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NaNo House

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Bending Nation

  1. I have been doing a bunch of advertising for my new Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones crossover forum, and so far there have been between 30-60 guests visiting the forum every day, but I have yet to get a single person to join the forum. People have said that they love the idea or that the site looks cool, but I have had no luck in getting members. So how do you get new people to join your forum?
  2. What, in your opinion, makes a really good rp partner? Have you ever dropped a partner you considered great, or kept a partner you didn't? Why? For me, being a really good partner means you: add to the plot in meaningful and dynamic ways have decent, distinguishable characters are consistent For me, # 3 is important because I like routine and I like to get excited for my rp. If I know when to expect it, I can clear time to reply. I worry less about whether that reply is coming. And my expectations don't get disappointed. But I know a lot of people (h
  3. We talk somewhat frequently about posts not having appropriate content for the next person to reply. We say that we need the other person to "move the thread along" or to "give me something to work with." Or we say a member is not "pulling his own weight." What do you think these phrases mean? If you could describe concretely what elements in a thread need to be present to move it along, what would they be? How do you illustrate the back-and-forth flow of conversation/action/narrative that must be done in order to create a smooth thread? I'm having a bit of trouble
  4. When reading or looking at a site what size font is your absolute minimum. I know that it does depend on the font as well but for a standard font (often sans serif font) what is your minimum size for legibility without straining or zooming? For me it is 13-14px and when I'm tired/drunk I'll even zoom in on that because it can be straining. So what is your minimum?
  5. Ever feel like that girl/guy who is waiting by the phone (keep looking at mobile) waiting for that person to call you? Either you just gave them your number or it's time to arrange the next date? You thought it all went well! They were into you, they asked for YOUR number, and then.... nothing. Do you call them? Do you text? Does it look too needy/clingy? Right so I am comparing this to new RP buddies, of course! Ever been on IM, plotted and sorted out this awesome plot and characters and then.... tumbleweeds? If so, wtf do you do? Do you poke them, or do yo
  6. I really like the group that I'm a part of, and I want it to grow. I've tried advertising it on all the sites I can think of to attract more members. Anyone have any ideas on what more I can do? Or some good sites to advertise on?
  7. I have a problem. There is someone on this forum who knows very well about this problem. My problem is I have no self control when it comes to making new characters. None. Not even a tiny bit. More specifically I can have upwards of 15-30 characters on a single board if I'm truly putting my all into a forum. You know I'm very much into the setting, people, and play, when I start going buck wild with character creation. This is also why I -do not- join sites with strict character limitations.I absolutely, one hundred percent, hate to be limited in any way, s
  8. We have all experienced it. As forum owners some of us go through tons of ideas before we latch onto one that really takes ahold of us. We make forums, reach out to others, desperately try to grab for the attention our ideas, plots, stories, and forums need. Once we find that 'something' we cling to it and put our absolute everything and all inside. We spend hours writing guides, advertising, showing people our shiny new site, making graphics and adjusting skins. We spend hours RPing so it looks active, posting like a mad person in a wild attempt to draw attention. However, sometim
  9. When you're in a thread with 3+ people, do you adhere to a posting order? Or do you just kind of post as needed/your schedule allows? I'm interested in seeing different people's opinions and practices in multiple character threads. Is there an unspoken norm or expectation when there are several characters in a thread? Or is it more of a free for all? I've been involved with both, so I'm wondering what you consider normal or expected when you enter into one of these threads.
  10. What video games are you playing? What are some of your favorites? I'm currently playing Fallout 4. I love sandbox games, especially ones with a lot of exploration. I'm a big fan of other Bethesda games : the Fallout series and the Elder Scrolls series. The high fantasy setting of the Elder Scrolls is rich with potential, but I love the Atomic 1950s post-apocalypse feel of the Fallout games. I'm also playing a small, independent game called Sunless Sea, a resource management game with weird Lovecraft overtones. Some of my past favorites have been: Deadly Prem
  11. What, ideally, would you like people to know about you when you join a site? This can be literally anything, from something that is acceptable to know (ex: "I have a busy schedule") to something you probably wouldn't tell people upon first meeting them (ex: "I'm chronically ill and it interferes with my schedule") or things that aren't deemed acceptable (ex: "I really just don't like some people and want to play only with a specific person"). It's kind of like what you'd like people to magically read your mind and know without judging you so that they can provide you all of the co
  12. Alright, so this is technically from both a membership and adminship point of view. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU STAND IT!? Mind you I'm a member on a site that has Jcink but these down times are driving me nuts. How do you do it?
  13. How do you feel about the mobile option on sites? I've had issues in the past where the mobile looked nothing like the true skin, or it hide things that needed easier access too. Because of this we've turned off the mobile version of our site for the time being until we can figure a way to have everything pretty easy to find. This has made me curious how everyone feels about the mobile versions. Do you use it? Do you automatically switch to the desktop? Do you even know that's an option for your devices(or computer going into mobile)? I know it helps save data because your device i
  14. Many of us can agree that exploring outside your comfort zone is a good thing. I'd like to hear your stories and your general advice. Did you experience successes, or would you have considered your adventures into the "unknown" to be failures? If you're someone who prefers to stick with what you know, in what ways would you like to explore your limits? It's been a bit since I've really challenged myself, so I decided to take a leap into the (mostly) unknown. Recently I watched a documentary on the Quiverfull movement. (For those who don't know, it's an extreme conse
  15. How do you feel about lurkers in your rp? I'm talking about the members who joined the forum (or other form of rp), but never really made the effort to create a character or join in the community. Members who login every few days and just sort of...sit there. Maybe they're reading threads, maybe they're not, but they're just kind of...there. What do you think about them? Or ave you ever been an rp lurker? Have you liked an rp so much that you wanted to be a part of it without actually writing in it, so you joined it and just let your account sit? What would make you do this?
  16. Hi there! I find it interesting and fun to incorporate quirks and habits into my posts. I think it helps flesh out the moment and the character. However, I sometimes struggle with the best and natural way to slip them in. How do you manage to showcase your character's habits within a post without it being distracting to the overall writing?
  17. So some people use the term muse and that's interchangeable with being blocked or not (writer's block that is). When you have muse you are unblocked and when you don't then you are blocked. I know many people don't like the word muse so I just want to explain what I mean here before I continue. I may use the terms interchangeably. So that being said, I recently got a lot of inspiration for any idea that I've been blocked on for a while but I have so much inspiration I'm blcoked. I have no idea how to put the inspiration into words. Sadly it's also blocking me from any other writing
  18. Okay, so... I know that some people build adoptable characters, or donate a character when they leave to become adoptable, but that's never really been a thing in games I've played in, so I was wondering... how popular of a thing is this? And I don't mean like canon characters, where if one player moves on the canon goes back into the pool and someone else can pick them up, but I mean ready to play OCs, either created by the admins of a game, or made by players looking for a specific idea or concept to RP with. And if this is a popular enough concept, would having the character as
  19. This might be a bit of a silly confession, but I have really low reading comprehension, all things considered. I speak English as my first language, but I have some difficulties fully comprehending posts and their meanings. Normally I miss words, or phrases, or I don’t really follow the entire thought of the post. In the end, meanings get misconstrued, and I have my characters react inappropriately for the real situation, and I miss obvious cues and details that affect the plot. What is your experience with reading comprehension and roleplaying, either in yourself or in others?
  20. I was following a few discussions on chats, discord, and related issues, and I noticed how more than a few people don't like being reachable OOC off site, and sometimes not even by PM. Of course I don't mean "at their personal address with their real name", because that'd be crazy, but, say, on any address or social media that you actually check, even if you're not visiting the specific RP site for a while. I don't mean to discuss what make others uncomfortable, because that's totally up to them. What I want to talk about is where I find myself not knowing what to do. I
  21. I'm just curious. What do you guys prefer in both roleplay sites, and in your own character-making? Do you prefer to rp as a canon character from animes, mangas, shows/movies, etc? Or, do you favor making your own character from scratch? My personal opinions is that I steer clear of canon, only because I don't want to feel that I am changing someone else's character, or I am not able to stay 100% true to said character because they aren't mine. If I can make my own from scratch, I can make them in my own image, and roleplay them any way I want, so I guess the creative freedom attra
  22. Hello Initiative! I've come to you regarding a trend I've noticed is very common now in roleplays and I'm curious to get opinions on it. First a little background: I am an old lady who's been around the RP scene for 20 or so years (we're talking the beginning of chat rooms, folks). Forums have always been my platform of choice and I've gone through the transition from PB > IF > JC. I've recently come back after a few years' hiatus and everything is different than what I remember from before! So now the real topic: I've noticed that many sites are doing a point sys
  23. On some forums I've notices a kind of fear of open threads lately. Members gravitate towards pre-plotted situations which they play out in private threads. When a thread is open it ends up becoming as good as PAFP (private after first post) where one other player and no one else joins regardless of the fact that the thread might have been designed with the possible participation of multiple players in mind. In fact, aside from events per-arranged by staff, many open threads I've seen never get a chance to become much of anything. They sit on the board gathering dust while all other threads go
  24. As I am working on the wiki/site lore portion of my forum, I am wondering what to do over the inclusion of character profiles and other content into the wiki. It would take me forever to write profiles of all the canon characters espeaically if I did this with characters that I am not going to play or have created myself as an npc/adoptable character. What do others feel about the notion of incorporating accepted character profiles into the wiki? Are there any potential problems to consider, for instance, when a member gives up a canon character and someone else takes it on? What w
  25. What are some good prizes/rewards you could give to members if they, for example, complete a challenge or "win" something? Like, if there is a "make this country more interesting" challenge or anything else, really. I thought about something from our artists but, then again, this would be pointless if a member is an artist themselves, so I'm not sure what would be a good way to make challenges and similar stuff more interesting.
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