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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 22 results

  1. Morrigan

     New Feature New Forums

    You probably already noticed we have changed up the RPG Chat and Discussions. We have grown to the point that having staffing discussions and standard roleplay discussions in the same forum isn't conducive to conversations. That being said, we have parted them out to be Roleplay Management discussions and normal roleplay discussions, we have also done this for our Staff Confessions and our Member confessions forums. We have parted these things out from the current forums however we are human and may have missed something or moved something incorrectly. If you notice something that would be better suited for the other forum please use the report function and advise the staff and we'll make a decision from there. Thanks.
  2. Due to popular demand in this thread: We have changed how topic titles act and they will take you to the last unread content in the thread. For those of us that are old school like Morrigan you can click on the start date under the title to get to the first post.
  3. Many of you may not remember it but we had a huge listing of links for help with certain things like finding graphics, names, building worlds, advertising and more. Use our filters as you do in our directory and you are free to add things that you think are important resources and the staff will approve them as normal. https://rpginitiative.com/off-site-rpg-resources/
  4. Morrigan

     New Feature Shout Outs

    We now have a Shout Out forum! promote how awesome people are:
  5. Morrigan

     New Feature User Icons

    Because we are having fun adding simply fun things to the site we have added another feature to the site for members. You can now add a custom icon to your account by going to your account settings and clicking "User Icon". Here you can choose a custom icon to appear before your username with a custom color for that icon. It will show in addition to your group colors/icons. Have fun with it! It is available to Initiates. Perspectives must be promoted to Initiate to use this feature.
  6. Morrigan

     New Feature Post Anonymously

    Hey everyone! We would like to tell you a new feature that is available in the RP Chat & Discussions and the RPG Confessions forums now have an anonymous feature. You'll notice under new topics and new posts within this forum now have a "post anonymously" button on them. This feature is intended for exactly what it says, anonymity. We know in such a small niche that whether or not we keep it simple, plain and name no names, that just by knowing the original poster the rest of the story can be found out. With this feature you will be posting as our "anonymous" account instead. Now, while we provide this feature we must advise you that there are fail safes to this system to keep the members of the community safe. One of those fail safes is that Communications mods and administrators can check to see who posted a message. This particular fail safe is in place to keep members that choose to abuse the feature held accountable. All Initiative rules stay in tact even when using this feature.
  7. We now have an official DeviantArt group: https://rpginitiative.deviantart.com/ It's meant for resources that roleplayers can use for their sites, their graphics, to learn etc. All members can submit and the staff will approve items. Please feel free to join, all members are auto approved!! As a reminder, we are accepting staff to help manage a DA group:
  8. Morrigan

     New Feature Upgrade: Editor

    Even better copy and paste functionality is coming to the editor! Hell even better drag and drop functionality! You know how you love to be able to just copy and paste something and you pray everything comes over? Well depending on where or what you copy it works but it hasn't worked from this editor. In 4.2 they are improving the copy and paste functionality! Just like you would into a word document you can now direct copy and paste images or files straight into the editor. No more having to upload things or copying URLS. You can now copy an image (take a screen shot) and paste straight into the editor. Check it out here: https://invisionpower.com/news/new-editor-uploading-r1023/
  9. You're going to start to notice a new feature under posts and content items. The "Like" system is going away for a positive/neutral system of proper responses. You are free to recommend responses here so we can add them! We think this system will overall be better as you can react more appropriately to messages, posts, statuses and other content items around the site.
  10. Morrigan

     New Feature Storytime

    So we've noted in the cBox how some people love to share stories (not just for advice but for reaction) so we have heard the call and have created 2 new forums for you all to delve into. Roleplay Storytime RL Storytime These forums are explicitly to share stories and get comments on them. They are not for advice or to air dirty laundry. Please keep strictly to the The Initiative Code of Conduct and have fun! Can't wait to see your stories.
  11. Morrigan

     New Feature Bookmarks

    So some of you may have noticed this cool new icon in the top right corner of posts and items around the site. The icon looks sort of like a flag and it's next to the share image. Well this cool button is a "Bookmark" button. This will allow you to save your place in threads, save posts that you love. You can manage those bookmarks in your user menu and also display those bookmarks publicly. Pro-tip - Bookmark your wanted ads and canon lists and display them publicly.
  12. Morrigan

     New Feature New Mature Forum

    Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce the newest Mature forum. Mature Character Questions! We are definitely happy to have it and are excited to see the darker side of your characters personalities. Must have access to the other mature parts of the forum to participate.
  13. Morrigan

     New Feature Recipes Forum

    In the Discord chat we talked about recipes and the idea came up to have a recipes forum! Well that sounded like a great idea to us too! So! We created it! There are a few guidelines to follow when posting your awesome recipes! Enjoy sharing and seeing creation. Enjoy: https://rpginitiative.com/forums/forum/357-recipes/
  14. Morrigan

     New Feature Cells

    So I inherited a game called Cells from another developer. I'm now the developer for this game as such I have put it up on the site here for you to play. I will see about looking at making changes to it every once in a while.
  15. Morrigan

     New Feature Hiatus Indicator

    Continuing with some new features around the site. This one is great for those of you that go on vacation and want to let others know. In your Account Settings there is a new tab that says "Member Away". In here you can set an away message that will display in your profile, it will also set an indicator on your posts that states that you are "away". The time frame can be set for up to 180 days. So if you know you'll be gone for a while and you don't want us to worry about you than let us know by setting an away message!
  16. Hey everyone! As always, we like to provide you with features that you use in the RP world. We update the ones we have and like to add a new one every once in a while. Well, we are providing you with a new feature starting (now technically) but here tomorrow! RPG Initiative officially has a topsite listing. The only thing is that it must be an online play by post roleplay to submit. The Topsite button does not count toward the RPG Initiative Directory listing button. Top 42 listings have a numbered ranking badge to display on your site. It's rated by votes in. Votes in are reset every night at midnight server time allowing you to vote again. The rankings are reset on the 1st of every month. It should be mobile friendly (There are a few issues that we are working out). We use google graphs on the statistics pages instead of a list of numbers. The listing allows for you to link to your RPG Initiative Directory listing for comments/ratings. You can list your RPG Rating directly in your listing if you have one. The size of the banner is the same as an advertisement here on RPG Initiative. Notes about ratings/comments: Guests are not able to comment or rate your listings. Only registered members can comment on your site. We hope you enjoy! Please report any issues to the Bug tracker: https://rpginitiative.com/tracker/
  17. So with 4.2 you have more control over your security! On top of the fact that you can add two factor authentication you can now also verify what devices are logged into your account. Don't recognize something or want to revoke access! You can: https://rpginitiative.com/settings/devices/ Enjoy the control over your security.
  18. Hey everyone, So a new year and loads of new stuff that we're happy to bring you! As you can see we already have some cool new fun things! We have another one for you! We now have an "Initiative Awards" section inside of your directory listings. These will include things from our nominations from this month as well as adding your Spotlight challenge awards into here so people can see how awesome you and your members are for participating in our challenges here on The Initiative! Currently we haven't decided if we will be adding last years spotlights however we have added this years spotlights so go check out this months spotlight winners to see it. The section is below your site updates (that you use to bump your listing). As for size (since that may become a concern) when you get more than 3 awards older awards will be placed into a spoiler tag that people can view if they wish. Thanks! Happy participating! Thanks so much for being a part of the Initiative.
  19. So for those that have a problem with dark skins we have made an RPG Initiative Light skin. There will be bugs and we are working to resolve any as we find them. If you find a bug please don't hesitate to post it to the bug tracker: https://rpginitiative.com/tracker/ This includes any suggestions for improvements are accepted but may not be implemented. To switch to the light skin click on the image icon in the header bar and choose the "Light" version and you will be able to see the new light version of the skin.
  20. Morrigan

     New Feature Discord Integration

    Super excited to introduce Discord integration! You can attach your discord account in your "Account Settings" page. This will allow you to log into your account with Discord but will also attach your discord account here on The Initiative with your account on Discord (This may have a secret meaning or not... you will have to test it out to know BWAHAHAHA). This also means that posts will auto-post to Discord to let you know of certain posts in areas that you may be interested (Find an RPG maybe?). Enjoy. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a beta mod so it may have bugs! Please report all bugs here: https://rpginitiative.com/tracker/services/ Thank you!
  21. In the roleplay realm we have created a new forum for you all to enjoy! It is a simple one where you can contribute questions and answer questions from the point of view of your character to get a better understanding of who they are. Check it out: https://rpginitiative.com/forums/forum/342-character-questions/
  22. Morrigan

     New Feature Member Map

    This is something I've been debating adding for a while and I think it will be fun. There is absolutely no obligation to add your location to the map and you do not even have to put your city, feel free to put the closest major city or nothing at all on the map. Anyways! We now have a member map. You can find the link under "Forums" or right here: https://rpginitiative.com/membermap/ If you would like to be anonymous but still have your location on the map please feel free to contact a staff member and ask them to put your location where you want it and we'll add it.

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