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Found 301 results

  1. We all have things we suck at. What do you suck at? What do you want to get better at? Did you once suck at something and see it here? Share how you improved! I really want to get better at writing more, especially for some of my quieter characters.
  2. So I saw this post in the unpopular opinions thread. It's an opinion I've seen from time to time, and it got me thinking. When I choose a playby for my character, I'm "casting" them as I would in a TV show or movie. I've never thought this to be at all strange, since I do that subconsciously when I read books as well - Sirius Black will always be Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya to me, sorry Gary Oldman! SO, what about you? Do you "cast" faces for your characters, find people who roughly represent them but may not be ~it, or do you prefer to eschew PBs altogether? Why? Does it vary depending on the board you're on? DISCUSS, MY PRETTIES.
  3. How do you guys prefer to focus your RPs? Do you love RPs/settings that promote a heavy amount of direct combat between characters (Kind of like all those anime that have plots entirely based on and revolving around fights. Your typical "shounin" sotospeak)? Or do you prefer to stay away from direct combat and develop the plot in a less violent (but still as dastardly) fashion? If it's a mix, what's the kind of split that you typically take to?
  4. So we've had a poll on trigger warnings sitting about for a good bit now. So, as a player do you appreciate or despise trigger warnings? What's your reason?
  5. On fandom sites the conflicts come with the fandom: The X-Men and Brotherhood (Xavier and Magneto) conflict comes with the territory on an X-Men board, for example. But on original boards, I've seen time and again the creators of the site start the board with antagonists and conflicting factions already in place, and put the membership of these groups up for adoption as playable characters. But I've never seen that actually work. I was on a site for two years, they had rival criminal groups (a mob boss criminal and a charming rogue Robin Hood-type as the canon leaders of the gangs, who were bitter enemies) but in the time I was there, three different players picked up the mob boss character and then disappeared before the month was out, and the charming rogue was only played for a couple of months before that player also disappeared, and there was never a time when both characters were played and active at the same time. And yet, the admins kept pushing the idea of these two gangs having an active conflict. On another site, a fictional town site, the admins started the game with a sinister company/business menacing the town and warping the town's officials, and set them up to be baddies. The company and its managers were adoptable and players could join them. But no one ever did and no one joined as the town council or mayor; so, the corrupt town officials aspect never really went anywhere. I see new sites just when they are just starting and many of them have staged tension : rival gangs and such that people can join. But given my experiences, I wonder if those setups ever really play out or does it just fizzle. I think a more sensible plan would be for the admins to create tension and drama based on the characters that join and are actually active rather than pushing players to fulfill the storylines they create.
  6. A survey that might help with my new coding endeavor: where do you like to have your cbox? Togglable? Always visible? Do you mind if a togglable cbox overlaps with the other elements while open? Additionally, what do you think about just having a button that opens the cbox in another window or page? The con is that you don't see what's going on at a first glance, the pro is that it doesn't get in the way.
  7. So, obviously, you always start small, and after moves and big changes you can expect things to be a bit slow. However, I have noticed a weird pattern in people looking for forums. They don't want to join a small forum that's slowly growing, because they want immediate booming activity. But, how does a forum create that "booming activity" when people refuse to join and help them grow? We have advertised like crazy, affiliated like crazy, and we are still finding that people will browse the forum as guests, but never commit to joining. Those that do join, leave because they don't want to actually put in the work of being part of a growing community. We just did a huge move from Proboards to jcink, so of course, slow periods are to be expected. But my staff and I are pulling out at all the stops to do our best with keeping activity up, creating new threads, events, and perks of joining, but it seems to not be working. Are people not into multi-genre roleplay forums anymore? Is it more now that people want something super specific? My thoughts on creating a multi-genre, open world roleplay forum were to give people the chance to do ANY genre and ANY kind of roleplay they wanted. But, we can't show these potential members activity, when no one even bothers joining to try it out. Everyone has lives outside the forum, so we can't expect the couple active members we have to put the forum above their real lives because that's just ridiculous. So, how do we become an "attractive" forum, to entice people to ACTUALLY register instead of just viewing as guests? Any advice would be awesome. Thank you so much! ^^ ❤️
  8. I've always been curious, in the world of mobile-first web development, how many people actually post from their phones or tablets. Personally, even though I don't post in-character from my phone, I still prefer roleplay websites that are mobile-friendly. I like to be able to participate in OOC conversations from my phone, and read new posts over breakfast. That's part of the reason I prefer XenForo and IPS as forum software - I have never met a mobile-friendly jcink or Proboards forum. So, that's my opinion - responsive design or die. What about you all?
  9. So I plan to accept donations for my next rp site to help pay for premium costs, which I currently pay out of pocket. But I'm wondering if there are other paid services members might be willing to donate toward as a supplement to traditional rp. In the unlikely situation where donations are exceeded for covering premium costs (I know this likely won't happen - we'll be lucky if we get any donations at all), what would you allocate those excess funds to? I'm not trying to make a profit off of my members, so I'm curious if there are other features out there you, as a member, would like to see your donations to a rp site go toward. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
  10. ... or: how I learned to stop powerplaying and love the bomb. Do you have telepathic characters in your RPG? I'm curious as to how that works, how it doesn't work, and how it could. (Context: I write in and run Star Trek RPGs, which we call 'simming'. A group of five to, say, 20 writers write a character on a starship, starbase or colony. We produce third-person longer-form 'logs' (posts of 500-1000 words), sometimes collaborating for a joint log or ensemble log. These RPGs, or sims, run on play-by-email or similar systems, and sometimes forums.) How are empathy and telepathy handled in your RP environment? In Star Trek we have a range of species to write with. From empaths who feel or experience the emotions of another (empathic, like Betazoids, or Deanna Troi on The Next Generation), and telepaths, who can read thoughts, send messages and other crazy stuff according to what the writers needed (Original Series wierdos, Kes on Voyager) – we have quite the selection to pick from. I can see telepathy in particular being a PIA in RPGs. A writer might try and steal the thunder by telling you what your character is thinking before you can respond, or suddenly undo an action, or control your character. But, in the right hands, there are also some great advantages in gameplay, both for plots and for character development. Taking the telepath out of action, having them find a piece of the puzzle, or having an interaction with an ongoing villain/NPC/object (thanks, ST: The Motion Picture). There are many options*. My character (Grey, funnily enough) is a former spy who is unexpectedly developing telepathic skills. He's in a relationship with another character, a PC written by an old friend, and we are having lots of fun exploring the push and pull of that, with various evil plans for the future (namely, making Grey suffer). I know many of the other RPers of old so they know where I'm coming from – but as I'm restarting my own game I'm wondering about where the lines are and how I'd define them in my weirdalienjellymachine head to a future writer. How does your RPG handle telepathy? Does only the GM/CO get to write telepaths? If you are or were writing a telepath, do you have free rein in what you can do or are there limits? Do you write with a telepath who's great/awkward? I want to hear from you. All input welcomed. (*so long as none of them involves William Shatner. I really never need to see that man again, even if I am a massive Star Trek fan.)
  11. DISCUSS AWAY! Maybe this will help people find potential partners! Do you have a wanted ad/plot sitting around that you just haven't been able to find someone to take/work with you? Maybe you have that one character that just cannot find a ship for the life of them. Or maybe you just have a idea that you haven't found the right person to throw it at? What is your white whale of wanteds? Share them, let's talk about them and do everything from figuring out why they haven't been taken, suggesting boards they might work on or even offering to take it or just talking about whether or not you think its a neat idea!
  12. Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. I thought it would be fun to start a YouTube channel about roleplaying: what it is, how to start, character creation, etc. It’s still very much in its early stages. What I need now is are screenshots from various roleplays and the different parts of them (front pages, characters, rules, etc.), depending on the video topic. I’m asking about those interested in allowing me to do this. If I use a screenshot of your roleplay, I’ll provide a link back to it, of course. If you only want certain parts of your roleplay used, then let me know the restrictions. You’ll get a bit of free advertisement, and I’ll get what I need to make better videos. If you have ideas for video topics, let me know. Thank you. 🙃
  13. So, when I started roleplaying at the tender age of 15, I started on Gaia Online. Now, I don't know about you guys, but over there, almost every GM put romantic alignment on the character sheets - even in stories that aren't necessarily romantic. So my question to y'all today is: is it important? Is it important to you as a player? As a game master? How critical is it that we know whether a character is single or taken, gay or straight, transgendered or not? Are there genres in which it's important to denote whether a character is aromantic or asexual? Does having this information add or detract from your roleplay experience? Be honest! I'm not gonna judge you for needing this info for trashy romance RPs! That shit can be fun! Me, personally, I don't typically enjoy romance stories, so I don't join them, so I never really consider the romantic or sexual alignment of my characters.... Except for the one arranged marriage RP I ran because that was fucking hilarious.
  14. There are many instances when a character gets drama in his story life. As we are talking about RPGs, which are collaborative, sometimes this drama is actually sought by the writer, but other times it is: - either the result of negotiations between writers, so that all of them find something enjoyable in the story (ie a necessary give and take, when one accepts a twist he isn’t so fond of, but the partner is, receiving in exchange another plot twist, probably with another character, that he is looking forward to) - or the result of unilateral decisions of other writers (vanishing writers, dropped/ killed characters they had got bored with, etc.) which hadn’t taken into consideration at all the impact of their character’s disappearing on the characters theirs was related to. Which are the literary techniques/ plot devices you have used in order to heal your characters after such an event and use the experience as character development? (I know there are people who are so shocked by losing a writing partner that they retire the related character too. I am not interested in the answer “retiring the character”, but in techniques of making them cope with the loss.) I confess it had happened to me too, to retire a character at a certain moment, after most people they had plots with had left, and he had no more connections on the site at all. In those conditions, it didn't make sense for his story to get continued in those circumstances, so he had to step into the background and continue his life offscreen. But for most characters, it isn't the case. They still have a role to accomplish in the story, other connexions, etc. I have found, in any case possible, a plot twist to get them able to continue, even if they had to recover after a trauma. Some of my characters have found solace in religion, a pilgrimage or two being the solution to heal and go forward. Others had found new friends for support, or rallied all the remaining connexions around them, sooner or later, like in life. Or the new plot twists gave them other more immediate things to solve and think about...
  15. Hey, how do you go about plotting with people? I ask this because I'm tired of wanting to RP with people but never having any good ideas. Like I'll post in people's plot threads (or they post in mine) and I'm like, "My character is Bob. He's an astronaut who likes fish and I think he might think your character is a doofus" or whatever, but then that's not much to start with as far as creating a thread and setting, etc. I don't like having "cafe threads," if you will, so I want something more than just two characters running into each other . . . but I'm not very helpful. It's not a lack of interest in RPing with the people or the characters, it's an stumbling block of trying to figure out how to make the thread mutually beneficial. I guess I've shied away of coming up with something concrete for years because I didn't want to make any member feel like they're forced to RP what I want, but the end result is that I don't really know how to do anything but shrug and say, "I don't know - what do you want?" I'm not a huge pre-planner (as in, I don't really pre-plan anything except how to start the thread itself) because my characters have minds of their own. I'm thinking about putting together a personal list of ideas for threads I'd like to see my characters in, but keeping them open ended. Like, "A thread in which the character loses her wallet" or something. But I'm also trying to come up with ideas so that my characters develop rather than having a conglomerate of random meet-and-greets in mundane areas. Any suggestions on the topic would be nice. I'm not asking so much about "which plotting page style" do you use, or whether you use plotting pages at all - it's not a discussion about which style is better. It's more of the next step on how to make the thread come to life.
  16. So, this may be a bit specific but something that I'm still trying to figure out is how to make battles against NPCs an actual challenge. Yeah, you can talk with the participants and plan out who wins and stuff but that is not what I'm talking about. This is about PvE and cases like a "boss"-NPC. Or, to give an example, I want to have a hit list feature where bounty hunters and similar people can take on specific tasks and hunt unique enemies, no matter if creature or humanoid. I thought that I could combine this with a member shop and clearing these hits grants you hunter points or something which you can spend on something (I didn't figure out on what yet). The thing is - if it's predetermined that the players win, I can just give these points out for free and they lose their purpose. So my question is how can you make battles against NPCs actually challenging and even pose the threat that a player loses (especially against super-tough enemies)? (Without dying, of course, otherwise almost nobody would take the hits on)
  17. So there is often a debate within roleplays on "who owns" a wanted character. I've always been in the camp that the person that creates them owns that "version" of the character. I basically consider it AU. However I'm an advocate for adaption/changes if ported elsewhere. For example, I don't want my character's dad to be ported and expect someone to pick up my personal character on that site. An adaption/10% change needs to be made at minimum to be fair to me as a roleplayer and to make sure that my creativity isn't stifled because someone thinks I stole an idea from a player that's using a character I originally created. I have personally reached out to RP partners before including them in backstories or as NPCs in the future of my personal character if there was a significant enough influence on my character to warrant adding something. Now, that being said lets continue. I don't mind asking for wanted characters. Characters with some plot and some fun lets do this however, I'm having a problem putting a few up right now and I want advice. These aren't frivolous wanted ads like "I want a character to fill XYZ role, I expect this sort of history between them and I'm leaning toward A or B dynamic." I'm talking relatively fleshed out, I NPC these characters regularly, I have a specific dynamic, specific character interactions etc. Not just that, but I'm not the only person that has expectations from them. However I was asked whether they would be adoptable and I had never thought about it because "why?" but I can see the benefit but I'm trying to weigh the cost to benefit ratio. My cons are: How do I handle if these important people to my character are played in a way that doesn't work for the character? Will anyone pick it up if I'm too strict about it? Why can't/shouldn't I continue to NPC them? What is the benefit to let someone else play them other than for other players on the site interested in some interaction with that specific character? Will I lose interest if this character is played wrong? I would have limited NPC ability over this character now. My pros are: I wouldn't have to NPC this character which means one less thing to think about when playing with other players. I would get to experience more of the character with someone that fleshes them out more. I would get to see a thought baby played outside of my perspective and possibly get further ideas for mental development. Now I know not everyone is pro-wanted ad but I'm looking for advice. Do I try to set out on the world and let this well kept character out there to be tried on by another brain or do I keep the brain baby and maybe just make them into a personal PC for me?
  18. I know that jealousy is a common problem in the RP world, but usually I only ever hear about how it tears people apart. I'm hoping that someone out there has managed to survive their jealousy without ruining their RP partnerships, because I'm suffering from massive jealousy issues right now. I've fixated on the one plot my partner is doing with someone else to the point where I don't enjoy the plots I do have, and I lied and put up an away on our site saying I'm busy so that I don't have to post or talk to anyone. I don't like feeling this way, but I don't know how to get my emotions under control, either. Has anyone ever successfully broken a jealousy fixation without it destroying your friendship? What did you do? How can I get out of my head and enjoy what I actually have instead of looking at what I don't? Is the answer to take an RP break? Is it to just cry my way through writing my other plots? Is there a less painful way to deal with this than either of those? Anonymous poster hash: 5e3d5...a3b
  19. So this has always baffled/interested me about directories. Everyone seems to treat them like a safe space... but it's so easy to tell who/what site you're talking about if people know who you are and what sites you're on, even if everything specific is removed. I feel like an incredible amount of the time players and admins are effected by posts that have been made on directories that are meant to be anonymous/not important. I guess my question is... is this right? And also, if you realize there has been a misunderstanding, is it appropriate to talk to someone based on a directory post that they have made?
  20. Some people write only for their writing partner, or for themselves. I like reaching the widest audience possible (with that "widest" being not so wide, most often, but hopefully it doesn't mean that my writing sucks). I think all kind of stories are meant to be shared (in a way or another, orally or in writing). I always write with an audience in mind - which doesn't mean, however, that I write "things which sell" if they don't interest me. I like RPGs because I like interacting with my readers (and writing partners), talking about characters, plots, motives, etc. I wish the readers of my novels would interact with me on my FB page too (where it is easier) or on my blog. What about you?
  21. I think a lot of sites, if not majority of them, run events. I also think that a lot of admins are always looking for new ideas on how to run events or what kinds of events other admins find work the best. So this is just a question for Admins and members: what are some of the best or most enjoyable events you've run or participated in and how were they run? We're they prompted? Free for all? (For admins) Hiw much preplanning did you do and how much was decided as you went?
  22. We've had two people join in the past couple months who like to use their own pictures as OOC avatars. We don't have anything specifically banning it in the rules, but it makes me feel a little weird and I'm not sure why. How do you guys feel about people using pictures of themselves as avatars?
  23. D&D has been a part of my life for almost 2 years now. I been playing D&D 5e for 1.5 year now and it has been an amazing journey. There have been many moments during a game that I was stunned, amazed and that were simply epic. Most of this all happens randomly and not planned at all. There are so many adventures that you experience while playing and I would love to hear what epic moments or stunning surprises you have had in your campaigns. I will start myself (and it turned out way longer than I imagined I apologize): Last night I played with my online group the party consists of a sorcerer/wizard, druid, bard and ranger. The druid and ranger think they are very good at talking but have spectacularly failed multiple times. In this instance, the druid and wizard are talking to two people they have just rescued in exchange for a reward from the hand a criminal organization. The druid is looking for a way to get evidence against the Lord that the criminal organization is working with him. The best way the druid thought to get this was, to get a letter and some how with some horribly good and horribly bad rolls, the wizard convinced the person that she was really stupid and admired is work, frankly flattering but annoying him. The druid jumped into ask for the letter, to help of course because the lord needed to know they would be delayed. Since they were going back to get more funds. This is how it ended. Druid: "Oh yes we certainly found something" -starts to rummage through her pack. Wizard: -looks slightly panicked and uses message "What the hell are you doing they can't know we took their stuff." Druid: "Well why not, if he uses his seal we have proof." Wizard: "We have the seal we can fake that too." Gnome(ex prisoner): Looks a bit confused between the two as they talk in silence. Druid: "Right no we didn't find anything" -rolls terrible.- Gnome: -looks suspicious at her- Wizard with very high charisma: "Oh yes we did find things." -rummages through her pack- "Look at this beautiful nail and this hammer.. and ooh yes yes we found a bell" - rings the bell and rolls well- Gnome: -shakes his head- "Right here is the letter please give it to the Lord." -goes off.- A few moments later. Wizard: "I can't believe he actually bought we were so stupid" Druid: "Right who is the stupid one now." Wizard and druid high-five.
  24. I've been a roleplayer for the better part of my life. I started on forums when I still had to lie about my age on the registration form, and this year I'll be turning 31. Even when I did move away from forum-based RP, I never did stop. I started running forums when I was about fifteen, and at nineteen I opened Tallygarunga. Tally is---and always was---one of the things I am most proud of. The level of work that went into maintaining the game, advertising, community, all that---Tally is part of who I am. Roleplaying is a huge part of who I am. ... and my family is not aware. I don't know what to do about this, or if I should do anything at all. Part of me wants them to know -- I want to scream from the rooftops about how much I love my awesome nerds, share things on Facebook, and talk their heads off about the crazy plots we've got. Part of me is weirdly ashamed of the whole thing. And then, in a way, it's like I've kept a child a secret from my parents all these years. I'm an extremely private person and my poor Mum is always lamenting that I "don't share enough" of my life with her. Here I am, unable to talk about one of the biggest and best parts of my life, it feels like a lie of omission that I've been keeping for over a decade. I am very conflicted. I have a good relationship with my family, and drunkMe managed to tell me sister-in-law ALL ABOUT IT at a family wedding. I just... don't know how to talk about it with my parents? Will they think it ridiculous? Blame Tally for my "internet problem" (yes, I spend a lot of time inside/on computer. I don't like outside. Without the internet, I have a "book problem" or "sitting daydreaming problem" -- deal with it)? Worse: will they get super excited and decide to jump on Tally and READ EVERYTHING? This is less of a concern to me now that we've got a fresh board (young me wrote some pretty weird stuff), but the idea still makes me uncomfortable. Also I had a dream the other night that my family found out about Tally and were so disgusted by everything they saw that Mum wouldn't look at me and Dad disowned me. WHAT DO?
  25. Good Day, I am in the process of creating an IPB site with an eye to possibly moving my Nova based game to a forum. I love the features, don't mind the fee, and have made good progress setting up the basics. The problem I've run into and just can't think of the best way to handle it is character bios (applications). Our bios (at the Nova site) are rather complex and while I can minimize some of it, I have a reason for needing the longer history timelines. I don't mind formatting the bio for my players onto a nice tabbed template, but am wary of turning on HTML as this invites malicious attacks (so I've heard). I attempted to set up applications via IPB's Pages feature, but was defeated. I understood the gist of creating the database, filters, records, etc., but the actual practice of creating a character record was beyond me. Does anyone use IPB for RP that could help me out? Direct me to a template, etc.? Share their site so I can see how they have apps/bios set up? I'd honestly love to have the bios on the "character" accounts profile page somehow. Any and all help, suggestions, and recommendations is appreciated. Warmest regards and thank you, ~ Stormwolfe
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