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Found 20 results

  1. A mother for a Real Life board

    Site Name: From All Walks of Life Site Link: From All Walks of Life How to contact me: PM here or Discord (PMs are better, since I'm not always on Discord) Preferred Playby: Taker's choice Character information: So, my character Megan Reed is getting into a few life changes with her husband, and those will make her life a bit harder, and much more interesting. She has always been very close to her mother, who's raised her practically alone, and would love to have mom around her for emotional support. Other Information: I'm more than open to talk about the character and answer any questions at all about the site!
  2. A royal husband

    Site Name: From All Walks of Life Site Link: How to contact me: PM or Discord (PMs will get quicker replies) Preferred Playby: Taker's choice, as long as he's older than 35 Character information: [First] Spencer is anywhere between 36 and 40. He's a prince, in line to the throne, and married to my character Angela Spencer. Theirs is not a happy marriage, as he spends most of his time in London, and she runs off to Maiden's Well (the fictional town where the site's set) to escape the tedious obligations, and, possibly, to spend some time with a lover. They don't have children as of now, which's another source of stress, and, despite trying to keep cordial, keep a pretty tense relationship. I would love to see their marriage fixed, but I'd also be okay if they decided to break it off, I think we'll roll with the punches. Other Information: The site is 333, Jcink premium, no character limit, and no activity requirements. It's a side made for adults, so anyone can just write at their own pace. We have a Discord server too. I'm willing to swap (I'll take your wanted, you'll take mine) as long as the site's not a fandom.
  3. Real Life, easy paced?

    Requested Genre or Fandom: Real Life/Slice of Life. Max Word Count: I would prefer no word count, but I can do with anything up to 200. What I want: A real life site, with an easy application, slow pacing (once/twice a month, no more than that, though I can probably post more often on a good week), and easy to jump into and find plots. No word count is a bonus, as well as wanted ads to be grabbed. I'll definitely take a look at those before creating a character. Jcink preferred, OOC + IC accounts, and 333 rating. What I do not want: Any rating below 333 (I like having total freedom to write), fandoms, sites that require art for avatars, sites that require gifs, mandatory trigger warnings (yes, that is a deal breaker - I'm sorry to those who use/require them, but I have my own personal reasons). Other information: I'm looking for a long time home, and a place where I can just kick back and relax. I work full time and run my own site on my spare time, as well as being a member on others, so a slow pace is a must. If the application is long, I'll need more time than a couple days after registration to complete it. A short one can be completed really quickly. Notes: I like real life face claims, usually play females, and I'm also extremely picky, so please don't feel I dislike your site if I end up not joining it. Thank you in advance!
  4. All right, bear with me here. I know it's unlikely I'll find what I'm looking for, as I'm super picky, but who knows? I had been eyeing a wanted ad recently, but ended up getting late at grabbing it, but the ideas I have in mind are still bugging me, so I'm putting myself out there again in hopes that I can scratch that itch. Without further ado, I'll list what I'm looking for here and cross my fingers. 1. I'm looking for either a wanted to be taken or to make a character to fit in with an already existent one. I'm not looking to randomly join the site and figure it out. I am willing to be very open on how I create the character and work very closely with whoever takes me up to make a character they're pleased with. 2. Genres: Absolutely any genre that allows me to play a human character. I don't mind if there are other races allowed. Not interested in fandoms, though. Original roleplays only. 3. Rating: 333/18+/Mature, what have you. I'm looking for a site where the limits lie within the player's comfort zone. Trigger warnings must be optional or not required. That's non-negotiable. 4. Word count: None preferred, but I can deal with anything 200 and under. I can and often do write more than that, but I don't want to have to keep worrying about how many words I've put into my post. I have considered putting this on a buddy/writing partner request, but I'm actually open to joining a site and playing a supporting character - I'm thinking the stay at home wife/mother (though I'd love her to have children IC) who's always getting involved in the community. I do want to explore the whole married life thing, the adjustments people go through, etc. This can (and ideally would) be just a part of the site's overarching plot, but I'm super craving this fluff lately. Please, feel free to contact me through here, PM or Discord (Shades#8079) if you have any questions/would like to do this with me and provide this concept a home"
  5. The Vineyard

    Jcink Forum // No App // Intermediate- Advance Players // Very Active
  6. Military husband desired (Jcink, 333, RL)
  7.  Other The Red Pill

    A few years ago Cassie Jaye began to make a movie on the Men's Rights Movement (MRA) and her support basically dried up once people learned what she was doing. Only after turning to Kickstarter (with the help of one dangerous individual) was she able to fund her project. Since then it has been a rocky road to release. Theaters have refused or cancelled showings (like in Australia). But now the movie is out on Amazon, Hulu and Youtube (paid video) as well as on DVD. Here's a preview: If you've seen it, what did you think? If you haven't seen it, is this something you would?
  8. So something that people try to do every year, not everyone succeeds, but they set goals for themselves for the new year! I figured we could share our goals with one another here! For me it is to attempt to get back down to my goal size 9not weight because weight is not the biggest factor for me it's the size of my waist) and to complete my Comicon gear. This year I'm going as Furiosa with my kids as a wife and a War Boy. Additionally, I'm going to try to spend less time on the computer and commit to trying to go outside for no reason other than to be outside at least once a week (other than going to and from work). So tell me yours!
  9. What color did you wear today? Today I wore maroon!
  10. They say laughter is the best medicine! It's important to have a good laugh every day- you'll feel better for it. So what made you laugh today? Today I laughed... at my bunny rabbit, because she always gets super excited and makes lots of grunting noises at me when I come to say hello to her. She's a goof. Also, this tumblr post.
  11. Heart of the West

    Historical Old West. The year is 1869.
  12. Moorland Manor

    18+ historical RPG; inclusive, friendly community
  13. So, my Grandmother is the most Passive Aggressive person I have ever met. When my mom and her sisters were younger, she would always say things like "(sweetly)Don't you want to put on some lip[stick before you leave the house?" and "Shouldn't you run a brush through your hair?" and I've gotten my fair share of things like "Wouldn't you prefer to be more active?" and "Oh, you're looking well-fed." This is a trait that my Mother also has in spades, and as such, I often don't realize when I, myself, get Passive Aggressive about certain things. Because it seems so normal. (Like, my mom will say things like "Oh, honey, that's not my worry." and "You know that requires a husband, mija." Like. YES MOM. PLEASE MAKE ME MORE ANXIOUS AND PARANOID.) Anyway, what kind of negative traits have you learned from your family that you can't really help?
  14.  Real Life Pizza for Days

    I blame @Rune, and you get no further context than that. None. Let's talk pizza. What makes a perfect pie? And I promise I'll be a good girl, and put on my hat of truce and not hate on anyone who tries to tell me that deep dish is pizza. I will be good. Promise. Really. It'll be hard. Perfect pie for me is the super thin crust that's nice and crispy, light sauce, good cheese like fresh mozzarella, and then just enough toppings to make it fun. Favorites include tomato, basil, garlic, mushrooms. And the ultimate test for a pizza place? Order a pizza margherita, because it's such a simple pie you can't hide bad ingredient or poor technique when making one.
  15. When I was saying hello to @ChrisSoW in his welcome mat thread, @Morrigan mentioned not liking Game of Thrones, it got me wondering. What are those things everyone absolutly loves, that does absolutely nothing for you? Is there a reason why? Now, this may generate some heat, but I don't want this to be an insult to anyone. I intend it more to be a show of solidarity so that you know you aren't the only person in the world who doesn't like it. So please be nice? I'll give you a ! Personally? The 100. It sounded so good, right up my alley, but I tried the first four episodes and couldn't get into it. Clark seemed so wooden, and everyone was super lusty- be it in the traditional sense or bloodlust. I just couldn't do it anymore. Also, Justin Bieber's new songs. Everyone seems to love them. In my opinion, they aren''t bad, and from everything I've heard from him, they are the best so far, but they still aren't something I'd listen to. Hotline Bling. Hate this song. Hate that I know almost all the lyrics because it's always on the radio. I really can't sand it. The Seven Deadly Sins. A new anime on Netflix that has a lot of popularity. I'm a big anime fan, but I tried the first two or three episodes and wasn't interested.
  16. So today I've been having a bad day so I just need to decompress. I was in near tears a few times. So I took a step back and focused on doing my work. To give me a little me time I went out for lunch to eat something I was craving. It made me feel a millions times better. So what do you do to decompress when life is too stressful?
  17. So it's that time of year again. To make promises to yourself to try and keep throughout the entire year. So I'm curious if you have set any and what they are? My New Years commitment this year is to keep to writing a single story whether it be via the blog stories, the new fanfiction I want to write or my book ideas.
  18. Losing a family member of another religion... which mourning customs should I keep? Mine or his? And how wrong is it if I don't want to wear mourning dress, when the death occurred several seas away?
  19. Lochland Grove

    A Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death.