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  1. I DO care about my site. I love it, and I am glad that our interactive swashbuckling story is already eight years old, and counting, and that I can also count on a few people since six- eight years ago. This is an important achievement. BUT I DON'T CARE ANYMORE if some people think it's not active enough (it is, just way slower than it used to be). I don't care if those newer members decide suddenly a long time investment isn't worth and they leave. I had to accept the idea that these are who we are, this is our current rhythm and that we won't get new staying members unless our members bring their friends, to stay for writing with them. (Which they don't, because most of our members don't have friends interested in our setting, or writing - at all or in English). And when I see on the resource sites all ask for "active sites, not dying ones"... and that slow = dying for most people, I get angry. We aren't dying, even if our story is progressing way slower than a few years ago. Just that we have other commitments or health problems which don't allow us be as prompt as we used to be. Our main quality is of being reliable. We finish most threads we start (no matter when, but we do). Our story is coherent and consistent, and progressing. I let it lower with the advertising, knowing that I have to resign with the few members we have and with some of them quitting due to lack of interest, to the site being slower and slower and being able to do nothing to change it. All the advice on the resource sites are things I have tried in vain, one or another time. This is who we are, and I don't care if someone thinks it's a dead site, when we know we aren't. Just posting once at 2-3 weeks on average. We are welcoming. There is always a possibility to interact with a character or another, given that we are writing in liquid time. As for events... it's normal that some plots are for certain factions (nobility only, commoners only, seafarers only). On most sites it is the same. We are also flexible and willing to integrate anyone. The problem is that most people want replies at least every week, if not sooner, and only 2-3 people might be able to post as quickly. We aren't playing pretend with our characters, and this is also one reason to find less new members interested. Historical fiction is a niche, and there aren't many people who like doing research. In my opinion, the coherence of the plot is a bonus, it is something good, but others might not like that they have to... pay attention (even if it is required for any writer! ). Also I am shocked how little creative are most people. When I ask them, upon joining, "What stories do you feel more inspired to write? What stories have you created this character for?" the reply is usually a variant of "I don't know, anything". (which means "you think it for me, and I am just riding along... or not even). I used to believe that I, as administrator, have to be an example, to promote the activity I want to see. Now I don't care anymore about it. There had been too many years when I did it, without any result. I mean, I can control only my activity, and "activity begets activity" is not always true. People will post when they have time. And no matter how many replies are piling up into the OWED section, they would reply only when they are available. I learnt it the hard way. Lately I am in the same situation, having lowered my activity significantly, just because I can't do it as I used to, anymore. I am not flaky, and I still am going to finish everything I started, but it will take more time. I just have difficulty writing lately. Having half a day taken out and returning home unusually tired and mentally exhausted doesn't help. Having to spend some of the other part of the day cooking, shopping for our household or attending literary events adds to the lack of time for writing. And I have to split my writing between novels (and short fiction too, especially for certain contests) and the two RPG sites I am on. So... I do what I can. There are days when I can't write at all, and days when I can do only one writing thing (usually correcting/ editing what was already written). I don't care anymore if I don't meet self-imposed deadlines, because I simply can't. Sometimes I think (I might be wrong or I might be right) that if I was somewhere in the countryside, so that I could write outside, and have no other daily worry, I would succeed to do it. But as I can't go anywhere, that's only an excuse . Or a dream.
  2. Elena

    Old and young

    Some sites discourage really young or old characters. On some sites they are forbidden, on others they don't find plots. Do you like writing such characters? Why yes or why not? I like writing all kind of characters, as the story requires. Young, old, middle-aged, men, women, boys, girls. I succeeded to NPC babies too when needed. I think it adds realism to the story and its environment, because people in real life do interact with others of all ages. So I have written from babies and toddlers to 50-70 years old characters (yes, for me NPCs are characters too, support characters). Given the life expectancy in the times I am writing in, when 50 is old and 70 is rare, I think I really have people of all ages... And each of them is offering something unique to the story!
  3. Years ago, I was in the RP and fanfic writing communities for Rammstein and a similar band, Oomph! For some reason, there was a TON of fandom crossover with Oomph! and, of all things, Boondock Saints (I still have no idea why). I also really enjoyed LOTR Speakeasy, which was Lord of the Rings actors (and people with six degrees of separation to them) in the 1920s. What's your weirdest fandom/RP niche?
  4. Some people write only for their writing partner, or for themselves. I like reaching the widest audience possible (with that "widest" being not so wide, most often, but hopefully it doesn't mean that my writing sucks). I think all kind of stories are meant to be shared (in a way or another, orally or in writing). I always write with an audience in mind - which doesn't mean, however, that I write "things which sell" if they don't interest me. I like RPGs because I like interacting with my readers (and writing partners), talking about characters, plots, motives, etc. I wish the readers of my novels would interact with me on my FB page too (where it is easier) or on my blog. What about you?
  5. THE MOUSIE GUIDE TO Writing a Quick-Start Guide How do you help potential new members navigate your site when you (and your staff) are not around? Perhaps your site has an unusual application process, lots of information available, or perhaps new members just seem to get inexplicably lost as they find their way around for the first time. The answer: A quick-start guide! WHAT IS IT? A Quick-Start guide is essentially an index, or a pathway, of everything new members need to know in order to set themselves up to play. It's usually a short document that ties together any topic prospective members need to read, and actions they need to take, to get OOC accounts sorted (if applicable) and character accounts applied. It may also go further and provide the member with tasks they can do after approval, to avoid that "I'm a member, now what do I do?" moment. So how do you write one? Let's start from the start. STEP ONE Make a list! Start by listing all of the actions a member needs to complete from registering their first account, to applying their first character. Include any topics that they should read along the way (or topics/forums that would be super helpful). Your list may look a little something like: Read the rules Read the plot Register an OOC account Get your OOC account sorted Read what character types we have Have a look at wanted ads/needed characters Register character account Fill out the profile Post the application Link your subaccounts Look at open threads Start an open thread Create a plotting thread Join the Discord This is a very basic list that might be used for a board that has both player and character accounts. You can see how it creates a logical pathway from reading those first important documentations, to getting involved, all in the rough order you would expect it to happen. STEP TWO Divide it up! Take a look at your list and see if you can start to spot sections. You might have "Getting your OOC Account", "Character Development & Registration" and "Once You're Sorted". Think about the stages that members are in as they work through this list, and then add them in as headings. GETTING YOUR OOC ACCOUNT Read the rules Read the plot Register an OOC account Get your OOC account sorted CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT & REGISTRATION Read what character types we have Have a look at wanted ads/needed characters Register character account Fill out the profile Post the application ONCE YOU'RE SORTED Link your subaccounts Look at open threads Start an open thread Create a plotting thread Join the Discord What these sub-headings do is help prospective members see where they are at a glance, rather than having a huge list of tasks to read down. It also breaks up the list a bit and makes it easier to follow. Sub-headings are great! Use them wherever you can. STEP THREE Write it up! Using these bullet points, write a very short introduction to the link, and then post the link to where the prospective member needs to go. Don't fall into the trap of putting too much information in your Quick-Start guide, let the posts you link to do the heavy lifting. This is just an index, so try to keep your points to a sentence---two at most. Remember, you can also use a direct link to the registration page, and also to the user settings (for custom-field based applications). You want this to be short, sweet, and direct focus to the links---and make sure that your links stand out as links! If your CSS has link colour very similar to the text colour, you may want to look into changing that, or using a bit of styling in the post to make sure people know it's a link. Below I've used bold text and red to note the links (they aren't links in the example, however). GETTING YOUR OOC ACCOUNT Check out our Rules Check out our Plot Register an OOC account using the name you'd like us to know you by Post in Introductions to get your OOC account sorted. Welcome! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT & REGISTRATION See what character types we accept Need inspiration? Have a look at our Adoptables forum for ideas! Want more information about our setting? This forum has additional setting information. Fill out the profile. You may want to keep it in a word processor while you work on it! Post the profile in our applications forum. Hold tight! Our staff will review your application within 24hrs. ONCE YOU'RE SORTED Link your OOC and IC accounts -- this guide shows you how! Check out the list of open threads! Start an open thread of your own and post it to the list! Create a plotting thread to introduce your character to the community Join our Discord for more chatting and crazy plot ideas! You can see where I've re-worded some parts to more casual phrasing. "Read X, then read Y" can be abrupt, and destroy the tone of your documentation... but it's essentially what you're saying. I also added a couple of points, because... it doesn't matter how good your initial list is, you'll always think of something more while you're re-writing! STEP FOUR Style it up! You're basically done, but this is where you would add in your own header styles and other things that make it really fit in with the board visually. SO THERE IT IS Your awesome Quick-Start guide! Congratulations! I'd love to see what amazing guides this documentation helps to create!
  6. I hope this is okay, I wasn't sure where else to post it and I don't think I saw another similar one. If so, feel free to point me in the right direction. As a player what usually draws me into a game has to do with how pretty it is. I know that probably seems silly, but if I can't stand to look at the skin of a game....I have a hard time with it. The app doesn't matter, if most of the people on it use doHTML or don't doesn't matter (I copy/paste into word either way), but....the appearance. And the rating. And, when it comes to finding something new, I either stumble across it advertising my site (just happened like a week and a half ago, and it was sooo pretty!), look in DF's directory or I'm referred by a friend. As a staffer so far advertising has worked surprisingly well. I'm just curious what works for everyone else, so I made a poll. What do you find gets you to join a game and how do you hear about said game? Staffers, what works for you the best? Is it completley pointless for us to use Facebook or Twitter because virtually all of us find each other via other means? Thanks guys, I'm just curious as both a staffer and a fellow rper.
  7. Just curious if anyone has an opinion on this? You do a post... How long do you want to/have to wait before that new reply arrives from your partner? Does someone immediately replying put you on edge, or do they just have to wait however long until you reply again? Does it matter more about platform or board than about speed?
  8. First, a Disclaimer... This is a discussion thread. This thread is not for hate, arguing, upset, pointing blame, or insulting people. This thread is specifically for a discussion about the pros and cons of Group roleplay versus One on One roleplay. Please keep that in mind when replying here. Respect others opinions as you always do here. <3 We all have our preferences when it comes to roleplay. Some of us greatly enjoy a good group thread. From the controlled chaos, to the not so controlled confusion. From the unpredictable replies, to the emotional characters. Sometimes a good group thread can be just what you need when you sit down to roleplay. It can be fast paced, or slow going, but it always has interesting corners to turn, and you don't always know what's about to pop out at you. However, some of us prefer one on one. Be it a thread, an IM, Discord, Google Docs, or what have you. The idea of a one on one thread means more control, less chaos, less confusion. You're capable of turning those corners, but it's less unpredictable and more focused on a couple of character developments. What is your preference? Why is this your preference? Are group threads to chaotic for you? Are one on one threads to focused and boring?
  9. When I was debating what characters I wanted to bring back with Tally, I almost decided not to pick up one of my old favourites. Why? Because I also play his wife. Is that a weird thing? Do you get put off by players who play characters on both sides of a relationship? It was weird when it happened. The characters had some shared backstory, but they were so different. Both were also in relationships with other characters, and one even had a character made for them. Problem was: none of it would stick. The more scenes I wrote that included these two characters, the more they sort of... moved together. It wasn't a conscious thing on my part it just happened. I was so confused by it. I'm writing both halves here, so shouldn't I have full control? Eventually I gave in, and let them be. But I do wonder what people think when they realise that I write both of them, and whether it raises eyebrows. I don't really do scenes with just them, I tend to write short stories (it flows better) to fill in gaps/provide background on what they're doing. They still have active lives outside each other. But... I don't know. It could be weird. It could be seen as playing with myself. I'm not sure. What are your thoughts?
  10. Came up in another thread, and I'm curious! To clarify: this thread is about romantic/sexual relationships. Not friendships/platonic relationships. Do you plot relationships? How do you do it? Do you plot characters as being Meant For Each Other, despite not having met before? Do you make characters specifically to end up with each other? Or do you prefer to play them off each other first before deciding? Do you Decide, or do you just let the story take its course? Do you have relationships that aren't healthy or that aren't intended to be Forever?
  11. Hey peeps, This is more or less a question of curiosity for myself....cause am well bored dammit! What do you guys think the most popular plotline in role play is? I don't just mean "romance", "apocalyptic" . I want specifics like love triangle, best friend turned love interest. Lastly what is your favorite type of plotline to play? Some of my personal favorites are complicated romances with a lot of build up or darker plotlines with a heavy power struggle.
  12. I've been thinking about this because I wandered onto a site with a specific Canon in mind. I noticed that said canon had a wanted ad attached. So I looked at the wanted ad and it had ideas and plots I wasn't interested in. So I guess my question is as an admin: do you restrict characters to match wanted ads? As a member: Do wanted ads for characters make you want to play? Do you like when they have plot ideas, or just when it's like "I'd love to see __". How do you feel/react when someone clearly doesn't want to run your plot idea (i.e. you ship stony, they ship stucky), but takes a character you love. (I'm gonna just toss out that for the sake of this thread, you can assume the player is a good writer, plotter,etc. They just don't want the plot you mentioned.)
  13. I asked this elsewhere, but wanted to get more bang for the buck. I'm curious to know how y'all choose what goes into the sitewide wanteds and what goes into the personal wanteds. I'm guessing it's a lot easier for those of you who have canons based on fandoms. It's a fair assumption, I think, but please correct me if I'm wrong! I'm very curious. The site I run isn't based on anything but historical events. My staff and I were debating on this a few nights ago, because we seem to have blurred the lines and gotten confused over what is defined as sitewide and personal on our own site and for posting our own personal ads out on directory resources as staff members. I'm working on streamlining the process better since our site has sprouted large groups apart from the historical BEIC and native groups that we consider canon. The problem, I think, is that we over complicated things. So, to simplify matters, we tried to distill the process down to these scenarios. Do we define a site wide by: 1) By the group they are in by forum (BEIC, native, etc) 2) The group they are in by world built creation 3) Roles 4) Any combo of 1-3. I know for sure that personal is what it says... personal. So personal plots, personal wanted family members / friends, etc. I consider some of the groups to be personal smaller groups, but those are considered by others to be potentially part of the site wide wanted. So, hit me with it. As a staff member: What goes into your site wide wanteds across the directory resources? What goes into your personal wanteds across the directory resources? Have you ever experienced too much blurring between your own sitewide and personal wanteds?
  14. So I was just scrolling through tumblr and I saw this collage of images of Frodo Baggins and I just stopped for a second and realized that Frodo had been one of my favorite characters since I was in elementary school, but I never have (nor would I) play him on a site -- even though I do play fandom characters... I thought it might be interesting to know if other people have characters they adore beyond pieces but for whatever reason (feel free to divulge), they never have (maybe never would) play them. -- or maybe even characters you tried, but just couldn't do. I'll start us off: Frodo Baggins (LotR) Wolverine (Marvel) Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments) Dr. Strange (Marvel) River Tam (Firefly) Delenn (Babylon 5) Natasha Romanoff (Marvel)
  15. I, personally, have several genres that interest me, but really only one that will draw me at all times. That being said, however, the genre isn't always enough to get my attention. This is for several reasons, all of which I'm completely unashamed to admit:: My biggest pet peeve- The site has to be aesthetically pleasing. I know this is something not everyone agrees with, but I'm a huge sucker for a well put together site. This includes graphics, the way the site is built, the colors, the fonts. Do I have trouble finding things? Do I understand what the roleplay is about from the header alone? Are the forums upside down...by that I mean is all the information at the bottom and the RP at the top? Can I read everything easily, or am I having to guess what it says in the forum headers? One other part is "Do they allow creativity when it comes to posting templates? This one isn't always a make or break part of a site for me, but it is something I always look at. While I understand wanting your site to look uniform, I like my creative freedom. I like coding my own boxes, showing them off, having fun with them and personalizing them to my characters. Being forced to use one identical box that is exactly like everyone elses is frustrating to me, though not something that will cause me to say no to a site if everything else is going for it. I hate to admit it, but the aesthetics of the site usually come before the plot, which is kind of sad, I guess. What about you? Are aesthetics important to you? What about the ability to use your own templates? Do you prefer the site to set them up for you, or would you rather use your own creations, or ask someone to make them for you personalized to your character?
  16. Do you think your stories (and fiction in general) is "pretendy fun times/ play pretend" and your characters are "fake people"? Why yes or why no? I am not playing pretend when I am writing. I do immerse my readers in the setting, but I am not my characters either, and I do thorough research. My characters are not fake people, even if they are the fruit of my imagination. They could have existed in truth, just that they aren't written in chronicles ;) They would have been fake (for my historical fiction) only if they had laser guns and space ships in those times (and even then they could have been OK for science fiction or so). As long as I research a lot and I put a lot of thinking in writing my stories and characters, they aren't fake and play pretend. They are just... stories. They aren't physical, but they are real in the way that art and music are real. I don;t think fiction is "just lies' / untrue/ fake.
  17. As roleplayers we are often inspired by multiple sources. This can be a tv show,book, movie, something we saw online, and even other roleplayers. For some of us we walk a fine line between playing our own original creations and literally taking something someone else made and playing them. This is something I've seen all over the place, an argument for or against using other people characters as their own roleplay characters. My opinions vary on this particular topic. For instance, I believe if you're RPing on an actual fandom site playing a premade character from another location isn't actually a bad thing. You're obviously not the creator of said character, everyone is aware of it, and you're not claiming to be. However, in my opinion, when RPing in a completely original verse, or one even inspired by another verse, playing a character that has been torn from the pages of someone elses book is just plain wrong. For instance if I joined a zombie RP site, and made Machone, but gave her a weird name, and a different playby, it's still the same character, and not my own creation. This would be different if I was RPing INSIDE the TWD verse, where Machone was created, and everyone is aware I didn't write her. What is your opinion? How close can you get to inspiration before you toe the line of ripping someones hard work off? I had one person tell me they found using a playby who played a character that happened to be a ballerina, and making my character a ballerina as well, we ripping and plagiarism. I don't quite agree with this, I find it to be more smarter playby searching since they'd have the same pictures I would need to depict my character, but what is your opinion? If someone puts all of the credits from the inspiration sources, how close can a site come to using other locations information before it becomes their verse and they can no longer claim creation? How close can a character come to your inspiration before it actually becomes that character?
  18. What would you do without your RP partners? 'Fess up! You love 'em. Here's a confession of a hermit: I don't like most people. I really don't. But without RP friends, I think I would go totally mad. There's something beautiful in partnering with someone who just clicks and makes amazing stories with you. And I found out recently how rare that is. That click. That rightness. There have been times I've considered just starting all over again because of association with complicated ties, but then I think that friendship should be unconditional as long as it isn't abused. Without RP friends, I'd feel very discouraged and lonely. My closest friends have been very supportive, enthusiastic, and helpful with this new project of mine. They've been there from the conception of the idea to this point. It's been fun so far! It's been hard sometimes since I'm mostly soloing, but they're amazing cheerleaders and researchers. Without RP friends, I'd feel no need to roleplay. Sounds pretty obvious, but there it is. I think some people forget that.
  19. anthrxmilkshake


    How much information is to much information? What I mean is when we join a site we all head right for the plotline, lore, setting, and world information, as well as any species breakdowns. Are you willing to read novels of information in order to roleplay somewhere? Is there a point where there is just to much information, to many details, and you're no longer having fun? I know that I have issues when things become to technical. If I have to follow levels, items, gadgets, upgrades, and such for one character it has become a text based video game, and I'm no longer enjoying myself. Despite that I do like some structure, as having structure in certain circumstances is the make or break of a roleplay. How much is to much for you? How much is to little?
  20. Hello all! I'm glad to be here. I'm not new to online roleplay, but I am new to being an admin and a moderator so I thought it prime time for me to find some support. I'm happy to be joining a community where we can all help one another out! Some general deets about me: How long have you been RPing? - Play by post Since 2002 on Yahoo Geocities, MSN Messenger, AOL and all those crazy things. Tapletop Roleplay since 2007 What are your favorite RP genres? - Fantasy, Science Fiction How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? - Forum mostly now What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? Dragonriders of Pern / The Hobbit Movies / All Music What other interest/Hobbies do you have? All other nerdy stuff. I LOVE gaming, Anime, art, books, comics, cosplay, costumes, renfaires. You name it, if it is nerdy, I'll love it. What's your favorite color? Blue. It's so versatile! What's your favorite drink? Soda Water. I love it. So bubbly!
  21. So I've been RPing in one shape or another (mostly forum based, but I have done chat and others) for about 12 years now. I've seen a few fads come and go. Things as simple as the overly colorful templates that have every letter a different color (had a friend make me a few of those, she was a doll), to "MUST HAVE TINY TEXT EVERYWHERE!!1!1111!!!! SIZE 0 MASTER RACE!!!!1!!!!1". I had to leave RPing for a while, because college happened, because life happened, and I resently (in the last 6ish months or so) have decided to come back. I've found myself... pickier, personally. I won't join just ANY site anymore, and I'm picky about skins, rules, and those I can RP with. I adore romance, and fandoms, and have a hard time finding anyone who's similar (it seems). I'm noticing that where I'm looking, I'm not finding anyone who's a teen. Or if they are, they are very mature. I remember when Chatboxes were filled with "so, school sucked today, I had a biology test, a pop quiz, and my friend's not-boyfriend tried to hit on me" or "my life is so terrible, my parents aren't letting me do _____!!!!!". Now I see "I'll be back later guys, gotta put the kiddos to bed" or "Sorry I'm so late guys! I had to stay late for work, but I will get a post out I swear!". It's... interesting for me. I was gone probably three to three and a half years, and I come back and now... RP is a completely different landscape. I no longer need AIM, but Discord. My forum RPs are being moved to Premium places as we all want more mature themes. (I remember when fade to black was exciting, and felt a little... naughty 😜.) I, personally, am more picky about who, what, where and when I rp. Even my Why has changed a bit. It's no longer about escaping, it's more about... enjoyment for me. I have things I want to RP out (and yes mostly in fandom, because I doubt I'll ever loose that), that I doubt 18 year old me would have wanted to RP. I know I've changed, and I've noticed that the face of RP has changed as well. Again, mostly I've done forum stuff, but I am wondering, who else has seen these changes, or hasn't realized until now that they've happened. Coming back is... jarring, I guess. I'm faced with what feels like a new game, and I'm a bit behind. Tell me your experiences. Even if you started RPing in the last few months, you can tell me what you are seeing as normal, and I can give you an idea how it looks from someone who hasn't really gotten to RP much in the last few years. Here are a few major fads I remember, some were good, some were not so much. Animal Sites [Horses (where I started), Wolves, Tigers, Cats in general, lions] Overly colorful EVERYTHING. Bad color combinations. Tiny, size 0 text. AIM (figuring out group messaging was hard Highschool (RP wise, and RL wise) Emo Mary Sues (I think that had something to do with that terrible/wonderful HP fic, My Immortal?) Black and White Rping (There is no gray, you are a good guy, or a bad guy) Dark, Light, Neutral. Usually with the animal sites. So Much Time! (I had it all guys, I had it all!) Bonding over dumb things your character said (I think this still exists, or it should. If it doesn't, I'm bringing it back) That is just to name a few. Why don't you tell me what you remember/know of/think of as 'modern rping', and we can compare notes!
  22. Recently, I happened upon a roleplay forum that caught my eye. I liked the mood, I liked the staffing style, I liked the creativity, and I thought the skin was cool, even though it wasn't the current style or wasn't very complicated. Even though it wasn't something I'd normally join, I felt drawn to it and I admit I lurked for hours and hours just basking in its light, reading, exploring, etc. Has anyone ever felt like that? Not so much that a board is cool or neat or that you like it, but that you find it irresistable. That something about it just makes it feel like it is calling to you personally.
  23. After a discussion with @Gothams Reckoning here, I told him that a discussion about staffing a site is more suitable in the forum. I think, ultimately, it is a matter of preference and control. Some want to share, some want to keep all control for themselves. I want to share. I knew sites with only one administrator and one moderator (or no moderator at all) which were doing well, and sites with several who were doing well. And the same thing for the same numbers, who weren't doing well. I think it is a matter of investment in the story. Sharing the duties and sharing the fun is the best, so that nobody gets tired or overwhelmed. A site having a few core people invested in it from the beginning, has activity which lures other members to join and has the chance to last more, because it has already a core of interested/ enthusiastic people. And this is what I am needing, in general, first and foremost. A second (or third) staff member is needed because hopefully people don't get busy at the same time, because then there is a serious problem among the staff... I think that two people staffing a site can write among themselves and create activity until others join. It is also wonderful when there is one staff member in an opposite timezone, to be there when the other isn't. Staffing a RPG is a volunteering job, which shouldn't take all one's free time. Also, if somebody doesn't want to do a certain task (such as advertising or commenting on bios) nobody can force her to, as long as she contributes with other needed tasks. And I think that involving more people, with more focused responsibilities, avoids burn-out and, at the same time, helps with the community spirit (being invested, a feeling of belonging, of ownership... of being important and meaningful, something like this enhances motivation to help.) Sometimes, when my staff is busy, I feel overwhelmed with doing too much myself and not receiving enough feedback, at least (when I would have preferred concrete help too, not only feedback). Sometimes it feels lonely that I don't have even to whom to ask an opinion (timezones adding to it, but not only this) and I think this is the worst part. They all know that I’ll manage somehow, I always do – but for how long? Everybody sees the site survives without their help… but I am always saying that I need help, because I really feel I shouldn't do it alone! And if everyone pitched in, nobody would feel tired and overwhelmed, because it would be little to do for everyone. Many people judge the number of staff only from the point of view of the number of members, and think that staff duty is only to approve bios and to update lists, needing access to the control panels. There is so much which gets overlooked - the research, the plots, the creation of events.... And we are all people who have a life outside the board too, one wouldn't need to get overwhelmed with duties. A few responsibilities that one can perform while still having time to write. The number of staff shouldn't depend on the number of characters and members, because there are sites for which, no matter how many members/ characters are there, the staff has certain tasks to perform anyway. Or even more tasks if there aren't too many characters/ members, because they have to replace /complement for the missing ones too (eg NPC-ing their role). I found that most tasks have to be done when the site has 4 members equally as when it has 30 members, and most of them don't even require access to panels (except the coding and graphics staff, who of course needs access to administration panel). One needs writing NPCs, researching, leading stories, writing chronicles and lore., no matter how many or how few members you have. And mostly this is what I need help with/ sharing tasks with. You said also why not members? I would have loved if all members wanted to help as if they were staff, everyone with what they love doing: some with advertising, some with leading a thread or another, some with writing NPCs, some with writing articles for the monthly chronicle. And at the same time, if people want to help, why not be appointed as staff, in charge with the thing they want to help, just to make it official and their work recognized? This doesn't mean access at the control panel. It means their names listed among the staff, eventually (not necessarily) the names on a different colour, or a title below them.
  24. I like Discord. @Morrigan taught me to like it. I would like to implement it on my site too, but I wonder if I should do it or not, when neither the c-box is active enough on certain days. Strangely our members aren't very keen on communicating. Some because they aren't online at the same time with the others, and in the rare occasions when it happens, they are talking. Some are talking with me in e-mails or on FB messenger but not with the others. Some others even might have never talked in the c-box and they post on invisible - and not because they had any quarrell or bad experience with communicating with the other members here (on previous sites they had been on, I can't know). They are simply and obviously here to write and not to socialize at all. When in need of a PM to clarify something about a thread, they can talk, of course. Of course I would like it to be different, to encourage the members to talk more together, about the site, plot and characters but about life in general too... however I think in my particular case Discord is not a solution. It won't change anything and it will remain unused. I don't know how to encourage them to talk more even in the c-box, because I guess this has to come from inside, and no outside incentive can work.
  25. So I have a Courtesan in the making who is flat out enjoying the hell out of role playing with his clients...in a role play! ^.^ Like right now he is taking one and they are pretending they are Freki and Fenrir and totally hunting and fucking like crazy. I love it. How many of you have done this? Would this count as breaking the 4th wall??
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