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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 21 results

  1. Dusty

    Heart of the West

    Historical Old West. The year is 1869.
  2. Show me your pets! Tell me their names! Tell me all about them!
  3. I thought this might be fun. We all have our "community personas", but there are things that aren't as obvious in who we are. So you may not know about me... I swear. A lot. I edit so many expletives out of my posts, and my IMs are garbage. I laugh when people say I sound so proper, sweet and polite on communities, because I am---but also I'm so not. I am autistic. Specifically, I have aspergers. Females have autism too. All autism is different. I'm a better communicator and better at accepting different perspectives outside my own than the "stereotypical" autistic person (thank you life-long interest in reading and writing), but I still have meltdowns. They are scary. 0/10 do not recommend. They're usually brought on by exposure to chaotic environments, or just being around too many people all at once.
  4. What is one hobby you wished you could get into? Although time restraints, finances and other things get in the way? I really want to get into mounted archery.
  5. katherineespair

    Lochland Grove

    A Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, radio broadcasts and even death.
  6. What country (or countries do you want to travel to and why? Is there anything you want to see? Or do?
  7. What was your dream job as a child? What's your dream job now? As a child I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but I realized in my teenage years that I really don't have the stomach or heart for it. So my dream shifted towards rescue. Currently I am working with dogs at my local SPCA. My dream job is still in the same vein as I would love to run my rescue.
  8. So today I've been having a bad day so I just need to decompress. I was in near tears a few times. So I took a step back and focused on doing my work. To give me a little me time I went out for lunch to eat something I was craving. It made me feel a millions times better. So what do you do to decompress when life is too stressful?
  9. When I was saying hello to @ChrisSoW in his welcome mat thread, @Morrigan mentioned not liking Game of Thrones, it got me wondering. What are those things everyone absolutly loves, that does absolutely nothing for you? Is there a reason why? Now, this may generate some heat, but I don't want this to be an insult to anyone. I intend it more to be a show of solidarity so that you know you aren't the only person in the world who doesn't like it. So please be nice? I'll give you a ! Personally? The 100. It sounded so good, right up my alley, but I tried the first four episodes and couldn't get into it. Clark seemed so wooden, and everyone was super lusty- be it in the traditional sense or bloodlust. I just couldn't do it anymore. Also, Justin Bieber's new songs. Everyone seems to love them. In my opinion, they aren''t bad, and from everything I've heard from him, they are the best so far, but they still aren't something I'd listen to. Hotline Bling. Hate this song. Hate that I know almost all the lyrics because it's always on the radio. I really can't sand it. The Seven Deadly Sins. A new anime on Netflix that has a lot of popularity. I'm a big anime fan, but I tried the first two or three episodes and wasn't interested.
  10. So, I'm a bit of a polish whore. I have over 100 bottles. And keep getting more. Do you have a favorite brand? A favorite colour? Do you get fancy with your nails? I tend to just do one solid colour with the occasional accent nail. Sinful Colors are probably my favorite brand, because they're affordable and pretty high quality.
  11. I blame @Rune, and you get no further context than that. None. Let's talk pizza. What makes a perfect pie? And I promise I'll be a good girl, and put on my hat of truce and not hate on anyone who tries to tell me that deep dish is pizza. I will be good. Promise. Really. It'll be hard. Perfect pie for me is the super thin crust that's nice and crispy, light sauce, good cheese like fresh mozzarella, and then just enough toppings to make it fun. Favorites include tomato, basil, garlic, mushrooms. And the ultimate test for a pizza place? Order a pizza margherita, because it's such a simple pie you can't hide bad ingredient or poor technique when making one.
  12. This is a response to something that was posted in the Stupid Rules thread... I wanted to continue the discussion but not in that topic, in it's own place. But before I get into this, let me state very explicitly... If you think I'm wrong that's great, however you need to provide evidence to back up what you're saying. And no, your feelings are not acceptable proof of any sort. (So coming in with "I feel that <idea> is wrong" is pointless.) Additionally, saying "I'm offended" won't work here to end the discussion. (To quote Stephen Fry... So what?) Similarly if you think that going for the transphobic, racist, sexist, etc... Forget it because in doing so you only prove how you have no argument at all and rely solely on attempting to shut people up by attacking their person rather than their argument. (And that's a cowardly thing to do. So none of that here.) So with that out of the way, onto the real meat of the matter... It's my contention that Feminism has run it's course. The "war" is over in the developed world. Rights have been achieved and there's nothing really left to fight for here in North America. (You want to fight a real battle, maybe go to places like Syria where you can be stoned to death for things like not wearing the hijab. But few, if any, first world feminists want to tackle these problems. It means leaving the ivory towers and facing actual hardship.) And for the rest of this, post I am only talking about North America. I'd ask those who believe in feminism to name some rights which men have that women do not. But I don't believe that they'd be able to name any actual legitimate rights. Most of the stuff I've seen feminists claim as rights they don't have are things like: "the right to be taken seriously". However that's not a right to begin with. Nor is it something instantly conferred to men. The phrase "the grass always looks greener from the other side" springs to mind. And because I know inevitably feminists will bring these up as "proof" of why feminism is still needed... Let me get these issues out of the way now. - Women make .77 per dollar of what a man makes for the same work. Nope, it's a myth. A cursory thought experiment rules it out... If a company thought it could legally get away with paying a woman 77 cents (per a man's dollar), why would they ever hire men? They could get the same work done at a much cheaper rate. Because of that we don't even really have to look at the numbers to rule it out. Though if we did actually look at the numbers and account for things like: (Overtime) Hours worked in a week or career pay rate (a neurosurgeon makes more than a general practitioner). We'd notice that the pay gap disappears. More on that here. - 1 in 5 women are raped. Also no. The 1 in 5 stat is based off a flawed study. Additionally to even realistically presume that the 1-in-5 myth is real means the USA has rape rates on par with the Congo or war torn environments. Which, I'd hope, anyone with a modicum of intelligence would see is absurd. - Women suffer terrible genital mutilation in North America. It's rare, at best, in North America. It's been a crime since 1996 in the US. This also includes taking the girl to countries that do practice female genital mutilation to have the practice performed on them. More on that here. - 100,000 Sold to sex slavery in the US each year. Not even close. The source is a justice department study that looked at the at risk population, but the media "misread" the at risk population as being sold into slavery. But, of course, sensationalism sells so even though the number is flagrantly false it is still repeated. More on that here. Realistically anything that's left to "fight" over in the first world is, at best, nuisance level stuff. I mean look at the big feminist issues from the past few years... catcalling, mansplaining and manspreading. (Which, for a ideology based around how words have power, they certainly see no issue claiming all things female as good and naming all things male as bad. You can't use the term fireman because is dissuades women from trying. But you can absolutely say the force for all evil is patriarchy... aka men. Thanks Ms. Straughan.) To further this, many women now think that feminism isn't really necessary here in North America. Only 23% of women call themselves feminists ... why? Likely for a few reasons... 1- hijacking of feminism If you look for feminists you're likely only to ever encounter the screeching angry feminist (like this - Ms Chanty Binx) that is completely tone deaf to the fact that their verbal diarrhea turns people off their goal/message. Though their goals, as mentioned above, tend to be fairly petty and nonsensical. The idea that a man can't open his legs on a subway car because a woman doesn't want to stare at his crotch? It's entirely his fault she's staring at his crotch though right? And totally the most important issue facing modern women. (In case it's not evidence the last two sentences are all sarcasm.) Most women see this kind of stuff for what it is... petty, man-hating bullshit. 2- accomplished the goals Most women today have never had to face any kind of real sexism. Never been denied a job because they're a woman. Never been denied birth control. Never been denied entry into university based on gender. Never been denied the option to vote. Never been denied owning property. Most women (the aforementioned 77%) now tend to realise this fact. 3- Infantilizing of women Modern feminism oft paints women as weak, helpless, defenseless women stuck without any help. That the reason why they are unhappy is because of society. That whatever ails them is someone else's fault (it's never because of their own poor life choices... so the reason someone's called a bitch isn't because she's spiteful and takes her anger out on others for no reason... it's because she's a woman and society hates women). It tells women that nothing is their fault, that they are perfect how they are and society needs to change to accept them. But a lot of women see this and realise just how much of an issue this mindset actually is. I mentioned prior about the grass looking greener on the other side... This is very much a relevant point here. Too often women think men have all these bonus privileges simply because they're men. But that's typically not the case. And it also fails to see the extreme costs that men have to pay for things they do have. I'm not saying women don't have things rough either (so don't get defensive over it). I'm simply saying that life isn't all roses for men either. Both sides have aspects which very much sucks. (This is not a pissing contest of who has it worse either. If you want to have that discussion... another topic.)
  13. So it's that time of year again. To make promises to yourself to try and keep throughout the entire year. So I'm curious if you have set any and what they are? My New Years commitment this year is to keep to writing a single story whether it be via the blog stories, the new fanfiction I want to write or my book ideas.
  14. A few years ago Cassie Jaye began to make a movie on the Men's Rights Movement (MRA) and her support basically dried up once people learned what she was doing. Only after turning to Kickstarter (with the help of one dangerous individual) was she able to fund her project. Since then it has been a rocky road to release. Theaters have refused or cancelled showings (like in Australia). But now the movie is out on Amazon, Hulu and Youtube (paid video) as well as on DVD. Here's a preview: If you've seen it, what did you think? If you haven't seen it, is this something you would?
  15. I read The Scarlet Letter in high school and but found it inapplicable, until today, when I read something about "fastest ways people fucked up their lives". Most of them were with drugs, drunk driving, high school pregnancy, bad dating choices. But one surprised me. It was about a lady who made an off-hand joke on twitter. Here is the article, written by the author of many fascinating and well-written thoughtful books (look them up too if you're into this sort of stuff!) https://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/15/magazine/how-one-stupid-tweet-ruined-justine-saccos-life.html?_r=0 The article focuses on Justine Sacco and goes on to talk about other cases like her, but the one that struck me the most was about a man who made a joke quietly in the lunchroom to his coworker friend. It was a bad joke, but this event had massive fallout. The company suffered, the man lost his job, and the person who escallated it had the same fate. I am sure the psychological fallout continues still, like how years later Justine seemed to be kicked out of the restraunt she was eating at. She couldn't date in this era of googling potential boyfriends/girlfriends. Even the good and normal things that she did were put in an intensely critical light and the dogpiling continued on. Anyone who knows me online knows that they don't know much about me at all. And this is why. I am afraid, very afraid. I am afraid of all of the good I do and have done amounting to a bad name from a single event. I am afraid that that one site full of really cruel and bitchy people will slander my name and that's the end. I'm afraid that all my work creating free skins and awesome hosting will be overwritten. What if I get doxxed and it bleeds over to real life? All of my hard work getting an education and student loan debt are meaningless, my job is shot, and I'm stuck in life between fear of being discovered and intensive counseling sessions. An event last year happened to my spouse for a message he posted, and because it was vauge, someone mis-interpretined it as criminal behavior. We are still dealing with this fall-out and it has caused a lot of trouble for us. I don't want to talk about me. But I do want to talk about this, about Justine Sacco, about internet shaming, about social justice. Maybe even about the role we play in it all, too. Your turn! Discuss!
  16. So something that people try to do every year, not everyone succeeds, but they set goals for themselves for the new year! I figured we could share our goals with one another here! For me it is to attempt to get back down to my goal size 9not weight because weight is not the biggest factor for me it's the size of my waist) and to complete my Comicon gear. This year I'm going as Furiosa with my kids as a wife and a War Boy. Additionally, I'm going to try to spend less time on the computer and commit to trying to go outside for no reason other than to be outside at least once a week (other than going to and from work). So tell me yours!
  17. So, my Grandmother is the most Passive Aggressive person I have ever met. When my mom and her sisters were younger, she would always say things like "(sweetly)Don't you want to put on some lip[stick before you leave the house?" and "Shouldn't you run a brush through your hair?" and I've gotten my fair share of things like "Wouldn't you prefer to be more active?" and "Oh, you're looking well-fed." This is a trait that my Mother also has in spades, and as such, I often don't realize when I, myself, get Passive Aggressive about certain things. Because it seems so normal. (Like, my mom will say things like "Oh, honey, that's not my worry." and "You know that requires a husband, mija." Like. YES MOM. PLEASE MAKE ME MORE ANXIOUS AND PARANOID.) Anyway, what kind of negative traits have you learned from your family that you can't really help?
  18. They say laughter is the best medicine! It's important to have a good laugh every day- you'll feel better for it. So what made you laugh today? Today I laughed... at my bunny rabbit, because she always gets super excited and makes lots of grunting noises at me when I come to say hello to her. She's a goof. Also, this tumblr post.
  19. Losing a family member of another religion... which mourning customs should I keep? Mine or his? And how wrong is it if I don't want to wear mourning dress, when the death occurred several seas away?

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