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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 10 results

  1. Wintersong

    This is Rowan, my leaves be blowin'

    Looking for active RPers for Pern, Star Trek & Supernatural games. I'm also writing a book and I want someone to write it WITH.
  2. Rune

    Cry Wolf

    Based on the Mercy Thompson books, CW is an 18+ urban fantasy site featuring werewolves, vampires, walkers and more!
  3. Prophetess


    Modern, fantasy based in San Francisco, Ca. with plenty of room for growth over time.
  4. Krank


    Dystopian demons meet the retro cyberpunk city of Vexxor. 18+ NWC
  5. Crossroads Demon

    Disposable Heroes

    Next Generation Supernatural Site.
  6. anthrxmilkshake


    The werewolves have returned to town after a hundred years, tensions are rising, and the witches have to pick a side....
  7. So, I have half of an idea for an RP. I love dragon riders. Always have, but I never really get settled into a rider RP because there's a huge overarching plot and I feel like I'm being pulled along. A thought was to make a rider RP more slice of life. Sure you have a dragon, but you do other things besides be badass on your dragon. I also love supernatural creatures. Valkyries with their European dragons or Werewolves with Wyrms (non-winged dragons), and a billion other ideas. I think this would be very cool. Of course, I have no idea when it's set, or how one goes about doing supernatural creatures, Dragons and Slice of Life, but it's an idea. Anyone else interested?
  8. I hope this is interesting for someone else. I love family plots and have been missing one, and this sounds like something I'd like to do if I can get some other people on board with me. The basic idea is that one member of each generation of this family has a curse over them. I have yet to define who it would be, but I'm thinking the first child born to each generation, regardless of gender (I think I had originally thought it would be the oldest male, but decided to change it up so in case someone wants to take the character/position but doesn't want to create a male, they can). If I'm not mistaken (I wrote this ages ago, but lost track of where I saved it), the curse involved the person seeing/dreaming of being chased by a horrible beast, to the point where it ended up materializing and actually slaying the person at some point. When the beast caught their desired victim, it would simply move on to the next until the family was gone, or the curse was broken. The idea is that there is a way to break the curse, but it has to be found out and then carried out - before the current victim dies. Should this gather interest, I'll happily develop further until it's ready to happen. A few notes: 1. This would be a small group, probably no more than 8 people initially, as it's not really a story that would lend itself to a huge group of people. 2. This would be slow-poster friendly, as I'm a slow poster myself, and would never require something I can't give. That's all for now, I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has. Thank you for reading!
  9. ScoobyDoobyDoo

    Crazy SPN Crew

    From the album: Just being a fan with gifs

    This has no words but a hilarious laugh at the end!
    • 137.61 kB
    • 640x360
  10. Crossroads Demon

    Deal or No Deal

    Looking for new friends to write with!

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