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  1. Ok so I'm just curious as to whether I'm the only freak here that's had a dream about a character or not. In my case last night, I had a dream about someone else's character. I used to role play with this girl a while ago and she had this character who was severely anti-social. I had a dream about him, his name was Punk. Wasn't sure whether I should run from him or not. Anyone know the character from Lee Child novels (or the movie) Jack Reacher? Kind of like him but with more of an inkling to murder people except like, just a very select couple people.
  2. So I was considering this as I was using a PB that is younger than the age of the character I was playing, by ten years, to find out other opinions. Now I know a lot of people prefer "find an age appropriate PB" but I think that as long as it's "possible" then it's age appropriate. Now, I say this for a number of reasons! First and foremost I say this because I'm advised, on a regular basis, that I look anywhere between 5-10 years younger than my actual age. Heck I've been mistaken for being 13 years younger than I actually am before. That means that, as a 31 year old woman that I
  3. So we've all been there. You get to a site, you like the idea, you are looking through the information and then you find the deal breaker. Whether it be members or a rule or something else you find that thing and you go "nope, that's a deal breaker" and hit the x and move on. What are your deal breaker items. Finding the rules and seeing that the admin was unnecessarily rude or overbearing.. that's a deal breaker.
  4. What are your methods for getting beyond the slump of writers block (especially after being sick). For me, sometimes, it's that I write in different genres or switch gears but sometimes that just makes me less likely to write in the original setting. Overall I just move forward and onward through many stories but I want to know what you all do to get back in the game. Life was crazy, you were sick and now you want to write! HOW DO YOU DO IT!?
  5. A very common problem I've observed in my years running RPG's. How often do you have people ignoring or refusing to follow set rules for your game? One in particular is that A/ all character must have a face claim and B/ they must use a sig pic when posting for OC characters (we wave that rule for NPC's). So I've been told I'm a softie for allowing this to continue, I guess the only reason I do is because the players in particular are good writers and do keep up. So do we become totalitarian dictators enforcing our enshrined rules, or do we allow some leverage?
  6. You ever met that one player who just left everyone speechless, and not in a good way? Maybe you're not even salty anymore, maybe you're even impressed by the sheer magnitude of their temper tantrum. I met someone like that on another site I was on. I'll change some names and pronouns around. I was running a roleplay and this one player, we'll call him Sequoia He was outgoing and clever, and enthusiastic about the story I was setting up. This was a year or so ago so I don't remember all the details, but he got into a fight with another player in a different RP that was
  7. Not sure if this topic has been made before (it probably has) but I've been apart of the roleplay community long enough to dabble in all sorts of genre's, and something I've noticed about most forums has begun to bug me. Why do the "fighting-based" forums never have any actual fighting in them? I'm a supporter of fluff threads and dramatic plots and other cool thriller-esque environments, but even then the forums not based on slice of life sure do have a lot of slice of life in them. In fact, I'd say %90 of forums based on something combat/mystery/supernatural related has far more fluff than i
  8. Everyone manages their site's in-character sections differently. This topic is an open discussion (not debate) on managing and promoting the IC aspects of roleplay. Some items to think about and add to your replies are below. However, don't feel like these are the only subjects you can discuss in this topic or that you need to cover all of them in your reply. How does your site encourage IC writing? Do you prefer that sites are activity oriented or story-focused? Can they be both? Do you find site-wide plots useless or intimidating? Do you enjoy them? Should joining a site-
  9. A trend I'm seeing more and more of lately in new rp sites are character aesthetics instead of using Face Claims/Playbys. That is, instead of using a person's face as a basis of your character's physical appearance, you use a series of images, not necessarily of a person at all, to conjure up the character's "aesthetic" to represent them. I'm curious as to everyone's opinion of this approach, and how they feel that affects the game in comparison to sites who use traditional face claims. What do you prefer these days if you're required to use images in your rps? Do you like having a
  10. How do you feel about people sitting in your cbox (or whatever) and chatting before they have a character? Not asking questions, just participating in the ooc communication.
  11. I was following a few discussions on chats, discord, and related issues, and I noticed how more than a few people don't like being reachable OOC off site, and sometimes not even by PM. Of course I don't mean "at their personal address with their real name", because that'd be crazy, but, say, on any address or social media that you actually check, even if you're not visiting the specific RP site for a while. I don't mean to discuss what make others uncomfortable, because that's totally up to them. What I want to talk about is where I find myself not knowing what to do. I
  12. I'm just curious. What do you guys prefer in both roleplay sites, and in your own character-making? Do you prefer to rp as a canon character from animes, mangas, shows/movies, etc? Or, do you favor making your own character from scratch? My personal opinions is that I steer clear of canon, only because I don't want to feel that I am changing someone else's character, or I am not able to stay 100% true to said character because they aren't mine. If I can make my own from scratch, I can make them in my own image, and roleplay them any way I want, so I guess the creative freedom attra
  13. Hey all! While being in this field of writing now more than 15 years, I have come to notice for the last couple of years that recruitment is getting more and more difficult. While my writing group is Star Trek, I made it even more unique that it is only a Cardassian character play by (specific species in Star Trek). While I get praised for trying it, the recruitment for it is quite difficult. Now the most common thing I noticed is that players simply reflect my website as "Oh it's not active, the last story posted was a few days ago", while behind the screens (when you need to log
  14. Obviously not every character can work on every site (not that this stops some from trying!) But many of them can be tweaked and made to fit. Sometimes, a new canvas is better! It's all personal preference! Do you prefer rolling entirely new characters for a new site? Or do you have a handful that you reroll for every board you join?
  15. I know many RPGs where the characters advance in the story. They make their mark upon the story, progress and get promoted for their achievements and reliability. Some people love this. It is a way to reward fidelity, creativity, involvement in the story, and at the same time to show the fact that no story can remain static. Others don't like it. They want their character to remain the same way as it was initially designed, and for them a promotion, no matter how much it makes sense in the story, means their character turns into someone they aren't interested in writing about anymore
  16. Granted, this one is probably more for the Original Characters than the Canon characters.... but how often do you like to "revamp" and modify the characters you create, if at all. Do you change the character around a little bit for each site you use them on, throwing away quirks that didn't work in one in order to try different takes? Do you leave the character itself alone and only change what's needed to match them to the setting? Or are you known to completely re-invent the same character 10 times over the last decade?
  17. What matters more to you? The activity of the site, their atmosphere and community, or is it both? I have found that we have completely revamped, and we still struggle to get people to join in. Given, yes, it's multi-genre and that's a bit harder, but we also narrowed it down and changed our rules and followed a bunch of advice from you awesome people here! The issue is, people wanna join a huge site with activity, but sites can't get that activity if people don't join. Our current staff and members can only do so much but they all have lives too. So, I guess my question is: Why do people say
  18. This is market research as I have never joined a multigenre for reasons I wont share because I don't want to influence responses 😄 What assumptions do you make about any site that is advertised as multigenre? Like, what set up do you expect to see? How structured is it? Have you joined a multigenre and encountered some limitations (what were they)? What hurdles do you think members of multigenres need to jump and how have you seen people address them? What assumptions do you make that are turn offs?
  19. When someone expresses a dislike for stat and dice systems in play-by-post rp, the most common reason - that I have found - is that those game mechanics "restrict creative freedom." Well, the most common personal reason. Sometimes the person complains how dice or GM heavy game mechanics can bog down play-by-post, or other problems with introducing such elements to a forum environment. But I'm interested in the "restricting of creative freedom" argument. So, I ask myself - and y'all - what is true creative freedom in the realms of forum rp? Or maybe just rp in general. To me, it is
  20. As I am working on the wiki/site lore portion of my forum, I am wondering what to do over the inclusion of character profiles and other content into the wiki. It would take me forever to write profiles of all the canon characters espeaically if I did this with characters that I am not going to play or have created myself as an npc/adoptable character. What do others feel about the notion of incorporating accepted character profiles into the wiki? Are there any potential problems to consider, for instance, when a member gives up a canon character and someone else takes it on? What w
  21. We talk somewhat frequently about posts not having appropriate content for the next person to reply. We say that we need the other person to "move the thread along" or to "give me something to work with." Or we say a member is not "pulling his own weight." What do you think these phrases mean? If you could describe concretely what elements in a thread need to be present to move it along, what would they be? How do you illustrate the back-and-forth flow of conversation/action/narrative that must be done in order to create a smooth thread? I'm having a bit of trouble
  22. okay, so I recently joined a site a friend is on! This should be great, right? I'm super excited about my character and the plot we had planned! The problem is my friend had a preexisting plot that they told me nothing about except to say they were embarrassed by it and they're only writing it because the other player is on when I'm not so they can volley instead of uselessly wishing I was around to play with. Really good start, clearly. Well, I didn't really ask about their other plot when we were plotting between ourselves because I didn't want to press them on something th
  23. I am curious to see! As a player, do you enjoy playing the hero or the villain more? And why is that? I know that a lot of well developed characters live in a grey area, but overall there is a general feel to them that swings them one way or the other.
  24. I am working on the reboot for my swords and sorcery site which means I am wading through our old lore documents. My initial goal was to pare the lore down to one document per species / race. However, now that I am into it, I am starting to feel that is not feasible. The site draws its inspiration from many genres. However, original ideas are blended in. In the past, we were told that the amount of lore that we had at the site scared people off joining. Therefore, I undertook doing lore revisions to make the site more appealing. Now, however, I am finding that cutting out informati
  25. Yep, Tumblr today announced that on December 17th they will remove all adult content from their site. This could potentially affect those who roleplay on that platform. Tumblr has slowly been adjusting their policy move the last months but this seems to be the final nail in the coffin for the adult content on the platform. What other platforms could be used in place to Tumblr? And with this change coming rather soon, how would admin and players go about moving an entire community quickly?
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