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Found 111 results

  1. As Staff: What sort of contests do you run? What kind of IC events do you run? Do you run OOC events? What type of event seems to be the most popular? What would you like to do but can't quite figure out how to make it work? As members: What kind of contests do you enjoy? Do you like when sites have a lot of IC events to participate in? Would you rather they be a setting or occurrence based event? (Examples: Masquerade ball vs serial killer on the loose.) What sort of events/contests would you like to see more of?
  2. Every forum encounters, roughly, the same things. Whether it be that first breaking of the code, or the first application that, clearly, didn't read anything. What would you consider some less-than-wanted "accomplishments" for every forum to achieve? Applicant doesn't use supplied form. Applicant whines because their extremely popular face is taken That random account that appears, never posts, and never comes back Admin that shouldn't touch the code, touches the code. Proceeds to break something Member can't quite grasp a plot. Someone asks a question in the FAQ. They then ask at least 3 more. An app doesn't even make sense for the setting. Seriously, where do they think they are? Someone yells at you about your ad. The code broke again.
  3. Hey guys, I run a survival horror site. I'm sure most of you have seen enough of me posting around here to know the general gist, but here's the quick recap in case it's relevant: There's a town that is being overcome by the Decay, this strange rotting/rusting phenomenon that brings with it death and monsters. The town as a whole is cut off from society due to this Decay, but otherwise most people can live a normal life. We recently had an event where the Decay "surged" across the entire town, and for about 24 hours the town was ripped apart by monsters. Then it subsided. The event was really fun, but I don't want the entire board to be a face-paced monster mayhem all the time. It gets boring really fast (I've played on similar sites before) and I also like to allow members to play their characters with some "down time" where they aren't running for their lives. The problem is that I'm trying to pump up activity and interest and to make the board actually . . . somewhat scary. It's hard to make a roleplay site scary, but it's even harder when people likely dismiss it because it's not 333/premium. (I'm poor. That's why it's not.) My staff and I came up with an idea to give people a miniature "event" when they reach a certain post count. (I believe it was 15 posts.) This event is very simple, such as a mysterious phone call in which the character receives information about themselves that nobody should really know, or they start to hallucinate dead people, or something. The member is supposed to incorporate it into their RP somehow, either by referencing it in another thread, or by actually using it as a plot device in the thread (RPing it out). Then at about 50 posts, I'd do a more direct one-on-one thread with the member that fleshes it out a little more. Personalized, if you will. I made the first post goal 15 because it's relatively low, but I'm not wasting ideas or energy on people who aren't sure if they will be sticking around. The next one (50 posts) is higher because it requires me being able to put time and energy into creating a personalized quest/storyline for the character for a thread, and I want to make sure that the member is invested in it well enough. There is no time frame, so it's not like they have to reach the 15 or 50 posts in a week or a month - it could be after a year, though opportunities may change based upon the general site plot. Members wouldn't be able to choose which event they received (a phone call verse hallucinations verse whatever), though somebody could politely decline to participate if they really didn't want to. In order to assign the events, I'd try to roughly match it up with the charcter's profile or personality or history or whatever so that it's something that would be relevant to the character. (I wouldn't want a character who never answers a phone because they have some anti-phone religious belief to be given a plot involving phones, for example.) At first I wasn't going to publicize it because I wanted it to be a bit spookier with the element of surprise. But now I'm wondering if it would be better to let people know up front as a selling point for the site so that they know that there is an advantage to participating and being active. People were really interested in the Decay surge event I had, and then activity backed down afterwards which wasn't entirely unexpected, but I'm afraid that people are going to rely entirely on said events and not participate when they don't exist. So I wanted your guys' thoughts about it. I'd also love to know if you have any ideas for a survival horror site. We have no vampires/werewolves/witches/demons. Our monsters are literally monsters, but they stay mostly in the limited areas of town affected by the Decay. I also don't want to rely on them too much because, as mentioned, it'll get boring after awhile. So having some other spooky happenings that are personalized to each character would be really neat and add an element of horror I have never seen on a horror site.
  4. In any roleplay, problem members come up. Either they disrupt threads and plots, negatively influence the community, attack other members, etc. So how do you deal with it? I'm wondering specifically about warning systems, either those systems built into forum software or systems you created on your own. Have you ever set these up and actually used them? What was your process? Do you use a three strike rule, or is it more, or less, involved? And what constitutes an "official" warning, as opposed to a more informal talk? I'm also wondering how you communicated this system to your member base in a way that wasn't threatening until it needed to be. You don't want your members to get anxious and paranoid every time a staff member wants to talk to them about something that's probably totally unrelated! So how do you, as staff, implement a warning system while still making yourself approachable? Or do you keep this entire system internal until you have to use it?
  5. Staffing Site Shops

    Apparently I'm doing one of these a week now or something. Maybe I should give them a fancy name. RUNE DEMANDS YOUR OPINIONS. Do you use a site shop? What do you stock in it? As a member, what do you like seeing in them? What kinds of items do you think should/should not be considered "buyable" on a site?
  6. How do you divy up jobs? Does each individual have their own responsibilities? What is the difference between your admin and your moderators? Do the jobs vary depending on the 'rank' they hold in staff? How do you go about inducting new staff? (And, of course, any other details relevant to this topic are always welcome!)
  7. This can range from activity checks to moving and deleting threads. Do you clean your board up at all? How? When? Do you have an established timeline and routine?
  8. I asked this elsewhere, but wanted to get more bang for the buck. I'm curious to know how y'all choose what goes into the sitewide wanteds and what goes into the personal wanteds. I'm guessing it's a lot easier for those of you who have canons based on fandoms. It's a fair assumption, I think, but please correct me if I'm wrong! I'm very curious. The site I run isn't based on anything but historical events. My staff and I were debating on this a few nights ago, because we seem to have blurred the lines and gotten confused over what is defined as sitewide and personal on our own site and for posting our own personal ads out on directory resources as staff members. I'm working on streamlining the process better since our site has sprouted large groups apart from the historical BEIC and native groups that we consider canon. The problem, I think, is that we over complicated things. So, to simplify matters, we tried to distill the process down to these scenarios. Do we define a site wide by: 1) By the group they are in by forum (BEIC, native, etc) 2) The group they are in by world built creation 3) Roles 4) Any combo of 1-3. I know for sure that personal is what it says... personal. So personal plots, personal wanted family members / friends, etc. I consider some of the groups to be personal smaller groups, but those are considered by others to be potentially part of the site wide wanted. So, hit me with it. As a staff member: What goes into your site wide wanteds across the directory resources? What goes into your personal wanteds across the directory resources? Have you ever experienced too much blurring between your own sitewide and personal wanteds?
  9. Random question: What do you do when somebody comes up and tells you that another member is portraying something wrong, but you don’t have the experience/education/knowledge to actually know if that person is wrong? Couple of examples. Firstly, once long ago I had a member who made a gay character, and somebody complained about it for some reason I don’t really recall. There was a specific reason related to the character—I think the complainer had interpreted the character to be mocking gay people or something. So I acted upon the complaint and ended up scaring away the person with the gay character. In hindsight, I realized that I had not acted appropriately and that the person playing the gay character hadn’t actually been mocking gay people but had been playing that specific character appropriately for the situation/personality/history that the person had created. Oops. I had just been afraid to offend people that I hadn’t really thought about it. Secondly, I’ve had people who grossly misrepresent mental illnesses. Such as characters with multiple personality disorder / dissociative identity disorder (MPD/DID) who switch back and forth rapidly, or the bipolar characters who are literally two separate people smooshed into one body. But back then, I knew that the characters were portrayed outright wrong. The problem was that had they been wrong but not so obviously wrong, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that they were inaccurate representations of these illnesses, so I wouldn’t have been able to correct the person. Which would mean that we’d end up with poorly written and potentially offensive characters on the site, which in turn may scare away people who might think that we knowingly supported a stereotyped or offensive character. I ended up banning all characters with MPD/DID because I couldn’t tell if they were really being portrayed accurately and I was tired of the people who played them very wrong and didn’t do any research. I remember once I ended up with somebody who made a rapid-cycling bipolar character, but I didn't realize that people could rapid cycle (because I had always heard that the dramatic switch back and forth was more of a myth), so I told her that it was wrong. Then she was like, "Er, no, this is what I have, and I rapid cycle." And I was like. Oh. If she hadn't been nice enough to call me out on it and just slunk into the shadows while dismissing the site because I was being "dumb," I wouldn't have ever known better. These are all things of the past and it’s not something I’m currently struggling with, but I was thinking about it recently. What do you do if you don’t know if something is wrong? How have you handled similar situations? What are your stories?
  10. We discuss ideas and thoughts about how to do things right in our RPs, we rant about people who do things wrong as players or staff, so let's talk about where to go if you want to learn how to do things better. I am absolutely in love with Script Medic on tumblr: The woman behind the blog works as a real life medic (she uses an alias because of concern that her day job might not like her doing this blog), and she answered questions about medical realism within a writing setting. You want to hurt but not kill your character, she'll advise you what sort of trauma would be fitting for the situation they're in, what sort of recovery process and timeline they'd be looking at. If you want to know what symptoms someone is likely to show if they're dealing with a particular ailment, she's got you. She writes master posts to cover things like post apocalyptic medicine, tropes that TV and movies get so very wrong, things like that. Basically she's a great resource if you want to add an element of realism behind your medical stuff in your writing. So, anyone else have a favorite blog they hit up when they need information? Please focus on other people's stuff, not your own. We already have places to toot our own horns here, I'm looking for stuff outside of our merry little community here. <3
  11. Staffing Special Snowflakes

    I'm in need of some advice, I'm sure a lot of you have dealt with that member that comes along and wants to completely ignore or try their best to skirt around your sites rules and lore. I'm dealing with this right now and they are being very very forceful and literally trying everything in the book to get us to allow them. They are even calling it a "special request" which is beyond annoying because that's a can of worms we have no intention of opening you know? My question is how do you deal with these people? It's like they refuse to hear the answer is no even when you flat out say it is. Anonymous poster hash: 9420e...7ad
  12. Staffing Stock photos

    Who likes / has used / would consider stock photos not only for site graphics, but for characters as well? Personally they're my favourite resource when looking for faces. Not only they are actually free of legal hassles, but they don't come with all the baggage that celebrities have. I'm trying to encourage their use in my boards, however I realize that it's not a popular choice. Thoughts? Experiences?
  13. Let's say Bob joins your board. Bob proceeds to cause hell, start fights, and is basically a terrible member. You ban Bob. You later see Bob on another board. You know it's the same Bob because they have the same characters. Do you tell the admin about the problems Bob had on your board in an attempt to warn them? Or do you let them find out for themselves?
  14. Staffing Failing in Running a Site

    I cannot be the only one! I know a lot of roleplayers out there think "I can do this better" or "Man I have a great idea I want to RP out". How many of you have actually ventured into an attempt to own your own forum? Were they as unsuccessful as mine? Because, let me tell you, I failed so hardcore it was actual comical. What are some of your horror stories and fails when it came to your adventure into forum ownership? Note this is not a bash thread, and if you're coming here to bash a member, or someone else, for the fall of your forum, this is not the place. Just here for those of us who pushed, tried, and fell on our faces.
  15. All boards I've been on use PayPal for donations. But, a bunch of banks around here have started offering PopMoney and it looks pretty easy to use. I just, you know, haven't heard of it until now and wondered if anyone else has any experience with it.
  16. Staffing Entitled mods

    So I didn't see a topic that covered this, but I'm currently experiencing a mod on my staff team that over the months have slowly become well... unhelpful and entitled. The mod barely does anything to help the other mods, story, or members. This mod doesn't do anything unless its to benefit their character in story. However, this person feels entitled to boss the other mods around when I'm not online or around. In fact, I've seen this person give important information to non-staff members.. Also this mod plays an important cannon character and has made themselves entangled in almost every character's personal plots. Which brings me to this important question..... This mod has stated to me and another mod; that if demoted they would leave the site to screw up other character's plots. What do you do, when you come across something like this? Do you demote the person anyway and hope that they don't mess up other people's plots if they decide to leave?
  17. In a work environment, staff receives benefit for their labor usually in the form of cash but also in terms of insurance, discounts, and other benefits. But in roleplay, staff members are expected to do the work without receiving anything that you wouldn't give a regular member. I was trying to list the benefits of being staff for a staff request form, but I'm falling short. (Suggestions would be lovely.) The above realization made me wonder why we don't "pay" staff members - in fact, we discourage it. They don't get in-game points to spend in the store each month, or pinned plot threads to thank them for their hard work, or special characters for upholding their position. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic. There are many pros and cons to "paying" staff (more cons than pros in my humble opinion) but there isn't really a "right" answer . . . How we chose as an RP community to reward (or not) our hard-working staff could be vastly different from an RP community on the other side of the internet.
  18. So I think I put this in the right place, I'm trying to build a community feel for my site, and I'm aware its one of my members birthdays. Now normally I'd just put up a thread with a google'd picture of a cake etc, but I'd like to do something a bit extra for the member (and all members if I'm aware its their birthday). The shop system we have allows me to create a) gift codes and b ) mystery item things. Would you find it either as a member in general or as a member receiving such as a gift off putting or not?
  19. We all do it. We make or join games and love them so much, sometimes we start as Admin, other-times we move up the ranks to do so. At some point we all realize that we're no longer members. It occurred to me recently that as an Admin on a site you don't get to have the luxury of freedom that members do. There is so much gained when you become an Admin and we all talk about how great it can be, but I want to take some time to talk about what we lose when we do it and how we can deal. .... I'll start. I noticed that in our communities we all become very close. We become friends and allies and we make great games together, but as an Admin I'm somehow separated from that even though I'm the one pulling the strings. I'm THE BOSS and there's a sort of hush that comes over everyone when I appear near the drinking fountain. I no longer get the luxury of being human. I am now an other. There are now consequences to me showing personal weaknesses, or admitting that my responsibilities and RL work are hard and that I'm struggling. It was this way for the admin before me and it is that way for me, and I don't have hopes that it will be different for the admin that come after me. How do you all cope? What do you do to reconcile that some of your community doesn't see you as a person, or as equal to them? What do you to to combat the feeling of being excluded, or manipulated by the communities that you serve? I do my best to write more for myself. If work/life/admin life is hard and I don't have anyone to talk to I distract myself with more responsibility. It's not as fun as having group threads or even one-on-ones but I find it to be very soothing to write just for myself, or to write behind the scenes for things that may come up in the future. What do you all do?
  20. I just started my new site and had a bunch of people join. Many profiles posted right away, but not many threads or posts from the members. I'm pretty lenient on activity, so no worries. People have real life commitments and whatnot, and the board wasn't open yet. But the challenge is that now the site is open and no one is roleplaying. I don't blame any one person at all because people have things going on IRL. But I can't advance the plot or entice new members if I'm the only one consistently roleplaying. What are your suggestions? PS some of the members on my site are members here on the Initiative. For real, I don't hold it against any individual person. I just need to find a way to get active members on the site or to increase the activity of a few of the existing ones.
  21. I started thinking following the activity check thread (and the post I made about people not following basic instructions), how lenient are you when it comes to members bot following coding or format instructions? On one hand, it is such a ridiculous, miniscule thing to get irritated about. There are so many greater problems in the world. But on the other hand, if the instructions are clear, and everyone is following them and it's clear everyone is following them, it's so frustrating when people come along and don't follow the instructions. There were points where I'd have a small bb code template to fill in (name, user group, age sort of simplicity) for claims or whatever, and people would copy the example so it would lose it's coding when when they reposted it and filled it out. Realizing that not everyone was an expert on forums and coding, I then wrote clearly to copy what was in the code tags. That didn't work. So I used bold, red font. That did not work, either. Heck, even with graphics people don't follow the rules. I don't care if you have a PB or not. Just make sure that whatever image you choose fits the avatar box appropriately. Don't have images that are too small, or ones that get stretched, or ones with half the pixels they're supposed to. But alas! For some, this rule is too challenging to follow, I guess, even if I have resources for cropping/resizing images or I offer to do it myself. Over the years, I've simplified things down to relieve my frustration at this. I don't use any sort of BB code or HTML code for people to fill out if I don't need to. (Added bonus is that people can do it on mobile easily.) I'm pretty clear when specific formats or templates are needed, and I try to post reminders for those formats. People still mess things up sometimes, and I sit there and wonder if it's worth the battle.
  22. I saw that other thread about survival horror (locked because it's old, but I'll link it at the bottom of this post), and I thought I'd like to know more about people's experiences and expectations with survival horror sites. I'm interested in actual survival horror, not the "gothic horror" (I think it's called) of vampires/werewolves/demons/witches living in modern society. My survival horror site is in the works, and I'm always open to new ideas to make things interesting and exciting. Pulling off something that is truly survival horror is pretty challenging on an open forum format where people can come and go as they please and there is no limit to the number of members who can join. While I doubt I'm going to be able to invoke a sensation of terror in my members, I'd like to make my roleplay as tense and exciting as possible. In Pine Ridge Creek (thanks to whoever was on Discord and gave me that name, haha), something called the "Decay" is spreading. It's similar to Silent Hill's Otherworld in the sense that everything gets twisted and rusted and bloody, but the mechanics are a little different. Rather than coming and going in pulses, the Decay seeps out and spreads. What it touches is permanently Decayed. One of the things I found a little hard to deal with when I was on a survival horror board years ago was the fact that you are literally always on the run. While this is an aspect of survival horror and some people love it, it's a little too intense for me. You need variety. Unlike movies or books, roleplays (at least most of them) don't have a specific end where the viewer or reader is let "off the hook" and can return to the real world, even if the characters can't. You're done - end of emotional investment. With a roleplay, of course you can take real life breaks, but then you have to return and play with your character again. Constantly running and fighting and escaping becomes . . . boring. You get tired of roleplaying that scenario constantly. Fast paced, always worried about your character, wondering what monster will attack next. And eventually it gets boring. For this reason, I've made the rest of the town that's not touched by the Decay relatively safe. However, there's a clear possibility that monsters may be able to get into the rest of town, and I've put disclaimers up that people can't expect their characters to always be safe just because they're not in the Decay. In addition, the Decay is in the process of spreading, and it's possible that the entire town will become consumed, though probably not for awhile. But having a break from the horror will allow more balance for the members so that they don't get bored as often. I've also introduced a few mechanisms that will help keep people engaged. The main one is the optional point system. People gain points for roleplaying, taking requests, participating in challenges, reaching certain post counts, being active, etc. However, it's what they spend it on that can open up more opportunities for them. For example, characters cannot have guns to start with, but they can be purchased in the store. The gun comes with 1 OoC month of ammo. They can purchase more ammo through the store as well. More importantly, they can purchase specialized ways for their characters to be involved. These "plot occurrences" mean that the staff will work with them and/or choose something to give to the characters that will be relevant to the story. It could be a shiny new item that will help them defeat monsters, or it could be involving the character in some one-on-one storyline that will impact the overall site plot. (There will be different categories based upon price.) Of course there are general board-wide subplots that people can involve themselves in without using the store. The point system will allow them to get extra-involved in something. We also have the IC actions = IC consequences rule. I was on a survival horror site that didn't have this, and it was so stupid. I played a monster, and people could literally come up and do a jig two feet away from my character while taunting him, but my character couldn't do anything without their permission. So essentially they were like the sibling who goes "I'm not touching you I'm not touching you I'm not touching you" while my character just had to sit there and deal with it because mommy and daddy would get mad if my character slapped the annoying brats into oblivion. What have you experienced on horror roleplays? Why did these mechanisms/plots/ideas work or not work? What would you have liked to see? Or really, just talk about anything related to survival horror roleplays. I'm game. Here's the inspirational thread:
  23. Hey guys, I've seen the RP community on this part of the internet move towards having characters and members provide "pronouns" rather than saying sex or gender. I understand that for the members, but I'm not sure about the characters. When I'm RPing with a member, pronouns are useful because then I know how to refer to that person. But when a character is interacting with another character, knowing gender/sex seems more intuitive to me. The last couple games I've played, the characters had to have biological sex stated for the sake of the RP, but in my new one, it's not going to be that big of an issue. This is a bit of a "new" topic for me. So I'm just a bit uncertain if I have characters state sex/gender instead of pronouns if it's going to throw everyone into a fit.
  24. Every roleplay takes place in a world, be it canon, fanon, or original. How do you, as a worldbuilder, go about building your world? There's really no right or wrong way to go about it (in my opinion, at least), so share away! I'd love to hear from canon and fanon roleplay setings, since most of my experience has been in building original worlds and environments from scratch. And who knows, we all might even pick up on some cool tips, tricks and resources in the process!
  25. I can't afford premium. But I also want to roleplay with adults. Does having a site that's 18+ but doesn't allow adult content due to TOS turn you away from a site?