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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 69 results

  1. kaydrew

    More Than Stories

    Fairytales and monsters are real, my friend; you just have to know where to look. Perhaps what you seek you will find in thus AU OUaT rpg.
  2. I looked a few pages back but I don't see one of these. So what are your characters doing right now?
  3. The Rebel

    Royals & Rebels

    An original low medieval fantasy. Rebellions, war, political intrigue, and power struggles... the price of the crown is blood...
  4. jenneral_jennson

    Brothers The Hoard

    Site Name: Witchlight Site Link: http://www.witchlightrp.com/index.php Profile/App link to character this is for: http://www.witchlightrp.com/index.php?topic=1296.0 How to contact me: Discord: Jenn#2919 Preferred Playby: Any. Astrid's playby is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wanted character information: The Hoard are brothers to my district Queen Astrid. She's the only girl and the baby of the family. The entire lot adore her and are a tad bit over protective of their queen sister. Caste's are not set in stone and jewels can be rerolled. Names are completely open. Other Information: Astrid is currently rubbing elbows with an Ebon-gray Jeweled Warlord Prince which is one of the most dangerous castes and jewels to be had. Not to mention he's kind of weird. It could be interesting to see what goes with the brothers and this knowledge. The daughter of one of the brothers has been kidnapped and taken to a crazy island to live as a slave!
  5. Site Name: Radioactive Site Link: Click Here Canon List: Storm Hawkeye Batgirl Red Hood Thor Loki Zatanna Black Panther Suri Psylocke Green Lantern (all) Cassandra Cain Jubilee Danielle Moonstar Wolverine Cyclops Jean Grey Beast Angel Damien Wayne Ra's al Ghul Cable Victor Creed Baby Groot Drax Mantis Rocket Ant-Man Wasp Black Widow Wonder Woman Donna Troy Dick Grayson Ice Fire Green Arrow Jimmy Olsen Karma The Atom Heatwave Captain Cold Kid Flash Vixen Two Face Poison Ivy Catwoman Death Stroke Joker Magneto Mystique Reverse Flash Juggernaut Moonstone
  6. missmanyface

    Blue Sky Wild

    Welcome to BLUE SKY WILD, a literate-advanced supernatural western roleplay. We are a laid back and welcoming 18+ community!
  7. coastaloceangirl

    Marvel Canons Needed

    Site Name: The Still of the Night Site Link: Link to Site Discord: Cat#6443 for questions or use the site Discord link or Chatbox Canon List: Tony Stark: aka Iron Man Face Claim is Robert Downey Jr. Wanted to plot with Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye (and more) already on the site to plot out the drama and reconnection after the events of Civil War. To hash out the hurt and betrayal and eventual reconciliation between the former teammates. Bruce Banner: aka Hulk Face Claim is Mark Ruffalo Wanted to have answers on where he has been! Haha Would help complete having the original Avengers team on the site. To be friends with those members and other characters on the site. Open to having the plot line of him and Hulk having difficulties with each other. Thor is on the site so great opportunities for Ragnorok tie ins! Pepper Potts: aka Tony’s other half lol Face Claim is Gwyneth Paltrow Tony will always need his voice of reason in Pepper. Would love to see friendships formed between Pepper and the other Avengers (girls night between Pepper and Natasha who wouldn’t want that?) Pepper could help Tony come to terms with the events of Civil War and help in the repairing of all those relationships realizing they all need each other. Sam Wilson: aka Falcon Face Claim is Anthony Mackey Falcon is needed to pal around and be Steve Rogers left hand (to Natasha being his right.) He stays at Cap’s side no matter what, a very loyal and trusted friend. Would love for him to be a roommate in the warehouse that Cap, Bucky, and Natasha are all currently living in! And snarky banter between Sam and Nat is always fun! Peter Parker: aka Spiderman Must be aged up to 18 Face Claim is Tom Holland Who doesn't want this amazing dork? There are a couple folks on the site who would be in his age range for plotting as well as several current Avengers for easy instant interactions! Scott Lang: aka Ant Man Face Claim is Paul Rudd There is a Wasp (Hope) that wants him and a Clint Barton who wants to be friends with him. Clint also brought Scott into the whole Civil War thing so that would be welcomed to be explored. Cap and Natasha have rescued everyone from the Raft so he is no longer behind bars but what he is doing now is up to you. Carol Danvers: aka Captain Marvel Face Claim is Brie Larson Would love to have Captain Marvel on site. Lots of current Avengers for her to plot and interact with. Would love to see her in modern times. Gamora: Face Claim is Zoe Saldana Several other Guardians are on the site already! So lots of plot opportunities with Star Lord, Groot, Rocket, and Mantis! Drax: Face Claim is Dave Batista Several other Guardians are on the site already! So lots of plot opportunities with Star Lord, Groot, Rocket, and Mantis! That dry humor is so needed! Jean Grey: aka Marvel Girl/Phoenix Face Claim is open (Olivia Wilde is suggested) Wanted for X-Men plot with civil enemy plot with Emma Frost, because well these two just can’t ever get along! Rogue, Warren, Remy, and Psylocke on site already. Scott Summers: aka Cyclops Face Claim is open (should be at least 30's age wise) Wanted for X-Men plot. Rogue, Warren, Remy, and Psylocke on site already. James ‘Logan’ Howlett: aka Wolverine Face Claim is open (Christian Kane and Hugh Jackman are suggested) Also wanted for X-Men plot. Also lots of other Marvel characters that Logan has crossed paths with in the comics are on the site and just ready to be called ‘bub’. Rogue, Warren, Remy, and Psylocke on site already. Ororo Munroe: aka Storm Face Claim is open (Gugu Mbatha-Rawis suggested) Wanted for X-Men plot to interact with Emma Frost. Rogue, Warren, Remy, and Psylocke on site already. Raven Darkholme: aka Mystique Face Claim is open Wanted for Rogue and to interact with X-Men on the site. T'Challa: aka Black Panther Face Claim is Chadwick Boseman Wanted to interact with Avengers and other characters. Princess Shuri: aka Shuri Face Claim is Leticia Wright Must be aged up to 18 per site rules Would love to have this spunky princess around to hang out with the Avengers and learn about all the other powered individuals she hasn’t seen or heard about while in Wakanda! Maria Hill: aka Agent Hill Face Claim is Cobie Smulders All sorts of Avengers on site who would love to interact with Maria Hill! Would love to see her as a part of the b.a. chicks on site of Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Mockingbird! Nick Fury: aka Director Fury Face Claim is Samuel L. Jackson Fury is so needed. A father figure to Natasha Romanoff. Former Director of SHIELD. All around b.a. Dude. Fury is one of few that is trusted with some very precious cargo of Natasha’s and needed to just have that familial relationship with Nat especially. Phil Coulson Face Claim is Clark Gregg Daisy is on the site already as are several of the other Avengers. Would love to have Phil as well! Thor Odinson Face Claim is Chris Hemsworth More Asgardians are needed (not to mention the reigning God of the Avengers!) Loki and Lady Sif are already around as are several of the other Avengers. Other notes: These are just some of the Canon characters that are wanted. Our site is open to most characters from Marvel 616 and the MCU (movies and television shows). We also encourage and welcome OC characters, powered and not powered! The focus is really on the real life aspect of these characters lives and not their ‘work’ lives. So human oc characters are highly needed as well! We have a steady growing member base who is friendly and anxious to plot, thread, and chat. Everyone is up for fun and silly interactions and those with angst and lots of feels. Bring it all here!
  8. clipsed


    Charming mixes the fantastic universe of Harry Potter with the culture of Victorian England.
  9. daedric prince

    Red Light District Roleplaying

    Adult content. Adult community. Come fulfill your fantasies.
  10. Looking for partners for email roleplay
  11. Thyme

    Ark City

    Futuristic meta-humans RP with a heavy political bent. Whose side are you on?
  12. MissQ

    The Reckless Kind

    18+ Modern Fantasy/Supernatural. Small town riddled with werecreatures based on spirit animals & wendigos.
  13. coastaloceangirl

    The Still of the Night

    A soft Marvel roleplay site that leans towards the everyday lives of our heroes and villains.
  14. Val

    Gone Nuclear

    Gone Nuclear is an AU Fallout 4 RP set in 2287, after the opening of Vault 111. We are a no-wordcount, 3/3/3, inclusive site, open to members over 18.
  15. Kazetatsu

    Abstract Reality

    Magic vs tech vs demons in an original player-driven universe
  16. Site Name & URL: This Is War http://tiwar.jcink.net/index.php? Fandom/Genre: Post Disaster Canine RP Affiliate restrictions: Currently we do not have any restrictions for affiliates so don't be afraid to request an affiliation with us! <a href="http://tiwar.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx"><img src="http://i547.photobucket.com/albums/hh463/R0STYN/AFFIE_zpscrm7mqjw.png"></a>
  17. Crackie

    Teair Nova

    Teair Nova is a original Medieval Fantasy with a lush rich story and endless possibilities for all types of characters.
  18. BlackDahliaRP

    Black Dahlia Roleplaying

    18+, multi-genre, 333 Xenforo forum that welcomes all levels of writers and RPers.
  19. K


    Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future. Will you accept your fate or will you fight against the system?
  20. SYRE

    Convergence Wars

    With a custom Jcink skin, staff-run Wiki, and large Galactic Map, Convergence offers people creative freedom in writing their own adventures!
  21. irSite Name: THE POWER OF TWO Site Link: http://thepoweroftwo.jcink.net Canon List: VLADIMIR LEONOV 500- Charlie Hunnam -sexuality - sire to Olga, Tatiana, and Anastasia Vladimir is the oldest out of the group and was from Russia in a town that is not far off from St. Petersburg and helped saved the Romanovs' lives. He turned all three sisters and is considered family to them and the rest. The second generation calls him "Uncle Vlad" which is okay with him. Somewhat. VIKTOR BOCHAROV 300- Colin Firth - heterosexual - King Consort & mate to Olga Viktor is the second oldest out of the group. When he was thirty, he married into the family and has no regrets. His sister Alina was offered to be turned but she refused. Her descandents can be requested DMITRY BOCHAROV 85 - Kevin Zegers -sexuality - 1st in line to the throne Dmitry is rebellious and wild, but also has a good tender heart and would be doing a lot of charities of which he had done before he was turned into a vampire. Nowadays, he goes by the traditions of being a royal but at the same time, does go to nightclubs for a good time (and to get a meal). Hey, its not all just work! But as a vampire, he is also dangerous so watch out. MAXIM KOLESNIKOV 121 -open face - heterosexual - mate to Tatiana Cunning, suave, charming, and evil, Maxim Olegovich Kolesnikov doesn't give two cents about anyone except for Vladimir and Maxim's own family. MIKHAIL KOLESNIKOV 82 -Armie Hammer - sexuality - 4th in line to the throne He has NO plans to kill his older cousins or even his Aunt in order to become the new King. Mikhail does things on his own but puts his family first. (Turned at age 32)
  22. Spectre

    need: long-term writing partner

    a long-term writing partner and a lot of romance plots.
  23. Site Name: Gone Nuclear Site Link: http://gonenuclear.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx Site info: Gone Nuclear is an AU Fallout 4 RP set in 2287, right after the opening of Vault 111. We are a no-wordcount, 3/3/3, inclusive site, open to members over 18+. Huge numbers of Canons are still available, and we allow unlimited OCs. Canon List: Shaun Forester Open Face, older white or Jewish. Shaun is the mysterious leader of the Institute, a secret lab facility under the ruins of the Commonwealth Institute of Technology. The Institute is responsible for the creation of 'Synths'; synthetic, artificially created humans who appear real in every way except for the presence of 'synth components' in their brains which can be remotely controlled by the Institute, who are then deployed into the Commonweath to replace real people, or planted as 'sleeper agents'. As much of Shaun's motives are left vague in canon, there is a lot of room to flesh out this character's vision for the Commonwealth. "Desdemona" Open face Dez is the leader of a highly secretive organisation known as the Railroad. The Railroad operates in secret, with the primary aim of freeing sentient synths from their creators by deactivating their link to the Institute, and giving them new names, memories and identities. They maintain a network of safe-houses, akin to the historical Railroad which once helped free escaped slaves. The Railroad members operate in code-names, and are presently in hiding after various attacks by the Institute on their safe-houses. Arthur Maxson Open Face The most grizzled 20 year old in the post-nuclear Commonwealth, Arthur Maxson is the current Elder of the infamous techno-militaristic Brotherhood of Steel. Based on the enormous airship the Prydwen, the BOS seeks to control the Eastern Seaboard, and have begun their proverbial march into the Commonwealth. Armed with highly advanced power armor, laser weaponry, vertibird helicopters, and neo-military structure, the BOS's mission is to claim all pre-war technology from the hands of Wastelanders to ensure it can never be used against humanity again, and utterly exterminate all synths, ghouls, and anyone it deems 'non humans' from the face of the Earth.
  24. Jax

    City of Light

    praimfaya is coming... but a mysterious bunker in disputed lands might offer salvation... but will it lead to war?
  25. Adult historical fiction rp based in 18th Century Venice.

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