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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 302 results

  1. This might be a useless thread, but I figure it might also be an interesting one. Who knows? Gets it off my mind, at least. So, this has been on my mind for several days now; I realize i have a particular style to it, and other people have other styles, and I honestly think that only by comparing them and, to take a quote, "using good ideas wherever we find them", can we really improve our styles. Now, every site I can remember seeing, eventually, has an "open threads" board, for people who have people getting trouble getting people to join those threads. So, my thoughts are, how do people start threads? I usually start out with a location description, so people are on the same page for what's going on around them. Am I in a forest, a field, a building, on a city street, what are some smells, is there wind, is there anything we can feel, what can we hear, are there other people around, what's the weather like, what time of day is it, that type of thing? I usually take a paragraph or two to get through that. Then, after, I describe my character- which character I'm using, what they're wearing, how it might differ from the description or playby that I might be using, things like that. Next, i give a bit of backstory- what's happened between their last thread and this one, why are they where they currently are, if they've got any plans or goals at the moment. Finally, I try and put in some "atmosphere" or "surrounding events" or whatever. I might have my character bump into or start talking to somebody I don't mention or do something else, leaving the responder to either be that person or a witness to it. Or I might have there be some sort of incident like somebody tripping over something nearby and embarrassing themselves, and my character is the witness. I like to try and put in at least two to three potential events that could have somebody else enter a thread by having them filled with their own characters, or make it so that their character can come up with their own logical reasons for being there. One of the most important things I try to impress on is, even though the thread is basically about my character, and another person's character, whatever's going on around them isn't about our characters, they're just one of many things happening on that day, and there's other things going on around them. Typically, my opening post can usually be somewhere between 3-7 paragraphs, and then the rest of the thread I do about a paragraph or two, and it usually winds up my characters do a -lot- of talking and IC thinking. It's a bad habit, I think. Is this making any sense? Do other people start threads like this? How do other people typically start their own threads, both open threads and planned threads?
  2. We've all heard the phrase "Welcoming environment" if you haven't you've been searching for roleplay sites from under a rock on Mars with no wifi connection. For each of us this tends to summon up a completely different idea of what it means for the site to be welcoming. While the word "Welcoming" alone tends to conjure up the idea that we should 'belong' here, it generally never actually means what we wish it would mean. So it's time to have your opinion on the usage of this word heard. When a site includes this in their descriptions or advertisements, what are you expecting to find when you join? Is it just a bunch of people who greet you? Does it go beyond the superficial? Do you expect more than just a few days of feeling included, only to quickly come to the realization these people know eachother...and they do not know you? This thread is not for arguing, it's for opinions.
  3. Hey guys. Curious as to your experiences writing characters based on your real life. I've often thought about writing a character based on myself, and am currently taking it a bit more seriously. I think it would be awkward, with several internal monologues of self doubt. I have a lot of insecurities. Finding a face claim that fits is also super weird. I've been googling overweight actresses and the options are limited. I do have a career that I think people may find an interesting read, and hopefully not too boring. It's not like I'd be writing about a girl who RPs, binges netflix too much, and has one too many cats -- which admittedly, also me. Haha. I also think it has the potential to be rather therapeutic. I have a lot of family history, sexual orientation, and other issues I could potentially work through by examining myself as a character concept I suppose. But enough about me! What have your experiences been with playing characters based on yourself? Was it hard? Easy? Explain. If you haven't done it, why not? If you've never thought about it, what immediately jumps to mind? Would you? What concerns would you have. Discuss!
  4. Hey guys, I know for me it is incredibly important to be a part of a roleplay forum that has a sense of community. In fact, I've found myself recently surprised to find there's a surprisingly large amount of people who prefer to be left alone entirely as they join a forum. Which side of the fence are you on? How important to you is it that a forum has a chat system,a way to simply relax and be people? Do you feel it hinders the roleplay process, keeps people from actually posting on a site? Is it to much for you to have to be a part of a chat and a forum? Do you need the chat alongside the forum to feel welcome and an integrated part of the community and forum itself?
  5. I would love opinions, I have heard horror stories about sites that kill off one or two canons and I want to know if its a bad sign or if it will be ok for plot wise to do so.....
  6. Polyvore is gone. It was shut down by Ssense a few days ago (I think they acquired it) and they've stated that it's not coming back. Apparently Ssense wanted the email lists and user information of the polyvore members. I loved polyvore. It was a perfect platform to merge together visual art and writing, and now it's gone. All those pictures and collages I've made over the years have been vanished. I knew it was a possibility that if the website ever vanished, all our work would vanish, too, but this is silly. Now I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know an alternative that would allow RPers to make collages for their characters and plots? All those poor people who spent every day on Polyvore crafting beautiful artistic pieces. . . . And those people who RPed directly on polyvore itself. . . . They're in even worse shape than the rest of us. Edit - If you're a polyvore user, visit their blog: http://blog.polyvore.com/ You can request your content to be sent to you, and you can opt out of having your information given to Ssense.
  7. Asking for a friend....... I need to consult the pool of RPers who know things that I don't: you guys. What exactly IS a "Shipper App"? And what is its purpose/function?
  8. What drew you to a site, but might have made you hesitant about jumping in? If you are a converted lurker, what made you jump in?
  9. Admin and Players, please tell us your best stories about the positive impacts a Lurker or allowing lurkers on your site/chat has had on your RPG. Bonus points if the story includes converting them to Players. Former Lurkers: Please tell us your best stories about having been a lurker and being converted to an active RP member!
  10. So, as I move towards improvements on the discord front... I had a central question/mindset... and its more of a curiosity than anything. How do you guys feel about servers that announce your arrival? As a new member do you find this discouraging when joining a new community? Why? Are you for or against discord servers that practice this? I also have a lot of other discord questions and guides, so a part of me has considered making a coterie for it... but I would instead join one over making one myself. I have been super into improving servers so maybe this would be the place to do that?
  11. Based on a conversation in the Discord server this morning (and y'all should totes join the server if you haven't already), I want to know - tell us about an original or fan character you're proud of, but haven't gotten a chance to use in a while! Maybe you just haven't RPed in that genre in a while, or maybe you're in the middle of a redesign, or maybe they just require a slightly more specific setting and you're not wanting to DM right now, it's doesn't matter! Questions to start with What do you especially like about this character? What kind of setting were they designed for? What was the last campaign/thread you used them in? If you revisited this character, what might you change about them? (You can also brag about alternate universe versions of canon characters, if you want!) I'll start - I made a character for a fantasy RP on Gaia whose plot escapes me... but the gist is that our characters were humans chosen by gods and goddesses to represent them in sort of quest. We made up our own deities that got added to the world's lore. My champion's name was Owen, and his big gimmick was that he was chosen by a very minor goddess: The Forge, the servant of the God of Smithing. The Forge was very bitter about being forgotten all the time, and made it her mission to curse smiths everywhere until they started respecting their tools more. Owen was more concerned about the fact that he not has a magical miniature forge for a chest cavity. His adventuring partners appreciated having a walking campstove. Owen did not appreciate their appreciation. I'm hoping one day I'll find another fantasy thread I can use them in. Barring that, I might start a fantasy RP where all sorts of minor gods go on strike.
  12. I got to thinking about this because I've run into a couple of old RP buddies from years and years ago here on The Initiative. People I lost contact with for ages, some over 10 years. It's always neat running into someone you remember. Also, user names and handles are just interesting in and of themselves. So what online handles have you used in the past / do you use now, and why do you use them? I've used: Krymson/Crimzon SableSymphony Sable Foxfire - taken from a horse in a favorite novel series, though also a sort of bio-luminescent fungi Thirteen - jersey number for most of my athletic teams for about 7 years Seventh_Crow - from an old nursery rhyme about natural omens, seven crows for a secret never to be told RainxDog - From the Tom Wait's song Rain Dogs. Dragon/DragonBlue - longest used, one of my names means dragon and another of 'em means fire. Longer version just because I like blue and lightning dragons.
  13. How do you use journals and why do you think them useful? Do you think they are a place for only random thoughts, fun stuff and things that do not tie in with the storyline, or a place to enhance the storyline from the personal perspective of said character, to build on it, to bridge gaps and to tie loose ends? I think they can be used creatively for lots of things. I have bridged gaps, tied loose ends, showing things which were partially written in the storyline, and partially implied only, deepened stories by showing a character's (flawed, but meaningful) perspective, foreshadowed some things by setting the ground in the information comprised in the journal, which would become important/ more interesting later on, tying with events which haven't happened yet. In one case, the journals were a sideplot of the story - if the main story was action-focused, the love story was reflected by journals only (with intentions to further become half journals, half letters, but those were to be reflected also in the journal thread). His point of view vs hers. And it worked perfectly. Looking forward to hearing your creative experience with journals, diaries, letters!
  14. Are you set on having faceclaims? Do you make them optional? Are they completely in place of a physical description or not? How far can you go with tweaking their appearance for your character/does clothing and hair style really matter? What about when joining a site, is the availability or lack of (or even the presence of a PB that is disliked) truly so important as to make/break joining that site for you? I fully admit that most sites I've RPed and staffed on have not had faceclaims as a requirement, and as a result I'm mostly against using them even though I do have FCs bookmarked for some characters. Though for each character it's only one and it took me years to find some of them, especially those who I've designed from the ground up. If you want to use them more power to you but I honestly don't see the point of them unless they're canon characters or it's an RP based on a show/movie/whatever. And if it's supposed to be an original RP with OCs that requires a PB? I can understand basing the appearance of a character on a certain PB but not when they look exactly alike aside from minor edits. I'm not even touching on tracking and reserving FCs and only allowing that FC to be used once and the hassle on the staffing end of it. Recently I was looking around for sites to possibly join and I have to admit the FC thing confuses me. Like okay, yeah, it's awesome that you can have a character and easily make graphics for them if you've got a PB. But it seems like most sites don't give you the chance to write an actual description of a character in the application anymore and idk. To me it's odd. I'm used to having 200+ word descriptions of what the character looks like, pointing out their physical scars and imperfections and how they carry themselves. Pointing out eye color and mannerisms and how they might blend in or stand out in a crowd. My vision is also terrible and I find that descriptions are easier to visualize in my head as opposed to figuring out how to describe the appearance of a PB most of the time if there's no description to go along with the image. Eye color is hard to distinguish, downright impossible actually if it's a small image or not a close up of the face. Then there is the issue of lighting and heavier graphical edits to faces which introduces a whole new set of issues for someone who has visual impairments or who may not be the best at separating lighting from actual skin tone. Generally that means looking up who their PB is and then looking up pictures of them and asking the RPer if I'm getting them right just to make sure. For me, it's exhausting. I see people who ban a certain PB or who won't join a site because either their PB was taken or someone had a character with a PB they hated. I understand not liking the PB because of something they've done, but the character isn't the PB. Imo it really stifles creativity and honestly, is it really such a huge problem? And how far is too far to go when editing the appearance of an PB? Eye color and maybe hair color/length are fair common and reasonable edits. The issue I have mainly with mine is finding someone who face shape/bone structure that matches the character. To date I've only had one PB I've found that matches the character's bone structure and didn't require much editing (none in this case actually), but tbf my little healer was half based on the Harp Twins to begin with so Kennerly Kitt being a perfect match isn't exactly surprising. But then I look at other characters, good luck finding a tall, muscular woman (wrestler/bodybuilder, because this particular character likes walking around in full plate armor with a sword bigger than she is) that also happens to have this particular facial structure, which leaves out a good chunk of the candidates there without even going into skintone/eyes/hair. How do you deal with the more niche or unique characters?
  15. Inspired by this thread. What kind of player is more annoying to you? Type 1, who uses open rules to crash threads and insert their character as the biggest, baddest, most unbeatable fighter who will start a fight for no reason and win always because they say so? Or Type 2, who uses consent rules in order to let their character be snarky, aggressive, and even do things that are wrong, but will never ever give permission for their character to get so much as a scratch unless it follows their narrative? I feel like, for staff, type 1 is easier to deal with. You tell them to quit it or leave. Type 2 is weirder because the allowance for this kind of behaviour is built into the site. As a player, I can just stop playing with either type, but I definitely find playing with the Type 2 to be more annoying because GOSH, you can't just ask for a punch and then call me rude for following through.
  16. I might be a bit old fashioned, but the new fangaled way of replying to shippers (where someone posts on your shipper, and then in response you post on their shipper) just... I'm not sure if I can wrap my head around it. If you prefer it this way, can you tell me why you like it? I like old fashioned shippers where you just reply to one thread, so you can easily read the conversation. (Then again, I come from the era of plot pages where it was lyrics and you just chose the relationship from the lyrics and went from there.... anyone else? lmao) I'd just really like an open conversation about different preferences for shippers. I'm willing to get the reply to mine, I reply to yours way, but I'm having a hard time understanding!
  17. I had one of those dilemmas where something small turned out to be something huge. A member on my board messages me in a state of upset. We'll call this member Jamie. Jamie was angry at a post that someone (who we'll call Leslie) had put up for them, as it made claims in the narration of her post about Jamie's character that were not accurate (according to the Jamie). When Jamie talked to Leslie about it, Leslie explained that it was a difference of "character perception" and refused to make the change. And this was all over a three-word reference to how present Jamie's character was in the social sphere of the IC community. Jamie believed their character to be very visible and popular, while Leslie's character had never met Jamie's character, and used that as a reason. When I read the offending post, I assumed that Leslie's post was a reflection on their character's perception of the social scene. However, because it wasn't clearly stated as character perception, this was a big no-no to Jamie. In a collaborative writing situation, where we each only write our own characters---and I do not expect members to read up and study other characters before threading---I take the view that anything, including narrative statements, are influenced and coloured by the character's knowledge and perception. I feel this gives members leeway to make mistakes and blame it on dumb characters being dumb characters, or to discuss with each other and create an understanding that works for both players. If I went through and weeded out all of the "inaccurate" statements in OOC narrative portions of posts, I'd do nothing else. I would literally need to police every single post for accuracy and I am not up for that. We had that level of policing once and it created an environment so hostile that I was afraid to post on my own board. When I explained my rationale to Jamie, I was told that my approach was a "deal-breaker". That it allowed other players to "hijack the narrative" and "create inaccurate impressions of the character". There was a strong sense that I was supposed to, at that point, give in and say "okay, anything in posts that is not speech MUST be 100% accurate and objective". But I didn't, and so the member left this morning. Am I wrong here? I find most people just accept that it's all IC and subject to inaccuracies, but... this very vehement reaction puzzled me. Anonymous poster hash: 6a688...398
  18. @KainZilla 's post in this thread got me thinking about this, specifically this quote: I've always thought that 'writer's block' and 'lack of muse' were excuses we gave ourselves when we felt bad about simply not really feeling like writing at the moment. I've always had the habit of setting a time for posting in my schedule, so that posting is just as a fixed part of my day as making dinner or going to the gym. And I've pretty much always thought I had it completely right, and other people really just had to either be more disciplined or get honest with themselves. That is, until I started writing a PhD. Now, I'm literally paid for sometimes sitting for 8 hours a day looking at my computer screen and not writing. I've got a close friend who was paid for sitting on his computer for six months and not writing. I don't think it counts as procrastination because we're not delaying writing and playing around on facebook, we're actively sitting there, and trying, and despairing about how it doesn't come out the way it should. I've gone through weeks of barely writing a paragraph a day, and then suddenly out of the blue I'll be writing ten pages in one sitting. Of course, the thing is that I'm not doing nothing when I'm sitting at my desk and looking miserably at the wall in front of me, I'm actually thinking, organizing ideas and maturing what I have to say, so that one day I get to the office with my head clearer and it just flows. So I'm now acknowledging that maybe 'lack of muse' is the actual truth for why people don't post sometimes, and I have just not experienced it when roleplaying because I don't take it seriously enough for it to be a problem to me. What do you think? Is lack of muse a real thing? Can it just be forced through? Do you ever just sit in front of your computer actively not getting any posts out? Will you tell the guys in charge of my scholarship that I admitted I spend weeks without working sometimes?
  19. Let's say you're hunting for a new site. You're browsing through site's advertising sections. What, specifically, do you look for in an ad? What will make you click?
  20. I'm just reading a debate on another site, on how you shouldn't use a FC of a different heritage for your character just because they superficially look the same. On the one hand I understand not treating minorities as interchangeable, on the other as someone who uses unknown faces I care only for the physical features of my avatar, not for their identity because it's not known. I'd like to know to what extent you care about accuracy when using known celebrities; do you think it's wrong to use, say, a Chinese face for a Korean character, an Indian actor for a Pakistani, etc? Is it worse than using, say, a British actor for an Italian character, or a Spanish for a French, which is usually seen as acceptable? Also, would you find it problematic or uncomfortable if you didn't know a FC's heritage? As I mentioned elsewhere I typically use stock photos, where all you can tell is how one looks, not where they come from or what culture the model belongs to. Would you worry about it, especially when dealing with minorities of some kind?
  21. So I'm at a crossroads, I think. When I rebooted Tally, one thing that was strong in my mind was that a lot of our core members had started on the board at the ages of 15-17. This was followed by my co-admin's desire to bring her daughter onto the board... a girl that I know well enough to be comfortable with her being part of the community. There was a possibility that she would also bring her friends, so we set up the "Junior Players Policy" which was designed to keep those players safe, and still allow our older, mature players to write what they wanted. So in a sense---we would be open to younger players, without placing too many restrictions on what the older players could do. Junior players would be marked as such, giving older players the knowledge ahead of time to choose whether they wanted to involve themselves in threads/etc with a younger player. Is this still a turn-off? My writing tends toward the darker side of things anyway, so perhaps I as a player should be staying away from younger age groups---I don't know. I started playing before the age of 13 myself (lied on a number of registrations about my age), and I've always been of the opinion that if someone can conceal their numerical age and conduct themselves in a matter that is mature, I have no real ability to stop them. I'm going to talk about it with my co-admin, as to date we've only had one person register that is not 18+. Is it possible that people are seeing our junior player policy and walking away?
  22. I have a rp partner who I love dearly. We have been together for the majority of our rp lives. She is absolutely amazing and I wouldn't trade her for anything. But... she needs so much more than I can give her, and it starting to effect my ability to play at all. We always have a lot of plots together spanning multiple sites and she is always hungry for more. I, on the other hand, could stand to have a lot less. I am more comfortable being a one thread at a time kind of person, but I currently have 32 "active" threads with 28 of those being with my rp partner alone. If I try to make plots with people outside of her, she gets jealous and makes underhanded remarks when I choose to post on their plotter instead of make one of my many replies to her. I am enjoying the majority of the threads, but she just keeps making more and expecting more and even when I tell her I can't keep up, she just laughs and says she is used to waiting. It is also one sided. She has many other people she plays with who she will prioritize over me, with plenty of outside plots but every single character I make that isn't tied to hers ends up being her best friend, secret otp, fling, etc.. It is to the point where I have to join sites behind her back just to plot and then agonize about the possibility of her stumbling across it and finding me or me accidentally ranting to her about a thread she didn't know I was doing somewhere. I don't want to lose her as my best friend and my best rp partner, but she makes me not want to write anymore. I don't know how to handle it. Advice anyone? Anonymous poster hash: 16455...7f0
  23. We've all joined amazing sites in our time. Some of us have seen them rise and fall like great kingdoms among the seat of internet trolls and harvesters of roleplayers. We've all had things we loved, things we liked okay, others that could have been improved upon, and even others we absolutely hated with a passion. So here's the questions: 1) What are some of your most favorite features on some of your most favorite forums? 2)What are some features you've seen used that could be great, if given some work? 3) What are some things you've seen done/used on forums in the past, or currently, that you seriously HATE, did not work, and are destructive? I would like to take this moment to say: DO NOT NAME ANY SITES UNLESS THE SITE BELONGS TO YOU. THIS IS NOT A SITE BASHING THREAD. THIS IS A THREAD ABOUT FEATURES, TO HELP OTHERS SEE THINGS PEOPLE LIKES AND DID NOT LIKE.
  24. So I recently left a roleplay community because an admin was sorta an asshole to me. I got a standard PM that said "we're doing an activity check" and I asked "well do you have a list so I can know if I'm a culprit" to be told "NO!" just to get a message a day later to tell me "yes you're a culprit, stop being a dick". To me I am actually more upset that they couldn't just outright tell me when I asked them to tell me in the first place and it's actually what upset me and made me tell them I was leaving fully in the first place. What the point of this is.... why do we beat around the bush? Why do we sit here and try to make nice when we know what we mean? We mince words when we all are here for direct and accurate words? As an admin do you really tell the people that are upsetting you why/what they are upsetting you on? As a member do you appreciate or get upset when an admin is direct with you? Anonymous poster hash: a77f4...15f
  25. When you join a new site, in what manner do you want to be included? Describe the ideal behavior you wish the staff and other members to show you to help make you feel at home.
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