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  1. What character types are you tired of seeing? What would you like to see more of? Personally, I have yet to see a character from Mexico. A handful from Spain, no Mexicans. Which is a weird thing to notice, but I had too much time to think. I'm also terribly tired of the Girl who had wonderful childhood, has a single bad thing happen and then her parents shun her/she can't handle it and freaks out characters.
  2. There's always that one person that wants to show up and whine about something. Sometimes, these have merit. Othertimes, not so much. What is the weirdest/most off the wall/dumbest complaint you've received about your board? Or your characters or whatever!
  3. Well we have the Good ones so why not the bad as well? Tell us what bad experiences you have had. For me? It's normally staff related. When the staff members have a falling out and someone goes crazy and starts deleting things! That was literally one of the worst experiences I had ever had. Afterward they got passive aggressive and rude to all of the members on the site until I had to ultimately ban them as they were toxic. It was a bad day for me because they were a good friend up until then.
  4. Hey all! I'm looking for some fresh contest ideas for our board. These can be anything from posting contests, to raffles, to IC-events (entwined with contest themes), etc. I find it hard to find innovative contests because Google's often a dead-end and surfing around forums isn't always helpful, so I'll ask here and hopefully get some willing contributors lol. Have you hosted a contest before that has gone well that you'd be willing to share? Honestly, at this point, all ideas are welcome, even concepts! Thank you all ~
  5. So most of us have been staffers before. There are the good, the bad and the ugly. This thread is for good experiences as a staff member. Ones that made you go "God I'm glad I'm a staff member". For me I have too many to count. I just love having supportive staff members, ones I can rely on. @Zozma and @AKNyx are two I could list off the top of my head. I think another one would be that I love when my members inspire me. Things like the DF Bake Off! They are amazing things that make me feel good about being a staff member, especially here at DF.
  6. So we sometimes have reasons, sometimes its what's available. Sometimes it's torture to decide what to name your site. It took me nearly 2 months to come up with "Realm of Roleplays" for my GM site that I recently opened. Nothing else felt right until I found the name for the premise of the site but now that I have it it's perfect.
  7. So here's something I've been mulling over today - a lot of sites have a cbox and.or Discord server in addition to the their out of character forums. For sites that you are run, or have run in the past, or will run in the future, what instant messaging clients do you like to use for your communities, and why? And if you don't like having an IM client on your site, why is that? Please someone make a Slack RP group so that I can be more subtle at work....
  8. Actually what it says on the tin 😁 What I want to do (among other things) is write a guide on not using applications, using them and different application types (with their strengths and weaknesses.) To help me with that, I would love to hear your thoughts on the following: Do you use applications on your site? Yes/no If not, why not? If not, what is the strength in going appless? If yes, what kind? Shipper/Traditional/Freeform/etc What does that application include? How is it used on your site? Include a link to your app on your site to help you describe what your application includes! As for how is it used, an example might be, we move the application to a plotting area and people reply to the application directly. What, in your opinion, is the strength of your application type? Remember, this isn't a debate! As always, there is no objectively right way to run many aspects of your site. Applications are one of those aspects that is subjective. But the way you do things works well for you because.... This ought to be purely from a staffers perspective!
  9. I am wondering if anybody does giveaways with real life prizes on their sites? I've been doing that on mine for 10 years but in all that time have never come across any other RPGs that do it. I was wondering if there are anybody here that does and if not, why not consider it? You could give away something that's like $20 or so and it makes a huge difference to your members and sets your site apart from others.
  10. While controlling relationships shouldn't be done... What are your opinions on staff creating (multiple) romantic relationships with your members? And how should one feel when the majority of staff say "people are replaceable" in response to bringing up the potential loss of these members and their friends? Why am I the only one (in my staff group) seeing the risk here? Or am I being paranoid? I want to know what is fair.
  11. as much as i hate doing most of the stuff by myself, i like going out of my way to draw my own graphics. there's a sense of pride of making things yourself than relying on premade stuff for your forum. but that's my opinion honestly. for more generic settings, premade ones do wonders.
  12. I've got a very original, lore-heavy site. The setting has thousands of words worth of documentation to it, a lot of love and world-building thought was poured into it, and it shows. You know, one of those massive, old medieval fantasy boards you know the name of, but were always afraid of joining. I know it's always been somewhat normal that a player will join, cursorily glance over the documentations, if they bother to do that, and then try and wing the rest. All that lore can't be there for a reason, right, so who cares if they actually fit their character into the world. I suppose, I have several questions, here: Has anyone figured out why people join sites with this huge amount of lore, and then try ignoring it? Is there some secret family recipe to mitigate this happening, or do I just keep taking their hand and setting it on the lore like I have been? How does one strike a balance between developed-setting and ample-wiggle-room? Because it seems like you'll always be either one or the other, depending on the amount of world-building that happens. On that note, has anyone found ways of making a solid, developed setting more ... wiggly? (Is that a thing? It is now.) Anonymous poster hash: d0438...bc8
  13. This thread is exclusively for many sites you are a staff member of. If you would like to share how many sites you are a member of you may do so in this thread:
  14. I've recently invited a person who was both a friend and member on my site back. It had been years, ended on a bad note and we talked things over. Things were good, and they were welcomed back. Recently I told them about a site upgrade and them (along with another member) began to make passive aggressive comments about staff activity. Before blatantly asking and saying that activity on the old site should increase first. It was a shock and was quite disappointing because it was badgering. Another admin and I politely told them that RL comes first, we have been busy and that we have been doing our best. Along with feeling free to IM us if they had any concerns. The members posted passive aggressive comments in the general channel of the site discord, and IMed me about their concerns. I cannot escape the feeling that their concern was more backhanded than intended to be helpful. A few times the member has made passive aggressive comments about things not being done instantly or to their liking. I'm not sure how to handle this situation. I want members to be able to approach if they are having issues but not feel badgered or pressured by this member. Any ideas or thoughts? Anonymous poster hash: 4bbf9...bc5
  15. I have made the decision to shut my site down for awhile. It was, of course, due to the subject I created prior to this one. Now that I have put it on hiatus, I have staff trying to duplicate my site. I had to take my board offline because they are literally copying things over and going to reopen with the ideas I came up with all by myself. I am wondering how I should feel about this? Is this something that is common in the rpg world? Just to copy someone else's site? I am a bit emotional right now but like in my last post, I just want to know what is right in this situation. I feel like I have a right to reopen my site with my original ideas at a later date.... But I can't if they are working to put it's twin back up.
  16. ((lol if you've seen this elsewhere bear with me XD. spamming all support areas cause i know not everyone lurks on all of them.)) I need some help. Our site is on a small hiatus - everyone is busy and some are burned out (me) - so I am using my mini vacation time to consider something we always struggle with. Story line progression. A lot of the time I feel like I am stuck in a repeat video of a Scooby Doo episode where they scramble to take off. Ya know.... feet are moving exceptionally fast and no traction is being gained so they go nowhere before darting off? Only we haven't done any darting. So I need to pick brains. How to you manage story or world plot progression? And possibly in a way that might not depend on important roles that are not filled or have participated only to go inactive. Has anyone done stand-alone chapters? I am seriously considering this. If you progress your world plot through chapters I want to know ALL THE THINGS. If you have an active site doing this I wanna see it. Give me all the information because I have only briefly witnessed something like this ages ago but I wasn't a member so my actual knowledge is limited. It's just a thing that I saw one time... I know of a site that pooled important roles into a list of NPCs. I honestly really liked this... Though I am unsure of whether or not this would be a turn off - at large. I know special positions are a big attractant to new members because who doesn't want to play a king or queen or some powerful mage? But what do you think of reserving them all as NPC for staff or a dungeon master of sorts to control. I really think, if a world plot depends on important political action and response then it might be beneficial for progression ... if these roles were just npc's, not available to anyone. Thoughts? How do you keep track of events that have happened in role play that were part of the main story in some way?
  17. I'm just starting out with making my rp forum but i'm not sure what threads i should make on there.
  18. Looking for a bit of advice on a situation with my co-admin. I will preface with the fact that while most of the content on the site is mine and I handle the payment for us to be unrated, they are ultimately the global admin. We have always been told that we have different leadership styles; they are more cut and dry, and I am more lenient. We have argued several times over things that I have allowed that they state they would not have. They inform me regularly that I am too nice, am getting taken advantage of, and being played. During the course of our adminship together, a handful of members have contacted me privately telling me that my co-admin was taking away their fun by telling them no to certain things, that they felt this co-admin was too controlling. One member said if it isnt their way, then it's the highway. This has caused conflicts in our chat group where some members have quite obviously provoked and antagonized my co-admin into becoming angry, which, when they do, they don't always speak nicely. I tend to stay out of these and privately remind my co-admin that a newer member might be turned off by this. WE know which of our members intentionally try to get under my co-admin's skin, but a newbie might not, and might just believe my co-admin is an abrasive person. This has felt like a general theme for our site the past few months, but lately things really revved up. Following months of the same few people bringing down the mood of our Discord server with very suicidal messages and attention-seeking tendancies, we decided to remove one of the problematic channels intended for rants/vents. One member in particular disagreed with a sitewide rule that we made about forbidding that sort of content, going so far as to throwing a public fit about it. When we privately contacted that member explaining our reasoning for the ruling, they began to fight back, and personally attacked my co-admin, accusing them of being the reason for their low mental health because of how they belittle people. I screened my co-admin's responses before they sent them to this member as I feared it was going to become personal from there. All-in-all, we felt confident that if screenshots were ever blasted around attempting to make us look bad, that the member in question was going to shoot themselves in the foot, seeing as THEY were the one making personal attacks and refusing to be any sort of reasonable. We agreed to allow this member to remain with us, though since then, this person has contributed little towards the site and activity, only roleplaying with one other person. They have repeatedly tested or broken the rules of our chat server, causing us to ban them twice. To our knowledge, they have rallied up 3-4 other members, two of them who have been with us since the start of the site, and moved on to another site while remaining on ours in the loosest sense of the word. Most recently, a conversation between our #1 problem member's BFF and several others (all four staff present, included) in which the integrity of the site plot was threatened over this member's interest in a certain personal plot occurred. Nobody was telling this person no, but a lot of questions arose. The member became quickly frustrated and threw up a message about how ridiculous not being able to thread two certain characters together was, and then left our Discord server. Within moments, our #1 problem member came into our Guest channel and, presumably after being fed the convo from their BFF (aka the member who was actually a part of it), went on a very sarcastic tirade. I later received messages from the two members involved, being the only one of four staffers to get one. They apologized to me for their behavior, stating they never wanted to hurt me, but that they cannot deal with my partner anymore. One of the members said that my co-admin is going to singlehandedly tank the site, and that they claim to have screenshots of chat logs where at least six other members have stated they no longer want to be on our site due to my co-admin. I'm so torn right now. I have known my co-admin for YEARS, but I have also made deep friendships within my community, some of which appear to be leaving. I am having a difficult time differentiating whether or not my co-admin is the tyrant that these people claim them to be, or if they're just mad that they didn't get their way. Even if these two are really done, we still have a handful of members remaining with us, a few of which have been something of the ones to contact me in the past regarding my co-admin's attitude in conversations either with them or that they have observed, but generally like the atmosphere of the site and are appreciative of some of the latest rule changes. Our staff team agreed something needed to be done. Due to me being privy to some of our members' disdain for how my co-admin treats them, the two involved included, I attempted to let them know that this seemed less about the questions presented to the member and moreso a culmination of previous conversations where they and/or their BFF felt attacked. My co-admin respondedly very negatively to this, stating they felt attacked and blindsided, even going so far as to state that I should be implicated in being an abusive person because they have proofread and edited messages that I have wanted to send (I can only think of one instance of this), as well as the fact that I have bashed the members in question in private chat with them. Which I won't deny, I've absolutely aired my grievances over applications, content of threads, or being tired of specific members' shit. Some of our members are utter nightmares to admin. However, despite how much I may dislike a member or the things that they do/say, I always treat them objectively and never stopped talking to, plotting, or roleplaying with them. My co-admin on the other hand, has admitted to holding up applications and withholding plots/posts for those that they dislike. I did not deny the accusation, nor did I retort with my knowledge of how my co-admin "punishes" them. I simply stayed quiet. Unfortunately, I'm suspicious that one of our staff members is in cahoots with the two out the door - the #1 problem has been posting very vague, self-deprecating, almost suicidal things on various social media platforms, and one of our staffers has been feeding into it. I feel terrible about this now, and I'm worried that my co-admin's choice to display it in a place where our other staffers could see was basically their way of dragging me under the bus with them. It was almost like a, if they go down, they whole site is going down manner. I am becoming worried that my co-admin is capable of driving members away. I feel like I have invested so much time and emotion into the site that I can't just walk away. Unfortunately, my co-admin also does not appear willing to listen to the testimony of other members, at least not without seeming to be ready to let people know the things that I have said in confidence to them. In the other hand, I'm questioning if I even have any business being an Admin for having complained about people. tldr: Numerous members have complained about my co-admin's abrasive nature, some claiming to have screenshot convos with others about how difficult my co-admin is to get along with. Some members stating my co-admin will be the end of the site. Following a public blowup where a few members left, I brought this to my co-admin's attention, citing it as the likely reason as to why things escalated the way that they did, and in turn they put me on blast in front of the rest of our staff for how I've talked/complained about these people in our private conversations. Afraid to walk away from all the work and dedication but also unsure if I am even capable of being an Admin now. Anonymous poster hash: ab76e...371
  19. So I was discussing this with some other RPers and I've had the same opinion about it for a while. This is a question about applications but not whether to require or not to require applications but actually about something a little more dangerous. Have you ever been asked to play a character and said "Yes... but you have to write the application for me?" I'm well known for being an anti-application advocate but I've been on plenty of sites that use them throughout my entire billions of years of roleplaying. I've had quite a few roleplay partners, administrator friends... I mean loads of people. They enjoy me, they enjoy my quirky writing and they know that if they ask and I accept, no matter what I'll play that character well. That's why they asked me. So... I've said it on multiple occasions and on these occasions I state, "You write the app, I'll play the character." Now the first thing that you think is "NO THAT'S PLAGIARISM!" but is it? Because I'm not taking credit for their work (but I also can't credit them because if I do the staff will know someone else wrote the app) but I also didn't take it without permission. The application was given to me to play a character that this person wanted played, I'm willing to play the character but I'm just simply not willing to go through the application process for. Of course the debate is, "Well if you're not willing to write the app then you aren't invested in the character." Which is not a true statement. I'm invested in every character I create or play. Doesn't matter how or why I play the character, they become mine from the first word I type about them. It doesn't make me less invested in a story, a character or their plot. It just takes away one step from me and lets the person that needs/wants/loves this character to be played. I don't find this any different than someone picking up a canon character and re-writing the words from a wiki about their history to play a canon character. In a way this is actually more personal because you aren't just picking up a canon, you're picking up a character that has value to someone that you enjoy writing with which makes the interaction more valuable overall. I will state that I've done this about 6-12 times and the admins have never been the wiser (in fact I had an admin that did it for me once for their top wanted canon character.... still have the best memories of RDJ singing All the single ladies in his boxers because of that). As an administrator, how do you feel about members creating applications for their RP partners/friends/people that want to play their wanted ads. As a member, if you wanted it bad enough, would you do it?
  20. I'm the only staff member at my site. I opened it by myself, had help for a couple months, and then went back to staffing by myself for many more months. Since my previous mod retired, I've had ads up on my site and at another resource community (that specifically caters to my type of site) looking for help. My main requirement is that they've been a member at the site for a month (to help get them adjusted and see if the site is for them before committing to a staff position). I see lots of people getting staff from that other community, but I can't seem to get any staff members myself. On my site, I have the mod search pinned as an announcement and linked on the chat. I've specified other requirements (basic duties such as help going through apps and sorting lists/accounts) on top of optional tasks they could do if they wanted, as well as what I wouldn't have them do as a mod (e.g. handle difficult members). Any suggestions on what I could do to get another staff member?
  21. Have you ever done social events to draw more lurkers in and get them into the RP game? If so, what kind of events?
  22. Lurkers are important, whether you be a temporary lurker who is sussing out the place, or a permanent lurker, who is enjoying what other people have written. With that in mind: From a lurker perspective, what can admins do to make it easier for you. An example might be: ensuring that guests can easily view all threads that have received a post that day. Whether that be IPS's activity feed, or jcinks getactive link. As an admin, what do you think you can do to help lurkers lurk? What have you done in the past?
  23. This pertains mainly to administration but I have seen this trend on a few places. When coding a responsive website some users have went as far as to hide affiliates on a mobile view (which I understand less images = less distraction/loading time and more friendly user experience when nothing is in the way) but how do admins feel about this?
  24. So, let's talk about Lurkers! In general RPG terms, Lurkers are those that drop into a site or chat, maybe register an account but never get active. That's the short version. I have known and been on sites that kick them off if they are not immediately active. Some sites are far more chill about their Lurker community. Personally, I don't mind them at all! Free advertising because there's always the chance they will tell their friends to check out the site. We welcome them pleasantly and then let them be. The two I have on my western site just hang out, occasionally they chat about our plots. I'm happy if they read our posts and just chill. I know that sometimes Lurkers join sites or Discord, chats, etc., to make mischief. I don't think that is what the majority of them do though and would term the troublemakers as Trolls, not Lurkers. I will not usually register an account until I've finished my lurking phase. I read everything I can find. After that, I'll reach out via chat, guest friendly forum, Discord, etc. So, what do you guys think? Do you allow Lurking? Do you have rules for Lurkers? Good experiences? Lurkers - why do you lurk?
  25. If your site has a calendar I'd love to see it. Especially if you use a wiki page as well for it. So if you have an IC calendar please raise your hand??? Thank you!
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