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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 5 results

  1. Rune

    Pern Siblings for a Dragonrider

    Site Name: Dalibor Weyr Site Link: http://daliborweyr.b1.jcink.com/ How to contact me: Rune#9350 on Discord. Captain on site Character information: Wanted for: Wa'ut Bio Wa'ut grew up in Fort and his weyrfolk parents had a small pile of kids. Wa'ut was the eldest, and Impressed at a young age. He remained relatively close with his siblings, but had other focuses so wasn't the closest. They could be crafters or riders/handlers. I'm up for plotting! Anett, sister -27ADOPTABLE Alenet, brother -25 Welm, brother -23 Walmu, brother -20
  2. Rune

    Love Me Through The Weird

    Site Name: Dalibor Weyr Site Link: http://daliborweyr.b1.jcink.com/ Profile/App link to character this is for: http://daliborweyr.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=8543 How to contact me: Rune#9350 on Discord. Captain on Dali. Preferred Playby: None Wanted character information: Gender: Whatever! Rank: Wingrider? Another rider would probably be best for him. A greenrider would be ideal, but I'm not overly picky. Someone compassionate and encouraging. He probably needs someone far more take-charge than him, or at least more assertive in terms of personality because if it doesn't involve Qith or healing, Wa'ut is kind of clueless. He's a happy individual, though! If we wanted a fun bonus, they could meet while your character is ill and Wa'ut is serving as their healer. Other Information: Wa'ut can be... Difficult to get along with. Mostly because he's utterly focused on the combination of dragon and craft. He is determined to become a master healer and when he isn't working on that, he's got a very rambunctious blue to take care of. I'm interested in changing that. He isn't exactly loving, but he is highly obsessive and if something takes his fancy he will focus on it a ridiculous amount. Or, even better: Qith will. Qith is singleminded in his own way, and will probably be key in seeing his rider espoused or at least involved. He thinks it would do him some good.
  3. Zahhy

    Sirocco Weyr

    A story of liberal Southern Dragonriders in their fight to keep safe from Thread, while navigating the tumultuous political climate of 3rd Pass Pern.
  4. peregyr

    The First Weyr

    A canon Dragonriders of Pern RP set in the First Pass.
  5. Site Name: Dalibor Weyr Site Link: http://daliborweyr.b1.jcink.com/index.php Profile/App link to character this is for: Dabyrie 's daughter Phryrie How to contact me: On Dalibor as Ivy. Wanted character information: With her father dying prior to her birth, Phryie grew up without a solid father figure in her life, just a doting mother. Phryie grew up in the creche at Dalibor Weyr where her mother was a crecheworker until Impressing a blue wher. For two turns her mother was sparsely in her life, as she was not permitted a lot of time away from her duties as a wherling to be a mother. Having since graduated she is once again a constant in her daughter's life. Phryie is an imaginative spitfire, fascinated by tales of danger and excitement and sometimes pretends that she is the star of such things despite never having been apart of anything of the sort. She has been known to re-enact notable events she's heard of: the palefolk invasion, the southern exploration (minus falling ill with the plague), and other such adventures. She wants to be taken seriously and while she's kindhearted she does have a bit of an attitude (as many preteens do). She is 10 turns old and as the daughter of a wherhandler she is able to join the dragon candidate program if she wants to! Other Information: A very large dragon hatching is due in May 2018! Now would be the perfect time to join and app with her! I have no problem answering any questions about things she may have experienced in her lifetime and there are a number of weyrbrats in play on site - so she'd have friends even if she doesn't become a candidate right away! Once she is 14 turns old she is able to join the wher candidate program if she'd like to follow in her mother's footprints. Site time is 2 OOC months = 1 IC season. Site Name: Dalibor Weyr Site Link: http://daliborweyr.b1.jcink.com/index.php Profile/App link to character this is for: [url=http://daliborweyr.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=4151&st=0&#entry22919]T'vis[/url] ' "brother" Rakah How to contact me: On Dalibor as Ivy. Wanted character information: T'vis lived happily with his mother and father until his life was turned upside down at five turns old. This is when his 'father' Borak discovered that his wife was having an affair with a dragonrider and kicked her and the boy out. T'vis ended up in Crescent with his mother and had only just begun to get to know his biological father when he passed away. A few turns later his mother passed away as well leaving T'vis all alone. While he desperately wanted to get back to Tillek to try and reconnect with the only father figure he really knew his plans were thwarted by Impression. Unbeknownst to him, shortly after kicking his former wife from his home Borak remarried. From his union with his new wife Rakah was born, and he was able to have everything T'vis missed out on - a father that loved him and a complete family. Borak died sometime when Rakah was 11, but his mother is still presumably alive. Rakah and his mother live in Tillek Hold on the northern continent. Rakah is now 15 turns old, capable of being a dragon or wher candidate if he's Searched and brought to a Weyr. Other Information: T'vis is likely to highly resent Rakah should they ever meet and it's discovered who he is. I'm not sure how this would come about, perhaps Reith could even be the one to Search Rakah during a visit to Tillek for some reason I haven't thought out yet. This is really just me wanting to continue to make T'vis' life hell and also make him deal with demons he doesn't even acknowledge exist. It's likely that given enough time T'vis and Rakah could eventually form a friendship of some kind - or maybe they'll just be enemies forever! It's up to Rakah's player on if he wants his mother to be alive or if he wants her to have passed away at some point. Site Name: Dalibor Weyr Site Link: http://daliborweyr.b1.jcink.com/index.php Profile/App link to character this is for: Se'ng's 'niece' How to contact me: On Dalibor as Ivy. Wanted character information: Violany is the daughter of Aneeva [died in Doomfall] and L'vi [died to the most recent 'plague'] of Fort Weyr. Se'ng was fostered in his younger years with Torville and Roleigh acting as his parents [they are actually his uncle/aunt]; L'vi, Leigh, and Rolleit are his cousins however he grew up with them being more like his siblings. Because of this he sees Violany as a niece and feels responsible for her. They have met but he has not been a huge part of her life [no on-screen time due to his family being NPCs, however assumed he visited them and they visited him a time or two over the turns, he definitely still keeps in touch with his foster parents and his brother Rolleit]. Violany's parents were very much a part of her upbringing, obviously some time was spent in the creche due to the demands on dragonriders so no doubt the loss of her mother in SM:13 was hard and the loss of her father in WI:17 was even harder. Due to her lineage she has been a Candidate at Fort Weyr since SP:16. Upon her father's passing she was given the choice between staying on at Fort as a Candidate or going to live with her uncle Rolleit in Southern Boll; Se'ng has now offered her another option by reaching out and asking her to transfer to Dalibor Weyr so he can be a larger part of her life while allowing her to stay on as a Candidate. Other information: Violany is 12 turns old and as an official dragon candidate could possibly impress at the large dragon hatching coming in May 2018! This is an opportune time to bring her into play and give her on-screen time prior to the hatching. There are plenty of other candidates for her to thread with prior to hatching as well as her uncle Se'ng, who will likely not 100% take to a fatherly role but will definitely be there for her as much as he can be. I imagine that Violany's presence in his life may help push him into wanting to settle down and have a family of his own. Or maybe it won't! Who knows! Violany can also become a wher candidate in 2 turns if she does not impress at the upcoming hatching and she wants to; the site is on a 2 OOC months = 1 IC season time scale.

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