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Found 5 results

  1. katherineespair

    Lochland Grove

    A Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death.
  2. Shades

    Real Life, easy paced?

    Requested Genre or Fandom: Real Life/Slice of Life. Max Word Count: I would prefer no word count, but I can do with anything up to 200. What I want: A real life site, with an easy application, slow pacing (once/twice a month, no more than that, though I can probably post more often on a good week), and easy to jump into and find plots. No word count is a bonus, as well as wanted ads to be grabbed. I'll definitely take a look at those before creating a character. Jcink preferred, OOC + IC accounts, and 333 rating. What I do not want: Any rating below 333 (I like having total freedom to write), fandoms, sites that require art for avatars, sites that require gifs, mandatory trigger warnings (yes, that is a deal breaker - I'm sorry to those who use/require them, but I have my own personal reasons). Other information: I'm looking for a long time home, and a place where I can just kick back and relax. I work full time and run my own site on my spare time, as well as being a member on others, so a slow pace is a must. If the application is long, I'll need more time than a couple days after registration to complete it. A short one can be completed really quickly. Notes: I like real life face claims, usually play females, and I'm also extremely picky, so please don't feel I dislike your site if I end up not joining it. Thank you in advance!
  3. Dusty

    Heart of the West

    Historical Old West. The year is 1869.
  4. Site Name: From All Walks of Life Site Link: https://fromallwalksoflife.jcink.net/index.php Profile/App link to character this is for: Several characters, will be linked below How to contact me: PM here is ideal for a start, you can catch me on Discord too if we're both online at the same time Preferred Playby: Free for choosing Wanted character information: All right, bear with me here. I have several characters on this site, and all of them need more plots. All of these characters are for personal plots, but nothing stops them from branching out and getting more involved in the site's general events and plots with other characters. With that said, here goes a general blurb on each request: Angela Spencer is a royal - a princess. She's married to a prince and has a 'special friend' to help her deal with the boredom of the royal life. Husband has been taken, but her mysterious lover is still open. Apart from being around her age (35), everything about him is open. Eileen Callaghan is 46 and owns a restaurant. She's a very proper lady, and has a hard time letting go of her ways. Some people working for her would be awesome. She's a kind of mother hen type, so strong bonds could definitely develop. Melissa Parker, 26, is basically a trophy wife for a soccer player. She's a socialite, interested in charity, and a very fun and relaxed person. I'd love to see Mr. Parker on board, and watch their (very open, with space for a third person in the future) relationship and their interactions with other people on the site. Margot Wilkinson is basically real world Molly Weasley. She's 45, a mother of seven children, ranging from 20 to 10, and married to her sweetheart, Mr. Wilkinson. Her husband and children are all very much wanted on the board. First names, personalities, professions, etc, are all open for the takes. Allison Randall is a young escort, and she's good at her job. She has a pimp/boyfriend, and is willing to do anything to keep a client happy. I would love to see one of her distinguished clients go into a bit of an obsession with her. Drama for days. Keith Allerton is Mr. Good-for-nothing. He's a jerk who uses his good looks and brawn to his own advantage, and seems to be allergic to hard work. I'm looking for some partners in crime, or maybe some lady he hooks up with for some future drama - maybe even a baby mama. Just be warned, if you do want to take his baby mama, that he's not the kind of guy who will drop to one knee and propose. Andrew Atwood is our local corrupt politician. He has a seat on the House of Lords, and will accept incentives to speak on behalf of those interested. He is a widower with a grown daughter, maybe a son in law and grandchildren, and a younger woman he spends some time with. All of these are open. Aaron Norwood is my ugly duckling. He's a librarian, terribly socially awkward, and constantly making a fool out of himself. He would love to find a love interest who could bear with him, but friends and coworkers would also be most welcome. I can see him being the type to have a crush on someone for a long time and not have the guts to tell her, so if you'd like to write this lady, let me know! Kendra (born Kevin) Dickens has recently completed her gender reassignment, and is coming back to her home town, deathly afraid she won't be accepted. She has a sister in town, whom she loves dearly, and is hoping her making the switch to feel comfortable in her own body won't ruin this relationship. Her parents and old friends would be most welcome too. Rosalyn Goode is yet another sex worker. This one doesn't have a pimp, and lives very comfortably, paid for by her sugar daddy, an older man with whom she keeps a very good relationship. A boyfriend who believes she's a personal assistant and some friends would be lovely! And last, but not least, Elizabeth Malloy is a military wife living in Maiden's Well (the site's fictional town) and dealing with her deployed husband's absence - at least until he comes back home and they get in the process of getting used to life as a couple again, with him either coming home with some physical injury or some mental and emotional scars. These are all very open to ideas and preferences, and, should we both be online on Discord at the same time, we can definitely bring this conversation there. If you look for quick/immediate replies, though, PM is my preferred method of contact. Other Information: Thanks for reading!
  5. Cold Leather

    The Vineyard

    Jcink Forum // No App // Intermediate- Advance Players // Very Active

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