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Found 177 results

  1. There's always that one person that wants to show up and whine about something. Sometimes, these have merit. Othertimes, not so much. What is the weirdest/most off the wall/dumbest complaint you've received about your board? Or your characters or whatever!
  2. I'm really curious about peoples' take on this. I recently opened a small, very chill community second to my main site, and a couple of people we've had to ask to leave on my main site have found their way to this community. Over on my main site, we worked tirelessly with these individuals who just weren't up to the writing quality we were looking for in the community and we ended up deciding to gently ask them to leave, providing them with resources to help them find a place that might be better suited to them. I'm not sure I have the energy or desire to work with them extensively on this site, too, in hopes that they might improve and was wondering what everybody's take is on asking a member you know isn't going to mesh with your community to leave before they can get in deep. I never like asking people to leave and always feel guilty, but seeing them interact with the community and start filling out applications, I can already tell it's most likely going to be the same issue. I wouldn't be so hesitant if it were a serious behavior issue that I've dealt with in the past, but obviously that's not the case with this. It's really poor writing quality, a ton of hand-handling, and what in the past became a source of frustration for staff and members trying to interact with them. Do I give them another chance on this new site even though I'm seeing the same signs again? Or do I save people what could be a potential hassle and headache? Anonymous poster hash: a9d8a...4d3
  3. Has anyone else ever had to deal with friends joining your board and wanting special perks? I'm dealing with this currently, they broke a rather big character rule on the board and I, like any admin, reached out and told them it wasn't allowed. If I'd allowed this rule to be broken it would open up a can of worms and I don't need that stress. So now they are being passive aggressive towards me in rp and real life. I don't feel like I did anything wrong, I addressed them like I would any other member on the board. I don't think giving perks to friends is a good way to run a board and really it has a major potential to blow up in your face. The rules we've set aren't hard but they should be followed by everyone, including staff but for some reason, this isn't clicking with them. Them acting like this though is really annoying me to the point that I don't want to interact with them unless I have to as a staffer. Friend wise, the passive aggressiveness has to go. I can't allow them to do something and tell the next person no. Anonymous poster hash: 03cea...f8f
  4. We've all got rules for our rp - no godmodding, post requirements and character limits (or lack thereof), activity rules, etc. But, aside from the general "be nice to each other, treat others how you want to be treated" stuff, do you have any code of conduct rules for ooc chat and the community at large? Do you have any rules to foster a good environment for your players to hang out in while they're not writing replies? These could be Discord rules, c-box rules, or just some general chat rules. Do you even need them? If you don't, why not? Is there a point where you would consider making some?
  5. Certain times of the year are quiet for roleplayers. If you've run a board for a full year, you learn to pick the times and don't panic as much as when you're new to it---but they can still be concerning when they happen. You find yourself wondering if it's the board that's gone quiet, or if it's part of a wider trend affecting all boards. Is there something you could/should be doing to bring activity back, or is it just a matter of wait it out and welcome the crew back when they get here? How do you survive the quiet phases of the year? How do you tell the difference between a trend just on your board, and a trend for the wider community? And what do you do to encourage and push activity during these times?
  6. This probably seems like more of an issue to me now because I've been super busy on the admin side of things since September. We had our anniversary even in Sept. that I planned and ran for the entire month, then I had Halloween, and for some reason, I thought it was a great idea to run a mini event in November too. Then in December, we decided to commission a skin and since we were changing the skin we thought it was a good time to get all the changes that we wanted to make all in one go so all of December I was busy doing that along with one of our mods. We just got our new skin two days ago and it's amazing and I love it and now I feel like everything is done. However, I constantly find other things that don't necessarily *need* to be done, but I want to get done. And once I think of it I'm compelled to do it to "get it out of the way." and A lot of times this comes before posting. I'm not inactive, not by any means, but I feel like I get distracted too easily by staff things that can wait instead of posting (even though I really want to post). So how do you guys balance staff jobs/obligations and posting?
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how their admin style has changed over the years? What would you like to get back to? What would you like to avoid from the past?
  8. Every now and then, I will come across normal small-to-moderate sized RP sites (not counting resources) that have 4, 5, 6, even 7-9+ staff members whether it's a just-starting-out forum or a seasoned forum. From my experience, having a lot of staff like that isn't actually beneficial. So far, I'm finding having only two staff members (myself and my mod) a lot easier to work with, and faster in every way. Perhaps this is just the teams I've worked with, I can't say? If my site gets much bigger, I might consider taking on a third but I don't think having much more would be all that necessary? So, my question is: why do you have a lot of staff members? What inspired you to have 5-9 staff? Do you find it beneficial in any way? What are the cons to having a lot of staff?
  9. Not sure how to-uh-explain this without... going into specifics? I will try to make parallels as best as I can so I'm saying real specifics. We have... a couple members who are threading together and... are disregarding 99% of the site lore in threads, but have looked enough to know the locations in our site. So, hm... Let's say we're a mafia RPG. A certain area has a lot of attractions that were once pedestrian but are now headquarters of the mafia. Let's say there's a mall that had been abandoned and taken over by the mafia. As a result, unaffiliated persons would... not be welcomed according to lore. What these players are doing is... writing about their characters going to the mall, having a good time, it's just a happy hunkydory... outing, with elements that shouldn't be there because of the nature of the setting. So, like, they're going to different "functioning" stores, basically... I'm not really sure how to approach this. I'm almost inclined to leave them be because they're not threading or talking to one else, and it would feel awful for one's threads to basically... not count? On the other hand, there's also the fact that guests can see and read these inaccurate threads and get the wrong idea. How... should I approach this, especially when they're mid-thread? "*NOT saying specifics." My RPG isn't like this it's just the best parallel I could come up with Anonymous poster hash: 2ff39...d61
  10. My site has been open around two months now. We're small, but our core member base has been amazing and active. We're a marvel based site, set right before Infinity War, and recently I've had a horrible time with members. Since the hype for Infinity War started right before its release, I've had an influx of people coming through my site, which normally would be great, except all of these people are causing problems. In the past two weeks I have had to ban two members for copy pasting applications straight from wikipedia, another member for being belligerent in the discord, and another member who joined, demanded that I share skin codes with them - demanded that I link them to everything on the site - and then posted an application that was again copy pasted from wikipedia. They promptly cussed me out when the application was denied. I have been running sites for years and years now, seriously for the past four years, and have done mod work before that. I have NEVER had so many issues with this, with members who have no regard for how a role play works, refuse to even read the rules, and seem to be just around to stir the pot! I have changed our site rules to make sure that things are clearly spelled out, but this still seems to happen once a week! Has anybody else experienced this lately? Is it just new fans coming into the marvel genre with infinity war hype? Are trolls out to get us? How do you handle belligerent potential members?
  11. I'm starting to notice a trend that I really like. Back when I first got going as an admin, the forum software you chose was... very important. Members who liked Proboards would not join an Invisionfree board, and vice versa. There was (and can still be found) a strong reluctance to "learn" new software. Even though, as a member, basic forum functions are essentially the same---no matter what software you use. Register an account, create new topics, create replies... all that really changes is where a few things are placed, I never really understood the aversion people had to new/less common software types. Boards that were on phpBB or SMF were a hard sell, and the same with my beloved IPS. Now as I'm doing ad rounds, I'm finding a lot more self-hosted sites, and those on softwares other than Jcink and PB. I'm finding SMF sites that are incredibly successful, myBB is taking off, and even admins migrating over to IPS for the epic features (I have a whole guide dedicated to that alone). Do you guys find that self-hosting is becoming less feared, and more welcomed? Those of you who do self host, what steps have you had to take to ensure members feel comfortable coming onto your "foreign" software?
  12. We have a member on our site that just... clogs the general chat room with stories of themselves all the time. And you can't escape this person. You go into the plotting channel to plot with another member, they pop in there, suggesting things, immersing themselves into a conversation that has nothing to do with them; someone asks a question in the help channel? They're in there, sometimes genuinely helping/answering questions, but other times, not contributing anything helpful (we've asked them two times now to not chat there if they're not going to answer questions); You come on the general chat after a long day from work just to talk with your friends? They'll be there. And they'll tell you a long-winded story about what they're doing at that specific moment or what they accomplished that day. Anything you say, they'll change the conversation to be about themselves. It's possible to talk around them (by ignoring whatever they say, and just continuing the convo between the lines), but it's annoying. And as a staff, we want to encourage others to chat in our general chat channel, not be deterred by someone who's constantly gotta have the conversation revolving around themselves. And we want them to be involved in the chat, too, but the way they do it is just... killing everyone else's willingness to hang out there with us. We want them to contribute to the chat, but we want them to acknowledge what's happening to other people or other's stories. Sometimes people just need to vent, and that's fine. Acknowledge them, don't ignore what they're saying only to contribute something that turns the conversation to be all about yourself. The only break we get from this person is when they're asleep, it seems. Otherwise, they are always around, hanging out in the chat. The other staff and I are not really sure how to handle this situation. We don't know if a warning is the proper thing to do, but if it is, what should we say to this person without sounding like petty jerks? What points should we avoid, but which should we drive home? What should this member's punishment be, if there should be a punishment at all? No one talks in our General Chat Channel anymore except for us and them and a few other members that can deal with talking around this person, and we want to change that asap. As always, thank you RPG Initiative community. You guys are always so helpful Anonymous poster hash: 9628e...c8c
  13. Lucky Cat

    Staffing Forum chats

    So, there are: Discord, cbox.ws, chatango, and shoutbox that I know of in terms of "forum friendly" chats to use on forums. Are there other chats friendly for forum usage that people use or does the aforementioned list about sum it up?
  14. I'm gonna try and keep this short. or as short as possible, bc I don't wanna accidentally drag anyone thru the mud. tldr cliffnotes version, I have a member that is... seemingly cherry-picking my site lore and ignoring and or outright attempting to rewrite, only for themselves, the parts of it they don't like. every time someone asks them to change something, they get all up in arms about how we're stifling creativity and being rude and mean and are gonna drive people away, blah blah, now they apparently feel 'unsafe' because people keep 'yelling' at them. one did, tbf, but this player had gone around in circles w them for at least half an hr about a piece of lore, which they wrote, that was written a certain way on purpose and they had completely sidestepped the restrictions for, before bluntly informing them they weren't staff and didn't know what they were talking about. just the sheer level of insistence that they were right and the other player was wrong was almost enough to make me snap at them, it was just all around an admin's worst nightmare, and I wasn't even on until the tail end of it. I'm stressed out irl, so I could just be being oversensitive about it all but just talking to them makes my blood pressure skyrocket, and idk what to do now. I want to work with them but I'm questioning if its even worth it.
  15. The golden rule of drama and running a roleplay has always been to never let OOC drama impact the running of the board. Normally that refers to a person creating OOC drama among the community, where the solution is simple: they either pull their head in, or get kicked from the community for being negative and disruptive. But what about when the OOC drama only affects one person? And what about when that OOC drama is entirely offline, thus: not disrupting the community? That one person needs to just suck it up and deal with their real life crap outside of the board, right? But what about this: what if that person is you: the administrator? And the person causing you this offline drama is a member of the board? I had this dilemma in 2010, and it still puzzles me as to what was the right thing to do. The situation was beyond complicated: my best friend and housemate (and also a member of Tally) screwed me royally, kicking me out of our house, lied to me about why it happened, told our mutual friends it was because of things I'd never done (that she was actually responsible for), took money from me for rent but never actually paid the rent---and basically our friendship of nine years imploded in the most horrible of ways. I've never been more heartbroken in my life than I was after that. Once I'd found somewhere to live, I realised that she was still on Tally. She had connections there, friends that she RP'd with, and all that had really changed was that she went silent any time it was clear I was on the board. Meanwhile, I felt sick just looking at her usernames in the thread lists. Every time I saw them it was a reminder of how badly I'd been burned by someone I really cared for. Is that a good enough reason to remove someone from your community? At the time, I didn't feel it would be fair. I felt that our OOC problems were exactly that: and I did nothing about my severe discomfort in having her around. We didn't have a group chat outside of the CBox at that time. The people she RP'd with most stopped threading with me, and those closest to me stopped threading with her. No one ever discussed it, it just... happened. She finally left when she found it too uncomfortable to stay. What would you do in that situation? Wait it out? Or would you reclaim your space?
  16. I've seen a few topics that discuss awards and trophies for members, badges and the like. People seem to enjoy them, so I'm considering bringing a system into Dead Before Daylight. So for those of you that run an award system, what kind of trophies do you give out specifically? For example, do you give awards for post count milestones like here on the Initiative - and if so, how do you handle those on sites that are account-per-character? Is it a cumulative award where, say, the player has 3 character accounts that have 25, 25, and 50 posts respectively - so they would have a 100 post badge on their OC account; or do you award per character account? As my site is an urban fantasy I'm very interested to hear how award systems on similar kinds of sites are run - are there awards for making certain species etc. However, I'd like to hear about any types of awards, what actions awards are given for etc regardless of site genre - that way this thread creates a pool of ideas that hopefully everyone can find useful.
  17. Ok so on my advertising little stint I go on every once in a while I'm always hesitant to reply to those sites that say JCink or JCink only. In their posts I'll read they are just wanting the adult content to be available, but it made me wonder. Is it more than that? For those of you that chose JCink only, may I ask why? It seems these same people don't have any problem running around a directory as amazing as this one that is self-hosted, why must is the RP just for Jcink? Thanks in advance for the answers! I'm just curious really. Wondering if this if should be my next project. "I was able to self host, and so can you."
  18. Hey guys! So I just wanted some opinions on app reviews. I know a lot of sites won't have the same kind of app reviews because our site has a lot of powers and species that other sites don't have but I think this applies to all sites who do app reviews. As an admin: do you do public reviews (post the review in the thread of their application) or private ones (through PMs, either on site or on discord? And why do you do them that way? Also: does one staff member review the apps, do you split them up, or does more than one staff member look over the same app? As a member: do you (or would you) prefer app reviews to be done publicly (posted under your app) or privately (the admin PMs you about edits that need to be done or issues with lore, etc)?
  19. I've seen so many responses around here where people don't want the staff members of a site to engage them in conversation when they register. No saying hi in the cbox first, no pulling members into plots or shooting them PMs with ideas, etc. What if a site had a question on registration where members would choose an option from a drop down: a. Yes, please engage me in conversation! b. I'd like to take my time - I'll initiate contact. c. I'm indifferent And then the staff knows how to treat each person. With obvious exceptions for things like sending important messages overriding option "b."
  20. On my site, we have activity checks from the 5th to the 10th of every month. It requires players to fill out a simple form and provide their latest post with each of their characters. Those that don't post in our activity checks get their accounts deactivated, and then a month later, deleted. This one particular person always misses the activity checks and then comes back on to get their account reinstated like 3 days after it has ended. And then they don't post afterwards. At all, ever. It's been a loop of three times already that we've deactivated their account only to have them come back on and reinstate it, but then never post to stay active or remember to post in our activity checks. We've warned this person about their activity, reminding them that they need one post to stay active onboard and they only need to post in the activity check with their one character. I don't think that's asking too much? However, it seems that didn't work out as well. This person is always complaining about being too lazy or too busy to post... and the staff and I are kind of tempted to suggest they come back at a later time when they're not too busy or lazy to post.... because what's the point of joining a roleplay if you're not going to roleplay? As a staff, have you ever dealt with someone like this? What was your solution? How did you handle the situation? What happened with the player - did they improve or leave? Thanks! Anonymous poster hash: d21d3...8da
  21. I'm sure we've all encountered them. Those people that do nothing but talk about how they need to post, but never actually doing so. Needless to say, it gets old. Especially if it becomes a daily or hourly thing. "I need to post..." And then nothing. An hour later: "I need to do posts..." "I should write." "I should work on posts." "I should get tags done." "I need to do replies." Over and over and over again. Without any posts getting done. Just the repeated "complaints." How do you handle it? Do you get after them, do you ignore it? What is the limit? When do you break? What do you say when you do finally snap? Do you ban them? Ban the words? Filter it so you don't have to hear it anymore? Just ignore it and hope it goes away? Of course, there's nothing wrong with them doing this. If they want to waste their own time, that's on them. It's the fact that it's annoying as hell that generally gets to people.
  22. There is a member on my site who just does not listen. We're constantly asking them to change their posts because they often godmode or write their characters as over powerful or perfect. And despite what we tell them, they kind of change the posts, but on their own terms, which sometimes requires us to again contact them and ask for edits. The other staff and I have had it up to here. We don't feel like we need to constantly be on this member's case about this stuff, but at the same time, they're not playing fairly and despite asking them to change their posts often, they don't seem to be understanding why. Punishment (or consequences) really need to happen... but we just don't know what kind would be appropriate for the situation. We don't want to ban them (I feel like that'd be more appropriate for a last resort thing), we just want to get the message across that they need to think about their character's actions, read our rules and specific thread stipulations, stop writing their character as all powerful / unable to lose or be injured, and apply realistic factors to their posts. So, I open this up to you ~ has anyone else ever dealt with a member like this? How did you handle it? What do you think is the best approach? Anything, at this point, will be useful! So, I thank you in advance! Anonymous poster hash: bfc46...d56
  23. You know what? Fuck you. Yeah, you. Mr. High and Mighty that thinks that setting your name as Guest and going on to people's cboxes to complain that their ad broke your rules is worthwhile. How the fuck are we supposed to solve the problem if you don't indicate where you are from? Bonus points: The ads you are complaining about? You said yourself that there were MONTHS between them. Rule of thumb is ads dropping once a month. Two weeks in some cases. So what if you're a fucking resource site. You allow guests to post... And you "pend" their ads if they don't follow your rules (which, by the way, no one ever reads those.) You literally clicked the link, and took the time to type out a paragraph (with no capitalization or punctuation, real professional,) to complain about how we've posted three ads. Total. Over the course of several months. Because we weren't in your "directory" so any future posters didn't know you had some magical "pending" stamp on us. Probably because we posted as guests. Over the course of several months. Advertising - And this includes on your precious resource sites - should be simplistic and easy. Fucking delete the goddamn ads that break your rules. Who the hell has the time to track down everyone that might or might not copy your fucking form? The form that, by the way, varies on every resource site and contains absolutely no useful information that can't be obtained from a good ad or a click of a link. For fuck's sake. At least tell me which site you are from so I can potentially fix the issue. But you won't. Because you don't want the problem solved. You just want to complain. Which is why you opted for "guest" in the cbox instead of something more helpful. Fuck. In four YEARS CW has had fewer than 500 views on our ad rules thread. No one fucking reads them and for good reason. They're pointless and stupid and all the same.
  24. anthrxmilkshake

    Staffing Advertising your site

    We all know that part of running your own site tends to be the advertisement you do, but the question is which advertisements do we find is the most worth it? There are tons of ways to get your sites name out there, the problem is picking and choosing which ones actually help you, while leaving out the ones that do absolutely nothing for your sites name or advertisement. -Top Sites -Resource Directories -Replying to RP Searches -Affiliating with other Forums -Advertising on other forums Ad boards -etc. etc. What have you found to be the most effective tool in advertising your forum? How many hits do you think you get from certain locations? Are some of them just not panning out for you? Do you have any idea why they might not be panning out for you?

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