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Found 301 results

  1. Yep, Tumblr today announced that on December 17th they will remove all adult content from their site. This could potentially affect those who roleplay on that platform. Tumblr has slowly been adjusting their policy move the last months but this seems to be the final nail in the coffin for the adult content on the platform. What other platforms could be used in place to Tumblr? And with this change coming rather soon, how would admin and players go about moving an entire community quickly?
  2. Hello Initiatives, I am curious to hear about favorite plots. I am not as much interested in larger scale plots (such as site wide events) but more so the plots that developed your characters, made you a few new friends and even was the most fun you've had during your time of writing. I will personally have to think long and hard on my favorite one, as this is a tricky subject but I am probably leaning more towards the plot where I and a few others developed a family lineage that has even since years ago continued to grow and add juicy details to play over a multitude of sites. I'll be a bit more detailed once I decide if this is the one though. I have a few to pick from here, shoot I might just describe them all. So whats yours? What was the one major plot you have enjoyed with other(s)? Or what are the few major plots you have enjoyed with other(s)?
  3. I'm not talking taking a break. I'm not saying that moment that you are like "Well maybe I'll pick it up later". I'm more asking have you ever considered leaving all of the sites you are on, leave all the directories/resources you're a part of and just no more. Pick up a new hobby and move on. I ask because sometimes I get so exhausted sometimes. The drama, the slogging through terrible admins, terrible members, lost RP partners, great ideas that die within a few months and all of it just goes around in a circle, round and round and round. Isn't that the definition of madness? Doing the same thing, over and over and expecting different results? Sometimes its rewarding sometimes I feel like its an uphill battle to enjoy myself. Do you ever feel this way? How do you deal with it if you do? Anonymous poster hash: 8409d...b8d
  4. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to how strict the activity rules of a site they'd be interested in joining should have. Personally, I like the 'one IC post per week/two weeks' rules, but that's just me. I consider that my happy medium for not being too strict but it also doesn't leave me waiting a month plus for replies. I know some people do this and enjoy this, but I'd just lose interest/forget what was going on. So what about you guys? I'm curious to read everyone else's preferences & see what might be the most common!
  5. Do you like to read the threads of other members, ones that none of your characters are apart of? Or do you like to stick to your own threads and not wander off into the writing depths of the unknown. And why.
  6. I have a Hunger Games site that is currently on hiatus as I get stuff pulled together IRL. As I'm trying to do a few updates in this time, I've also been thinking about the plot. Panem is such a depressing place by nature, but I'm realizing that I don't want to have to roleplay depressing stuff all the time. Like I can have happy plots with my character's family, but the overwhelming shadow of the family member's death is a bit heavy. It's Victor-centered and takes place in the Capitol. What do you guys do or recommend in these sorts of situations? My site is AU and I dont mind breaking canon a bit as long as it's not unrealistic. One thing I don't want to do is make some "happy place" section outside of our current playable area (ie: the Capitol) where characters would be spread out too thinly. I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions, or how you have handled similar situations in the past.
  7. Hello Initiative! I've come to you regarding a trend I've noticed is very common now in roleplays and I'm curious to get opinions on it. First a little background: I am an old lady who's been around the RP scene for 20 or so years (we're talking the beginning of chat rooms, folks). Forums have always been my platform of choice and I've gone through the transition from PB > IF > JC. I've recently come back after a few years' hiatus and everything is different than what I remember from before! So now the real topic: I've noticed that many sites are doing a point system or a site shop where you accumulate points based on posting, events, etc. that allow you to "purchase" items in the site's store. I've seen things like "X many points and you can upgrade a character" or "X many points and you can buy a restricted character race/breed". etc. Back in the day this was never something I saw but it is extremely common now, and I feel like I am in the minority when I say I'm immediately a little turned off by a site that has a system like this in place. I am also a grown-ass woman with a full-time job, a mortgage, and a real life outside of RP so maybe I'm turned off by them because I prefer sites with a little more lax activity requirements (and therefore don't count on high volume post counts to gain enough "points" to do something)? What are your thoughts? Do you like the idea of point systems? Do you think this is just another trend that will eventually disappear, or do you think that all RP's will be using these in the future? I'm curious from a member perspective if these are good motivators for people to post, or if they just cause anxiety. From and admin perspective, is it worth the effort to set the system up and do members use it effectively? There are no wrong answers here, I'm just trying to test the waters! 🙂
  8. On some forums I've notices a kind of fear of open threads lately. Members gravitate towards pre-plotted situations which they play out in private threads. When a thread is open it ends up becoming as good as PAFP (private after first post) where one other player and no one else joins regardless of the fact that the thread might have been designed with the possible participation of multiple players in mind. In fact, aside from events per-arranged by staff, many open threads I've seen never get a chance to become much of anything. They sit on the board gathering dust while all other threads go at full speed. I can't help but raise my eyebrows at this apparent trend. When I make open threads, they are meant to be open to any group of players who wishes to join them. What's causing open threads to be treated as not-open, or end up as overlooked compared to more per-arranged stuff, and are there solutions or tricks to see more love and participation for this style of rp? To me its kind of discouraging to observe these threads falling by the wayside, and players myself included just sort of stop trying, or rarely make open threads any more as a result. Anonymous poster hash: 718bb...809
  9. What are some good prizes/rewards you could give to members if they, for example, complete a challenge or "win" something? Like, if there is a "make this country more interesting" challenge or anything else, really. I thought about something from our artists but, then again, this would be pointless if a member is an artist themselves, so I'm not sure what would be a good way to make challenges and similar stuff more interesting.
  10. I have been doing a bunch of advertising for my new Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones crossover forum, and so far there have been between 30-60 guests visiting the forum every day, but I have yet to get a single person to join the forum. People have said that they love the idea or that the site looks cool, but I have had no luck in getting members. So how do you get new people to join your forum?
  11. What, in your opinion, makes a really good rp partner? Have you ever dropped a partner you considered great, or kept a partner you didn't? Why? For me, being a really good partner means you: add to the plot in meaningful and dynamic ways have decent, distinguishable characters are consistent For me, # 3 is important because I like routine and I like to get excited for my rp. If I know when to expect it, I can clear time to reply. I worry less about whether that reply is coming. And my expectations don't get disappointed. But I know a lot of people (heck, myself included) can't keep to a super regular schedule. I have dropped good partners before because our writing styles just weren't meshing, and also because I just got too busy and I don't like rps that are only once-a-month replies. Or I just lost interest in the genre (rare, since I know my tastes, but it happens). I have kept on partners who are not consistent, if they were exceptional writers and I loved the plots we were writing, but I usually peter out eventually with those.
  12. As I've mentioned in a couple of other discussions, I am migrating one of my RPGs to forums. I have been away from forum RP for many years and much of the common terminology is lost on me, so please forgive any gaffs on my part. When my site is completely finished, I will be adding it for a site review. Right now, we still have lots to move from the old Nova site and some cosmetic issues to fix. I would like feedback from both points of view: RPer looking over a site for the first time and Admin regarding what they consider must-haves. Upfront, I am a minimalist when it comes to sites. I like a graphically alluring site but there is a point where I feel that less = more. IMHO, a site should be focused on storytelling and character development. Lore (site wikis) need to be easy to find and contain enough information to make creating a character and a plot easy. Since I also love reading everyone else's stories, I also want IC plots easy to find and follow. As an Admin and a Player, what are the bare minimums you require or look for in a site? Site Layout: What do you look for first? Do you prefer the IC forums to be the ones you see at the top? Thanks! Looking forward to the feedback! PS: I searched for similar topics but had no luck. If anyone knows of one, point me in its direction!
  13. As a prefix, I sit firmly in the camp of belief that advertising for a site does nothing for actually recruiting members. HOWEVER, I really don't have any other means of getting my site's name out there (I don't want any 'affiliates' other than sites my members are on/recommed this time around). So, thus begs the question: As MEMBERS, what do you think makes a good advertisement? What would make you say "Eh, lemme click and check and check it out"?
  14. So, those who know me in the RP world probably know I have little love for celebrity play-bys, both because I don't like a few associated attitudes and because sadly I understand legalese a bit too well for my own good. However, I also realize that their use is so prominent that a good number of people won't join if they can't use their favorite face or image set. As a result, now that I'm working on a new project, one that I'd hope could reach a decent audience, I find myself wondering if I should follow what I like (that'd be stock photos, original art, or no image), or if it'd kill the project from the start. I don't like compromises for popularity, but it's a shame when you work too hard on something that is doomed from the start. That's why I'm asking for some additional opinion on the point: if you liked the concept, would you join a board that uses no celebs? Do you think that more in general the RP world has some space for such things, or is almost entirely dependant on the celebrity world?
  15. Many of us can agree that exploring outside your comfort zone is a good thing. I'd like to hear your stories and your general advice. Did you experience successes, or would you have considered your adventures into the "unknown" to be failures? If you're someone who prefers to stick with what you know, in what ways would you like to explore your limits? It's been a bit since I've really challenged myself, so I decided to take a leap into the (mostly) unknown. Recently I watched a documentary on the Quiverfull movement. (For those who don't know, it's an extreme conservative Christian denomination that believes children are a gift from God and reproduction should be frequent. Purity and submission to authority are also huge components, and just about every other Christian is like "wtf?" about it. It's pretty much what the Duggars believe, though I think they claim to not follow it.) From that, I decided to make a character who was a part of a Quiverfull family, and then I decided to open it up for all my members if they wanted to join. I'm not certain I've ever taken on a character who has such a significant mental impediment. I've played characters who have had anxiety or other mental disorders, but nobody who is so utterly brainwashed that he/she can't function normally while at the same time looks like he/she functions normally. It's such a complex range of emotions to be battling what one is taught to believe is right with what the character feels, the whole time knowing that any thought out of line could be a straight ticket to eternal damnation, thus resulting in suppression of emotion and guilt. I'm sure that many of us can sympathize with conflicts between what's "right" and what "feels right" within our worlds, but these particular characters will have to struggle with natural desires and thoughts. The hardest part, I think, is portraying it realistically. Making it convincing. The few times that I've seen people play super religious characters, they seem to be reduced to a caricature of what society tell us a super religious person looks like. So my goal is to make something that really portrays the psychological reasons for living this lifestyle while not blatantly relating everything back to "I have to do this because God will punish me." That's what's going to challenge me the most.
  16. Sunny: How many members do you have on your forum? O: 'Souls has about 70, with 177 currently active played characters.
  17. How do you feel about the mobile option on sites? I've had issues in the past where the mobile looked nothing like the true skin, or it hide things that needed easier access too. Because of this we've turned off the mobile version of our site for the time being until we can figure a way to have everything pretty easy to find. This has made me curious how everyone feels about the mobile versions. Do you use it? Do you automatically switch to the desktop? Do you even know that's an option for your devices(or computer going into mobile)? I know it helps save data because your device isn't trying to load everything all at once, it only pulls up what is new, considered more important, but you spend more time searching through to find what you are looking for if maybe you're a new member trying to find all the hoopla, or a member who's lost access to a computer, only just found a link for your phone in an old email after a week and all your posts are buried. I've completely lost track of threads because they were hidden and I just couldn't actually get to them without the direct link.
  18. Okay, so... I know that some people build adoptable characters, or donate a character when they leave to become adoptable, but that's never really been a thing in games I've played in, so I was wondering... how popular of a thing is this? And I don't mean like canon characters, where if one player moves on the canon goes back into the pool and someone else can pick them up, but I mean ready to play OCs, either created by the admins of a game, or made by players looking for a specific idea or concept to RP with. And if this is a popular enough concept, would having the character as a background NPC that any of the existing players could reference or use as needed before a player comes along to pick them up affect a willingness to pick them up? Like, say if I made a few science and engineering people for my crew, and they showed up in plots and were involved in things, then a player comes along... is that liable to discourage people for adopting the character?
  19. When reading or looking at a site what size font is your absolute minimum. I know that it does depend on the font as well but for a standard font (often sans serif font) what is your minimum size for legibility without straining or zooming? For me it is 13-14px and when I'm tired/drunk I'll even zoom in on that because it can be straining. So what is your minimum?
  20. Ever feel like that girl/guy who is waiting by the phone (keep looking at mobile) waiting for that person to call you? Either you just gave them your number or it's time to arrange the next date? You thought it all went well! They were into you, they asked for YOUR number, and then.... nothing. Do you call them? Do you text? Does it look too needy/clingy? Right so I am comparing this to new RP buddies, of course! Ever been on IM, plotted and sorted out this awesome plot and characters and then.... tumbleweeds? If so, wtf do you do? Do you poke them, or do you wanna seem chill and just leave it, or be like "Hey man, I am totes chill here just wanna say poke me when you wanna continue this". I tend to try and reach for chill, but I think I come across as crazy stalker RPer THINGER!
  21. I really like the group that I'm a part of, and I want it to grow. I've tried advertising it on all the sites I can think of to attract more members. Anyone have any ideas on what more I can do? Or some good sites to advertise on?
  22. How do you feel about lurkers in your rp? I'm talking about the members who joined the forum (or other form of rp), but never really made the effort to create a character or join in the community. Members who login every few days and just sort of...sit there. Maybe they're reading threads, maybe they're not, but they're just kind of...there. What do you think about them? Or ave you ever been an rp lurker? Have you liked an rp so much that you wanted to be a part of it without actually writing in it, so you joined it and just let your account sit? What would make you do this? I ask because we recently had one on our site, and now we might have another, and I'm not sure how I feel about them! Should I feel flattered that we write content worthy of having lurkers who actually register? Should I be concerned that maybe they're stealing content? Maybe they joined so they could get alerts when topics they follow get new replies! Or maybe they're taking codes and content that aren't available to the public. It's impossible to know for sure, so I don't really have an opinion, but I'm curious about what others think!
  23. Hi there! I find it interesting and fun to incorporate quirks and habits into my posts. I think it helps flesh out the moment and the character. However, I sometimes struggle with the best and natural way to slip them in. How do you manage to showcase your character's habits within a post without it being distracting to the overall writing?
  24. So some people use the term muse and that's interchangeable with being blocked or not (writer's block that is). When you have muse you are unblocked and when you don't then you are blocked. I know many people don't like the word muse so I just want to explain what I mean here before I continue. I may use the terms interchangeably. So that being said, I recently got a lot of inspiration for any idea that I've been blocked on for a while but I have so much inspiration I'm blcoked. I have no idea how to put the inspiration into words. Sadly it's also blocking me from any other writing that I'm doing. I'll sit here and focus on something else and write it and my mind will wander back to where I'm the most inspired and just sit back at my black. Have any of you experienced this and how did you focus yourself enough to really get unblocked and get back into your grove?
  25. I have a problem. There is someone on this forum who knows very well about this problem. My problem is I have no self control when it comes to making new characters. None. Not even a tiny bit. More specifically I can have upwards of 15-30 characters on a single board if I'm truly putting my all into a forum. You know I'm very much into the setting, people, and play, when I start going buck wild with character creation. This is also why I -do not- join sites with strict character limitations.I absolutely, one hundred percent, hate to be limited in any way, shape, or form in how many characters I can have. I don't have an issue being told I have to have so many posts on the previous new character, or that they all have to be active to a certain degree, because, usually, all of my characters are active to some degree..yes...even if I have 20 of them. What is your stand point on this? Do you mind being limited? Do you prefer the limitation? Why? As a staff member do you prefer to limit your members? What is your reasoning behind this limitation?
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