropriate way or if there even is one. So questions are what do you do about gender in your roleplay or how do you like to see gender displayed in roleplay?
  8. The question is simple. This can be what drew you to make your own forum as well but this is primarily as a member. What drew you to the forum(s) that you are on now? For me? It was a wanted ad. It happened to have a PB that I use frequently (Lena Headey) that drew me to read the ad and I picked it up. It actually ended up being a mistake to pick up said wanted ad because the two people it was wanted for ended up leaving the site within the next month and I had to ret-con her so that she was no longer related to said characters but the site is still awesome.
  9. A random question posted at... eh, almost 2am. Do you listen to music while you're posting? And do you have certain songs that remind you of certain characters, that inspire you to write for them - a playlist for posting? I have several. Presently my favorite for a certain character is:
  10. This is such a delicate sort of topic because I have found that I've been on sites where staff will take an original character and place them up for 'adoption' by another member and essentially allow the history to be copied which I personally don't like but, it's hard because I've definitely been on the 'abandoned' side of the spectrum before where you are really involved with a writing partner and their character is entirely intricate to your character's life and plot and then they suddenly up and vanish without any warning and your character is stuck married to and having children with this non-existent person and you're kind of left in the lurch. I'm curious to know how other people approach this because on my site, I will only place a character up for 'adoption' if they were a Wanted Ad of a member to begin with. Otherwise I encourage members to create an plot reason for that persons absence. i.e I put up a ad for my character 'Jill seeking John Smith, age 29, PB this, backstory this.' A person takes them, creates their own history and app around my character and my backstory, plays them for months and then vanishes and has no intentions to come back. What I do then is clear that app put a wanted ad up for the same character indicate the brief past encounters that might be relevant but ask the to re-create their own version of the character/history and their own whole new app. I do the same for all members who have lost a wanted, I'll allow them to place a version of the character they requested back up for adoption so long as the new member creates a whole new history. ...The issue is I've had members come back and ask for their applications only to be enraged to see someone else is playing a version of that character because they were planning to play that character somewhere else and accuse you of plagiarism. (Some of the members apologize after they realize the histories are completely brand new but some of them don't care and then go on to spread malicious word about you and the site because they feel slighted.) I usually have gone out of my way for these members to e-mail them their old histories since I view those writings as 'their property' when I easily could have just said I deleted them. (I always just archive old apps) I honestly don't know how to even respond to these sorts of things because who is in the wrong? If I created this character and you played him does that automatically make them your character? Are we not allowed to request that someone take up this crucial plot role? If certainly wouldn't be that way with a Site Canon, so where is the line? I'm curious to see if other sites have had these problems or if I'm just being too accommodating with members/past members.
  11. So a pet peeve of mine with newer skins is that read/unread indicators are disappearing. For the most part post people keep them in the topic list but you lose them in the main forum site which has always been my way to know to go check a forum that I posted in to see if I have a post. Yes, I know there are about a dozen other ways to check for new posts, included the "View new posts" (or activity stream here) but I hate having to do that. It feels inconvenient then an easy little icon that indicates new posts. Am I alone in this? It's almost as big of a pet peeve as not seeing the last post date on the forum index.
  12. Hello everyone. So, I run a Dragonball Z RPG. I use the word RPG because it's actually a game. Maybe more like a freeform RP/tabletop game hybrid. We use a dice rolling plugin on the forum to roll for attacks and deal damage. You have character sheets and can progress by gaining points. The battle system is very much a modified version of the D20 system, made to better suit the feel of Dragonball's intense and ridiculous fights. I notice not a lot of sites out there are games. More just places to write collaborative fiction? How do you feel about sites with game mechanics? Is it a turn of or is it something you've wished to see. Thanks for sharing!
  13. So there's plenty of genres that include characters with powers of some kind, but what is your favorite power-set that you've created and/or played? Is it your favorite because it's interesting and different, or because it's just fun to play? I just created an OC with Nightmare Manipulation powers, and he feeds on the fear his nightmares cause. He hates his ability, but literally can't live without using it and I'm super excited to play with this power-set.
  14. I'm making this thread in response to @Morrigan's discussion on Imgur and their recent crackdown on hot linking. Imgur has blocked Jcink from using their service recently (source). While I only do a browse or word search when looking through TOS, Imgur's terms of service is not for image hosting. Wait, or is it? Whatever. It doesn't matter. The bottom line is: You can't use Imgur if you want to link to your images. Basically, Imgur is for viewing the most viral images on the internet, not hosting your graphics. You can view their TOS here. It's not too long. But just in case you're a professional potato (like me), I'll quote a major point in their TOS: So there you have it. Anyway, I'm sure a lot of you, like me, are bummed. Because honestly, their short links is what sold me. I spent a lot of money on upgrading my account to have access to unlimited uploads. And even though they said that they have removed the limits and stopped the paid, upgraded account service, my account is still being restricted based on their old restrictions. Ugh. So for me, that's still frustrating but I'm not the type to cry over split milk. However I'm sure that some of you might be looking for a new place to host your images. So what are your options? First, and foremost, if you're looking for a place to upload your layout images, then you should be looking at your forum host first. A lot of forum hosts, including Jcink, offer to host your images for your community. In some cases, it's free. In other cases, you'll have to pay to have more storage, but generally they give you enough space to upload what you need for your forum. I highly recommending uploading all your images for your layout with your forum host. Not only will your community load faster (because it's not calling and retrieving information from a third party), but it'll help with the load times on your forum. Load times are important. And it becomes a make or break factor with some members that have a slower/non-priority connection speed. Other image hosting sites can be found by going to google and using your magic little fingers. I found several websites that I will kind of link to below, but as I'm a professional potato, I only skim TOS and search these policies for keywords. Yeah, I know, you can criticize me all you want, but if the service leaves me scratching my head by either hunting down what their site is about, or if they market it to true image hosting (when it may not be the case), then that's on them. I'll still link to the TOS's for you to do the homework, because I'm only liable for me and mine. Here's a few image hosting options I found: Tinypic -- "TinyPic® is a photo and video sharing service that lets you easily upload, link, and share your images and videos on MySpace®, eBay®, Orkut Scrapbooks, blogs, and message boards." -- [ TOS ] I browsed through it and didn't see any kind of restrictions, other than the content you "post" has to adhere to international laws. It's owned by PhotoBucket now. Photobucket -- "Photobucket offers photo and video storage, story creation products and sharing services (collectively referred to as "Photobucket Services") that are offered via the Site, other social media, mobile services and mobile applications." -- [ TOS ] I didn't see anything related to "forum/message boards" so this could be an open field. I highly recommend scanning this TOS. It's not too long, but there are vague points. Also, if you're using this for image hosting layouts, I suggest having your folders on private lock down, otherwise other users can freely redistribute whatever they find. Photobucket also sells prints, so this could be an issue if you don't private/lock your folders. Imageshack -- "Sharing is easy and you have full control of privacy. You can share a single image or even a whole album. Use us for business. We will host your images for your site of forum. Upload quickly and get any link type you need. Discover new inspirations with our follow feature. Follow other photographers, friends and even your family." -- [ TOS ] The first line in this TOS is "ImageShack is here to serve all of your image hosting needs..." Imagevenue -- "Free Image Hosting for bloggers, message board users, and eBay sellers." -- [ TOS ] Short and to the point. Postimage -- "Postimage.org was founded in 2004 to provide forums with an easy way to upload images for free. Postimage is a very simple, fast, reliable free image host. It's perfect for linking to auctions, message boards, blogs, and other websites. " -- [ TOS ] Short and to the point. You can discuss other options as well, because I'm sure it's well worth it if they are true image hosting sites for general purposes. If you want to post your art/professional photography, there are other options out there. Stick to "image hosting" sites that are basically art portfolios, like deviantArt and Weasyl. If you're looking for a place to host your images for your layouts, then I suggest looking into your forum host first. Other than that, Imgur was a lesson learned, yeah? I also suggest taking a look at this list of photo-sharing websites that I found on the infamous Wikipedia. If you scroll down, they touch on the kind of features each site has and they compare them. Might be userful if you're looking for something that lets you organize your stuff.
  15. So sometimes, when I browse a new site, I find what is essentially a species canon list. This makes sense to me, because you can list any species that need more members, because they just aren't as popular. Heck, I've been thinking of even adding one to our site, maybe see a few more Minotaurs wandering around. However, sometimes these sites have a 'no-go' list as well, which has species other characters have, but new members can no longer make due to the fact they are so popular. Personally I would and I would never do this. I understand having a species that is maybe way more powerful then the rest, so you have to earn a character, maybe through posts or a quest. But to just have a list of species that others were allowed to make right off the bat, no longer be available, seems unfair to me. I understand the logic, maybe you have 20 vampires and only 3 humans. But I don't think I could do that. And honestly, its a huge turnoff for me when joining a new site, even if I didn't want to be that species. What do you guys think?
  16. I often participate in roleplays that are stat heavy or use stats to some degree. I prefer them and feel as if they promote user activity as well as a bit of competition (not to mention a goal to work towards). However, I have seen sites get very very complex with their stats and others have them... but they don't actually have any meaning or merit. How do you all feel about them?
  17. We all have that guilty pleasure. Something that we want that the roleplay world deems too cliché to be worth note. Some of the time, people will openly balk at the very thought of writing this secret (or not so secret) desire of yours that you've been dying to write. So I ask you: What cliché roleplay plot or dynamic have you been itching to write and have yet to find a partner for? What plot have you been dying to write that some may scoff at for no reason other than the perception of them being "cliché"? Inquiring minds are dying to know! Maybe we'll find kindred spirits within these replies.
  18. Alright, I know I start a lot of these "curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back" threads, but I'm really curious! Do you all have tendencies when creating a character? Any personality traits you tend to gravitate toward when creating someone, or even physical traits? Are there any patterns you can see looking over your collection of characters? Lay 'em on me!
  19. What fandom forums do really well? Why do you think they do well? To be entirely honest, I can't say I really pay close enough attention to know. But there seem to be a lot of Pokemon forums, and the ones that I do look in on tend to be fairly lively- for a time, anyway. I think part of their success has to do with the nostalgia of the game series for a lot of roleplayers. Many of us are of the age that it was a fairly popular part of our childhood. That, and there is a pretty consistent stream of Pokemon content coming out- new games every couple of years or so. Fandoms tend to kick up around then, so it's almost like the Pokemon fandom is always in swing.
  20. I got to thinking about this because I've run into a couple of old RP buddies from years and years ago here on The Initiative. People I lost contact with for ages, some over 10 years. It's always neat running into someone you remember. Also, user names and handles are just interesting in and of themselves. So what online handles have you used in the past / do you use now, and why do you use them? I've used: Krymson/Crimzon SableSymphony Sable Foxfire - taken from a horse in a favorite novel series, though also a sort of bio-luminescent fungi Thirteen - jersey number for most of my athletic teams for about 7 years Seventh_Crow - from an old nursery rhyme about natural omens, seven crows for a secret never to be told RainxDog - From the Tom Wait's song Rain Dogs. Dragon/DragonBlue - longest used, one of my names means dragon and another of 'em means fire. Longer version just because I like blue and lightning dragons.
  21. Let me be honest - sometimes I set up a story in a particular genre or with a certain look just because I like the way it fuckin' looks. This is why I love anime-inspired fantasy roleplays, because I love love LOVE a cast of characters who are buxom women with comically oversized weapons, and bishounen princes with long coats and flurries of rose petals. How about you? What are the kinds of RPs you'll join just because you love the look? What are those specific looks?
  22. Approaching a month waiting on the person I'm writing with and feeling a bit frustrated so figured I'd ask the question: How long do you go with waiting for a reply? Personally, a week or so I can handle but when it starts approaching the month mark I start to get annoyed. Mostly because I start to forget what I was doing in the thread to begin with. Anonymous poster hash: 7632b...351
  23. when thinking about it, I found it hard and frustrating on finding genres that fit my rpgs perfectly. they feel so unorthodox that they end being a little too original for this directory. in fact, some time ago I pitched an idea about an rpg where you play as a bug/humanoid arthropod. one user stated it was way out of their comfort zone and i fear it might not catch on compared to the several fairy tail or harry potter. things, i hate fan related things based on popular media. i don't car how original your harry potter thing is compared to the rest of the pack, I'm not interested nor will i ever be. it's a shame, it's very hard to find rpgs that actually interest me that aren't reliant on using familiar characters or settings we grow up with. eventually, i shuttled down one of my forums since i personally didn't see the idea working. Not many people are as passionate with bugs as I am or are absolutely scared of them. even when i make them look cute, humanoid, or not as scary, you got some jerk who says "nope" "ew" "or "kill it with fire". sorry for the rant, i'm not mad at how the categories work but i can't seem to find any genre that worked for me. so i guess I'm gonna do a bog standard rpg that takes place in a cyberpunk fantasy world with superpowers or dragon riders rpg. both which are done before.
  24. What converted you from lurking around the Initiative and become a member? Whether it was the community, an event, or even just to submit your site to our directory, let us know!
  25. I've been thinking about triggers and how stressful I find some of my characters to play on sites that require trigger warnings because ... they just have so many potentially triggering features that I am not sure if I can catch them before they occur. And I suddenly wondered why do we not mark characters. In other words, if I have a character who is prone to TW: incest, rape, homophobia, racial slurs, child abuse, sexual abuse, why aren't we marking HIM as a potentially triggering item as opposed (or in addition to) thread events. Partly I'm wondering this because I have another character who is prone to panic attacks. I can't tell you at the beginning of a thread if he will have a panic attack, but when they are happening, they are happening and unless we end the thread we have now stumbled upon a triggering topic. So I guess... what do you guys think about this idea? Would it make it easier for people who do have these kinds of sensitivities to be able to (give or take) black list characters who are just walking, talking triggers for them? Is there some advantage to specifically marking each and every thread this character goes into?
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