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NaNo House

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Bending Nation

Found 9 results

  1. Resident Evil Desolation is an AU Resident Evil roleplaying community that is currently set within the year of 1998.
  2. Sammiie


    We are a timeline-based modern day street dog RP with a running plot! We do regular contests, have a welcoming community, and our plot is made by YOU!
  3. A fantasy RP based on D&D5E, set in a completely homebrew setting. 150WC, premium Jcink.
  4. Set in Storybrooke, Maine we bloomed from an OUaT site into a complete panfandom. OC and canons welcome! LGBT friendly.
  5. While fairy tales have become predominantly softened for the younger generations, Legends Are Lessons celebrates the darker plots and themes of fables
  6. You pour your heart and soul into a site. You manage to get it off the ground, and it's awesome. There's nothing better than a site that's active, that everyone enjoys. Then your activity dwindles. Real Life kicks you in the balls. You notice a member has 'borrowed' a ranking system you developed from scratch, to use in a different genre site. Whatever, it's not that big of a deal. They changed it. It's not a carbon copy. Your site dies. Everyone's real life kicked their ball-sacks and everyone's just kind of, poking it with a stick. Go back to actually be dutiful, close things properly, and there's an advertisement from an old member. Catches your eye. You read it and think "Huh, this sounds just like THIS EXACT SITE." They even slip something about 'Inspired by [yoursitename]' into their advertisement. What is this tomfoolery? A quick browsing of the rules, and they are SO DAMN FAMILIAR. Because they were STOLEN. WORD FOR WORD. FROM YOUR SITE. That's not all! Your Plot! Your information pages, it's all on THEIR SITE. What in the good name of Grace are you supposed to do? How do you handle this? Am I wrong for being unreasonably irate?
  7. JDE

    Click me

    Hello. My name is Jacquelyn, but I mostly go by Jackie, JD or Jackzilla. Actually... please call me one of the three options, because not even my fiancé calls me by my real name. I would suggest that you can call me by his petname for me, but I'm not too sure you'd feel comfortable calling me that. I totally wouldn't mind though! I mean... well, anyway. That was off topic, huh? Let's see... what do you need to know? I am 24 years old, I live with my fiancé (God I love saying that. We're recently engaged, so you'll have to excuse me) and our cat Loke (Which is the Danish version of Loki). I am a social worker and I work with adult psychiatry and addictions. I've been RP'ing since I was 13 years old. Well... officially. That's when I joined sites and became aware of the term RP'ing. Before that, I did it and just called it "playing over text, because my friends and I can't be out past curfew". Let's get on with some questions, shall we? How long have you been RPing? Interesting question. As you see above, I've been RP'ing since I was 13, officially. So that would be 11 years now. Unofficially? Since MSN and texting on cells were a thing. What are your favorite RP genres? Marvel/DC Original Supernatural General fandom Real Life Not necessarily in that order, sometimes I have more muse for one than the other. How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? Forum Chat Googledoc Email You think of it, I might like it. Except for Tumblr. I don't understand how that works. What is your favorite kind of plot? Friendship Love Hate/enemies Frenemies What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? Oh gosh, I love so many different books. Well, the obvious are: Harry Potter Tolkien's universe Mortal Instruments Then there's the not so obvious ones: The prophesy of the three stones The curse of the kings My secrets What other interest/Hobbies do you have? Oh gosh. Well... I make cosplay, I knit and I watch a lot of Netflix and Youtube. What's your favorite color? Purple, baby blue and leaf green. These colors make my world happy. What's your favorite drink? Strawberry daiquiri. And Pepsi max.
  8. Don't write alone, they say. Involve your members, because RPG means interaction. Well, it means interaction between characters, and this could be achieved even if they are written by only one writer. What if the members CAN get involved, but they don't want to? I would have liked to involve them in all threads, to have characters of all kind (not only NPCs) shared, or at least to have discussions among writers even if I have to write some threads alone. They seem to simply not be interested. In this case, isn't better to write the story alone, than have the chapter missing from the whole story, and "left to anyone's imagination"? Don't we write to let out the story prisoner in our minds, and have it read by our readers, as few as they might be in certain cases? I am still pondering, in one case, if to write a thread wholly alone or to wait for the potential involvement of two other writing partners. Yes, they can be involved and I'd love them to. I think their contribution would add to the story and it could be also good character development for their own characters, if they care to develop them. This is the main issue - if they care to develop them, if they care to get involved. Because one hadn't written in his ongoing threads for 3 weeks, and I don't know when he'll write again, if he will be available for another thread and if, assuming he'd join, he'd do this thread the same thing (making me wait 3-4 weeks or more for one post). And most of the above could apply for the other too. People who post at 3-4 weeks, and in 3 weeks I can finish the whole thread alone. Decisions, decisions. I have stopped, though, with an opened thread, waiting for them to see if they want to get involved. If not, I can get ambitious and finish the thread alone in one week-end, some day.
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