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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 63 results

  1. irSite Name: THE POWER OF TWO Site Link: http://thepoweroftwo.jcink.net Canon List: VLADIMIR IVANOV 500- Charlie Hunnam -sexuality - sire to Olga, Tatiana, and Anastasia Wonder how the Romanovs acquired the wolf transformation and telekinesis bonus powers? Thank this man. Now, Viktor may be the oldest in the family, but Vladimir is the oldest when it comes to not being married or born. He was from Russia in a town that is not far off from St. Petersburg and helped saved the Romanovs' lives. He turned all three sisters and is considered family to them and the rest. The second generation calls him "Uncle Vlad" which is okay with him. Somewhat. (Turned at age 33) DMITRY BOCHAROV 85 - Kevin Zegers -sexuality - 2nd in line to the throne Dmitry is rebellious and wild, but also has a good tender heart and would be doing a lot of charities of which he had done before he was turned into a vampire. Nowadays, he goes by the traditions of being a royal but at the same time, does go to nightclubs for a good time (and to get a meal). Hey, its not all just work! But as a vampire, he is also dangerous so watch out. MIKHAIL KOLESNIKOV 82 -Armie Hammer - sexuality - 4th in line to the throne He has NO plans to kill his older cousins or even his Aunt in order to become the new King. Mikhail does things on his own but puts his family first. (Turned at age 32) ALEXEI VETROV 89 - Luke Grimes - sexuality - 7th in line to the throne Named after the youngest Romanov (and heir apparent to the throne), Alexei was a healthy young boy when growing up. Anastasia was relieved and surprised that unlike her late brother, he did. But she was overridden with sadness to know that this would've been his life. She named her first born after him and protected him. Alexei is a mixture of both his mother and father while having blonde hair like his father. He is there also for his three sisters-including Katja. Especially after the death of their father. (Turned at age 29)
  2. I looked a few pages back but I don't see one of these. So what are your characters doing right now?
  3. HelloMandie

    Black Sun Rising

    Thirteen witch families fight for supremacy in modern day New York City. Inspired by the Secret Circle by L.J. Smith
  4. Some people write only for their writing partner, or for themselves. I like reaching the widest audience possible (with that "widest" being not so wide, most often, but hopefully it doesn't mean that my writing sucks). I think all kind of stories are meant to be shared (in a way or another, orally or in writing). I always write with an audience in mind - which doesn't mean, however, that I write "things which sell" if they don't interest me. I like RPGs because I like interacting with my readers (and writing partners), talking about characters, plots, motives, etc. I wish the readers of my novels would interact with me on my FB page too (where it is easier) or on my blog. What about you?
  5. BillieJoeIsCool

    With the Stars

    A semi-sandbox real life roleplay based in New York City.
  6. KAIJU


    An Overwatch Role Play -- The Recall has be initiated!
  7. Tia

    Symphony for the Phoenix

    Site Name: THE POWER OF TWO Site Link: http://thepoweroftwo.jcink.net How to contact me: pm/email (which is also my skype-thecrowrules1982@hotmail.com), discord (nickisgirl#3604) and on my site's cbox Preferred Playby: Christopher Mason Character information: michael travis richardson 35 » human » model » christopher mason Christian hasn't really been dating anyone for a while now and now its going to change. Meet Michael. Christian and Michael had dated back in college. In fact, Michael was the first one who came to L.A. for to pursue in his modeling and acting career. He had no luck of landing big roles yet but has been doing good with his modeling gigs. He works as a bartender part time but like Christian, is thinking to quit that to focus more on his modeling career. And he's loving every bit of Los Angeles. Even though he is also from Texas, he spends his carefree days surfing out in the water and just living it up like a Los Angelesian. He would also reunite with Christian. There's one thing to know-he has no clue of what Christian really is (unlike his ex turned best friend Skylar and of course his family). So when he finds out, of course he would probably not understand and would be angry but then eventually he'd come around and just won't let it bother him. I don't know if it would be a final so let's see where it goes. but he sure has missed Christian. Would he get over the Phoenix thing? Its up to you. Michael's sexuality could be either heteroflexible, homosexual, pansexual, or bisexual. Maybe Christian was his first time with a guy. Hope he gets taken! Other Information: Oh, like stated, his sexuality is of your choice and he doesn't have to be from Texas. I just thought it'd be cool if he was in the same city as Christian when they met. Its so up to you! He CAN be from L.A.
  8. SYRE

    Convergence Wars

    With a custom Jcink skin, staff-run Wiki, and large Galactic Map, Convergence offers people creative freedom in writing their own adventures!
  9. THE MOUSIE GUIDE TO Writing a Quick-Start Guide How do you help potential new members navigate your site when you (and your staff) are not around? Perhaps your site has an unusual application process, lots of information available, or perhaps new members just seem to get inexplicably lost as they find their way around for the first time. The answer: A quick-start guide! WHAT IS IT? A Quick-Start guide is essentially an index, or a pathway, of everything new members need to know in order to set themselves up to play. It's usually a short document that ties together any topic prospective members need to read, and actions they need to take, to get OOC accounts sorted (if applicable) and character accounts applied. It may also go further and provide the member with tasks they can do after approval, to avoid that "I'm a member, now what do I do?" moment. So how do you write one? Let's start from the start. STEP ONE Make a list! Start by listing all of the actions a member needs to complete from registering their first account, to applying their first character. Include any topics that they should read along the way (or topics/forums that would be super helpful). Your list may look a little something like: Read the rules Read the plot Register an OOC account Get your OOC account sorted Read what character types we have Have a look at wanted ads/needed characters Register character account Fill out the profile Post the application Link your subaccounts Look at open threads Start an open thread Create a plotting thread Join the Discord This is a very basic list that might be used for a board that has both player and character accounts. You can see how it creates a logical pathway from reading those first important documentations, to getting involved, all in the rough order you would expect it to happen. STEP TWO Divide it up! Take a look at your list and see if you can start to spot sections. You might have "Getting your OOC Account", "Character Development & Registration" and "Once You're Sorted". Think about the stages that members are in as they work through this list, and then add them in as headings. GETTING YOUR OOC ACCOUNT Read the rules Read the plot Register an OOC account Get your OOC account sorted CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT & REGISTRATION Read what character types we have Have a look at wanted ads/needed characters Register character account Fill out the profile Post the application ONCE YOU'RE SORTED Link your subaccounts Look at open threads Start an open thread Create a plotting thread Join the Discord What these sub-headings do is help prospective members see where they are at a glance, rather than having a huge list of tasks to read down. It also breaks up the list a bit and makes it easier to follow. Sub-headings are great! Use them wherever you can. STEP THREE Write it up! Using these bullet points, write a very short introduction to the link, and then post the link to where the prospective member needs to go. Don't fall into the trap of putting too much information in your Quick-Start guide, let the posts you link to do the heavy lifting. This is just an index, so try to keep your points to a sentence---two at most. Remember, you can also use a direct link to the registration page, and also to the user settings (for custom-field based applications). You want this to be short, sweet, and direct focus to the links---and make sure that your links stand out as links! If your CSS has link colour very similar to the text colour, you may want to look into changing that, or using a bit of styling in the post to make sure people know it's a link. Below I've used bold text and red to note the links (they aren't links in the example, however). GETTING YOUR OOC ACCOUNT Check out our Rules Check out our Plot Register an OOC account using the name you'd like us to know you by Post in Introductions to get your OOC account sorted. Welcome! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT & REGISTRATION See what character types we accept Need inspiration? Have a look at our Adoptables forum for ideas! Want more information about our setting? This forum has additional setting information. Fill out the profile. You may want to keep it in a word processor while you work on it! Post the profile in our applications forum. Hold tight! Our staff will review your application within 24hrs. ONCE YOU'RE SORTED Link your OOC and IC accounts -- this guide shows you how! Check out the list of open threads! Start an open thread of your own and post it to the list! Create a plotting thread to introduce your character to the community Join our Discord for more chatting and crazy plot ideas! You can see where I've re-worded some parts to more casual phrasing. "Read X, then read Y" can be abrupt, and destroy the tone of your documentation... but it's essentially what you're saying. I also added a couple of points, because... it doesn't matter how good your initial list is, you'll always think of something more while you're re-writing! STEP FOUR Style it up! You're basically done, but this is where you would add in your own header styles and other things that make it really fit in with the board visually. SO THERE IT IS Your awesome Quick-Start guide! Congratulations! I'd love to see what amazing guides this documentation helps to create!
  10. Lady Isadorabelle

     Roleplay What works for you?

    I hope this is okay, I wasn't sure where else to post it and I don't think I saw another similar one. If so, feel free to point me in the right direction. As a player what usually draws me into a game has to do with how pretty it is. I know that probably seems silly, but if I can't stand to look at the skin of a game....I have a hard time with it. The app doesn't matter, if most of the people on it use doHTML or don't doesn't matter (I copy/paste into word either way), but....the appearance. And the rating. And, when it comes to finding something new, I either stumble across it advertising my site (just happened like a week and a half ago, and it was sooo pretty!), look in DF's directory or I'm referred by a friend. As a staffer so far advertising has worked surprisingly well. I'm just curious what works for everyone else, so I made a poll. What do you find gets you to join a game and how do you hear about said game? Staffers, what works for you the best? Is it completley pointless for us to use Facebook or Twitter because virtually all of us find each other via other means? Thanks guys, I'm just curious as both a staffer and a fellow rper.
  11. Zahhy

    Sirocco Weyr

    A story of liberal Southern Dragonriders in their fight to keep safe from Thread, while navigating the tumultuous political climate of 3rd Pass Pern.
  12. Adult historical fiction rp based in 18th Century Venice.
  13. MissQ

    The Reckless Kind

    a premium supernatural site based on the fictionalized town of Somerset, Pennsylvania. Lore focuses on werecreatures connected to spirit animals
  14. Kazetatsu

    Abstract Reality

    Magic vs tech vs demons in an original player-driven universe
  15. Kaycakes

    I Need a Hairy Dude

    Ethnicity: Either White or Black. Description/Special features: Broad shouldered, big-bearded, and tattooed. Other Information/References: This guy will be an Englishman cooper on my site, looking no older than 35-40. He's going to have some sort of rough and tumble style to him and is most likely morally ambiguous. His craft at coopering will be at a shipyard in East India, working for a shipwright who runs all of this under a big, reputable family name. Single. Goes by the super creative (haha) name of Alcott Cooper (Al Cooper..? Alice Co-- nevermind). The two I found that I really liked, but a.) one was hard to find anymore pics of and b.) one was already a FC. Jason Momoa is already taken, btw. Anyway, I'll show you these two to give you my idea of broad-shouldered, big-bearded, and tattooed (and ridiculously handsome). Daniel Jansson Abbas Jafri Thank you in advance, you beautiful people!
  16. BlackDahliaRP

    Black Dahlia Roleplaying

    18+, multi-genre, 333 Xenforo forum that welcomes all levels of writers and RPers.
  17. omgwes

    Wait & Bleed

    We are an advanced, supernatural creatures, no word count (400+ preferred), jcink premium site set in present day New Orleans, LA.
  18. Site Name: Kingdom Hearts: Malefic Musings Site Link: http://khmm.boards.net/ Canon List: We're looking for some classic baddies / heroes ~<3 JACKSKELLINGTON From Nightmare Before Christmas Home World Halloween Town Requested By N/A Peter Pan From Disney Home World Neverland Requested By Tinkerbell CANON - DISNEY - CIVILIAN Pete From Disney Home World Disney Castle Requested By N/A CANON - DISNEY - VILLAIN MasterEraqus From Kingdom Hearts Home World Land of Departure Requested By N/A CANON - KH - KEYBLADER SquallLeonhart From Final Fantasy Home World Archipelago Requested By N/A CANON - FINAL FANTASY - HERO Jafar From Disney Home World Agrabah Requested By Aladdin CANON - DISNEY - VILLAIN PrincessAurora From Disney Home World Enchanted Dominion Requested By N/A CANON - DISNEY - PRINCESS QueenofHearts From Disney Home World Wonderland Requested By N/A CANON - DISNEY - VILLAIN Gaston From Disney Home World Beast's Castle Requested By N/A CANON - DISNEY - VILLAIN Kuja From Final Fantasy Home World Gaia Requested By N/A CANON - FF - VILLAIN Belle From Disney Home World Beast's Castle Requested By Frost CANON - DISNEY - PRINCESS MinnieMouse From Disney Home World Disney Town Requested By Frost CANON - DISNEY - CIVILIAN Tidus From Final Fantasy Home World Spira Requested By Frost CANON - FF - HERO Paine From Final Fantasy Home World Spira Requested By Frost CANON - FF - HERO Garland From Final Fantasy Home World Kingdom of Cornelia Requested By Twilight / Warrior of Light CANON - FF - VILLAIN Ursula From Disney Home World Atlantica Requested By N/A CANON - DISNEY - VILLAIN
  19. Thyme

    Ark City

    Futuristic meta-humans RP with a heavy political bent. Whose side are you on?
  20. Cloud


    An Original Dark Fantasy Steam Punk set in the Victorian Era.
  21. Crackie

    Teair Nova

    Teair Nova is a original Medieval Fantasy with a lush rich story and endless possibilities for all types of characters.
  22. Jax

    City of Light

    praimfaya is coming... but a mysterious bunker in disputed lands might offer salvation... but will it lead to war?
  23. Just curious if anyone has an opinion on this? You do a post... How long do you want to/have to wait before that new reply arrives from your partner? Does someone immediately replying put you on edge, or do they just have to wait however long until you reply again? Does it matter more about platform or board than about speed?
  24. K


    Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future. Will you accept your fate or will you fight against the system?
  25. Site Name: RISE How to contact me: pm, email, discord, on site, etc Site Link: http://risemanrise.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=950 Preferred Playby: Gal Gadot Character information: firstname lastname 29-45. VIOLET. OPEN FACE/GENDER. Hey there! Thanks for checking this out! I'll try to keep this short and sweet, and for the sake of the ad I'll refer to this person as "Violet". This ad is basically a request for a secret friendship. Violet is an experimented artist, maybe they're from a Violet family who raised them with a paintbrush in their hand (but their history is pretty much open, really) and they've been passionate about art ever since. Fastforward to year 4066, they could be an artist with big aspirations, if they're famous enough to be known by people or not, it's up to you. The idea was that maybe he/she was in a muse-less period and searched for inspiration by travelling, and they could have met Ruby on a ship there. I imagine she'd keep Violet company when they're trying their hand at sketching or something, and show a lot of interest in art despite her being a Gray, and from there they could befriend each other? Either she helps Violet refind their muse and kind of becomes their secret apprentice/model, or Violet realizes there's more than just Gray in there and decides out of curiosity to get closer as well. Nothing is set in stone though! So if you have other ideas, I'd be happy to hear them and plot more!!:D They could become secret friends, or stay at a teacher/student level, or even go down the friends with benefits path - anything you want! Be sure to read Ruby's app for info on her personality and such first. Face claim and gender are pretty open for the Violet, just run by me first. ♥ Thanks again for reading! Other Information: please read more about the site's Color Castes in order to get a better grasp of how it all works! i prooomise it will be amazing <3 additionally, this ad is wanted for a Margot Robbie character "Ruby" Site Link: http://risemanrise.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=1108 Preferred Playby: Ben Dahlhaus, Brock O'Hurn, Lasse Løkken Matberg Character information: Tanvir (Lastname) 30 YO. YELLOW. BEN DAHLHAUS. Tanvir here is the loving and caring bigger brother of Ruby. With a Violet mother and a Gold father, it was bound to end badly for everyone, and Tanvir is no exception. He should be at least 2 years older than Ruby, and I imagine he would have been somewhere around 4-6 years old when he, Ruby and Malachi (their oldest bro) had been taken away from their mother by the Greys. So he'd remember things from back then, and he'd know a lot from the oldest brother Mal too, while Ruby would have been too young to remeber much, if anything at all. The thing is, I'm not completely sure if I want them to already be keeping in touch and such, knowing about each other, or if it would be cooler to play out their reconnecting - so we can decide together if you make him! Either way, I'm pretty sure that he would have to be the one who searched for his sister, since odds are she wouldnt remember much about him or the rest of her family, depending on how old you wanna make him. I think that either way there are tons of plot possibilities, such as them searching for their second bro, or even their parents. In terms of Color caste, I can see him as either a Yellow or a White(turned from whatever other midColor) so it's up to you there. He has a good heart, so I imagine him more on the doctor/psychiatrist/therapist/vet side of the Yellows (if not a White) anyway. In terms of face claim, I think his whole personality is based on Ben Dahlhaus' looks tbh, he greatly inspired Tanvir as a character. But if you find someone else who looks similar to Ben or can pass as Margot Robbie's sibling, then I'm open to suggestions! Other suggestions: Brock O'Hurn, Lasse Løkken Matberg Additional info: - should be around 30 yo - his last name could be anything, I'd prefer one that isnt already in use to avoid confusion tbh. But since all three kids were given to Coppers to test for Colors and give up for adoptions, it's up to you how his adoptive family was like and such; - his history with his adoptive family, how he fares in life and how he came to find Ruby is all up to you, as well as his goals further in life! - he's a lover not a fighter but will most definitely accidentally break someone's nose in reflex if startled or if someone's threatening his sis and then feel HORRIBLE about it because gosh, his Color is supposed to help people not hurt them and he'll hate it every time Ruby's job as a Grey needs her to be violent - hit me up pls & how can u not want this cutiepie ahhhh just take him <333 Other Information: for the same Margot Robbie char <3 Site Link: http://risemanrise.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=1396 Preferred Playby: Burak Ozcivit Character information: NAME: open AGE: anywhere from his 30s to early-mid 40s JOB: a gladiator sponsor as his hobby or side-job, so open otherwise, maybe a senator? anything Gold-specific COLOR: Gold DESCRIPTION: cocky, sure of himself, competitive, determined, manwhore vibe, charming A rival in the sponsors' world, whose intentions always appear unclear. Whether he's trying to eliminate the competition with tricks and deceit or genuinely hoping to charm it, no one knows. He's currently focused on figuring out what to do with Daleka as his #1 rival in the business, and it's up to you to decide what he's after! Fame and power? Being number one? The rival's cold heart? Could be either, but I'm honestly rooting for rivalmance xD Face claim suggestions: Burak Özçivit or similar dudes. Other Information: wanted for a Dorothy Martin character "Daleka" Site Link: http://risemanrise.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=1396 Preferred Playby: Travil Fimmel Character information: NAME: open (achilles is just a title, you can name him anything) AGE: anywhere from mid 20s to early 30s JOB: gladiator, ex miner COLOR: Red DESCRIPTION: ambitious, hopeful, family-oriented, altruistic, loyal but prone to be corrupted A Red born into a life of misery and struggle, to work in the mines under layers of dirt and sweat to support his family. I imagine he has a few siblings, maybe he's the oldest? The idea was that his whole family was assigned to a mine, and one day a family member collapsed from exhaustion to never get up again, event which drove him to seek a way to help pull his family out of their misery. As such, he accepted Daleka's offer to be recruited as a gladiator, albeit wary at first (and perhaps he still is?). However, he wasn't expecting to have to kill his way out of poverty, quite literally. Fighting he was fine with, but how much does he approve of what his desperate contract asks of him to do? Up to you! His goal to help his family and escape the life of a mistreated Red makes him fiercely determinated, appearing in battle almost as if he could be invincible - hence his alias Achilles. Because of his obvious and constant doubts regarding the morals of what he has to do to survive in the world, Daleka's got plenty of manipulation tricks (material bribing, emotional manipulation, empty promises, enticing gestures etc) to win his trust over and seed a sort of Stockholm Syndrome in him, often reminding him how he'd be dead if he'd still be in the mines today. He does everything to be able to eventually help his family, but so far they haven't gotten any benefits from his work. From all above, you can build him as you wish and we can plot together more <33 Face claim suggestions: Travil Fimmel Other Information: wanted for a Dorothy Martin character named "Daleka" Site Link: http://risemanrise.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=946 Preferred Playby: Samira Wiley Character information: DANYA LASTNAME | GRAY | FEMALE | SECURITY | 28+ |OPEN Newly appointed security specialist on the SSS Viper, Danya is outspoken, energic and very loyal to her bunch of Grays. She's a lesbian, and everyone knows that. She loves to be her friends' shoulder to cry on, only to later break the bones of whoever wronged them. As her friendships and loyalties run deep, she's very protective of her Gray friends and the ship's crew if any outsider tries to get into a fight with them, and she'll be the one to let everyone know that onlythe ship's Grays can bully their crew. Some might say she's a little possessive of her gang, she tends to get jealous if her friends make other friends, especially if they might threaten her spot as a bestie. Face claim is negotiable, but Samira Wiley, Zoe Kravitz or Ruby Rose are preferred. Other Information: wanted for a spaceship crew!! we already have 5 of the people on the ship in play as well!

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