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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 14 results

  1. Site Name: Cry Wolf Site Link: http://crywolf.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx How to contact me: Rune#9350, on here or Rune on CW Preferred Playby: Daniel Cudmore Cole ____ Male Human(?) Daniel Cudmore Ara's Ad Here This one's a joint want ad! Tag's got a half brother. Same mother, different fathers. While Tag's dad was the magician, Cole's was the strong man and their builds prove it. Tag did take after his brother's father more so in the long run (becoming a fire-eater/juggler/swordswaller/whatever else caught his eye) and was a constant companion for his older brother, likely much to said brother's annoyance. Their mother kept them close to one another and while Tag likely annoyed the piss out of his brother when they were younger, they're inseparable now. Tag left the troop recently to hunt down Ava, likely leaving only minimal word with his brother because he tends to act first and think second. I'd like for Cole to be human, maybe going along with Tag when he approaches packs to get wolfed in the future. Tag done got wolfed. Surprise, brother! That's entirely up to you, though. Tag's Bio I'm even willing to roll a lady for Cole if that sweetens the pot at all. Other: Cry Wolf is an 18+ AU Mercy Thompson/Modern fantasy board, but no knowledge of the books is required!
  2. Rune

    Witches to Rule the Clans

    Site Name: Cry Wolf Site Link: http://crywolf.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx Not exactly the usual canon in that these are totally original characters, simply filling established roles on the board. Specifically, we're looking for people interested in the elder and acolyte ranks in our witch clans. Elders must be 35+. Acolytes must be 25+. You can read more about rank requirements here. Witches survive in clans. This is predominately to keep other witches in check, to maintain the power and spells native to each family and individual and to keep an eye on one another. Led by a female Elder, their second in command is an acolyte that is not dependent on gender. Below these two, there are no named ranks. You can read more about witches here. There are two witch clans in the Tri-cities. Vahvuus based in Kennewick is predominately black witches, but welcome white among their ranks. They are focused on gathering their own power. They are surprisingly welcoming, and have no problem opening their doors to anyone. Pasco is seen to by Sicuro. Primarily white witches, these witches focus on protecting one another and caring for their members. They encourage the avoidance of black magic, but are powerful in their own right.
  3. Worst Witch

    Hey Little Sister

    Site Name: Something Wicked Site Link: http://smthgwicked.jcink.net/ Profile/App link to character this is for: http://smthgwicked.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=20 How to contact me: Here, or the site. Preferred Playby: Saoirse Ronan (but open) Wanted character information: NAME OPEN. 18-25. Human. Suggested PB: Saoirse Ronan (but open) Looking for the unknown half-sister of Mr. RYDER ERIKSON. His whole life he grew up believing his father had died in car accident before Ryder was even born. Wrong. His father had been the son of a hunter and they had faked their deaths to leave town and get out of a troublesome situation. He'd never really died. This character would be Ryder's half-sister through his father. Now, it could be that she is a hunter herself, having been raised in the lifestyle. Or something similar happened to her and Dad's MIA. Either way she's discovered her big brother and has been looking for him. The reason why is up to the player.
  4. Site Name: Cry Wolf (damn you Rune. :P) Site Link: http://crywolf.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx How to contact me: PM me on here, or Discord me at RavenFlame#5734 Preferred Playby: Prefered Playby for Charles "Charley" O'Shea should be short haired Jared Leto. I'd love for the Unnamed Baird brother to be Patrick Dempsey. I'd like for the Unamed Donovan to be played by Jason Statham, but that can be changed! Character information: Charles "Charley" O'Shea 51. WEREWOLF (HETERO). JARED LETO. Charley is the third eldest child of the O'Shea family. He's also the second of twins. His twin brother, Richard, was born about two hours earlier. He shares the same mother with all of his other siblings, Helen O'Shea. At this point, she's very old and ailing. Unlike his big brother Emmet, or his twin, Richard, he's always quietly questioned his father's rule over the Stardust Pack (named for the Stardust Ranch). He would toddle after his big sister, Evalyn, and privately thought she was lucky to get out of being a werewolf. Until she wasn't. I figure he's dominant, how much is up to you. He's probably following his big sister, curious as to what she's doing. Plus it's a reason to run. He is less dominant than his twin, only because of age. It is very likely Richard would not have wanted Charley to find his sister. He was deeply hurt when his baby sister, Margaret did not survive her mauling and was happily surprised when his big sister did. He's always been a bit protective of his eldest sister, as he views her as being way too fucking independent for her own fucking sake. Charley has had his own life though. He helped her with her breeding projects, though he still holds firm, her horse, Reginald is way to much horse for her. He was deeply disturbed by the fact that Emmet decided to go, rogue, instead of sticking with the pack because of his sister, and when she got attacked, he just wanted to stay home, but he (and her) had not been allowed. That was a turning point for him. So he followed Evalyn. She might not trust him at first, which could be fun. He'd probably end up in the Richland pack if they fix up their relationship. Charley is a bad boy and enjoys not always dressing like a cowboy, but when he's working with horses expect him to need his boots, jeans and a button-down shirt. You can change what you want from here! Face Claim is Negotiable - Sexuality should be Heterosexual - Eva's Application ----- _____ Baird 250ISH. FAE (SIREN OR UNDINE). PATRICK DEMPSEY. This man is Jayden's sibling. She doesn't know of his existence, as she was five when her father died and doesn't really remember the funeral. All he knows of his baby sister is that she was left his mother and that they disappeared from Ireland within the year of his father's death. He's actually been looking for her for years. He was the only other child of Darla and Nathanael Baird. The pair had been together for 200 years when they had him, and he'd long gone off to do his own thing. So when his father died in a "car accident" (anti-fae riot), he had hoped to support his mother and baby sister (who'd he'd yet to meet as he'd been busy doing a billion things), but they disappeared before he could really offer help. How he finds Jayden, and how he approaches her about it is up to you. This is Jayden's big brother, but she's fairly certain she's all alone in the world. He probably has resources she could only dream of, and an understanding of the fae she just.... doesn't have. She hasn't gotten herself into any trouble, and she knows the laws, but she's been among humans since she was 5, and even had to sing for her supper, so she didn't have the same sort of life he'd have. She's independent as fuck and used to caring for herself, so accepting help from someone saying they are her brother would be hard for her. Notably, I'd rather him be a more compassionate fae, but he doesn't have to be. A dick who means well also works. His face claim is negotiable. She is probably the only other family he has as well, so at the very least there is that. The rest is up to you. Have fun! Face Claim is Negotiable - Sexuality is up to you - Jayden's Application ______ DONOVAN 45 (Probably much older). FAE(ERL). JASON STATHAM. Mr. Donovan is a more... evil based fae. When he saw Nora's valkyrie mother he decided he had to have her, coaxed and wooed her, and then trapped her with a rather stunningly made Iron bracelet. He wasn't going to take any chances with losing her. He is a strange man, dark and brooding. I figure he's either, the ceo/leader of a mercenary group, or an Arms Dealer. Rolling in money and based in LA. On the surface, Mr. Donovan is a ruthless businessman, with a love of war. He's strick, brutal at times, and not the greatest father figure. His face claim is perfectly changeable, I just felt Statham was grumpy looking enough without being too stunningly beautiful. If you wish to change it you can. Almost everything is negotiable about Mr. Donovan, beyond his last name. My characters face claim is Sophie Turner Notably, this character was abusive to Nora, just outright emotionally/mentally (never physically or sexually) abusive. He wanted a boy, got a girl, and has never been pleased about it (even though she should have known better). Also, while giving birth to Nora, her mother managed to get the Iron off of her and as soon as the baby was born, would have killed Donovan, forcing him to cut off her wings, which lead to a very downward spiral. In a way, he blames Nora for it. He does have redeeming qualities, I just haven't come up with them. He does, however, want his daughter back after she ran away, he's not one to let anything get away from him, living or object. When he does track her down, he watches her interact with her mate, and figures that a threat is the best way to get her to go home with him. It backfires as she's terrified of him, and she runs. Now he's searching for his daughter. He has no idea she's pregnant (most of the reason Nora ran really). His reasoning can be up to you if you'd like, and if you have more questions or really want to change something, let me know! Face Claim is Negotiable - Should be Heterosexual - Character is Yet Unmade Other Information: I'd really love to have all of these lovely men. Enjoy!
  5. anthrxmilkshake


    The werewolves have returned to town after a hundred years, tensions are rising, and the witches have to pick a side....
  6. Rune

    Cry Wolf

    Based on the Mercy Thompson books, CW is an 18+ urban fantasy site featuring werewolves, vampires, walkers and more!
  7. Site Name: Cry Wolf Site Link: http://crywolf.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx How to contact me: Rune#9350, PM here or Rune on site Other: 18+ AU Mercy Thompson/Modern fantasy. No knowledge of books is required, all lore is available on site. Mercyverse vampires keep menageries of "sheep" around to feed off of. Usually this ends in death for the sheep. But Caspian has other plans... Caspian's Bio Caspian is, quite possibly, the worst vampire (not) alive. Aside from the fact that he gets absolutely giddy over corpses, he's also very friendly, very happy and generally the exact opposite of what you'd expect in a vampire. Older vampires blame his age. He blames the fact that he's always enjoyed death and being dead wasn't exactly a change except in diet and hours. But every vampire needs a menagerie! Caspian's is fairly small, mostly because he's fairly young and visits the seethe house and their sheep frequently. He has no problem about feeding from the general population and spreads himself out so that he can keep his seethe alive for one primary reason: They play D&D together and he doesn't want to have to teach anyone else how to play. Yet. He refers to them all as his 'roommates' and does his best to take care of them. All of these have the option to be turned into vampires down the road, if that's something you want to do. The Sheep: ____ Carmichael, male, late twenties - Human Carmichael is the longest serving of Caspian's Seethe. He brought him into the fold roughly 3 years ago and has taken a liking to the man. Carmichael tends to be the one that runs the household, primarily because he is far more organized than Caspian could ever be. He's fairly strict in how he runs his household and is very clean and methodical. He likes neatness. Carmichael plays the mage in their tabletop game. ____ West, male, mid thirties - Human West is a newer sheep, being in the house for less than a year. Caspian finds him extremely amusing, likely because West enjoys similar activities as Caspian. They frequently play video games (namely World of Warcraft) together. He's a jovial, friendly man that just so happened to be homeless when Caspian found him. West plays the cleric in their party. _____ Woods, female, early twenties - Human Woods is a newer sheep, one plucked up by Caspian from another state on a jaunt in that direction solely to accumulate more sheep after (accidentally) killing the two newest recruits this past December. (Merry Christmas!) She is an intelligent, computer savvy individual, which thrills Caspian because he is, too. He'll probably try to talk her into playing MMOs with him and West. She plays a monk. ____ Hitchcock, female, mid-twenties - Human Hitchcock is a newer sheep, same as Woods and probably picked up at roughly the same time as her. She was an addict before Caspian brought her into the fold and is cleaning her life up (mostly through forced methods. She is completely enamored with Caspian and would do anything to win his approval... Much to his annoyance. She plays a ranger. _____ Miller, male, early twenties - Human Miller was just down on his luck when Caspian found him. His fiance had left him, he'd dropped out of school, lost his job and been evicted. Caspian offered him the chance to get on his feet... In exchange for some blood. He plays a druid. ___ Young, gender/age up to you Young is a shi. Lured to the Tri-cities by Caspian and the promise of a beautiful home and garden (of which he is encouraging the other 'roomates' to work on ASAP) to protect, as well as a place to live for the added bonus of blood. Young, of course, is being brought into the fold and plays a bard. ____ Ames, male, early twenties Ames is a grundle. Ames came to Caspian's menagerie mostly by accident. He was one of Caspian's internet friends. He was having a hard time in Minnesota and got a job offer in the Tri-cities (which he applied for on a whim.) Caspian extended the invitation and, upon learning he was a fae, promptly offered him the 'job' of joining the menagerie. He plays a rogue. All details can be adjusted (except them playing D&D with their vampire. That is totally mandatory. Or Caspian will frown.)
  8. Site Name and link: Tempest Harbor Site genre: Original Supernatural/Modern/Urban Fantasy Site info: A small city in Massachusetts, Tempest Harbor has found itself at the epicenter of supernatural living for quite some time. With a brewing war between two werewolf packs, the unsettled vampire community, and two witch heirs that are coming into their own as leaders, much remains distressed within the harbor. As tourist season comes and goes, the supernaturals see an ever occurring flux and wane with their population, although this season, their population took an even greater hit. The joining of forces is needed as a new extermination organization has started to infiltrate their haven. But with their own mess of problems, who will look at the looming threat on the horizon? Tempest Harbor is a modern supernatural fantasy roleplay for mature players (18 years and older). With two application forms, 6 species to choose from, and a welcoming community, all are welcome to join us. Name: Holly Your primary staff account: Admin Account Contact Info: On site or via SKYPE (eleholly26) Hello! This is a giant request for resident Alpha, Callahan Alexander. He needs more werewolves for his lovely pack, and here are some general wanted ads to fill up some of those rolls. Original characters are also welcome to apply, but see the following for requests! Some of these characters link up with an organization called SEPKO - a supernatural research and dissection organization that essentially has a fancy name for 'supernatural hunters'. They kidnapped and experiment on Callahan and several of the requested characters, leading to a very traumatic past. For more information on SEPKO, please refer to the site lore. All ads are flexible, including face claim and basic write up changes. However, please keep the ages of the face claims about the same - that is vital to character play. Face Claim: Lucy Griffiths Info: A newly bitten wolf (within the last 3 years), this character had an entire life before she became a werewolf. She was a newlywed before the bite, in love deeply with her husband for the better part of 7 to 10 years. But when she was bitten, this character didn’t know how to tell her husband that she was not a human. Staging her death with her medical expertise, she made it seem like she’d driven off a cliff one icy winter. Then she moved to find out more about what she was, to protect not only herself, but the life she left behind. Face Claim: Steven Strait Info: A wolf privy to Callahan Alexander’s inner circle, he’s proven himself loyal time and time again. While he’s not close with the Alexanders, he did go to school with Dierdre, grew up with them in their small circle of wolf pack friends, and was always there to support where he needed to. He is a passionate young man, not afraid to speak his mind, even to the big boss himself, but oddly enough, it’s that passion that has earned him respect from many others inside of the pack. He might not be Alpha or Beta, for that matter, but he has a backbone that makes him invaluable. Face Claim: Emma Stone Info: She’s as lovely as she is funny - the typical comedic relief of the pack. Her presence is full of practical jokes, and she looked up to Callahan in their youth. A quite a few years younger than the Alpha, she mimicked his behaviors, becoming one of his favorites because of the way she enjoyed to laugh like he did. However, when he returned a different man after being held captive by SEPKO, that all changed. This character is malleable, even though she claims she cannot be easily manipulated. Searching for a player that would be willing to throw her into some type of dark romance that would infiltrate the pack, perhaps cause serious danger for them. Face Claim: Lee Chae Rin Info: She’s a waitress at the Blue Moon, helping out the Alexanders with one of their business endeavors. While mostly, she’s joyful and happy, she tends to have a chip on her shoulder, especially when dealing with people from other packs. Her sense of style is a mix between cute and rebellious, almost as if she can’t decide which one she wants to be. She’s often the one giving gruff remarks in the background while still following along with any ridiculous plans her friends come up with. Face Claim: Isabel Lucas Info: Captive/Escapee from SEPKO dwelling #3 along with Callahan Alexander. She still suffers from PTSD, more so than most of the others. She was not captive as long as anyone else, but her trauma hit her worse than many of the others. SEPKO had kidnapped her thinking she was her sister - an Omega by birthright - but this character has no abilities in that regard and was tossed aside like a rag doll while her sister was tortured and murdered before her very eyes. She is quiet, reserved, and timid. But that was not the character she used to be. Face Claim: Jai Courtney Info: Captive/Escapee from SEPKO dwelling #3 along with Callahan Alexander. He was ‘collected’ by SEPKO by accident. One of the first men to stage a rescue mission ever into the dwellings operated by SEPKO, he thought he had been successful when the last of his pack had escaped their cells. Unfortunately, a wire was tripped that he had missed, and when the realization of what had happened dawned on him, it was too late. He was thrown into a cell to rot for the rest of his life, at least until he was able to work with Callahan Alexander to stage an escape. Fierce, courageous, and very, very bright, he can take care of any wire tapping, electrical, technology based needs with very little tools. Please note this character was not an Alpha in his previous pack. Face Claim: Torrey DeVitto Info: Captive/Escapee from SEPKO dwelling #3 with Callahan Alexander. She was an unsuspecting employee that thought her parents were really her parents for her entire life. She’d known about SEPKO and SEPKO’s intentions - vaguely anyway. After stumbling upon classified information, she had herself tested for the werewolf gene in secret. She never expected to find out more about her family’s past. She never knew that she had been adopted as a child. But most importantly, she had no idea that she was a werewolf carrier. Her test results were sent off to a large database, unbeknownst to her. The next week, she was captured and tossed in with the other captives for testing. Treated a little more fairly than the wolves, she is not nearly as badly off as some of the others, but there are still scars of shock, betrayal, and figuring out who in the hell she really is. This character should be played in a way that makes her torn between the loyalty she’s found with Cal and the BAP, and the parents that she’s known her entire life that have a direct link to SEPKO. If you're interested, drop me a comment here or shoot me a message on skype . Username eleholly26. Also available via DM on Discord - username TheAmazingH#5285
  9. So, I have half of an idea for an RP. I love dragon riders. Always have, but I never really get settled into a rider RP because there's a huge overarching plot and I feel like I'm being pulled along. A thought was to make a rider RP more slice of life. Sure you have a dragon, but you do other things besides be badass on your dragon. I also love supernatural creatures. Valkyries with their European dragons or Werewolves with Wyrms (non-winged dragons), and a billion other ideas. I think this would be very cool. Of course, I have no idea when it's set, or how one goes about doing supernatural creatures, Dragons and Slice of Life, but it's an idea. Anyone else interested?
  10. I hope this is interesting for someone else. I love family plots and have been missing one, and this sounds like something I'd like to do if I can get some other people on board with me. The basic idea is that one member of each generation of this family has a curse over them. I have yet to define who it would be, but I'm thinking the first child born to each generation, regardless of gender (I think I had originally thought it would be the oldest male, but decided to change it up so in case someone wants to take the character/position but doesn't want to create a male, they can). If I'm not mistaken (I wrote this ages ago, but lost track of where I saved it), the curse involved the person seeing/dreaming of being chased by a horrible beast, to the point where it ended up materializing and actually slaying the person at some point. When the beast caught their desired victim, it would simply move on to the next until the family was gone, or the curse was broken. The idea is that there is a way to break the curse, but it has to be found out and then carried out - before the current victim dies. Should this gather interest, I'll happily develop further until it's ready to happen. A few notes: 1. This would be a small group, probably no more than 8 people initially, as it's not really a story that would lend itself to a huge group of people. 2. This would be slow-poster friendly, as I'm a slow poster myself, and would never require something I can't give. That's all for now, I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has. Thank you for reading!
  11. Site Name: Cry Wolf Site Link: http://crywolf.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx How to contact me: Rune#9350 on Discord, Rune on CW, or here. Preferred Playby: None in particular. Preferably a tall, attractive women. Character information: Oliver has two litte girls, one just over a year and the other only a few months old. I'm still working out what happened to their mother as the player left the site and I don't think I want to give up his daughters. What I'm after is a woman that wants kids (a female werewolf would be perfect for this, as they cannot have kids of their own,) and finds herself attracted to poor Ollie. Most of the details are open to be sorted out as we'd like. Oliver is a submissive wolf that was raised by the second of his original pack and Daddy held him to very high standards. That he's never quite met. He's pretty bitter about it, too. Most of this is open for active plotting/working together to sort things out. Does make for good instant connections on site, however! Other Information: Oliver's Bio - Just be logged in to see. His playby is Martin Freeman, if that adds anything for anyone.
  12. ScoobyDoobyDoo

    Crazy SPN Crew

    From the album: Just being a fan with gifs

    This has no words but a hilarious laugh at the end!
  13. Krank


    Dystopian demons meet the retro cyberpunk city of Vexxor. 18+ NWC
  14. Crossroads Demon

    Deal or No Deal

    Looking for new friends to write with!

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