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Found 241 results

  1. Well we have the Good ones so why not the bad as well? Tell us what bad experiences you have had. For me? It's normally staff related. When the staff members have a falling out and someone goes crazy and starts deleting things! That was literally one of the worst experiences I had ever had. Afterward they got passive aggressive and rude to all of the members on the site until I had to ultimately ban them as they were toxic. It was a bad day for me because they were a good friend up until then.
  2. There's always that one person that wants to show up and whine about something. Sometimes, these have merit. Othertimes, not so much. What is the weirdest/most off the wall/dumbest complaint you've received about your board? Or your characters or whatever!
  3. I've recently invited a person who was both a friend and member on my site back. It had been years, ended on a bad note and we talked things over. Things were good, and they were welcomed back. Recently I told them about a site upgrade and them (along with another member) began to make passive aggressive comments about staff activity. Before blatantly asking and saying that activity on the old site should increase first. It was a shock and was quite disappointing because it was badgering. Another admin and I politely told them that RL comes first, we have been busy and that we have been doing our best. Along with feeling free to IM us if they had any concerns. The members posted passive aggressive comments in the general channel of the site discord, and IMed me about their concerns. I cannot escape the feeling that their concern was more backhanded than intended to be helpful. A few times the member has made passive aggressive comments about things not being done instantly or to their liking. I'm not sure how to handle this situation. I want members to be able to approach if they are having issues but not feel badgered or pressured by this member. Any ideas or thoughts? Anonymous poster hash: 4bbf9...bc5
  4. ((lol if you've seen this elsewhere bear with me XD. spamming all support areas cause i know not everyone lurks on all of them.)) I need some help. Our site is on a small hiatus - everyone is busy and some are burned out (me) - so I am using my mini vacation time to consider something we always struggle with. Story line progression. A lot of the time I feel like I am stuck in a repeat video of a Scooby Doo episode where they scramble to take off. Ya know.... feet are moving exceptionally fast and no traction is being gained so they go nowhere before darting off? Only we haven't done any darting. So I need to pick brains. How to you manage story or world plot progression? And possibly in a way that might not depend on important roles that are not filled or have participated only to go inactive. Has anyone done stand-alone chapters? I am seriously considering this. If you progress your world plot through chapters I want to know ALL THE THINGS. If you have an active site doing this I wanna see it. Give me all the information because I have only briefly witnessed something like this ages ago but I wasn't a member so my actual knowledge is limited. It's just a thing that I saw one time... I know of a site that pooled important roles into a list of NPCs. I honestly really liked this... Though I am unsure of whether or not this would be a turn off - at large. I know special positions are a big attractant to new members because who doesn't want to play a king or queen or some powerful mage? But what do you think of reserving them all as NPC for staff or a dungeon master of sorts to control. I really think, if a world plot depends on important political action and response then it might be beneficial for progression ... if these roles were just npc's, not available to anyone. Thoughts? How do you keep track of events that have happened in role play that were part of the main story in some way?
  5. I've got a very original, lore-heavy site. The setting has thousands of words worth of documentation to it, a lot of love and world-building thought was poured into it, and it shows. You know, one of those massive, old medieval fantasy boards you know the name of, but were always afraid of joining. I know it's always been somewhat normal that a player will join, cursorily glance over the documentations, if they bother to do that, and then try and wing the rest. All that lore can't be there for a reason, right, so who cares if they actually fit their character into the world. I suppose, I have several questions, here: Has anyone figured out why people join sites with this huge amount of lore, and then try ignoring it? Is there some secret family recipe to mitigate this happening, or do I just keep taking their hand and setting it on the lore like I have been? How does one strike a balance between developed-setting and ample-wiggle-room? Because it seems like you'll always be either one or the other, depending on the amount of world-building that happens. On that note, has anyone found ways of making a solid, developed setting more ... wiggly? (Is that a thing? It is now.) Anonymous poster hash: d0438...bc8
  6. Y'all. Please. Trust me on this one. I would be more than thrilled to show everyone how to export 2x versions of their graphics and tweak the html to control the display size. Why? Cuz these graphics are fuzzy as shit. I had no idea until I started using my work computer (a Macbook) to browse RP sites during my lunch break, but damn. Damn. Retina be ruinin' all y'all's buttons. All my buttons. It's ruining everything. I can't go back to a regular monitor. I've seen the future, and it's drowning in pixel density. I'm never making 1x graphics for my RPs ever again.
  7. Hey there! So, ever felt like there were some site leaders who were just a little over the top? I haven't had to deal with that kind of thing for a long time, but I have a friend who's currently suffering one. They're a staffie on said Admin's site, and has pretty much busted themselves trying to find things to do to get members more involved, greater numbers, some fun going. But now they're dealing with being a scapegoat due to the Admin basically having a dislike of particular members. Basically, this Admin has this bias, and expects all the staff to be just as cold toward particular members as they are. And because my friend won't do that, because they think there shouldn't be a personal bias when it comes to doing staff duties, they're getting the whole 'you're no good for this' treatment now, as well as being told that they've caused problems. Why do people feel the need to be cruel to others? Why not just tell the people they don't like exactly how they feel and to leave their site, instead of trying to force others to be awful to them as well? And furthermore, where does one get off telling someone how they should treat another person? My friend is so stressed out atm, and being told that they do everything wrong and have caused problems, when all they've done is tried to remain unbiased and treat everyone fairly. It's pure, simple bullying. Ugh, I don't understand people who think it's okay to act like a tyrant. My friend became a staff because they wanted to help their friend. But as soon as they refused to bully members, they were the worst person ever. How does that make any sense? I get the feeling that this Admin doesn't want people to see just how biased and mean they personally are, so they try to shield themselves behind the rest of their staff and therefore make it look like it's the member who is at fault for whatever it is their problem is. Which is really chicken if you ask me. What would you guys do in this situation? I mean, resignation of being a staff member seems like the only way, but then there's the possibility of dealing with being the new person that the Admin has a problem with. How do you deal with this kind of behind the scenes bullying? Is there really a way to deal with it? Or is it just better to leave it behind and hope that it all catches up to them one day? I don't like seeing my friend feeling like they have to hide, or like they're going to be targeted next. It's a horrible feeling. Anonymous poster hash: b08c9...ca7
  8. So, there are members that don't post sometimes, right? And you/we have a whole LOA system and are really flexible and we understand, real life is real, and sometimes you just cannot because of stress from real life. But then there are some members who seem to rarely post, even though they may chat, and writing partners are waiting on them for weeks at a time. When you reach out to them they seem to always have a different illness or be moving or have a death in the family or have connection problems or something... Now, it's not so much about whether I should believe this person or not, after all, who am I to say their life isn't totally forked. My question is more about how you guys might handle members like this. Does it matter if they have an important character or not? Does it matter if they make activity check all in one day? Am I just wigging out over nothing? Your thoughts, please.
  9. This has been a big problem when looking for members for my own rp. They'll like the premise, and be interested up until the point when they find out that my community has concrete game-like mechanics. Here's my problem with that. In my opinion, large-scale roleplay needs stats and/or mechanics of some kind to be successful. Sure, you can get away with having no stats when it's just 1x1 rp and both players are skilled rpers who don't powergame or anything like that, but how rare is that? So-called "open" or "consent-based" rp assumes that everyone is a perfect roleplayer. Sure, it may be a good forum for collaborative storytelling, but that's an entirely different beast from roleplaying in my mind. What are your thoughts? Am I completely wrong and no-stats rp is the best? Am I right? Somewhere in between? Let me know.
  10. So I have an odd problem on my current site. A character was accepted which had a number of similarities to mine. At the time, this comprised of a few major in points in common in their history, which struck me as an amusing coincidence that was No Big Deal if that was where the similarities ended, and so, I accepted the character. However, as time goes on, it has become apparent that these two are almost interchangable. Their history wasn't fully detailed in their app (fairly, nor was mine), and it appears they had almost the same early family drama, socio-class, relationship with their parents, motive for joining [organisation], career path, etc, that has been detailed in my posts and in my extended character material, as well as the same major defining life event, and a very similar track record after the start of the RP, as well as some degree of plot-line overlap, a large number of personality traits, world views, methodologies, in common, together with almost identical psychological issues stemming from said history in common. Trouble is, I'd already accepted this character based on what I knew at the time. They claim this is an old character that they're reusing, and it's clearly their favourite, and they have a lot of plot-lines and are very entrenched in the board with several taken want-ads, but, it's starting to make me very uncomfortable on my own site. Had I of known then what I know now, I would have asked for certain major revisions, unfortunately, alterations to the character is now highly difficult given the nature of their taken want ads and completed threads, and as their main, archiving the character will likely result in them and their friends leaving the site, but I'm still uncomfortable. Does anyone have some advice that may be useful? Anonymous poster hash: 05154...e84
  11. So I was discussing this with some other RPers and I've had the same opinion about it for a while. This is a question about applications but not whether to require or not to require applications but actually about something a little more dangerous. Have you ever been asked to play a character and said "Yes... but you have to write the application for me?" I'm well known for being an anti-application advocate but I've been on plenty of sites that use them throughout my entire billions of years of roleplaying. I've had quite a few roleplay partners, administrator friends... I mean loads of people. They enjoy me, they enjoy my quirky writing and they know that if they ask and I accept, no matter what I'll play that character well. That's why they asked me. So... I've said it on multiple occasions and on these occasions I state, "You write the app, I'll play the character." Now the first thing that you think is "NO THAT'S PLAGIARISM!" but is it? Because I'm not taking credit for their work (but I also can't credit them because if I do the staff will know someone else wrote the app) but I also didn't take it without permission. The application was given to me to play a character that this person wanted played, I'm willing to play the character but I'm just simply not willing to go through the application process for. Of course the debate is, "Well if you're not willing to write the app then you aren't invested in the character." Which is not a true statement. I'm invested in every character I create or play. Doesn't matter how or why I play the character, they become mine from the first word I type about them. It doesn't make me less invested in a story, a character or their plot. It just takes away one step from me and lets the person that needs/wants/loves this character to be played. I don't find this any different than someone picking up a canon character and re-writing the words from a wiki about their history to play a canon character. In a way this is actually more personal because you aren't just picking up a canon, you're picking up a character that has value to someone that you enjoy writing with which makes the interaction more valuable overall. I will state that I've done this about 6-12 times and the admins have never been the wiser (in fact I had an admin that did it for me once for their top wanted canon character.... still have the best memories of RDJ singing All the single ladies in his boxers because of that). As an administrator, how do you feel about members creating applications for their RP partners/friends/people that want to play their wanted ads. As a member, if you wanted it bad enough, would you do it?
  12. And here I am, back with another question for all of you. Once again, this is a what would be your preference as a player. 😉 Seriously, you'd think I had not run RPGs for more than 30 years! At my two IPS sites, I have a mod installed that allows me to create forms to fill out that then magically create a "scene/thread header" at the top of the very first post. Filling out this when you start a new IC thread, Creates this! Thinking as a Player, would you prefer to have this form or to have the first topic prefilled with an adjustable amount of information to fill out? For example, you would click on Start New Topic (we're IPS) and that topic would be prefilled with "header" information that you can alter easily. I am considering making the topic starter posts at our site the "header", then we start the IC posts. In this manner, the opening post could contain images, etc. relevant to that scene. Help me out please! I want us to consider making player informed choices as we consider revisions and updates to the site.
  13. We have a member on our site that just... clogs the general chat room with stories of themselves all the time. And you can't escape this person. You go into the plotting channel to plot with another member, they pop in there, suggesting things, immersing themselves into a conversation that has nothing to do with them; someone asks a question in the help channel? They're in there, sometimes genuinely helping/answering questions, but other times, not contributing anything helpful (we've asked them two times now to not chat there if they're not going to answer questions); You come on the general chat after a long day from work just to talk with your friends? They'll be there. And they'll tell you a long-winded story about what they're doing at that specific moment or what they accomplished that day. Anything you say, they'll change the conversation to be about themselves. It's possible to talk around them (by ignoring whatever they say, and just continuing the convo between the lines), but it's annoying. And as a staff, we want to encourage others to chat in our general chat channel, not be deterred by someone who's constantly gotta have the conversation revolving around themselves. And we want them to be involved in the chat, too, but the way they do it is just... killing everyone else's willingness to hang out there with us. We want them to contribute to the chat, but we want them to acknowledge what's happening to other people or other's stories. Sometimes people just need to vent, and that's fine. Acknowledge them, don't ignore what they're saying only to contribute something that turns the conversation to be all about yourself. The only break we get from this person is when they're asleep, it seems. Otherwise, they are always around, hanging out in the chat. The other staff and I are not really sure how to handle this situation. We don't know if a warning is the proper thing to do, but if it is, what should we say to this person without sounding like petty jerks? What points should we avoid, but which should we drive home? What should this member's punishment be, if there should be a punishment at all? No one talks in our General Chat Channel anymore except for us and them and a few other members that can deal with talking around this person, and we want to change that asap. As always, thank you RPG Initiative community. You guys are always so helpful ❤️ Anonymous poster hash: 9628e...c8c
  14. You know what? Fuck you. Yeah, you. Mr. High and Mighty that thinks that setting your name as Guest and going on to people's cboxes to complain that their ad broke your rules is worthwhile. How the fuck are we supposed to solve the problem if you don't indicate where you are from? Bonus points: The ads you are complaining about? You said yourself that there were MONTHS between them. Rule of thumb is ads dropping once a month. Two weeks in some cases. So what if you're a fucking resource site. You allow guests to post... And you "pend" their ads if they don't follow your rules (which, by the way, no one ever reads those.) You literally clicked the link, and took the time to type out a paragraph (with no capitalization or punctuation, real professional,) to complain about how we've posted three ads. Total. Over the course of several months. Because we weren't in your "directory" so any future posters didn't know you had some magical "pending" stamp on us. Probably because we posted as guests. Over the course of several months. Advertising - And this includes on your precious resource sites - should be simplistic and easy. Fucking delete the goddamn ads that break your rules. Who the hell has the time to track down everyone that might or might not copy your fucking form? The form that, by the way, varies on every resource site and contains absolutely no useful information that can't be obtained from a good ad or a click of a link. For fuck's sake. At least tell me which site you are from so I can potentially fix the issue. But you won't. Because you don't want the problem solved. You just want to complain. Which is why you opted for "guest" in the cbox instead of something more helpful. Fuck. In four YEARS CW has had fewer than 500 views on our ad rules thread. No one fucking reads them and for good reason. They're pointless and stupid and all the same.
  15. Food for thought. I've tried running roleplays both ways, where I have a character, and where I don't. Pros of having a character with the rest of the players: I'm down in the dirt with them, so to speak. We're playing through this shit together. I'm just like one of them! Probably less intimidating for new players (aka people who don't know me yet) Cons of having a character with the rest of the players: Well that's just another profile sheet to fill out, ugh. I am not the main character, and yet, players' characters will follow mine like lost lil ducklings Players think I know what I'm doing in-character, just because I know everything out of character. Pros of not having a character: I AM FREE FROM THE TYRANNY OF MY OWN PROFILE SHEETS I enjoy observing the beads of sweat as my players over-analyze every single comment I make while trying to figure out what their characters should do. I can play the monster of the week without ending up in a weird situation where I'm writing my character versus my character. Cons of not having a character: I no longer get alerts for the thread because I stopped checking because I wasn't needed and now everything is stalled and I'm oblivious. Thumb-twiddling. So much thumb-twiddling. I have no idea how excruciating my profile sheet is because I haven't filled it out for myself. Now, in your experiences, what works better? What do you prefer?
  16. Most games have the rule IC Actions = IC Consequences. We all know this... but do we all, really? What do you do when a player doesn't understand? What if they complain? How do you keep the playground safe and functioning without blowing your whistle and looking like a headmaster with a power complex? Tell me your horror stories! Help me feel better about my own players totally freaking out when there are IC consequences to their IC actions! -_-_-_-_-_-
  17. Branching off of the site plot vs sandpit discussion because I think Achera brought up a decent point. I've found the same thing, it's why I have a zillion characters on these kinds of sites because otherwise I get bored. I had thought that maybe you want to limit how many people are involved in any one subplot (with the idea that the subplot forwards the main plot in some way) but to make sure that everyone gets an equal chance of being involved, you have several subplots going at once. I can imagine that running into the same issues however, not to mention it sounds like a lot of admin handholding to me. So how do you manage your site plot? Do you have any tactics to ensure the site plot moves forward at a steady pace or do you just accept that it'll move forward very slowly? (Maybe that's your preference!) How about getting people involved? Do you struggle with it? Do you have any tactics to make sure people get involved or can get involved?
  18. What is the best way you've found to advertise? Which ones actually seem to work and what do you think is a waste of time? Personally, I think the biggest waste of time is advertising on other RP sites in their link backs or anything like that. I think that's because I just assume since I never checked out any of the sites that posted in the advertising board on sites I was just a member on I assume most other people don't look at it either.
  19. For my next site, I was thinking to give shipper apps a try. Because traditional app + plotter sounds redundant, and while I love profile apps, I'd like to have a "first post to approve before sorting" (part of my battle against the spam flood -.-). Also it's cool to try different things. However, admittedly I don't have much experience with then, so I'm asking you, do you think they must have any special requirement, besides "this is my character, please plot with me"? Are they supposed to be short, to have friends and enemies, anything specific? TBH I don't like the "friends and enemies" thing, and I wouldn't enforce a length or a limit, what I want is just to keep all character information organized in one thread... Sounds right to you?
  20. That's a super long title, but I didn't know how else to make it understandable. Here's the deal: in the past several months, we've had three separate members complain loudly about not getting posts fast enough - even going so far as to harass specific members in the cbox to reply to them NOW or complain in public that EVERYONE on the site posts super slowly - when they, themselves, are leaving threads hanging for many, many months. We've had more than one person leave in a huff, saying that replies are too slow anyways, when there were members responding to their threads regularly (AND QUICKLY - several times per day), right up until the members who were complaining about posting speed stopped responding to those threads. I'd go so far as to say that if they're not responding to their own threads, making their RP partners wait months for replies, then they have no right to complain about the posting speed of anyone around them. Other than that assertion, however, I really don't know what to do about this. Really, if this is our site's only major complaint - something that seems to ultimately be the roleplayer's own fault - that seems to be pretty good, right? Really, I guess I'm looking for suggestions about how to avoid this problem or commiserations, because I'm getting frustrated with the prevalence of this issue and have no idea how to address it. ...or, I guess, if it even should be addressed.
  21. In any roleplay, problem members come up. Either they disrupt threads and plots, negatively influence the community, attack other members, etc. So how do you deal with it? I'm wondering specifically about warning systems, either those systems built into forum software or systems you created on your own. Have you ever set these up and actually used them? What was your process? Do you use a three strike rule, or is it more, or less, involved? And what constitutes an "official" warning, as opposed to a more informal talk? I'm also wondering how you communicated this system to your member base in a way that wasn't threatening until it needed to be. You don't want your members to get anxious and paranoid every time a staff member wants to talk to them about something that's probably totally unrelated! So how do you, as staff, implement a warning system while still making yourself approachable? Or do you keep this entire system internal until you have to use it?
  22. Apparently I'm doing one of these a week now or something. Maybe I should give them a fancy name. RUNE DEMANDS YOUR OPINIONS. Do you use a site shop? What do you stock in it? As a member, what do you like seeing in them? What kinds of items do you think should/should not be considered "buyable" on a site?
  23. According to a recent announcement by Brandon at zathyrus, it looks like zIFboards (formerly Invisionfree) has been acquired by Tapatalk. In light of this users of InvisionFree will be given 2 options: 1- "Upgrade" to Zetaboards 2- "Upgrade" to Tapatalk's new forum system (seems likely based off phpbb) This, in short, means InvisionFree is getting killed off. If you have an IF board now, you might want to either get a copy of the database while you can to convert over to JFH (or another software) or at least start backing up your essential stuff for the inevitable transfer or loss of the data.
  24. All boards I've been on use PayPal for donations. But, a bunch of banks around here have started offering PopMoney and it looks pretty easy to use. I just, you know, haven't heard of it until now and wondered if anyone else has any experience with it.
  25. So I didn't see a topic that covered this, but I'm currently experiencing a mod on my staff team that over the months have slowly become well... unhelpful and entitled. The mod barely does anything to help the other mods, story, or members. This mod doesn't do anything unless its to benefit their character in story. However, this person feels entitled to boss the other mods around when I'm not online or around. In fact, I've seen this person give important information to non-staff members.. Also this mod plays an important cannon character and has made themselves entangled in almost every character's personal plots. Which brings me to this important question..... This mod has stated to me and another mod; that if demoted they would leave the site to screw up other character's plots. What do you do, when you come across something like this? Do you demote the person anyway and hope that they don't mess up other people's plots if they decide to leave?
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