This is our roleplay hosting offer here at RPG Initiative

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    Account Specifications

    • Support via RPG Initiative
    • 15 Gigs of disk space
    • 100 Gigs of bandwidth
    • 15 email accounts
    • Unlimited databases
    • cPanel Access (PHP, MySQL, FTP access, ability to make FTP accounts for your staff and more)
    • Hosting for your own domain or subdomain from any of the provided domains ( is a subdomain):
    • Software installation please see the software install product.
    • Free SSL through cPanel and Comodo.


    Server Specifications

    • PHP 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0
    • MySQL 5.6.31
    • Nightly backups performed Sunday-Thursday and on the 1st and 15th of the month (downloadable through cPanel).
    • Softuculous (Web auto-installer).


    Warnings and terms

    1. Illegal activities are banned on any site hosted (malware, offering of stolen content, etc)
    2. Adult content is allowed if the site owner and all members are 17 years of age and older.
    3. Keep all scripts up to date. It is your responsibility after the initial install (if provided by me). Sites that find to compromise the security of the server (due to out of date scripts) may be warned or shut down.
    4. Consuming server resources to the point that all sites run slowly is strictly prohibited.
  1. This product is only available for RPG Initiative hosting. If you are looking for help to install on your own hosting we would be happy to do it for a small ten dollar charge.


    We are happy to install any software as long as you have a license to it. Free softwares include:

    • SMF (Including subaccounts mod)
    • myBB
    • Nova
    • Wordpress
    • Others upon request depending on if you have a license or it's free.



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    Have a forum or site setup already? Need to change hosts? Need to try something different? Then this is something you'll need. This is a service we provide where we can assist you with moving your forum from one site to another.


    We cannot guarantee we can move all sites but we will always put in our best effort to get you moved with everything whenever we can. Please feel free to reach out to support for more information on what a migration entails and to find out what software we can move.